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Miss Gray

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“What are you doing, Daniel?”I froze, caught in the act, hand on the cover of the folder marked ‘final exam papers’. There was no chance of talking my way out of this.”Miss Gray, I…””How could you? You of all people?”I had been Miss Gray’s star pupil since the first day of school when I was barely a teenager until this moment, the final week of my final year when I had just turned eighteen and was ready to graduate to university. We were working after school on the yearbook. She had left her office to go and get some food for us and had come back unexpectedly soon.”I’m so sorry, Miss Gray, I don’t know what I was thinking! I didn’t see anything!”The exam paper was right there. I was going to ace the exam anyway, I had mostly been genuinely curious, but I was in line for the state prize I thought, and a bit of help couldn’t have hurt…Miss Gray looked angrier than I’d ever seen her, no, I take that back, angrier with me than I’d ever seen before. She was known to have a fiery temper. She was the teacher that everyone had a crush on; early thirties, long red hair, pale skin currently flushed with rage.”Daniel, you were about to cheat! If I hadn’t forgotten my handbag, you’d have been reading the exam questions right this minute! I cannot believe you’d abuse my trust like this! You will probably be expelled!”My blood ran cold. This would ruin my life.”Please, Miss Gray! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me! Please don’t…””Be silent!”I complied. She motioned me to sit. She pulled up a chair and sat facing me.”Daniel, I’m sorry too. You’re my favourite and brightest student, it’s a tragedy, but I can’t simply let this pass.”I was desperate. My mind raced.”The Last Resort!” I blurted out.”The Last..? Dan, that was a joke!”The Last Resort was an old school cane hanging by the blackboard in Miss Gray’s classroom. bahis şirketleri She joked on the first day that it was the last resort if the class ever got really out of line. It was used for pointing at things on the board and occasionally rapping the desk for attention. It never failed to focus our minds even though corporal punishment had been abolished for over a decade.”Please, Miss Gray! I’m so sorry! Please don’t get me expelled!”She actually paused to consider this. I had a glimmer of hope.”Daniel, I suppose this episode is between you and me. You clearly didn’t see the paper, so no harm done, but if we did this, it would have to remain strictly between us. I will have to think about this. Please go and fetch The Last Resort and I will decide what to do.””Thank you, Miss Gray!””Go, please!”I jumped up and exited Miss Gray’s office and headed down the stairs to our classroom. It was dark outside and my footsteps echoed weirdly in the quiet.When I opened the door to Miss Gray’s classroom and spotted The Last Resort hanging on its hook, I suddenly realised what was happening. I had just begged to be caned by Miss Gray.I lifted the cane off its hook and the familiar object suddenly took on a sinister dimension. It was just under a metre long and about a centimetre thick. I struck my hand with it experimentally and yelped a bit. A gentle tap hurt! How was a full-blooded stroke from my English teacher going to feel? I was certain from the look in her eyes that if she decided to go through with this, my cherished Miss Grey, who I considered more of a friend than a teacher was not going to hold back. I had betrayed her trust and I was going to pay for it.I started the long walk back to Miss Gray’s office with the stick she was probably going to beat me with. Would she hit me on the hands or on the bum? I don’t think bahis firmaları I could go through with it on my hands, watching the cane descend. Fuck, but if it was on the bum would I be allowed to keep my pants on? My cock started to stiffen at the thought. Shit, I thought, trying to make it go down, please don’t make this any more humiliating than it has to be.By thinking grimly about what might be on the exam that had got me into this predicament I managed to get my penis under control by the time I made it to Miss Gray’s door. I hesitated, then knocked, even though I had only just left ten minutes ago.”Enter.”I tentatively opened the door. The room seemed warm and bright compared to the dim corridor. Miss Gray was standing by her desk, which she had just cleared. She held out her hand and I stepped towards her and handed over the instrument of punishment. She stared at it, fascinated for a moment, then pulled herself together and addressed me.”Daniel, I have considered my options, and I cannot simply forget this happened. I also feel it would be a terrible shame for you to ruin a bright future with expulsion, so I am willing to cane you if you accept my terms.”I felt my face flush and my heart pound. The room did feel slightly too warm. Miss Gray tapping the cane on her palm wasn’t helping.”This must remain entirely between us. Once it is done, the matter will be over and we will never speak of it again. I am going to give you six hard strokes on your naked backside.”I gasped. Oh shit, my erection started to return.”There is no debate on this. I cannot cane your hands as the marks will be obvious. Also, I have never caned anyone before, and I do not trust myself to avoid damaging you, which is not the point of the exercise.”The point is merely excruciating pain, how kind, I thought”Your bottom will be welted and kaçak bahis siteleri bruised by the end of this I am certain, but you are smart enough to be able to hide that until you have healed. Due to my inexperience, I am not confident in caning you unless I can see the naked target. Also, your abuse of my trust was humiliating to me, and I wish you to be humiliated as well. Do you understand this?”I did, though all my penis seemed to understand was I was about to be naked in front of a teacher I had masturbated to more than once. My hands covering the bulge in my crotch, but fooling nobody, I nodded.”Please say you understand.””I understand, Miss Gray.””Your punishment will be six hard strokes bent over my desk. They will be extremely painful. If you get up, there will be extras. If this is acceptable to you, then remove your clothes and we’ll get started. Otherwise, I can simply take this to the principal tomorrow.””Thank you, Miss Gray, I will take the punishment. I am sorry, I…”I nodded to my obvious erection. She actually smiled and said in a kind voice for the first time since I had been caught, “Oh, Dan, that’s the least of your troubles. I’m truly sorry we have to do this, but you need to learn the importance of academic integrity. Now get your clothes off and let’s get you caned.”I was so relieved just to have her call me Dan again, that for reasons that weren’t entirely clear I asked “Everything off?”She seemed surprised for a moment, and even flushed a bit herself, then recovered and said “Yes, actually, that might be better.”It was actually a relief to unbutton my shirt under her penetrating gaze rather than drop my trousers straight away. Sadly my erection was definitely there to stay.”Don’t drag this out, Dan.”I pulled off my shirt, looked beseechingly at her. She stared back. I blushed even harder, stomach a butterfly house, and unzipped my trousers. My erection sprang free in my underwear as my pants pooled around my ankles. My hands held the waistband and I felt a moment of wild freedom as I bit the bullet and whisked them down.

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