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Morning Rush to Afternoon Crush

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“Now approaching, North Station. Last stop. Please be sure you have your belongings.” The conductor cavalierly strode by Beth, swiftly slid open the car door, and briefly looked down and gave the familiar passenger a smile. “See you soon.”

Gathering her things, Beth smiled and replied, “But, of course. Thanks, and have a good day.” The conductor, a tall man with a dark hair hidden under his cap and a goatee to match, continued his on his path up through the other carts. While Beth would have liked to blend in, she simply did not. She was tall. She was blonde. She had a big smile, big hips and a big heart to match it. She could be described as statuesque, but she had definitely put on some motherly curves. She was not on the train always, but frequently enough and original enough that people tended to remember her. Today she was bright and summary with a silk georgette V-neck turquoise blouse that had a sheer quality with black floral wide legged pants what complemented the shirt. She also had a light black blazer with an open front. Blue topaz earrings and a silvery necklace with crystal charms at the end that dipped between her breasts.

Beth, facing the rear of the train, watched other passengers disembark the train to go about their daily routines. She would wait for most of those who rushed to go before she herself went about her daily grind. As was her habit, she would be the first one into work, so she figured it was easier to let the others do their frantic morning hustle. It was then she had that feeling as if someone were eyeing her. She glanced down the from one open box car to the next and shook the feeling. Everyone was simply going about their thing, whatever that thing was. And she did the same, standing tall, straightening her jacket, and slinging her computer its case across her chest. She disembarked and sauntered into North Station, lagging behind the other commuters.

She went out the new doors that brought the commuting throngs right to the edge of Canal St. Beth enjoyed the morning walk from the station up to her office, right in Downtown Crossing. Boston, for all its faults, was a beautiful city.

As she stood at the edge of the station, waiting to cross Causeway St. She again felt eyes on her and turning to look, she felt her breath catch in her throat as a familiar but distant voice and hand grasped her shoulder, “Beth, it is you.”

“Oh, my, hello Mike,” Beth whispered, her mouth turning upward light to both her cheeks and eyes. “I thought you left Boston years ago?” she added, tilting her head, breaking free from his stare.

“Indeed,” Mike affirmed as he pivoted to Beth’s side, put his hand on the small of her back and began guiding her toward Canal St where they could continue, along with the other commuters. “But I am back for a little bit on business,” Mike grinned guiding Beth forward, as if he knew exactly where she was headed. “Imagine my luck running into you here.” He continued in step with her, his hand still resting on her back and added, “I imagine you are headed into work; can you share a coffee with me before the day starts.” They had made their way up Canal St. and to the bus terminal.

Beth lifted her watch, noting the time. “Well, it is 7:58 now, so.”

Mike interrupted, “It should be fine. It is not 8:00 yet, it is 7:58. . .We should seize those minutes. I promise to get you to work before 9:00 am.”

Tilting her chin up, Beth looked at Mike. “I am typically there before 8:30 and you are slowing me down.” She moved to break free of him, as he appeared to get closer and closer to her with each step.

Yet before she even managed to get an arm’s length distance, Mike grasped her elbow, gently, but strong enough for her to know he meant for her to stop. By this time, they were just in front the Boston Public Market. Standing next to the women who sat with pamphlet about God’s Salvation, Mike and Beth stood facing each, nearly eye to eye. God, he thought, she is nearly as tall as me, and I am 6’3″. He looked and noticed she did have a slight heel on.

“A yogurt and a coffee. It has been so long. You can give me that,” Mike reasoned. It was Mike’s incredible ability to lay out the facts, so that doing whatever he asked seemed like the most reasonable option. “I know you and you are going to be the first person there. Today, someone else can get there first and turn on the lights for you.”

Beth could feel her defenses dissipating as Mike looked at her with that smile. His hand still on her elbow he stroked his finger up and down. To any onlooker, it would have appeared that two people stood with each other trying to decide where to have breakfast, not a surprise meeting from a long-forgotten winter fling 10 years prior. “I was going to get that anyway, so we can just go in here.”

As they walked toward the doors, one of the ladies offered her a pamphlet about God’s salvation and the best Beth could conjure to refuse it, “There is no help for me now.” She waved off the woman and dashed around kartal escort bayan a couple of bustling commuters, Mike right on her heel. He smiled to himself, thinking if he had his way, Beth would be screaming for God. She stopped quickly before the door to open it, and Mike was uncomfortably close behind her, his body pressing against hers as he opened the door. His body was warm, inviting and made her heart skip, but she tensed, not wanting to let herself become vulnerable to him.

“It is safe Beth. We are getting coffee. Relax,” he soothed as he ushered her forward and guided her to a more remote table that allotted them some degree of privacy. “You sit. I will get you coffee and some fixings.” He was naturally a take charge guy and Beth could never decide if she enjoyed it or hated it. He grabbed the strap of her computer bag and slipped it over her head, casually his fingers brushed against her body as he did so. His knuckles inadvertently brushed across her breast, making her stand more alert. Mike noted the swell of her nipple under her shirt and silently gave himself a check. It was all too familiar and they both knew it. While Beth resisted it, Mike relished in it. “Sit. What size coffee do you want? Do you want a bagel? A muffin? Toast?”

She warily answered, “Just a small coffee and yogurt with fresh blueberries — a small one.” Mike walked away and Beth sat still, not sure whether to relax or run. She looked at her watch. The time was 8:08 am. She could give him 20 minutes.

She nervously looked at her phone, reading an article from the news, when suddenly Mike was right behind her again, his hand resting on her shoulder as he towered over her when she sat. Again, he was entirely too close, and he knew it. Leaning in he reached over her shoulder, placed a medium coffee on the table, “Here’s your coffee Hun. I am going to grab some cream and sweetener for you.”

“I said a small coffee,” Beth shook her head.

“Trust me, you will thank me later. Aside, that ensures you will not drink it in three sips. The smalls here are like thimbles.” He placed a large muffin down also adding, “I could not resist this, I figured you might like some too.” He was still at her back, his hand on her shoulder and she dare not turn around because she knew she her face would be nearly at his crotch if she did so. She did not want to give him that satisfaction, so she remained facing forward as she answered, “It does look delicious.” He fiddled with her hair before turning away.

With that, Beth had a little distance, some room to breathe for just a moment before Mike brought back her yogurt and coffee fixings and plates to split the muffin. He rubbed her shoulder and then sat down across from her. She noted that she breathed when he gave her the space provided by the table. She had been holding her breath.

For the first time this morning, she really looked at him. He had gotten older, but the years had been kind. She could not say that same for herself. He was still long, lean, thick-sandy hair with clear blue eyes that bore right into Beth. She noted he still dressed to the nines, showing his affluency. His black jacket, with the blue shirt that she knew would feel like silk to her finger tips. He was still as handsome as ever. She looked at him, as she stirred her coffee, “So, you are in town for work. Are you still doing bonds? Who are you working for now, Fidelity? How long have you been here? How long are you staying? Where are you living now? What else is new in your life?”

He smiled, stretching out casually, his foot hitting Beth’s and chuckled, “There you are. A roll of questions without a breath to let me respond. Some things never change.” He played with her foot, knowing it kept her off balance.

Beth quipped, “Well, it is not every day random men from my past come and hijack me from my routine.”

“Random?” Mike countered.

“Well, what else would you call it? An unanticipated meeting with someone whom you have not seen in 10 years or heard from in 7? If it is not random, then it borders on creepy. You decide.” Beth cocked her brow as the realization that Mike may have been on the train hit her. She thought to herself, ‘what does he know about me?’

Mike furrowed his brow, staring her down he answered. “Yes, I am in town for work. I told you that. I do more with wealth management and advising, we can talk more about it later if you do not fall asleep. I am working for a smaller US Bank in Illinois. I have been here about three days. I will stay 4 more. I live in Illinois, spend way too much time on the road. . .. And, let me answer the question you forgot to ask. Yes, I am thrilled to see you.”

“Why?” Beth asked.

“Because, you are the best lover I have ever had. What man would not love the chance to reconnect?” Mike breathed a sigh of relief that she did not press his life outside of this.

“So, we are reconnecting?” Beth asked with incredulity.

“We are sitting here having coffee together. escort maltepe You are all flush. Don’t pretend you do not feel it too.” Mike brushed his foot against hers. I noticed you checking me out a few minutes ago.

“Mike,” Beth started. “I know you would like to think that in a decade, nothing has changed, but that is simply not true.

“Fine. Tell me everything, including how you have not forgotten me.” He took her hand and ran his thumb over her left ring finger. “I would have expected a larger ring,” he noted.

She watched him play with her ring, “Well, I met a man, we got married and I have two children.” Then added, “a boy, aged seven and a girl who is five. They are my world. Those are the most important changes, and you know I never really cared about jewelry. There is so much more than that. How about with you?”

“And they are lucky children, and he is a lucky man. Are you trying to tell me that you have long forgotten me? I have to tell you; I do not really buy it. You do not forget that.”

Beth sipped her coffee and glanced out the window, then she made eye contact with Mike. In her own way, Beth could match the intensity with a stare. Her eyes were greyer and a piercing blue. “No, I have not forgotten it, but I am not one to dwell on things. It was a fleeting and fun time.” She smiled and lifted her arm rolling her hand in the air as if to bring a more thoughtful phrase than a cliched ‘it is what it is’ and added, “but it was a one-night stand that lasted a few months. To be frank, every time I heard from you, I was shocked and sure it would be the last time I ever did. So, when you told me you were going back to Chicago, I sealed it off.”

“There was no way,” Mike wagged his finger as he continued, “NO way, I was only going to let that be a one-time thing. I still think about us, a lot. I have called you any number of times and you know it.” Mike rolled what little was left of his coffee in his cup before drinking back his last sip. Beth followed with hers. As they finished up their coffee, he stood, offering her his hand to bring her to her feet and added, “Let me walk you up to where you work.”

Beth took his hand and stood looking at him questioningly, “I know how to get to my office, do you?”

He smiled, “Google works. It is not like your name is ‘Mary Murphy.’ I have to be on Milk St, so it is not like this is particularly far out of my way.”

“Are you telling me that you cyber stalk me?” Beth asked.

“No, no, no.” Mike countered, “I cyber researched you. Anything I have found is public. Researching is part of my job. Call it a second nature.” Beth could not decide how she felt about this. He was, by nature, demanding. His need for control amused her, as she learned first-hand, long-ago, what a farce control was.

As they walked out the door, Beth picked up the muffin that neither of them had touched, handed it to the homeless man who was wrapped in a blanket just on the edge of the curb and continued on with Mike.

He smiled at her. She was soft, but he knew that was one of the things he liked about her. She was physically soft and soft hearted to boot. She expected nothing from him, but gave him what he needed from her, which was everything in bed, everything he asked for, signaled for and wished for from a woman.

As they walked, he stayed about a half step behind her and he kept touching her as they talked. He enjoyed the view as her large ass swayed as she walked. He played over how much he enjoyed that ass in his head as he talked to her, the many time she let him do unspeakable things to her there. He still loved the idea that he was her first there. He was staying at Porter Square Hotel. It was really nice, he thought she would like it. And when she balked that could not be the only reason he was staying there, he added that, he had a free room there because the owner was one his bank’s clients and they also gave him a T-Pass to use, so all travel was free for him. He said he secretly hoped he would run into her, so maybe it was not as big of a coincidence than Beth originally thought it was. As they walked up through Government Center, she touched on his life. Yes, he had been married, six months longer than she had been married. He also had 2 kids, but things were rocky. He knew his commitments, but things were distant.

“And this is why you were hoping to run into me, to see if I was in the same boat?” Beth asked as they approached her office building. She was happy in her marriage. It was not all passion and surprise, but it was familiar and content and safe.

“I just wanted to see you.” Mike offered. “And, well, you are here with me right now, so I have that going for me, which is nice.”

The reference not being lost on Beth, she added, “Total consciousness. Love Caddy Shack.” Her lips turned up in a smile. He was so good at distraction and changing the subject.

He smiled and took her hand. “What time do you get out? I can meet you. We can go out for a drink. pendik escort Talk more?” He knew well enough that Beth’s nature was to be amenable to reason. He knew that pushing his advantage was going to work. He knew she still had genuine affection for him.

“Mike, I have to get home to the kids and what not. People expect me to be there.” Beth said, shaking her head no.

“Come on, say you missed your train and have to wait for the next one, can you please. Please. I do not want to beg, Beth, but we both know you have a contingency plan if you cannot be there.”

“I never expected to ever cross paths with you, Mike. I am content in life. It is peaceful and you get me all flustered and rattled.”

“You going to make me miss my meeting and stand out here all day? It is nice, but it is not that nice today, especially for the end of June.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” Beth countered.

“Try me,” Mike answered. “I am the driver at work. If I say we need to push this off until later, my boys will cancel it all of today’s meetings. Just hang with me for a little bit.”

“Fine,” Beth was shocked at how quickly she conceded. “I leave at 3:30.”

Mike teased, “Wow, I have to get a job where I work from 9:00-3:30.”

Wrinkling her nose, Beth replied, “Yeah, well, I typically just in just after 8:00 and leave just after 4:00, but I was trying to give you a little time. Plus, I do not get free hotels in foreign cities.”

“Your leaving early for me?” With that Mike knew he won one battle. “I will be out here at 3:15 then.”

“Don’t gloat.” Mike leaned in to kiss her, and she turned her face away. He landed on her cheek.

He whispered to her, “Think about the hottest time you remember. I want you to recount it with me. He leaned in really close and whispered, my favorites reel includes when you let me in here,” he brushed her ass, “and I filmed it. God, I cannot tell you how many times I watched that. So hot.”

With that, she sauntered off into the building and got on the elevator. It was 8:56. She was able to get up to her floor without entering a code, so she figured someone must be in there. While the floor was open, it was the other office on that had people in already. Hers remained dark. Part of her wanted someone to be here already. She hated coming into a dark office and entering security codes. This was not her thing. Locked doors, alarms, and all this threw her. She barely locked her car, often just leaving the FOB in it. While her husband got in the habit of locking the door at night, during the day, it was always unlocked. The alarm timer was beeping, she had to enter the code right, what is 952671 or 671952. She entered the first, then the second and secured the place. Beth settled in at her desk and started the grind of the office work. No one would know she was late today.

He boss sauntered in around 9:30. Because he drove into Boston every day, his arrival time was always a crap shoot. He looked at her and said, “An hour from the Tunnel. I could have walked it quicker.”

“Yup, I make it down to the Train station before Jen does most days and she is taking the orange line. Walking the city is easier.”

Her boss handed her the company credit card, “Can you go over to Bruegger’s and pick up a baker’s dozen, sliced?”

They worked in a small non-profit, doing work for/in schools and youth support centers like the YMCA, among others. Primarily, the gave social/emotional support to help students be successful. This is why the days were shorter when she was in the office. They spent so much time on the road, the briefer summer schedule made up for it.

After Beth came back from getting the goods, everyone was in the office and people were convening around the table for this week’s meeting. As they reviewed last week’s agenda, Beth’s mind flitted in and out of the meeting from the morning. He tried to kiss her. He really did. He wanted her to think about the hottest time they were together. That was going to be a tough one, but she was sure she could think of something. She got this brooding feeling like she was in a very dangerous spot with him. Being around Mike always felt like she was engaged in a game of cat and mouse and she was the mouse.

She thought about the parting with her husband this morning. He dropped her at the train. Gave her a kiss and would be off to get the kids to school. Steve. He was a good man. He was a good husband. He was a good father. He loved her. Yeah, there were times he drove her nuts sometimes because, well, he was a guy and men typically drove women to the brink of insanity. She texted him a couple of times to let him know she loved him and hoped he had a good day. Here she was fantasizing about an ex-lover. Then day kicked off they worked and talked and did reviews of the previous year.

They wrapped up all the material shortly after 3 pm and Beth went back to her desk to finish some little tasks. She went to the bathroom and then headed in to say goodbye to everyone for the day. Her colleague decided to walk out with her, asking her if he would take the Orange line down to the station. When Beth said she was going to walk, her colleague offered to go with her, so he quickly had to say that she was headed first to the store.

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