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Mistis’ Adventures Part 185

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 185The months had passed. Slowly at times, quickly at others. They had been filled with much happiness most times, but they had also contained a measure of pain. Grandfather Elledge had passed away. Three days after his 90th birthday. Only a week later, his devoted wife had followed him. They had been married for 58 years, and had seen much of the world together, and raised a daughter and 2 grandc***dren. They had enjoyed a long, and happy life together. Grandma Lorene had sang their “Death Songs” and they were laid to rest in a National Cemetery, and were laid with Levi in first, and Irene in on top of him, sharing the same plot of earth for their final resting place. A month later, Essie had delivered her baby into the hands of Dr. Immelmann, assisted by his new nurse. Her name was Inez Foster. She had been trained at a school in Florida, and had been further trained in Emergency Trauma. She had worked at a hospital in Alabama, during 2 of the worst hurricanes they had seen. Both had been Cat. 4s, but had increased to Cat. 5 for a few hours. She was single, and very eligible. She was a MOST lovely lady, that enjoyed social situations to the fullest. She was a little darker complected than Francis, and was rounded MOST pleasantly. She had a baby-doll face, and the shape to make all men drool. She wasn’t easy, but, for the right incentive, could be had. She was also VERY discerning in her tastes. She absolutely would NOT go out with a married, or even an engaged, man. She drank VERY sparingly, and then only wines, or an occasional beer.She had been working at the County General for a week when Essie came rushing in. Francis was fit to be tied. He had witnessed the births of Robbi and Royce’s little girl, and the next day, had seen Dave rush to meet Carol, and give birth to their twins. The Tinsley’s had given Carol her ride to the hospital to give birth. Two days after he had seen Annie and Bruce go by the work site, Bruce honking his horn to let them know that it was time for them to be parents as well. Less than an hour passed until Rick came by with Sue, headed out with the same haste, and purpose. He and Billy had become nervous wrecks. Sue had moved in with Rick, in Billy and Cathy’s house. All were due at nearly the same time. It was a contest as to which of the couples were the most on edge. Sharon was more nervous with her, they had been told, new daughter, than they had EVER been, when waiting for George to come. Tod was almost as nervous as William. He was going to be Daddy for the fourth time, but it was just as nerve wracking. The other 3 of their offspring were living with Grandpa and Grandma Breen, so they wouldn’t have to be moved in the night, possibly. THEY didn’t mind a bit. Gramma ALWAYS had treats for them, and was ready to tell Mommy and Daddy to keep quiet when they said anything about it. Nurse Inez, as she asked everyone to call her, was in total shock when she found that they were all related by blood or marriage. She had already begun to wonder when she saw the very same people coming in to visit the ladies, or in some of the cases, to take them home. Cathy was showing a beautiful “baby bump” when she came in with Robbi, and was introduced as one of her predecessors in the Maternity Ward. Mrs. Honey had made the introductions. She had gone out with Big John, a couple of times, and had stopped him in the hall, and “jokingly” advised him that she carried a scalpel in her bra, just in case anybody got any ideas. Everyone KNEW she was joking, because her “pokies” had been the subject of MUCH admiration. The other nurses had let it be known that she was also partial to “wild weasel” undies, and that she was totally hairless. She, they had been told, had a problem with heat rash, which necessitated her staying shaved, constantly. She went to a beautician and had herself waxed EVERY week. She didn’t want to risk getting razor bumps like her brothers and Father had.The morning that Robbi had been discharged with their daughter, Annie had been admitted. As one set had been going out, another set was, in some of the cases, being brought into the Emergency Room. During the five week period, there had been more occupants in the nursery than had EVER been there, before. It finally came down to Cathy, and Patti. They couldn’t do much, but to wait on their babies to come. Patti was taking it all in stride, but Cathy was as nervous as any of the men had been. Gail and Sam, who had all but moved in with them, tried to comfort her, but the best had come from Barbara. Her jokes had given then something to laugh about. Especially when she told them that her hole was going to be as big as one of the cows, by the time she took care of all the husbands. She knew that she had plenty of assistance on that chore. Nola, Lorene, Sam, Mary, Liz, and Clara were more than willing, and just in case there was Misti. None would deny ANY of the menfolk a roll in the hay, to settle their nerves, if asked. They were talking at the hospital on the day they took Robbi home. Doris had looked over and reminded them that she and June were perfectly capable of taking care of part of the “load.” They kaçak iddaa all had had a good laugh at her perception of being left out.Grandma Lorene had, with a bit of assistance from Nola, commandeered the work shed, and had turned it into a maternity ward. It was solidly built, and was warmed as good as any of the homes, They had put down linoleum on the floor, and covered the walls and rafters, and sanitized it nearly to death. They had had a satellite dish installed, and put a TV at every bed, and Doris had brought her recording equipment in and set it up to play music for them. They had a choice of entertainment that would jeep them happy. Several had offered to teach those that wanted, to knit, and, at one end of the large room, was a lounge area, with cushy recliners, and pillows and blankets enough for twice the number. Sam was going to be there constantly, and Dr. Immelmann had told them that he would make at least one trip out to see them each day. Dr. Fox and his wife had just come home from a sightseeing tour, and heard about the rush of babies, and had told them that he and the Mrs. would be out to give a hand with the spoiling. He relished the chance to cuddle with the third generation of Doris’s family.Mary,when she had seen Sharon going to the hospital, had called into the office and told Julia, and asked that she spread the word to all the others. It had been instant bedlam that next morning. Julia had taken the notebook that Sharon used at work, and taken it to her. She had spent almost 3 hours answering all the well wishers that had E-mailed, or messaged her on her Facebook page. When they brought her baby in for her feeding, she had set the notebook to send out pictures to all of them, so they got to see the baby, and also were allowed to watch her nursing on Sharon’s breast. Several of the men had offered to help the baby, and, or, made comments about how lovely they were. Most had seen them even prior to that, since Sharon, Darla, Julia, and Rhonda had started wearing see through blouses to work, on a nearly regular basis. At first it had been a distraction, and Sharon had cautioned them all, but Darla and Rhonda had set things straight by coming in and walking around the building in just a tiny string bikini bottom. They had been told that if things DIDN’T get any better, and more work done, they would soon go back to the first dress code. Thing had settled down by the very next day. Work ethics had taken the place of debauchery.There were still many admiring glances, but the gawking had been put on hold. They were still the best accounting firm to be found. Mary came in that morning, and saw that everything was working out to her satisfaction, and had given Julia, Darla, and Rhonda raises. They had landed them several more accounts. Darla and Rhonda had both kissed her as they came in the door that morning. They had announced that they were both going to be married the next month. Both had whispered in her ear, in confidence, that they had both missed their second periods, also. Then a little later, Julia had told her that she had already been to the doctor, and he had sad she was going to have a little boy in June. Her folks were coming that weekend for a quiet ceremony, and were going to stay for a week with her and Carl. She had long since told her Father that she wanted a small ceremony, with just the family, and a few, VERY FEW, friends, in attendance. She slipped an invitation into Mary’s hand. That evening she came home and saw that Carl had come home already. There was a nice pickup in the drive, parked behind him. She went in and found that Mike, who she had only met once, was there and discussing some work that Carl had wanted done. Mike, because of the girls all having their babies, had hired some temps to work for him, and he was leaving them to run the store, to see how they would do. So far he was happy with them. Mike stood as she came into the room, and shook hands with him, then kissed him on the cheek. Then she went over and laid a good, hot kiss on Carl. It lasted for a couple of minutes. She turned around to face Mike, again. “Heard ya got some new neighbors this mornin’. Reckon it’ll get kind of noisy around the old neighborhood, now.” Mike smiled at her. “That’s the kind of thing we need to make it a GOOD neighborhood. We’re already making a playground for the squirts to play in. Seven will be out there this year, and, unless I’m mistaken, there will soon be more. William and Sharon want more, and so do Dave and Carol. Misti and I do, too. We all want at least 4 apiece. George and Sarah are wanting out every chance they get, and May and Kay are just as hot to trot. We gotta keep the doors locked, and keep a sharp eye out, to make sure they don’t go out in their rompers. They had finished what they had been talking about, and Mike shook hands with both of them, and been kissed by Julia and told to give their respects and regards to his family. Since Chloe wasn’t living with them any more, they were alone.Chloe had gone to a dinner party with Zane and Falina, and had met Mr. Vincent. They had all been surprised at the way Chloe had taken a “shine” to Mr. Vincent. kaçak bahis They had talked about the things they liked and HE had invited her to go out on a hunt that weekend. They had gone out, her with a few misgivings, but he had been the perfect gentleman with her, and had told her several things that he had discovered. He hadn’t done any more than to put his hand around her waist, or hold her hand, He had showed her a few blips on his infrared camera, and instructed her on how to use it, and the listening device, and pointed out some of the abnormalities that had occurred. SHE had been fascinated. A couple of weeks later, he had invited her to live with him, and she had accepted. They had been living under the same roof for almost a week, before she realized that he STILL hadn’t made a move on her. She came home from the job, and confronted him. He had made them supper, as he always did. He was an EXCELLENT chef, and had rediscovered his love for cooking. He had told her that he respected her wishes, and that, unless invited, wouldn’t do ANYTHING to cause her concern. They had eaten sandwiches for supper that night. Supper had burned beyond recognition, while they were in the shower, and the bedroom. She had found out that he, also liked to smoke a pipe, and had encouraged him to smoke it more. He had all but stopped, so it wouldn’t offend her. He had also informed her, that, unless it was something she did for personal satisfaction, that there was no need for her to work, especially at such a strenuous job. He was more than well off enough to take care of THEM. That next day, she had moved her things into his bedroom. She had been sleeping in the bedroom at the other end of, and across the hall, from him.They had celebrated by going on an extended trip. He had installed a freezer, and a princess cook stove in his RV. Before he had carried freeze dried foods, and a hot plate to boil water for them and his coffee. They went for a week long trip to the southeast Texas, and Louisiana bayous, and saw several things they were looking for. Mostly, though, they saw each other, in the nude. They always found places that were VERY private, and went, most of the time, without a stitch of clothing on. One morning, they were sitting under the awning, drinking a cup of coffee, and heard a rustle of brush. Chloe had snaked out her .44 magnum, and Vincent had laid his .50 Caliber S&W in his lap, and a couple of hunters had come out and greeted them. They had forgotten that deer season was open in Louisiana. They had offered the 2 men a cup of coffee, and Chloe had gotten up, and went to get it for them, bringing it, and a couple of folding chairs, out for them, still completely naked. The weather was nice and she had forgotten that she and Vince, as she had called him, were still naked. The men sat and talked with them, and, it turned out, were the Deputy Sheriff and the Chief Game Warden for this Parish. After making certain that the weren’t the kind of hunters that they needed to worry about, they bid them good-bye, and resumed their hunt. Both Vince and Chloe had enjoyed the shocked looks on their faces, at seeing them naked. Since this was their second day, here, they went in and settled everything for a move. They had heard several reports of sightings that had occurred in the vicinity of Ft. Polk. They would go there, next. It was only about 80 miles away. They knew where they wanted to go, and would sleep when they got there. They would stay there for a couple of nights, and go home from there. At home it was too cold for the building to be done, so they had planned to stay for only a week, this time. Carl and Dave had one house apiece to build, and they would be finished for a little while. Chloe had told Carl that as soon as the last house was finished, she was going to resign, to spend more time with Vince. Carl had kissed her and told her how he had appreciated her being with him, and that he thought she was making an excellent decision. He had helped her to move her things to Vince’s house, and met him. He had seen how Vince had treated her, and knew she had finally found the respect that she deserved. Julia had invited them to come to their house for dinner some evening, and they had assured them that they would. Carl had been amazed at how close Zane and Falina lived to the Vincent household, and were told of their friendship. He would be able to keep in touch with Chloe through them.They went to Ft. Polk, and found a place to park for a couple of days. It was a mile from the boundaries of the post, and along some right of way for a high tension electric wire poles. It was almost a hundred yards wide, and many miles long. They parked just off of a Parish Road, and set up for the next 2 days. They were getting really tired by now.The RV had a shower that was just big enough for both of them at the same time. They peeled off the clothes they had put on when the left. The shower had a 10 gallon hot water tank, so they always took a shower together. They had stopped at a place an hour or so ago, and ate breakfast, so now they would clean up, and go to bed. They scrubbed each other, and rinsed, then took turns illegal bahis drying each other off. Chloe was so happy to see that Vince appreciated her shape, and, especially, her fat Mons. She had shaved it for him, and he would hold it in his hand when they were sleeping. SHE liked that part, because it always made her so hot, and he responded so WELL, to her attempts to turn him on, too. This time was no different.They had slept for several hours, and awakened just as the sun was going down. it was a bit cooler here than it had been last night, in the last place. They had been just outside of a place called Thibedeaux. It was a swampy area that was home to many Cajuns. It had been one of the friendliest places they had EVER seen. They had been infatuated by the accents they had heard. It was like music to their ears.Chloe was the first to wake up. She had drank so much coffee, and it demanded release. She eased out of the bed and went into the small toilet, and urinated, then washed her hands, and, after the slightest hesitation, brushed her teeth. She went and took two bottles of water out of the fridge, and went back, taking the exact space she had just vacated. She had lifted Vince’s hand and replaced it where he wanted it. On her Mons. She squirmed back until she felt his “morning: wood” pressing in between the cheeks of her ass. and clenched them to capture it, moving to stimulate him even more. She felt him pressing into her even more. She felt him stir, and then give her a kiss on the back of her shoulder. “Good Morning, or Evening, Sweetie. GOD, THIS IS A WONDERFUL WAY TO WAKE UP!!!”His hand was gently squeezing his favorite toy. His other came up from her neck, and squeezed her breast. She felt her heart start to race. He kissed the back of her neck, this time, and put his leg over her hip. Many more kisses were given. Each one made her tingle as he kissed her. She slid forward and turned to face him, without moving either of his hands This time she kissed him. “Good Afternoon, My Love. Are you ready for another night of excitement? My guts are speaking to me.” He was smiling at her. “I was hoping you’d say something else was talking to you.” She kissed him lightly on the lips, and licked up to the tip of his nose. “THAT NEVER stops talking to me. I had the urge, last night to jump your bones out in the swamp. I didn’t want to scare the little annemules, though. I would have had a screaming fit, if you’d fucked me then. I was horny as a truck load of billy goats. If them men hadn’t showed up this morning, I would have fucked ya on the grass. Almost did as it was.”He laughed at the way she described her condition. it was always funny to hear her descriptions. “WELL, then what are we waiting for!” He slid over on top of her, putting his arms around her, and kissing her as hard as he could, without hurting her. Her arms went around him to return his kisses in kind. Their lips parting, and their tongues sparring, first in his mouth, then in hers. He went from her lips to her chin, to her collar bones, and the napes of her neck. He did something he hadn’t done in many years, to her. He gave her 2 BIG hickies. One on each side. They were livid red. it also made her gasp and sigh. he was turning her on, even more. he reached down and took hold of his penis. It was like a rock. She massaged it, and whispered, “Hurry, My Love. PLEASE Hurry!!!” He went, instead, to her nipples, sucking both as if expecting milk from them. Her legs were opening all by themselves. he felt the movement, and went down, kissing a path to her Mons. He gently nipped at it, making her squeal, and squirm, as he licking down the slit that divided it. He reached the lower end and his tongue darted in and was inside of her as fast as a snake striking. She gasped and swooned at the invasion, but put her hands on the back of his head to push him closer. His tonge worked its wau up amd found her clitoris, giving it a good licking at the same time. She was bouncing up and down under him, and crying from the sensations he was giving to her. She was begging him, now. “FUCK ME!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT ANY MORE!!! I WANT IT SO MUCH!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!He slid easily, with her pulling him up, until he was in the right place, and was sliding inside of her. She was so wet as to be like she was coated in the finest lubricant. He went into her with his full length, and her legs trapped him so there would be no chance of him leaving her. He thrust madly into her, and she answered with her own thrust. It was only a second or two and she started coming as he went inside of her. She was jerking with the spasms that shook her whole body. Her head went back and she hissed her pleasure and passion into the darkening twilight. He thrust one more time and felt his balls pumping her full of his cum. She tightened her grip around his waist with her legs, and pushed her pelvis up to him, welcoming his seed. Both collapsed, and lay there, unable to move or even speak.They decided that it was too dark to go out and find a place, tonight, so they rolled over and went to sleep. Luckily, he had NOT turned off their cameras that were pointed, at different places, away from the RV. They captured what they had been seeking for so long. A family group in the tree line, watching,m and listening, to them. It would be almost a month before they found the images.

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