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Mom, All I Want for Xmas is You Ch. 12

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All characters portrayed are over the age of eighteen

Mom, All I Want for Xmas is You


James wished he could draw his mother a bubble bath before giving her a full body massage.

As if he had a medical condition, terminal horniness, James was forever horny, especially when alone with his mother in the way that he was always alone with her now. As if she was some woman other than his mother, he watched her slowly cross and uncross her legs in the way that Sharon Stone did when flashing her naked pussy to the police detectives interrogating her in Basic Instinct. In the way that he saw Sharon Stone’s naked pussy in the movie, he’d love to see his mother’s naked pussy now.

Only, unless wearing her nightgown, she was too much of a lady not to wear panties, especially when sitting across from her son. Nonetheless his mother’s proper deportment, James was content seeing flashes of her panties. Such an erotic sight to see, he loved seeing up-skirt peeks of his mother’s bright, white panties. Whenever she crossed her legs in that slow, sexy way, he gave her shapely legs his full and undivided attention. His reward for appreciating his mother, whenever she slowly and sexily crossed her long, shapely legs like that, expecting her to do so, she always flashed him a patch of her bright white, bikini panties.

When she mindlessly crossed her legs ever so slowly as if she was lost in thought and was alone in the room, he wondered if she knew she was flashing him her panties and had flashed him her panties. Wishing she was deliberately flashing him her panties, a game of exhibitionism and voyeurism that he enjoyed playing with his mother, he couldn’t help but wonder if she intentionally flashed him. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to be an exhibitionist. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to be a slutty, incestuous whore.

‘No, she’s not like that. She’s not an exhibitionist,’ he thought. ‘She’s not a slut or a whore. She’s my loving mother. Just as she’d never deliberately flash me, she’d never give me incestuous sex,’ he said while sadly lamenting his sexual frustration that he could no longer hide from his mother. ‘Obviously, not thinking that I’d be lusting over her and watching her every move, she’s just comfortable in her own house without expecting to be ogled by her own son.’

Even though he wished she was, he really didn’t believe his mother was an exhibitionist. Morally modest, with him there at the right place and at the right time, he believed her flashing him her white panties, long line of sexy cleavage, and low-cut bra was unintentional, inadvertent, and accidental. A good woman, a kind, Christian woman, and a somewhat religious woman, that is whenever she attended church, she’s not slutty enough to flash him any part of her sexy, shapely body.

Even though he wished his mother would purposely flash him, she’d never deliberately flash him or anyone her panties. Only, it sexually excited him to think that she would. It sexually excited him to think of her as an exhibitionist just as it sexually excited him to think of her flashing him and other unsuspecting men her panties. If only his mother was an exhibitionist, he imagined all the fun they could have. Between flashing her tits to truckers on the highway, to having fun in a shoe store at the mall, to going to a nude beach, how awesome that would be if his mother enjoyed exposing herself.

‘How hot would that be if my Mom purposely flashed me her panties? How hot would that be if my Mom purposely flashed me her long, line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra? In the way that I’m a voyeur, I wish my Mom was an exhibitionist,’ he thought. ‘As much as I’ve already seen of my Mom now with her accidental flashes, I’d love to see even more of her beautiful body.’

Yet, if only harmless fun to have the thought that she deliberately flashed him, what if she was deliberately flashing him? Yet, on the flipside of the coin, if she deliberately flashed him, she would have flashed him more than just her panties. She would have flashed him her naked tits, her naked ass, her naked pussy, and/or her naked body. If his mother was an exhibitionist and had deliberately flashed him, he would have seen much more of her than just her panties, cleavage, and bra.

Wishing his mother would deliberately flash him and/or was deliberately flashing him, how hot would that be for him to play a sexually exciting game of exhibitionism and voyeurism with his MILF of a mother? If she deliberately flashed him, he’d love to return the favor and deliberately flash her too. If she was unable to give him incestuous sex, a sexy game they could play, he wouldn’t mind a bit of sexual teasing, flashing, and roleplaying. How hot would that be to have some sexy fun with Mom?

‘If she deliberately teased me by flashing me and I sexually teased her by flashing her, maybe one thing would lead to another thing,’ he thought.

# # #

Returning bakırköy üniversiteli escort to his senses while hoping that the champagne worked its magic on his mother to suspend her lack of awareness of inadvertently flashing him her panties, he felt like such a pervert for incestuously lusting over his mother. Only, if anyone saw how beautiful and how sexy his mother looked tonight, they’d be sexually lusting over her too. He had always been sexually lusting over his mother and it wasn’t until after she divorced his father that his sexual lust grew. It wasn’t until after his father left his mother for James’ ex-girlfriend, that he wanted to do more with his mother than just look, stare, leer, lust, and masturbate himself.

Nothing new, with her such a good woman, he had lusted over her for so long that he couldn’t remember when he didn’t lust over her. She had always been a MILF and when his father decided to leave her, good riddance, was when he decided to return home to live with her. With his father such a nasty, foul, and angry, drunken man, he never would had returned home if his father was still in the picture. Now with them alone and always together without his father there to ruin things, as if they were a couple instead of mother and son, he hoped to see more of her than he had ever seen of her before.

‘How hot would that be to see my mother in her bra and panties? How hot would that be to see my mother in one of her sexy, sheer, short, low-cut nightgowns? How hot would that be to see my mother in her low-cut bra and sexy, bikini panties? How hot would that be to see my mother topless? I’d love to see her naked breasts. How hot would that be to see my mother naked? I’d love to see her naked tits, ass, and pussy,’ he thought whenever masturbating himself over his mother.

He no longer had his father in the way to ruin his voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. As much as he hoped to see more of his mother, he hoped to flash his mother his erect, naked prick in the way she flashed him her bits of her panties, bra, pussy, and tits. As if he was her live-in boyfriend, her lover, or her husband instead of her son, he walked around the house in his pajama bottoms without underwear or a robe.

He hoped she’d look, stare, and leer, in the way that he gawked at her. He hoped his mother was just as horny, sexually frustrated, and sexually interested in him as he was horny, sexually frustrated, and sexually interested in her. More than once he caught his mother looking at the impression his swaying, dangling cock made in his pajama bottoms. More than once, his erect prick made a surprise appearance when he was leaning over her or cuddling on the couch with her while watching a movie. She pretended not to notice but he saw her look.

‘My mother saw my cock. I can’t believe my mother saw my cock,’ he always thought whenever she looked when he deliberately or accidentally flashed his mother his erect or flaccid prick. ‘If only she’d touch and wrap her manicured fingers around it while stroking it before sucking it and fucking it, I’d be so happy.’

Now that his father was no longer around, he could get away with flashing his mother his prick. Something that he masturbated over later, he only wished she’d do more than just look. He wished his mother would wrap her soft hand around his exposed penis and fondle him before stroking him. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to fall to her knees to suck him while stroking him and before fucking him. Only, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, flashing was one thing but crossing the incestuous line to have sex was something else entirely.

“For Christ sakes, Susan, put on a robe. James can see everything you own through that sheer nightgown,” said his father as if she was his daughter instead of his wife.

As if looking to see what James could see of his mother, he remembered his father looking from his wife before looking at his son. He scolded his mother whenever she showed too much skin. Perhaps, had his father not made such a big deal of him seeing any part of his mother’s body, he may have not lusted over his mother as much. Yet, with his father calling attention to whatever his mother was unintentionally showing, James always looked. It was always so sexually exciting to see something so forbidden.

Glad that he no longer had his father in the way to ruin their sexy fun of voyeurism and exhibitionism, there was no one to make her feel guilty with how she was inappropriately dressed in front of him. With his father always insisting that she wear a robe over her sexy nightgowns, unless she was answering the front door, she seldom wore a robe now. Then, again, with her having no reason for her to wear a sexy nightgown, other than a short skirt and a low-cut blouse, she seldom wore anything sexually provocative. Once in a great while, when her nightgowns were all in the wash, she’d wear one of his shirts to bed.

He loved bakırköy bdsm escort cuddling on the couch while watching a movie with his mother, especially when she wore one of her sexy nightgowns. Wishing he could turn on the living room light to see more of what he could see of his mother, he didn’t dare. Yet, one time, pretending there was a bug he turned on the living room light and saw more of his mother that he had ever seen before. With her nightgown hiked up to the tops of her thighs, he saw her naked pussy. With the top of her nightgown pulled forward, he saw the tops of her breasts, her areolas, and her nipples before she covered herself with the comforter.

Whenever he cuddled on the couch with his mother, holding her as if she was his girlfriend instead of his mother, he kept his horny hand on the side of her nightgown clad breast. When he wasn’t feeling some part of her breast through her nightgown, he left his hand on the top of her nightgown clad ass. In the way that he was so tempted to touch, feel, and fondle her breasts while fingering her nipples, he was tempted to touch, feel, squeeze, and slap his mother’s ass. Yet, something that would never happen, if only she’d masturbate him, he’d masturbate her.

# # #

Back then, seemingly so long ago, an 18-year-old, high school senior, obviously unbeknownst to her, he was always trying to see whatever he could see of his mother. Only, in the way that his mother innocently walked around him, in the way that she’d never walk around any man but her husband, his Dad took offense to his wife showing their son any part of her sexy body. In the way that his mother was guiltfree about how she dressed in front of her own son, his father had a dirty mind, one of the few things that he inherited from his Dad.

Who knows? Maybe if he had paid the attention to his 18-year-old girlfriend that he paid to his 36-year-old mother, at the time, he’d still be with Jessica. Maybe Jessica never would have taken up with his father if he was giving her all the sexual attention that she obviously wanted and needed. Yet, torn between the two women, his mother took the sexual attention that he should have paid his girlfriend. His mother was the woman that he wanted and not his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, glad to be rid of her, his ex-girlfriend was a real head case. She loved getting drunk and high and he didn’t. With his father’s love for alcohol, Dad was obviously the better man for her. Now that he was free to concentrate on his mother, he returned his focus back to his mother. She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. He wished he could have sex with his mother.

“What can I do to cheer you up, Mom? Just tell me, you name it, and I’ll do whatever you ask. This is your special night, Christmas Eve. You’re the one who always so loved this night of happiness,” he said. “My Christmas gift of love to you is to give you anything that I can do to make you happy,” he said while wishing his mother would ask him for sex.

She smiled as if he had pushed all her sexual buttons. If only she knew what he was thinking, wouldn’t she be shocked? If only he knew what her sexual buttons were, he’d continually push them. Something his father seldom did, seemingly giving her his undivided attention and talking to her made his mother more receptive to his sexual advances, he hoped. He’d love to be in his mother’s bedroom and talking to her while she mindlessly undressed and/or dressed in front of him.

‘What I would like for you to do for me is to give me hot, romantic sex,’ he imagined his mother saying. ‘If you don’t mind James, before making love to me, I’d like you to finger my pussy while licking my pussy. Then, after we make love, if it’s not too much trouble, would you mind fucking me? I’d love you to fuck me hard and fast enough to give me a sexual orgasm,’ he imagined his mother echoing all that he’d love to do with her. ‘I need to cum, James. Being that you asked, I need for you to give your mother orgasms with your fingers, your tongue, and your cock.’

He imagined responding in kind to his mother’s sexual, incestuous requests.

‘Of course, Mother,’ he imagined responding. ‘I’d love nothing more than to give you hot, romantic sex. It would be my pleasure to eat your pussy before making love to you, Mom. Then, after making slow, sweet love to you, I’d like nothing more than to fuck you fast and hard. It would be my honor to pound your pussy into your mattress, Mom. As my Christmas gifts to you, I’d be happy to give you multiple orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock,’ he imagined saying to his mother. ‘I’d love nothing more than to make you my sexy bitch.’

He imagined his mother smiling. He imagined his mother looking as sexually excited as he looked. He imagined his mother giving him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Then, once you make me cum with your fingers, your tongue, and your cock, as my Christmas gift to you, I’d love to stroke your bakırköy elit escort cock while sucking your cock,’ he imagined his mother saying. ‘If it’s okay with you, I’d want you to cum in my mouth while watching me swallow. Then, if it’s not too much trouble, I’d love nothing more than for you to give me a cum bath. It would be my honor for you to cum all over my face, in my hair, and across my naked breasts.’

His sexual fantasy come true, if only his mother was on the same sexual page, he’d be the happiest son in the world. If only his mother wanted to give him incestuous sex in the way that he’d love to give her incestuous sex, he’d be so happy. He’d love to do every sexual thing to his mother before allowing her to do every sexual thing to him. He’d love nothing more than to sleep with his mother.

# # #

He returned her smile with his smile. Only, when she gave him a motherly smile, he gave her a lustful smile while undressing her with his eyes. He couldn’t help himself from imagining her sitting across from him in her bra and panties. He couldn’t help himself from imagining sitting across from him in her sexy nightgown. He couldn’t help himself from imagining his mother sitting across from him topless or naked.

“Just relaxing with you while talking and drinking champagne by the warm fire is enough for me,” she said holding up her champagne glass as if to toast him. “This is nice. Thank you for staying home to keep a lonely, old woman company,” she said with a laugh.

Unable to disassociate himself from the incestuous pervert that he was, he thought of all the things that he could do with his mother that would make them both very happy. He thought of her sitting across from him while wearing a short, low-cut, sexy, sheer nightgown. He thought of her sitting across from him in her low-cut bra and white, bikini panties. He thought of her sitting across from him topless while exposing her naked tits to him. He thought of her sitting across from him naked before thinking of her kneeling in front of him with her blonde, pretty head in between his knees while giving him a blowjob.

“You’re hardly old, Mother. You’re in the prime of your life. With people living longer and fuller lives, forties are the new thirties,” he said willing to say and/or do anything to remove her sadness. “I know,” he said with the sudden image of his naked mother filling his head. “What if I drew you a bath and gave you a massage after your bath? Surely, that would relax you. Surely, that would help you to sleep,” he said hoping she’d take him up on his sexy offer to remove her clothes in front of him.

He imagined her agreeing to having him run her a bubble bath. He imagined waiting until she climbed in the tub before opening her bathroom door and pulling up a stool to keep her company while watching her wash her dirty body. He imagined washing her back while watching all those big, soapy bubbles popping and bursting in front of him to show him more of her big, naked breasts.

‘How hot would that be to sit and talk with my mother while she took a bubble bath? As if she was a stripper holding balloons in front of her naked body, how hot would that be to watch bubbles bursting all around her? How hot would that be to slowly watch my mother’s naked body being totally exposed to my horny eyes?’

Then, after her bath, he imagined helping his mother out of the tub. Holding an oversized towel in front of her, he imagined wrapping the towel around her while drying her. He imagined touching and feeling his mother’s naked body through the thick terrycloth of the towel. After her bath, he imagined her agreeing to have him give her a full body massage in the way that Mimi Rogers received a full body massage from Bryan Brown in the aptly named movie, Full Body Massage. He’d love nothing more than to massage his mother’s naked body before masturbating, eating, and fucking her naked body.

‘How hot would that be to massage my mother’s naked body? I’d love to give my mother a full body, naked massage,’ he thought. ‘Maybe she’d be so turned on by the massage that she’d allow me to masturbate her. Maybe she’d allow me to finger and lick her pussy before mounting her and fucking her cunt. Maybe she’d return the favor and give me a full body, naked massage too. Massage my cock, Mom. Stroke me faster. Stroke me harder. Suck me Mom,’ he imagined saying. ‘Yeah, that’s it. Make me cum. I need to cum in your mouth.’

With his mother lying face down on her stomach naked, he imagined covering her naked ass with a small facecloth, something that barely covered her round, shapely ass. Then turning to lay on her back, he imagined covering his mother’s naked breasts and pussy with three, small facecloths that were barely large enough to cover anything. He imagined giving his mother a full body massage while touching and feeling her naked body where no son should ever see, touch, feel, and/or massage their mother’s naked body.

Without a doubt, that Christmas gift would be more his Christmas gift than her Christmas gift. Yet, with him knowing better, he’d have as much of a chance of giving her a full body, naked massage as he would of having incestuous sex with her. Moreover, she’d never give him a full body, naked massage, especially one that had a happy ending with her stroking his erect prick and masturbating him.

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