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Mile High By Giorgio Canoli

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Aidra Fox

Mile High By Giorgio CanoliMILE HIGH by Giorgio CanoliAs Tammy was putting her carry on in the over head compartment she struggled and fumbled. From the corner of her eye came two olive skinned and chiseled forearms. As her eyes followed his arms up to the head she ogled his features as he successfully fit the bag into the compartment. “Thank you very much. That was sweet of you” she said with imaginary hearts floating above her. The good looking stranger replied “No problem at all. That’s my superhero power, I help pretty women in trouble” and gave her a wink. Just then the overhead announcement called for the passengers to return to their seats and fasten their safety belts. “Well, enjoy your flight” he said as he turned and headed for his seat.After about 45 minutes of conversation with her seatmate, Tammy excused herself to the restroom. Not so much to use it but more to stretch her legs and fix her make up. Suddenly she saw her hero again sitting a row behind her on the right. A window seat. He looked a little frazzled as he shuffled some files. Just then the plane hit a small air pocket and he made the sign of the cross. Clearly nervous. As she proceeded down the aisle she took note of his seat number.While she was in the sarıyer escort restroom reapplying her lipstick, she had a fleeting thought of how her Italian hero kissed. On her way back to her seat she stopped a flight attendant. “Excuse me. I was wondering if you could get the gentleman sitting in 19J a drink on me and a Vodka/Club for me. I’m in 18C.” She handed her a twenty and instructed her to keep it.When she returned to her seat she saw the old woman next to her had fallen asleep. She then decided to pass the time by thumbing through the latest issue of Cosmo. She stopped on an article called “Sex on location”. Just as she was reading about airplane sex she thought again of him. “I wanted to come and say thank you” the voice behind her said. She was a bit startled but when she turned around and locked eyes with him, she was comforted by the sudden moist feeling in her pussy. She smiled at him while saying “It was the least I could do. Not to mention you looked a little stressed before”. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I haven’t flown in a while and forgot about the bullshit that comes with it. Not to mention I’m kind of on a deadline with my article esenyurt escort and have writers block.” He peered down and noticed what she was reading. Embarrassed, she closed the magazine. He leaned in and opened to the page again. “It really is a decent article”. He put his I.D. next to the bi line and said, “I can make that judgement because I wrote it”. She snatched both items out of his hands and examined it. “Oh my God”! she felt her nipples harden. It caught his attention also. She smirked at him and said “So what is airplane sex like”? He looked a little embarrassed when he confessed, “I’m a fraud. I have no idea. I gathered data and used a story my friend told me”. Impressed by his honesty, She licked her lips and said “Want to find out first hand Daddy”? He leaned in closer “Follow me”.He was already in the restroom when she entered and locked the door. As their lips embraced his cock began to grow in his pants. So much so that she felt it press against her thigh. “Mmm that’s impressive”. She pushed him back on the toilet and dropped to her knees. “Want me to suck that cock”? she said as she undid his pants and pulled it out. She started licking the head slowly. As she looked up at him avrupa yakası escort she could see his eyes rolling in pleasure. After a little sucking and jerking she knew he was good to go. “Get up and bend over the toilet” he demanded, and like a good obedient little girl following a masters orders, she did. He bent her over and started rubbing her clit and sliding his finger in & out of her pussy. He didn’t have much work to do as she was already dripping wet. He slid his cock deep into her vaginal canal and she moaned in pleasure. As he pulled her hair he said “How does that feel”? Turning her head she command him to pound her pussy deep. After non stop thrusting she came all over his cock and she started to writhe in ecstasy. All of a sudden he pulled out and blasted his cum all over her ass cheeks. With the freak in her unleashed, she proceeded to rub it all over her. “Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and prepare for landing” was heard through the speaker above them. As they were getting dressed, he said “you’re my new muse”. She looked at him said sternly, “We may have flown over Vegas, but this still stays in Vegas”. “I don’t want to read it in next months issue”. He kissed her on the forehead as he put a finger to her lips and whispered “This is my private memory and I’m not going to share it”. As they exited the lavatory claps and cheers rang out from the back 3 rows. As the color drained from her face in embarrassment he turned to her and said with a smile “So much for keeping it private”. He turned to the crowd and took a bow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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