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Moments of Dust, Oil and Leather

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Moments of Dust, Oil, and Leather


It was only when Paula slowed to a stop at the pull-in, off the coastal highway she had been following since leaving Carmel-by-the-Sea, that she saw him, a young guy sitting back against the safety barrier, but on the wrong side of it, the precipitous fall down the cliffs and to the sea just a misstep away.

She switched off the engine and soon had her bike on its stand, her fingers tugging loose the helmet strap and she having to decide just what to do. To roll forward, and away from the guy, might look as if she wasn’t the trusting sort. But, she did have to wonder what he was doing out here all alone.

“Are you doin’ okay?” she asked in a friendly tone and hoping to draw his attention to her so that she could see his face. Paula kept her distance but not so much that he’d get it all wrong.

“Sure I’m doin’ okay, ma’am. I’m just taking in the view…”

“And scaring me by sitting on that ledge…”

“My choice. You can move on down the lot if it’s bothering you…”

Paula sat on the barrier, her back turned to the sea, but she still looked his way. He sure had his direct ways of speaking back. “Not so much I want to do that…”

She managed to keep from adding ‘son’ after the few words spoken out, but the guy must be in his early twenties. She saw a bed roll strapped to a small backpack that was on the other side of him.

“My name’s Brad…and I’m hiking my way south and back to LA. I got dropped here by my last ride…spent the night in the woods over there. I’m almost out of water.” He admired the machine she had parked not far from them, its chrome trim gleaming and the maroon paintwork a mite dusty but still shining through.

She saw him glance at the Harley, wondered what he’d be making of an older woman on that thing and out on it alone. Paula then met his full look on her for the first time, her misgivings falling away as he spoke out. “I can help you with that…and I may have an energy bar too. I stop regularly just to rest…”

“I guess you have to,” he smiled engagingly, “our machine’s a real beast….you’ve got to be strong to handle it, in mind and body, I reckon.” Her heart was in her mouth as she saw him move to kneel and rest his elbows on the safety rail and take in the Harley once more. “It sure is clean and sparkly…”

‘It’s how my late husband would want it to be. I learned to ride the beast after he was gone. It helps me to keep him close….we went to bike rallies in and out of state.”

She kept meeting his look upon her, then hunted in a pannier for the cool bag and thought back on what had been said of her circumstances. She was telling this lean, dark-haired stranger with his tattoo on one arm, all about herself. She liked to be out on the road and on her own, most times, but talking to this young guy had made her realise that such a way of getting over what had happened also had its downside. No one would see how her emotions could take a grip as she rode the bike that her man, Stuart Lewis, had been so darned proud of. He had lavished so much attention upon it that she would often tease him, saying she “wondered who came first in your life.”

All of that was in the past and now here she was, a woman in her bulky biker’s jacket, skirt and clunky biker’s boots, talking to a young guy and wondering how things would go from here on in. She couldn’t just leave him here and would only do so if he said ‘no’ to any offer, she might yet get to making, of giving him a lift.

“Thanks,” he smiled on taking the water bottle that she held out to him, unable to keep from checking her out. “I’m sorry for your loss…I’m drifting for a few weeks. The people I worked for in IT had a rethink…I wasn’t needed so I split. I’ll pick up where I left off…soon as I get back. My iPhone keeps me in touch with things.”

“I guess you’re doin’ just as I am…travelling to clear your mind of past times?”

‘But not people…’ Brad replied considerately.

“That’s so true,” she sighed.

He watched Paula shrug off her biker’s jacket to reveal a washed-out lilac, sleeveless, cotton and lace tank-top that she wore over a white cotton skirt, its billowing sleeves revealing her strong arms and a multitude of colourful beaded and biker’s bracelets, some of studded leather and one fashioned from a spruced up and shining drive chain. He’d already noted her bahis siteleri boots on sturdy legs, also imagined that skirt being tugged at by the wind as she rode that monster of a bike. That top shaped her, could not conceal a heavy-breasted, fulsome figure, the hint of a tattoo on her breast bone. As she lifted a hand to brush away at the tangle of her sandy-blonde hair he saw another tattoo, this one on the inside of her arm. He recognised instantly the shape of a pregnant woman’s figure, the outline in black and with two red hearts.

“‘You’ve been through that too…losing a kid?” he blurted out and soon saw her eyes widen in surprise at his outspoken ways. “Sorry…to mention that…we’ve only just met.”

She eased away from his impetuous and consoling touch upon her. “Yes…but I went through that long ago. I had it done when I saw what other women had inked…as a reminder. My husband was surprised I had it done…because it stirred up memories, but I looked on it as being of comfort. It kept my babe close in my heart and mind.”

“I understand…”

They moved and soon sat next to each other and talked, looked each other’s way and seemed unbothered by their differences in age or their circumstances. Paula felt his arm brush hers as Brad lifted the sleeve of his T-shirt to reveal a small inking on the inside of his bicep.

“The people I’ve worked for don’t like people with their tatts on show. I had this ‘unity in diversity’ tattoo done a while back when at college…now, some folks are covered in so many different ones. To my eyes it ruins how they look…so…so I’m sure glad to see a statement tattoo on your skin, Paula…and no more. Makes no sense spoiling what you have…”

She shrugged as if to dismiss his compliment, not believing that he could find her fleshiness the least attractive. Chicks nowadays were so darned thin, almost insect like and she sure didn’t fit that description one bit.

“It ain’t much now…I’m no bombie, Brad,” she told him only too directly. “The mirror tells its own story every time I look,” she went on and to dismiss him and his coming onto her, an older and fleshy woman with her tatts, droopy tits and fleshy legs. The days of being a ‘wild thing’ had long gone.

“That’s for me to say…Paula, isn’t it?” Brad smiled and giving her a wondering look once more.

“You have done, and you’ve got my answer…and stop looking at me like that, stranger!”

‘I mean no harm…and it’s each one to their own.’

“Sure it is…”

The water bottle was taken from his hand as Brad held it out to her and said thanks. Strolling to the bike, her mind in a whirl, she pushed the cool bag into the pannier, knelt down, rather than bending forward as before, knowing that his eyes were on her and not wanting to flash her cleavage that her blouse would reveal. Was the slender, toned, and reasonably good-looking guy really interested in persuading her into them having a hook up, she a woman of five six to his six feet; she an older, fleshy, busty woman compared to this young, gangling dude?

Brad smiled as she looked up and his way. Paula sure didn’t fit the stereotype image of an older biker woman, but she had the get-go to be out here riding the roads on that Harley. It had sure been a while since he’d been with anyone and never a woman like her. He’d try to hitch a ride and see where being with her a while longer took him.

“Time for you to go, I guess, Paula…our times together have been way too short…mind.”

She pouted in response and nodded. It was strange for them, total strangers, to be sharing confidences as the traffic, such as it was for the time of year and a workday, rushed by. A decision had to be made and she was unsure how to reach it.

Brad moved. He leant over the railing and made to grab his bag with its rolled up sleeping mat. His arm muscles tensed, and Paula saw his T-shirt ride up to reveal his slender hips, the waist band of his jeans low and revealing the top of his briefs. What a riot of conflicting thoughts the sight of him, and his ways, aroused in her.

“Careful, Brad…don’t lose your balance!” She said it as his T-shirt was gripped, her actions protective and instinctive. “I don’t want you taking crazy risks…”

His things fell at their feet. “You did that in stopping and talking to me…the risk of stepping into the unknown.”

“That so…” She looked at him steadily. “What canlı bahis siteleri else have you got, apart from an easy way with words for a stranger?”

Paula had already decided to live for the moment. 


“Do you want some more company…for me to stay a while longer?” he asked, feeling her arms possessively embrace him as he stood by the motel’s window and looked out onto the tumbling surf. He saw how the warning flags marking the safe swimming area were being stretched out on the breeze.

Paula simply nodded, rose on tip toes to kiss him as Brad looked down into her eyes and took in the sight of her naked breasts, soon felt the clammy warmth of where she had taken him, the working of her mouth and hands on his prick and sac a frenzied start to his eating her out. She’d not let him have full control and they had soon fucked in a wild and unrelenting frenzy, the poor quality of their bed a creaking accompaniment to all that they pursued of each other. This fleshy, voluptuous, woman had sure known how to work him, and he’d let rip in his own desiring ways. It had brought to an end his months of denial and he had discovered, from her ways, that Paula had made good her sense of loss where it concerned taking a man to bed.

“That bike of yours has a lot to answer for…” he smiled and not stilling the clamp of her hands on him once more. There was more to give to her if Paula really let go and as she seemed to want to do again. She sure brought more to his sight and touch, in her ways with him, than others he’d hooked up with. She was a new, uninhibited and passionate experience.

“You made it real, for me…darlin’…it’s crazy but true.”

The ride over the highway with Brad seated behind her, and his rucksack and bedroll slung on his back, testing her sense of balance until she had gotten used to him being there, his arms about her waist or shoulders, each arousing nervy excitement at what he would want to pursue with her, and she conceded. His touches had become so much more and she unable to stop him, Brad’s fingers brushing her skin as the skirt she was wearing was tugged at by the eddying slipstream around the windshield she looked through.

She had languished in these questing caresses until she pulled in when a forested area had been reached, unable to hold back her responses. His touches had provoked her to shift on the leather seat as his fingers brought her on, each rill in the road’s surface conveyed through the Harley’s suspension and to where she was seated and that he touched. Brad’s caresses had found their way to brushing over the swell in her panties and she felt the rush of moist heat soon leak onto her skin there.

“Want to be a wild one?” he had soon kissed as her helmet was taken off and she falling into his embrace upon her. He had tugged loose the zip of her jacket and cupped her breasts in his hands, his hungering kisses met by her snorted responses. ‘Want to do this with me?’

His embrace had let her know just how it was for him, her searching hands soon finding what he would bring to her.

“Show me how that goes…every single thing,” she had replied, tearing her mouth away from his kisses and breaking out of Brad’s hold upon her. She had wantonly succumbed, would pursue an impulse fuck with a stranger, crazy as it all was, Brad’s caresses too much to bear without a raging conclusion to the ache in her belly. She had rushed into the forest, soon felt him restrain her before she was pushed up against a tree. “Yes…yes…here and now!”

Brad kissed her deeply even as they stumbled against the bark of a Redwood, and he tore aside her panties and fingered her lustfully.

“Here…like this…we do it here…now!”

She had given voice that it had to be so. That she would concede to his claims as Brad sought it of her and she would begin to cut free of the bonds that kept her living out her memories of how it had once been with Stuart.

‘Go on…go on!’ she urged and her gasps sharp in his ears, one hand clamping the swell in his jeans then tugging at his belt. The young guy was well hung, she sensed that in no time at all.

She met his deepening kisses as he pulled on her skirt to draw it up and over her thighs. She did not object as he parted her legs before lifting her against him, his caresses encouraging her to wrap them around his waist as his questing fingers parted moist silken canlı bahis skin and probed awkwardly.

“You’ll break me, darlin’….go slow!” she gasped on feeling him fumble before his prick, the press of its tip to her pussy lips and then the slow purposeful slide of him as Brad entered. ‘You’re…you’re so high in me!’

She had clung to him, her arms wrapped tight around his neck and stifled her cries against his skin, his lips, his face as their unequal efforts to sustain any rhythm took its toll.

‘Too quick…is it too quick for you?’ he gasped against her mouth, his breaths of effort inciting her to rise and fall as best she could on him. Brad was stretching her beyond enduring in the position she was kept in, riding that length of flesh she felt impaled on.

“Don’t hold back…don’t…don’t hold back!” she yelped; clawing at Brad’s skin as he found her; shifted their weight until she could bear it no longer. “Fill me…let it go! Please! Please!”

“No condom…” she heard him grunt but his movements not slowing for an instant.

She had gripped his buttocks, her touches only urging him on and she feeling overwhelmed by all that she had been seduced into discovering with him. “Oh…it’s too late. Go on!”

Paula gushed in the frenzy of their rut and as she rose and settled on him, awkwardly; felt the sharp press of the tree against her back. To feel it had made her acutely aware of the deepening sense of completion that now overwhelmed her. Brad had flooded her; found her on shivering spurts of release that had her gasping out his name and in rediscovered pleasure as her body was wracked by her orgasms, one following hard upon the other.

“What have you done to me…to make me act in this way?”

“Helped you to find yourself, I reckon. You, the wonderful, wild and passionate woman!”

He crushed his mouth against her parted lips, kissing her deeply as she clung to him. His claims, and her concession to them, had passed in a maelstrom of conflicting emotions and any sense of time passing.

She remembered nodding as a sudden, abject misery had begun to overwhelm her and that his touches sought to ease away once more. She had wanted to know of him; to deny it was futile, her time of mourning had ended some time ago. It had been a time to come to terms with her loss and a looming sense of an unknown future that might be filled with loneliness.

“Come back to bed…you don’t have to leave me unless you’ve got somewhere else to go. I’m not ready to see you leave me…”

The young man who embraced her had brought her times of loss and denial of another’s touch, and loving ways, to an unimaginably passionate, sudden and spontaneous end.

“You wonder…you are a wonder,” he murmured, bending down to awkwardly kiss her hard, bared nipples as she brushed them against his body. ‘I’ll stay….’

“I sure want that…and everything else from you.”

Paula shivered in continued longing that his renewed claims upon her aroused. She ached to live for the moment, every one of them, degrading as it had become to have given of herself so easily, to work all that he brought with her hands and mouth before he’s pegged her, but the consequences had been riotously pleasurable. She had lost herself with him in that wood at the side of the highway and then in this cheap motel room. The clerk at the desk had shown scant interest in the reasons for them being there.

She met again that considerate look upon her and held out her hands to him to draw Brad back to the bed and its rumpled covers, the pillows strewn on the floor, save one that he had used to push under her hips before he’d plugged her in ways that had her crying out in rousing pleasure and dismay that he wanted her fleshy body, but her energy enough to bring the explosive releases of his lust for her.

“We’re the unlikely couple…” he said, smiling up at her as Paula again straddled his hips and he looked at her body before smoothing his fingertips over her skin from Paula’s throat to her belly, then hairy mound, her grip on his wrists tightening and her look averted. She looked down to where she would again take him, felt the press of his rounded tip at her opening, her strokes on it bringing the rush of blood that would soon have that prick as hard as it had been in that wood.

“Not so unlikely, Brad…lover of mine…you met the woman who took to the road on

her Harley to find a new life. Dust, oil and leather has brought me special rewards. I’m looking no further…I’m in a special place now, and I’m there with you.”

Brad soon brought her to where she again wanted to be.

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