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Milk And Honey: Open For Business

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Milk And Honey: Open For BusinessTo stay far away from her parents antics, Vicki and Jin agreed on spending their alone time elsewhere. Their luck came in the form of a flyer, advertising a motel from across town, far enough away from her parents doing any spying or filming. Vicki’s life had been a living hell since discovering what her parents really were; the thought of it sickened her stomach for days on end.Room ten seemed cozy enough as Vicki wasted no time testing out the bed. Quickly, she started undressing, while Jin looked out the door, making sure they weren’t followed by her folks or anyone. The couple have been outsmarting their own daughter for some time; doing all they can to film her every move and complimenting her performance. The only thing Jin worried about was his own family finding out what he had been doing in his spare time.”Is the coast clear?” Vicki asked.”So far so good”, said Jin. “I don’t think anyone followed us.””Good. Now come on over here. I want this trip to be worth it.”Jin closed the door and started removing his own clothes. Vicki was already buck naked, with a clean shaven pussy that stopped Jin in his tracks.”Is that for me?” He asked.”You like?” Vicki asked.”I love.””Come and get it.”Jin hopped on the bed and got to work, leaving Vicki giggling with delight. It didn’t take long for them to make some noise, grabbing the attention of the man running the motel, who happened to be watching the two on the television monitor. Hank was his name and an all around pervert, who had cameras planted in every room and recording everything that went on. He even had a growing collection of tapes and DVD’s of every home movie ever made. It had been days since he saw any real action and the waiting was all worth it. Hank stuffed his hand down his pants, watching karşıyaka escort Jin opening Vicki’s legs apart and fucking her brains out.”Oh, yes”, said Vicki. “Oh, fuck. Right there, right there. Oh, yes. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Fuck! Oh, shit, keep it in there. Keep that dick in there.”Hank enjoyed the show so much he practically salivated. Once Vicki got on top, Hank started jerking off faster and faster still, until he started some moaning of his own. Another film added to his already expanded collection. After the show ended his hand was filled with cum and took a minute to catch his breath.”That was loud”, said Hank, with a big smile on his face.Vicki was in the shower washing up with Jin later joining her. Both of them felt pleased at what they did without worrying about her folks monitoring them. It was the very privacy they sorely needed and they felt good about themselves. Already, they were considering doing it again when the time came. Vicki turned around, wrapping her arms around Jin and complimenting on his performance. “You were incredible”, Vicki said, smiling.”You were excellent”, said Jin.”Hey, I’m always at my best when I’m hot and horny.””I’ve noticed.””And I’m still dripping from all that cum you put in me. You really unloaded.””I guess I had a lot to give.””You are so naughty.”Both of them smiled at one another and kissed. Jin planted his lips on her neck, listening to the growing sounds of her soft moaning in his ear.”Want to go again?” Vicki asked.”Round two?””Round two.”They were about to go at it again, until Vicki noticed something in the air vent; something shiny and bright and thought she saw a flashing light.”Wait”, she said, turning off the water.”What’s wrong?””There’s something in there.””What? Where?””Up escort karşıyaka there in that vent.”Jin climbed the edge of the tub to get a better look at whatever he was trying to find. Once he peeked through the vent and saw what bothered Vicki, it was like a bomb just went off.”Are you k**ding me?” He said.”What’s wrong?””There’s a camera in there.””What? Are you fucking k**ding me?””I wish I was, but there is a camera.””No. No no no no.””Wait, you don’t suppose-.””No, it can’t be. It’s impossible. They couldn’t have done this. No way in hell.””So, what do you want to do? Go home and face them?””No. I think now is the time to talk to the manager and find out what the hell is going on.”Later on, Hank fell asleep on his chair, leaving the DVD recorder, hoping to film some more on the couple’s actions, but this time he would be the star of his own show. After Vicki and Jin got dressed they found some duct tape and tied Hank to the chair while he still slept. Quickly, he was awakened by a cup of cold water thrown in his face by Jin.”What? What? The hell?” He said, coming to his senses, noticing being tied down on his own chair. “What’s going on?””Hello, Hank”, said Vicki. “Mind if we chat a bit?””What do you want?””We need some information on a personal nature.””Look, please don’t hurt me. Take my money. The safe is over there.””We’re not here to rob you. We’re going to ask some questions and you’re going to answer them.””What do you want?””Who hired you?””What?”Hank was so confused he grew nervous, believing that his life was in danger. During the interrogation, Jin started checking out Hank’s collection of tapes and DVD’s; each of them labeled in alphabetical order.”This is very nice”, said Jin. “You should have made this into a career.””Hey”, said karşıyaka escort bayan Hank, “that’s private.””You’re telling me. The teacher and college student, cougars and lesbians, old man spanked, cub and cougar, swingers delight. We certainly hit the mother lode.””It’s an addiction. No harm done.””Hey, back to reality. Who hired you? Did my parents put you up to this?””Your parents? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who are you?”Vicki pulled out a photo of the Phelps, finally striking a nerve. Hank’s eyes were wide open as he recognized the old couple he’d had in his place of business in the past.”Ring any bells?” Vicki asked.”Yeah, I remember them”, said Hank. “Good people. Those are your folks? Wow, I haven’t seen them in ages. How are they?””None of your business. Now answer my question. Did they hire you?””Hire me for what?””To film us.””No, no one hired me. I told you I haven’t seen them in ages.””So, you were filming us for the hell of it, right? To add us to your sick collection?””That’s all, but I have to admit it was their idea.””Excuse me? What did you say?””It was their idea. The two of them were freaks or are freaks. They love to experiment those two. One day they allowed me to put a camera in the room they stayed in, and let me tell you they put on a show like no other. Your dad did-.””Oh, my God, I’m going to be sick. I can feel the vomit rising up my throat.””Please, don’t do it on me.””That’s great. It’s bad enough my parents are a couple of sickos, but now they’re spreading their love all over town. All right, you know, I’ve had enough.””I don’t like the sound of that”, said Jin. “What’s on your mind?””I’ll tell you on the way back.””Hey”, said Hank. “Hey! Aren’t you forgetting something?””Did we forget anything?” Jin asked.”No”, said Vicki, “I don’t believe so.””Hey”, said Hank, struggling to break his bonds. “Hey! Untie me, damn it. Come on, guys. Don’t leave me like this.”No matter how much he complained the two of them paid no mind. They walked back to the car and headed for home, leaving Hank still taped to his chair and calling for help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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