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Moguls – The Meating

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Moguls – The MeatingDouglas Jackson looked at his phone for the directions. It was January 17, 2012. The 53 year-old, super tall man found his destination. He was at the historic Chicago Medical School to begin his practicum for his education specialist degree. The old man had taken a semester off in vacation time from his job at Eleanor Roosevelt High where he taught health and coached the girls’ basketball team to two state championships over the past twenty years.Doug found a parking spot and whipped his dark blue Lincoln Town Car into it. He activated the alarm and walked into the administration building. He found the office of the provost. There was a door with an opaque window and gold lettering reading ‘Ursula McKelvy-Welch, M.D., Ph. D.’.He opened it up and was greeted with a smile from the tiny guy sitting behind the reception desk.“Hello,” mused the receptionist.“Hey there. I’m Doug Jackson,” bursa escort he said.“Yes, you are,” smiled the small-framed dude. “I’m Armand. Dr. McKelvy-Welch is expecting you. She’ll be out in a moment. You can have a seat over there. Would you like some water or coffee?”“Coffee if you don’t mind.”“You know I don’t mind,” Armand flirted subtledly. Armand poured a cup and asked, “Sugar or creamer?”“Nah. I take it black,” Doug replied.“Me too, Coming right up.”Armand Leon Sullivan Harrell walked the coffee cup over to Doug.Douglas Jackson studied Armand’s four-foot-eleven body and egg-shaped booty.Armand looked over his shoulder. His curly Afro, wide-set green eyes, and chocolate skin were an enigma in and of itself. Doug gulped.“Here you go, sweetie,” remarked Armand. “Let me know what else you need.”“Yes ma’am, I mean sir,” Doug corrected himself.Eventually Dr. McKelvy-Welch came and got Doug.Over the bursa escort bayan next semester, Douglas Jackson completed his practicum at the historically Black college for medical education.Near the end of his time with the CMS, Doug asked Armand if he wanted to join him for a margarita at San Miguel’s for Cinco de Mayo. Armand said yes.They ordered their food and talked.“I know what’s up,” said Doug.“What do you mean,” inquired Armand as he stabbed his fork into the chicken enchiladas.“I mean you and me.”“Huh?”“You heard me.”“Really?”“Yes, ma’am. I know that’s what you want to be called.”“You’re suggestive,” Armand said. “Am I,” Doug wanted to know.“I think so. Have you ever done this before?”“I have. He was…Well she was a lot taller than you. Slim like you and a cute little booty.”“Oh…”“Yeah, I fucked her like crazy till she moved away. Her clitty eould bounce all over.”“Seriously?”“Yes! I could escort bursa be your husband if you let me.”“That sounds hot! Get the check,” Armand pressed.Doug was ready to go home. Armand invited him to his apartment.Inside the two-bedroom, one-bath unit, they sat on the sectional sofa. Armand fixed his guest a drink of Paul Masson and cola.Doug sipped. He then remarked, “I like that onion ass.”“What,” Armand questioned,“Your little apple booty. I wanna fuck it!”Armand stripped down. He bent over and called out, “Come fuck me, Daddy!”Doug tore off his clothes.He picked up the midget-like Armand and carried him down the hallway. Doug placed the sissy on the bed.“Fuck this sissy booty,” cried out Armand.“Oh, shit,” barked Doug. “This big booty is mine.:Doug stabbed his generous meat stick into Armand.“Damn!”“You like that, daddy,” purred Armand.“Hell yeah,” confessed Doug.“It’s all yours.”“Give it to daddy. Give it to me!”“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me,” wailed the short sissy. “Tear my boipussy up.”Doug could take no more. He pulled out his manhood and shot a load of cum on Armand;s ass cheeks,“I wanna marry yo ass,” decried Doug.

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