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Subject: Miles on the Road PART 2 MILES ON THE ROAD PART 2 Chapter 3 The journey to the first campsite took approximately four hours. The mood was happy, Dad whistled and Lucas laughed when Dad whistled wrong. The weather report promised good holiday weather for the whole week, so there would be a fun week ahead with all sorts of nice things to do. Reversing the motorhome is uneasy, so Lucas helped him with hand signals. The car was put in place and soon there was also a table, chairs, and an awning. The car wasn’t very big. It had a small stove, sink and refrigerator. Next to it was a table and two seats, in the middle there was a narrow shower room and a toilet. There was an almost car-wide double bed in the back of the car. It was the only bed. There was a young couple with a small child in the caravan next door. The couple had a mismatch. The man was ugly as a crow’s ass and the woman beautiful as the best model. The couple played in completely different leagues. Nevertheless, they had multiplied with each other. The man had to have a lot of money, Miles thought. Lucas had been away for a while and arrived at the camper with his clothes completely muddy. “What the hell happened to you? Are you okay?” Miles asked his son. “I looked around a bit. There’s a steep slope behind that hill. ” Lucas said. “Let me guess…” “Yep, don’t say, that’s exactly how it is. There’s a muddy pond under the slope. ” There was no need to make a big deal out of it, Lucas was a lively boy and such stuff just belonged to his character. “I have to get in the shower.” Lucas said and began to get in the car. “Stop there, immediately!” Miles shouted. “You’re so cramped that a car’s sewer gets clogged if you wash there. “Then where do I shower?” “Behind that kiosk is public showers that can be used with coins. I’ll give you a few. ” Miles said and picked up clean clothes and a few coins for Lucas from the RV. Later in the afternoon, dark clouds suddenly began accumulating in the sky, even though the Weather Report had promised something completely different. Soon the lightning struck the sky, and it started to rain heavily. Within seconds, the people at the campsite had gone indoors, and the ground pits filled with bornova escort water. The father and son were sitting in a motorhome. The TV couldn’t receive a signal, there was no wireless network in the area, and the phone didn’t work properly either, so the rain couldn’t be enjoyed with Netflix. Lucas had taken a few books with him, he loved reading. He dug one adventure book out of his backpack and went to the back of the motorhome to read it. Miles sat at the table annoyed because he had not brought any pastime with him. Lucas lay on his stomach and read the book. His round, glasses were running down his nose all the time, and it was annoying to the boy. Miles moved to the bed next to him and lay on his side examining the reading boy. Lucas was wearing dark green skin-fitting sports pants and a sleeveless shirt. Miles looked at his son’s toes. He moved them back and forth as he read. Miles looked up at the boy’s calves. They were so thin one could have wrapped his arms around so that his fingers touched each other. He moved his gaze higher. The boy’s thighs were also slender, slightly thicker than Miles’ wrist. Above them was a tiny boy’s bum covered with a tight cloth. It was round and nicely shaped. His shirt had risen so that the bare tanned skin of her lower back was exposed underneath. The light blue shirt followed the boy’s curved upper back as the boy lay on his elbows. A narrow tanned neck with white messy hair on it … Miles started to feel awkward. “It’s pretty cold here, I was going to buy gas from the kiosk, but I thought I’d do it when we start cooking, now we won’t get the heater on.” Miles said. “Oh damn. It’s really starting getting cold here.” Lucas replied. “We probably have to go under the blanket, so we don’t freeze.” “Good idea, under the same blanket so it’s warmer.” Lucas said. I learned it at Boy Scouts. They dug under the same blanket, it warmed up right away. Lucas turned to lie on his stomach again and continued reading, Miles turned to his side toward the boy. He looked at the boy for a moment and began to stroke his hair. He stroked the boy’s head gently. Lucas turned to look at his father but said nothing, just smiled. “Your hair bostancı escort is always messed up, no matter how short it is.” Miles said in a quiet voice and continued stroking. He lowered his hand and began to rub the boy’s neck. “Your neck is stiff, it should be massaged.” Miles continued to rub. “Do you feel your neck is stiff?” “I don’t know, I don’t know what it should be like, but that feels good.” “Do you want me to continue?” “Of course!” Miles squeezed and rubbed the boy’s neck for a moment, then moved his hand lower onto Lucas’ shoulder. “You have muscles stuck here too,” Miles said, caressing the boy’s skinny shoulder. There was silence in the motorhome. Miles rubbed his son’s neck and shoulders, and slowly moved over his upper back. He had massaged the boy for at least ten minutes until his hand rested on the boy’s tight buttocks. He gently squeezed the other cheek of the bum and moved his hand up and down it on the curved surface. He then moved his hand to the other buttocks and continued rubbing it. Lucas had lowered his head and lay quietly with the book under his head. It started getting hot under the blanket. Lucas lay with his eyes closed, feeling his father caressing his body. He thought of the online links through which he had gotten to know something he hadn’t known before. Now Dad’s caresses felt comfortable and the thought of those boys and men doing all the naughty together caused a nice itch in the belly. Dad likes things like that, he thought, Dad definitely wants … Well, he wasn’t sure what dad really wanted. However, Lucas was only ten, and he didn’t know what he should do. Miles gently stroked his son’s buttocks and wondered how he could ever dare to do anything like that … The kind of thing he wanted to do more than anything else at that very moment. His cock was rock hard, it was so hard it hurt. As he moved his hand on the boy’s butt, he felt how the front of his underpants was wet from the pre-cum when his wrist touched it. It was quiet in the motorhome. The rain pattered on the roof of the car, and in addition to that there was only a faint rustle of cloth, and the heavy breaths of the man and the buca escort boy as Miles caressed his child. Miles pressed his hips against the boy, no longer covering his erection at all. He turned halfway over the boy and pulled his shirt collar down until his neck was completely exposed. Then he kissed that lovely child’s skin. “I guess you browsed the links I sent you?” Miles asked in a slightly broken voice. “Yes, Dad.” Lucas replied briefly. “All of them?” “Uh-huh,” Miles thought for a moment about how to proceed from now on. He thought that Lucas had visited the sites that opened through the links, and he didn’t seem to have a negative attitude. “Among the links, there was one bit… different. You must have noticed? ” Miles asked a little cautiously. “Yes, Dad. I did.” “Did it evoke any thoughts in you?” “Well… I got a little excited about them, I guess.” Lucas answered enigmatically. “You know what? If the mobile network is restored, we could take a little look at what’s online if you’re interested? ” Miles asked his son, who he found really interested. “Wow, that would be exciting.” Lucas commented a little childishly. Miles reached for his backpack on the edge of the bed and picked up his iPad from there. He sat down next to his son and opened the Tor browser. The network was fine. He wrote an easy address for the browser, behind which a large number of dark web links were revealed and clicked on one of them. On the front page of the site, a cheerful little boy smiled, and below the picture, he was able to log in to the actual site. A huge number of video links with content descriptions were found on the site. Miles asked Lucas what he would like to open, and he chose a video called `Pete and dad’. The video was shot from a tripod and featured a naked man in his forties and a boy about the age of Lucas. Lucas stared at the screen without blinking his eyes. In the video, the boy came to sit on the man’s lap and they started kissing passionately. The man caressed the boy and knocked him to bed. They turned to lie down against each other and began to lick and suck each other’s penises. “Lucas, what do you think, what kind of thoughts?” Miles asked his son. “This is impossibly exciting. That’s got to be nice when both of them clearly like to do it. ” Lucas sighed. “That really is nice, son. It feels tremendously good, you can’t get any closer to another person. ” “I think I would like that too.” Lucas said and turned his gaze to his father. To be continued. Feel free to comment: ota

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