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Morning Self-Care

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Big Dick

It was a quiet Friday morning. In the room of a suburban home Michael was wrapped up under the bed covers. Michael’s family were out. His sister, a recent graduate in teaching was out at an interview. His Dad, a hardworking small business owner was out at the office. And lastly, his Mam was out at the store. For Michael, it was a relaxing day. He had just completed his university degree. He was enjoying the week off.

Michael awoke calmly at ten. He pushed the bed cover back. It was a hot morning. Not too hot though. It was a warmth that brings on a light sweat. The type of warmth where you push the bed covers down just a little but not too much.

Michael looked down his body. It was slim but toned. His eyes followed down the dark, brown, chest hair, to the lighter, blondish, trail that disappeared into his boxers. He wore loose, black, cotton boxers.

He slowly wrapped his thumb around the boxer waist and pushed down the front of his boxers. His cock was soft. It flopped lazily to the left. He looked at the bushy pubic hair that hid the base of his cock from his view. Being home alone, he thought it would be a good time to trim and shave bursa escort and clean it all up.

In his opinion, a clean private area is achieved by shaving the sack and around the penis base. The pubic hair above is then trimmed short. This would be Michael’s job for the morning.

He pulled his boxers back up and hopped out of bed. He stood at just over six feet. He had a nice build with a calm, good looking face. His hair and eyes were light brown. He had short hair. Walking across the room he grabbed his towel and his razor and trimmer. He padded barefoot into the bathroom next-door to his room. After closing the door, turning the key and turning on the light, he looked at himself in the mirror. For some reason the whole situation made him aroused. The thought of some private time was arousing on that warm morning.

He placed his towel, razor and trimmer beside the sink. His cock began to grow and push against the fabric of his boxers. He placed his hands on both sides of his waist and slipped the boxers down. As the boxers came down his cock, it sprang up. He dropped his boxers and stepped out of them when they landed on the floor. He looked bursa escort bayan down his body. His cock was pulsing slowly. The boxers were on the floor. So free.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he began to stroke his cock. He admired himself at a side angle. He gave four slow strokes. On the final stroke he tugged right to the end and then let go. His cock bounced when it was released. He looked at the six inch, circumcised cock. It was nice. It was awake.

It was time to get to work. The first job was the trimmer. A quick trim on and around the pubic hair was all that was needed. He looked at the hair as it gathered around his feet. He would clean up afterwards.

The next job was to shave. This was a job to be done in the shower. The bathroom had a bath shower. He walked over to the shower, his cock still erect. He leant over, onto his toes, into the shower and turned on the water. When the shower water was heating up he admired his work so far. His cock looked bigger and more attractive already. He loved having a clean cock. Grabbing his razor, he stepped into the shower.

He walked up to the shower head and let the water escort bursa wash down over both his heads. It was warm but refreshing. The sweat washed away. He began to trim. He moved his still hard cock left and right, up and down. One hand did the moving and the other did the shaving. He cleaned the razor every so often under the bath faucet.

When the job was just done he got an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. He placed the razor to the edge of the bath. The water streamed down him as he faced into the shower. Standing and hunched slightly, he pumped hard and fast. His grip was light. The water began to make a repetitive pattern with the strokes he made. This was the first ever time he had masturbated in the shower. Usually it was too slippy with all that water. But today, he had been throbbing for over half an hour. Today it was happening.

In under a minute he came. He dropped to his knees clutching his cock in his right hand. The water washed over him. The cum swirled, and mixed, and disappeared with the water. He kept stroking gently and gently as his body convulsed two times. He let out a sigh and just knelt under the water. Slow deep breaths.

Eventually, he turned off the water. He slowly got out of the bath. Grabbing his large bath towel he rubbed down his chest towards his clean, shaved and trimmed private area. His cock looked hot. It began to get hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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