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Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 06

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For Peter and Angie each evening was now full of anticipation. As the evening progressed they could feel themselves becoming excited by what was going to happen. The unpredictability of what they would encounter was an intoxicating mix of dread, humiliation and anticipation.

Each night after showering they would fetch the hairbrush then present themselves to their landlady; pyjama bottoms in a heap at their feet. They never knew quite what to expect. Sometimes they received the full treatment; a spanking followed by being brought to orgasm by the skilful hands of their landlady. The spankings could be delivered in a number of ways, either over the knee, doggie style, or diaper style on their backs with legs raised.

Once a week Minnie would allow the newly weds to have sex after being spanked. The sex always took place in the lounge in full view of Minnie, and it was always her that would dictate what position they would have sex in.

On other evenings there would be no spanking or sex. Minnie would simply reach under Peter’s pyjama top and grip his penis. If it did not response she would kiss them both on the cheek before sending them to bed. These occasions were always a bit of a let down for the newly weds, as they had built up their anticipation of what the evening may hold for them.

This afternoon when they arrived home from work at the Taupo café they could hear voices in the kitchen. After changing out of their work clothes they went back downstairs and into the kitchen where they found their landlady sharing a coffee and a laugh with a strikingly attractive young lady with dark olive skin. Minnie introduced the young lady as Alice, her 18 year old niece, who was going to be staying with them for 2 weeks. Angie and Peter shared a quick glance of concern between them. No one had ever been to stay before in all the time they had been living in Minnie’s apartment on the lake. After sharing polite conversation for a few minutes the newly weds excused themselves and returned to their room.

Once in their room Angie and Peter discussed the matter of having a visitor staying in the house and quickly came to the conclusion that their nightly ritual would simply be put on hold for the duration of the niece’s visit. In truth, they resented the intrusion, and hoped that the niece would at least occasionally go out partying or something in the evenings so that they could still fit in some of their ‘private’ time with Minnie.

That night the newly weds played cards with their landlady and her niece. They found that not only was Alice a very attractive young lady but also very pleasant, and being of a similar age to Peter and Angie, who are 20 and 19 respectively, they found they had a lot in common. Alice was fascinated by the story of how the newly weds secretly eloped to Las Vegas before flying to New Zealand.

Once the card games were finished, Peter and Angie stood, kissed their landlady on the cheek, and said goodnight to Alice.

Just as they were disappearing out the door, Minnie’s comment sent a chill down both of their spines. “I don’t believe that is the way we say goodnight in this house. When you have showered you come down and do it in the manner that Mummy expects.”

Peter and Angie were mortified, but then relaxed a little when they rationalised that Minnie would no doubt send her niece to bed before they had showered and returned to the lounge. With excited anticipation they quickly showered, put on their pyjamas, and ventured downstairs. It was Angie’s turn to collect the hairbrush and so she did a quick detour into Minnie’s bedroom to collect it, before rejoining her husband at the doorway to the lounge.

As the newly weds popped their heads around the corner they were mortified to find that Alice was still in the lounge talking to her Aunty Minnie. They quickly pulled their heads back, but Minnie had already spotted them.

“Come in my darlings,” Minnie invited them cheerfully.

With huge reticence Peter and Angie entered the room, feeling stupid dressed in only their flannelette pyjamas. It was okay when it was just Minnie, but downright embarrassing when there was a stranger present, especially someone of their own age. Awkwardly they stood in the centre of the lounge. Angie was suddenly aware she was holding the hairbrush in front of her and quickly put it behind her back. Alice was wide-eyed at the proceedings unfolding before her and was clearly intrigued.

“Have you two forgotten what is required of you, or perhaps you are just trying to make me angry so I will double your punishment, Is that what is going on here?”

“Nooo,” Angie pouted. Peter just stared at the floor.

“No, what?” Minnie reprimanded.

Angie fidgeted with her fingers behind her back and blushed with embarrassment. She could not believe her landlady was going to get her to say that word with her niece present.

“No……Mummy,” she managed to mumble.

“Well hurry along the two of you as you are certainly trying trabzon escort my patience. What must Alice think of your poor behaviour?”

Minnie’s reminder to them that Alice was present caused even Peter to blush. He dreaded how his penis might behave if he was forced to expose himself in front of the beautiful Alice.

Neither Peter nor Angie could make eye contact, and studied their feet as they slowly shuffled forward until they were standing in front of their landlady. Alice was seated beside her Aunt and had clearly been positioned there by Minnie to ensure she could get a good view of proceedings.

The newly weds stood silently and unmoving.

“Well?” Minnie’s voice broke the silence.

Angie looked up and realised that Minnie had her hand out waiting to be handed the hairbrush. Angie quickly brought the hairbrush from behind her back and handed it to her landlady.

“Ohhhh, that’s a big hairbrush,” Alice cooed provocatively.

The comment only served to increase the humiliation that Angie and Peter were both feeling. Minnie knew that having Alice present was going to be a big test for her tenants. Her plan was to up the stakes, so to speak, to find out what the limits were for their submissive behaviour.

Once Minnie had taken the hairbrush she placed it on the table beside her chair, and then returned her gaze to Peter and Angie. It was clear what she was waiting for.

Angie couldn’t believe what she was about to do. She knew no matter how she rationalised the situation, or no matter how humiliated she felt, the result was going to be the same. She was going to drop her pyjama bottoms and expose herself to her landlady and her 18 year old niece.

Since it was pointless torturing her emotions by delaying the inevitable, Angie closed her eyes, took a deep breath, untied her pyjama chord and let her pants fall to the floor. It was a gut wrenching experience for her, but so had been many of the things that had happened to her since her and Peter shifted in.

The tension in the air was like an electrical current running through everyone in the room. Angie final got the courage to open one eye and peek over at her husband. Much to her surprise Peter was still fiddling nervously with the chord of his pyjamas. When her eyes lowered to his groin the reason for his reluctance became clear; his penis was already fully erect and pushing against his pyjama bottoms like a serpent trying to break free. Finally with a big sigh of resignation Peter untied his pyjama chord and let them fall to the floor. For a brief, embarrassing moment his pyjamas hooked up on his erect penis and he had to flick them off.

With his pyjama pants on the floor his penis was in clear view of all to see, pointing ramrod straight towards Minnie and her niece.

“Oh my god! Oh…..my….god!” Alice stared disbelievingly at the sights that confronted her. Her Aunt Minnie had in fact told her about the newly weds submissive behaviour, but she had not believed they would actually go this far.

“I just don’t believe it,” Alice shook her head, “they actually willingly take off their clothes for you.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed doing this?” Alice directed her question to Angie.

“Yes,” pouted Angie.

“Are you exhibitionists?” Alice was clearly very fascinated.

“Nooo,” Angie pouted again.

“No?” Minnie interjected herself into the conversation, “I think you darlings are exhibitionists.”

“No, Mummy,” was Angie’s quick denial.

But Minnie was not about to let her Angie off the hook. “Then why is Peter standing before us with a huge erection? And I bet if I run my finger through that cute little slit of yours I am going to find you are all wet?”

Angie bit her lip. She was mortified. But she also knew that her landlady was right. Despite the total humiliation of the situation she now found herself, she knew she was sexually excited. What deviant genes does she possess that make her become so stimulated when she is treated in this manner.

“Well, my darling, is Mummy not correct?”

Angie could feel a tear rolling down her cheek. It was tough openly admitting how turned on she was, when she felt she should be anything but.

“Yes, Mummy. I think I am a little wet down there.” Angie couldn’t think of any other way to say it.

“Just a little wet?” Minnie queried

“I might be a bit more than just a little wet,” Angie confessed. “Why don’t you move over and stand in front of Alice so that she can see first hand just how much my little darling enjoys exposing her most private parts.”

Angie groaned as her embarrassment was further intensified. She took the couple of sideway steps to stand directly in front of the landlady’s niece. Alice continued to be wide-eyed with excitement.

“Now lift up your pyjama top so that Alice can get a good view of that pretty thatch of black pubic hair you have,” Minnie directed.

Blushing profusely, Angie gripped her top and pulled tunalı escort it up to her waist, fully exposing her pubic region to the niece.

“Now open your legs, darling,” Minnie prompted.

Angie complied. Without hesitation Alice reached out and ran her finger over her vulva. Angie had to bite her lip to stop her from groaning at the pleasure of being touched in this manner. A wave of eroticism surged through her body.

“Oh my god, she is soooo wet!” Alice exclaimed, looking at the dampness on her finger.

“She also loves sucking her own juices off your fingers,” Minnie smiled, and turning to Angie, “Ask Alice nicely if you can suck your juices off her finger.”

“Please Alice, can I suck my juices off your finger,” Angie murmured.

“Too cool,” Alice responded excitedly, “but let gets my fingers really wet so you can have a good taste.”

With that Alice reached her hand out and suddenly thrust two fingers deep into Angie’s moist vagina. Angie felt as if her legs were going to collapse, so intense was the pleasure. Alice intensified the pleasure by thrusting her fingers in and out three or four times before withdrawing.

However rather than hold her fingers in the air, Alice placed her hand on her lap, with her damp fingers resting on her knee. Angie realised what was expected of her and lowered herself to her knees, put her head on Alice’s lap, and opened her mouth. Alice inserted her two fingers that were covered with the girl’s juices, and Angie began sucking noisily.

Angie was overcome by an unfathomable sense of contentment as her head lay in Alice’s lap, sucking at her own juices. As she glanced upwards she was briefly shocked to find that Alice had lent forward and taken her husband’s penis into her mouth and was now deep throating him, something that Angie herself had never done despite repeated hints from Peter in the past. Angie’s initial reaction was a mixture of anger and resentment, causing her to stop sucking on the fingers inserted in her mouth.

Alice looked down at Angie with smiling eyes, and begun thrusting her fingers further into Angie’s mouth in a clear indication that she was to continue sucking. Angie relaxed her head back on the lap and resumed her noisy sucking. For the next brief while the only noise in the room was the slurping from Angie’s finger sucking and Alice’s deep throating. Soon Peter was groaning in ecstasy as his sperm erupted into beautiful Alice’s mouth. Peter was incredibly impressed at the way she sucked him dry.

As soon as Alice withdrew the now limp penis from her mouth, Minnie grabbed Peter’s hand are jerked him over her knee, picked up the hairbrush, and in very quick succession delivered 20 hard spanks to his exposed buttocks. Peter yelped with pain.

Once she had finished delivering the spanks to Peter, Minnie kissed him on the cheek and told him it was time for him to go to bed.

“But Mummy, what about Angie?” Peter whimpered.

“She will be along shortly, now off to bed before I decide to well and truly blister that backside of yours.”

Peter hurriedly retreated, although he did give a quick look of concern towards his wife before he disappeared out the door. Angie suddenly felt very vulnerable. She had never been alone before with her landlady, and now found herself in the room with two women who clearly were out to dominate and humiliate her. Nervously she rested her head on Alice’s lap, continuing to suck her fingers as if she was a baby suckling her mother’s nipple. Alice gently stroked Angie’s hair with her other hand for several minutes, causing Angie to be enveloped in an erotic cocooned of warmth.

“Stand up, my little darling,” Minnie’s voice interrupted the serenity.

Angie pulled herself to her feet, suddenly feeling very vulnerable standing in front of her landlady and her niece.

“Why don’t you remove your top for Mummy and show both of us your lovely nude body?”

Incredibly in all the time Angie had been submitting to her landlady, never once had she been totally naked. Her pyjama top had always remained on, which had pleased Angie for she was conscious of the fact that she had very small breasts for a 19 year old. In comparison, Alice clearly had much fuller breasts, even if she was only 18.

“Can’t I please leave my top on, Mummy?” Angie pleaded.

“No, darling, it has to come off. We want to see you totally nude so we can admire your entire body.”

With fumbling fingers Angie began unbuttoning her pyjama top. When she was finished she held the top closed with her hands, and looked pleadingly at her landlady. When it was clear there was going to be no reprieve she took a deep breath, opened her top and let it fall from her shoulders to the floor. Angie could not believe how much more she felt exposed by her total nakedness. Every part of her body, no matter how intimate, was now open to scrutiny by her landlady and her niece.

“Your boobies are small,” Alice chirped, “but tunceli escort I think they are delightful in a little girl sort of way.”

Angie smiled sheepishly, not sure if Alice’s comment was a compliment or not.

“Put your hands on your head and slowly turn around so that we can soak up the sight of your gorgeous little body,” Minnie prompted.

Angie slowly turned around several times, very conscious of both females eyeing her from head to foot. When she had her back to them Minnie commanded her to stop.

“Now open your legs wide and bend over at the waist.”

Angie obeyed, sliding her feet wide apart, and bending at the waist while keeping her hand on her head. She knew only too well how totally exposed she was.

“Hasn’t she got the most delightful cunt you have ever seen,” Minnie asked of her niece. “Look at the way her gorgeous big clit pokes out delightfully.”

“Mmmm, I’ll say,” Alice responded, licking her lips seductively, “Looks good enough to eat.”

Both ladies laughed heartily at the comment, but Angie just blushed profusely. She was made to hold her position for several minutes. When she was final told to stand and turn around, her mouth dropped wide open in utter surprise. Both her landlady and the niece were totally naked. Angie could not help admiring both of their bodies. Despite her age, Minnie’s body was curvy, with full firm breasts and a small triangle of perfectly trimmed pubic hair. Alice’s body was just riveting, and Angie thought it was almost the most perfect body she had seen.

Angie was shaken out of her trance by Minnie who had seated herself in her favourite armchair and was tapping her lap and beckoning Angie towards her. Awkwardly Angie advanced towards her naked landlady. Gently Minnie took her hand and seated her on her lap. Angie was immediately aware of the soft warmth of the naked body against her own. Minnie placed her arm around Angie and pulled her to her chest. Angie did not resist, closing her eyes and nuzzling into the warmth that enveloped her.

After several minutes Angie was aware of Minnie slowly turning her head, and then something soft pressing against her lips. Hazily she opened one eye to find that she was starring straight at Minnie’s breast, and her landlady had manoeuvred her nipple to her mouth. Even though Angie knew it was wrong, she opened her lips and pulled the engorged nipple into her mouth. She then began to eagerly suck on it while Minnie gently rubbed the back of her neck. Angie felt as about content as she has ever felt and her whole body had a feeling of heightened sexuality about it. She knew that any sort of stimulation to her vagina would instantly result in an orgasm. Her wetness was being secreted onto Minnie’s lap in a clearly obvious display to her landlady of her high state of arousal.

For several long minutes Angie suckled contently to her landlady’s breast before she became aware of Minnie slowly pulling it out. Angie opened her eyes and found Minnie gazing seductively down at her.

“Would you like to be a good girl and suck Mummy’s pussy,” Minnie purred.

Even though Angie considered herself as having no lesbian tendencies, at that very moment she felt as if nothing was taboo. It felt natural for her to submit to her landlady’s request. Angie slowly nodded her head, and then felt Minnie opening her knees so that she could more easily lower herself to the floor. As she slid off her landlady’s lap she could not believe how damp Minnie’s thighs were from Angie’s own vaginal secretions.

Once kneeling on the carpet she found herself gazing at the widespread legs of her seated landlady. Angie felt awkward as she had never done anything like this before, and hoped she would not disappoint her landlady. Hesitantly she licked her way up Minnie’s thighs. As she got close to her pussy she could see just how aroused Minnie also was. Inwardly Angie felt pleased that Minnie was enjoying herself and getting so much pleasure.

Angie stretched her tongue out and got the first taste of Minnie’s juices as she caressed her swollen labia. The taste was pleasant, but quite distinctively different to her own secretions. This surprised Angie as she had naively assumed that all females tasted the same.

Minnie emitted a low groan of contentment as the invading tongue licked her slit with increasing vigour.

To Angie’s surprise she felt a pair of hands gripping her hips and lifting them upwards. She realised that Alice was now positioned behind her. Angie positioned herself on her knees and eagerly arched her back so that her buttocks were positioned seductively in the air. When she felt a hand tapping the inside of her knees she slid her legs open as wide as she could. All the while she kept licking at her landlady’s vagina.

Suddenly Angie felt an explosion of pain on her left buttock causing her to jerk forward, which had the effect of pressing her tongue deeply into her landlady’s pussy. Angie’s yelp of pain was matched by Minnie’s groan of pleasure.

Alice’s second smack with the hairbrush landed soundly on Angie’s right buttock, causing Angie to quiver with pain. Alice was showing no mercy on her poor backside, and she was finding it difficult to breath with her face buried in Minnie’s pussy.

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