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MMF first-time Wife Share

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MMF first-time Wife ShareThis happened about 6-months ago and I had to write about it as it was so hot. It was also a dream come true as my Asian wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist always showing off her very hot petite curvy body. Her habit of innocently showing off her assets was what initially attracted me to her. She loves to wear thin tops and go bra-less, yet not make it obvious by covering up by wearing a jacket or scarf. When the time is right, she will open her jacket or move her scarf to one side just enough for guys to get a peak of her big nipples showing thru her thin almost see-through top. Over the years I have encouraged her behavior when we are out shopping at a mall or out to a club. I even convinced her to skip wearing panties whenever she is wearing a skirt. Watching guys mouths drop when they stare at her “accidentally” exposing either her nipples or her pussy has always been such a turn on. Some guys will actually turn around and follow her just to get a few more peaks of her hot big-nippled tits.When we finally got home after a night of teasing fun, her pussy is always so hot and wet already, so I often tell her how I know she wants to be fucked by all of those big cocks staring at her and that she is such a hot sexy slut. After this dirty-talk became part of our routine, she started reciting it herself back to me, saying she wants to be fucked over and over by all the big cocks she is teasing and wants nothing more than to have a big cock stretching her tight Asian pussy. We’ve even role-played about how hot it would be to watch her getting fucked by a guy with a really big cock.One night a few months ago, we were invited to a friend’s birthday party at a lounge. I convinced her to wear a blazer jacket over a tight white tank-top while going bra-less and tonight to not wear panties under her skirt along with my favorite white thigh-high school-girl stockings. She looked so hot I wanted to fuck her before we left but held off.At the party I noticed one guy, named James, kept staring at her and obviously was trying to get a better peak of her big bra-less nipples under her jacket. I mentioned this to her and told her to have fun teasing him by giving him a better look whenever she could. Later, when he came over to talk to her, I watched as she leaned on the table and innocently pulled her jacket back to one side giving him a perfect view of one of her big erect nipples protruding thru her thin tank-top. I watched from the other side of the room as she held that position showing off for a minute or two while James stared at them, all the while trying not to be too obvious. She would look away from him in the other direction while she was talking to him, so that he could stare without being caught. I watched as his eyes would fixate on my wife’s tits when she looked away from him. My cock halkalı escort was getting hard watching this tease go on and on.As the night went on, people started to leave but a few of us decided to go to a club, and after Amy’s unending tease, James was hanging around Amy like a puppy-dog. As we started to leave, I asked James if he needed a ride to the club and he said yes. I giggled to myself as I knew he had his own car, but even still he chose to ride with us. If only he knew she was pantiless too under her short tight skirt and knee-high stockings, I thought to myself…. The three of us jumped into my car and headed out. Amy said she needed to change her shoes if we were going to a club, so I suggested we stop by our apartment and let her change and also grab a quick drink from my own liquor cabinet to save bar costs. Since, I had been watching Amy tease this guy all night, I was already horny as fuck and could feel the precum starting to wet my jeans with how the night was playing out.Once home Amy went to the bedroom to change. While I had the chance, I asked him if he wanted to see our vacation pictures and quickly opened my phone showing boring beach and ocean pictures with the occasionally sexy model shot of Amy that she always likes to pose for. He commented that he particularly liked the sexy photos of Amy, so I told him that he might like these other photos. I opened up my special folder full of naked photos of Amy posing like a porn model. James mouth dropped open and kept saying how hot she was while staring at her naked tits and ass on my phone.Amy came back in from the bedroom after changing and asked what we were looking at. I giggled that we were checking out naked photos. She freaked grabbing the phone away from me and slapped my arm. James and I chuckled and both tried to calm her down saying its not a big deal. James complimented her on her tan-lines which made Amy so embarrassed and me laugh out load. I suggested we have a shot of vodka before we headed out.We all sat on the sofa and I purposefully moved to one side so that Amy would be forced to sit between us. Amy was already pretty drunk from earlier so after we all drank our vodka shot, I got up to go to the kitchen to pour another. As I was carrying off our shot glasses to the kitchen, I whispered out loud “hey James, did u know Amy is panty-less tonight”. James face lit up and Amy shouted at me to shut up as I left the room. I took my time in the kitchen getting the fresh drinks so as to give them time to awkwardly get thru the conversation I left them with. But when I came back into the room my wishes of watching Amy tease another guy were clearly becoming true. James was leaning over her on the sofa with one hand on her thighs kissing her. I said out loud “excellent” olgun escort and they both stopped sheepishly and looked over at me. Amy’s eyes were wide open and embarrassed, while wiping away her mouth with the back of her hand Jame’s very wet sloppy drunk kiss. I said don’t stop and sat down. James took that as a sign to go for it and he leaned back over her and continued making out with her. As I was sitting on the sofa watching, he looked over to see me rubbing my cock thru my jeans and I gave him a sly smile. He took that as a sign and dropped down off the couch and aggressively pulled Amy’s legs apart exposing her cleanly shaven wet pussy. He dove his head down and began licking her pussy wildly. Amy squirmed her legs on the sofa and had a look of shock with her mouth wide open, not sure whether to moan or scream while looking at me to see my reaction. I froze switching my stares at both her looking at me and then James licking her pussy just across the sofa from me. James continued to aggressively licking her pussy now sloppily and noisily and Amy’s once open shocked mouth now turned to moaning and squealing ‘oh my gosh” “yes”, “oh my gosh”. Watching this I couldn’t take it any longer and reached into my pants to grab my now very precum wet and very hard throbbing cock. Just grabbing my cock caused it to throb multiple times spurting out cum all over my leg and on my jeans. As James kept busy furiously eating out Amy’s wet pussy, I told them I would be right back and went to take a quick shower to wash off the cum from my pants.I quickly hopped in and out of the shower, adrenaline still going from what was now happening. I didn’t want to miss a second of what was going on. I quickly dried off but stopped as I could hear Amy moaning louder than I had ever heard her moan before. I came out of the bedroom in just a towel and saw something I will never forget. James had Amy with her knees on the couch cushions and her hands straddling the top of the couch while he was standing behind fucking her from behind. Her tits were swinging and flopping on each fuck thrust.She looked over at me with her mouth fully d****d open and her eyes wide not sure how I would react. James was pounding her pussy making loud slapping sounds each time his balls slammed into her and Amy was squealing and moaning on each thrust. I could feel myself getting hard again and dropped my towel to show my cock slowly throbbing back up to full attention. That seemed like a seal of approval for Amy and she started ignoring that I was even there and instead looked forward with her head up and eyes fully rolling back moaning while having her pussy pounded from behind by James. After what seemed at least 10 minutes of moaning and hard fucking, şişli escort James exploded in her while Amy continued having screaming orgasms. James fell back onto the couch while Amy stayed in place knees on the sofa cushions and hands straddling the sofa back, completely out of breath and breathing hard. Her hot tits were hanging down now and her very erect puffy oversized nipples reminded me of cow udders, as she was so turned on being fucked for such a long time.I couldn’t resist and climbed behind her thrusting my cock into her pussy. She squealed again loudly when I entered her. I had fucked Amy so many times but this was different. Her pussy felt so different and stretched out, hot, and oh so sloppy wet. The only thing I could think of was how hot, loose, and wet it felt. It wasn’t the normal tight Asian pussy I had gotten used to over the years but rather a hot inviting sloppy wet pussy. I realized James must have really stretched her pussy and I wondered how big his cock must have been to do this to her. I looked over at him lying on his back on the couch watching us and was shocked seeing just how big and thick his cock was. He was actually getting hard again staring at me fucking Amy. As I fucked Amy, I became mesmerized staring at James cock throbbing back to full hardness as he watched us. I then realized after I broke my stare, he was getting turned on watching my shocked reaction to his big cock as he displayed it to me. He would occasionally look away from me staring to watch Amy’s now swinging tits but then return to smile and show off his cock by wagging it back and forth to me, teasing me with it. Every so often he would squeeze precum and slowly rub it over his huge mushroom cock head. This was the first time I had seen another hard cock in person and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Every time it throbbed I instinctively gulped like a new babies nursing reflex motion to sucking a lactating tit. But it was me wanting it in my mouth to nurse and suck. I found myself licking my lips as James teased me. I continued to stare at Jame’s cock while pumping Amy’s loud sloppy wet pussy faster and faster. Amy was moaning enjoying getting fucked again and completely unaware that James was putting on a hot cock show for me and teasing me with it. Each time I thrust my cock into Amy’s pussy, James pumped his cock almost in rhythm with me on each thrust. I could see his cock getting harder as I stared at it with my mouth gaped open and tongue licking my lips. Seeing his face and swollen pulsing cock head, I realized we were both going to cum. I pumped faster and faster, Amy screaming out in orgasm, and Jame’s face and mouth signaling he was going to blow his load too. We all came together pulsating loads and loads of cum each. James cum shot up all over his chest multiple times as I stared and licked my lips leaning towards him as if I could just get a big mouthful of cum. I came inside Amy’s now very stretched and wet sloppy pussy in one final hard thrust.We all fell back on the sofa and all laughed saying how hot it was. After a few minutes James said he should take off and left. He said he would text me to have a drink and he mentioned to me to make sure I bring new pictures and videos of Amy with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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