Mar 30

Mother Masturbates Disabled Son

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I’m very into mother/son incest because of my situation. At 15 I broke my neck in a car wreck and that left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. I’m 35 now. I can move my arms a bit but not my hands or fingers. Mom puts on my external condoms (glue/tape) that allow my urine (if I pee) to flow into the condom, out the open end spout, down a small tube into a plastic urine bag on my leg.

Anyway, my point is she has to get me erect first to put on the glue and condom. Sometimes she has to scrub the base of my cock to get the old glue to come off completely. All this fondling makes my dick very hard (but I can’t actually feel it) and sometimes (ok, often) she adds lotion telling me my skin is red and she milks me and masturbates me… griping my dick just like I would (when I use to masturbate) from my shaft to my big mushroom head. I use to wonder if she was playing with my cock… or, if she was just being a good nurse. She hasn’t had a man in nearly a year. I don’t want to brag either but my cock is above average in size. It’s almost 8 inches and very thick. It has a wonderful mushroom head like a helmet and gets extremely hard when its fully erect.

My bed is electric and I keep the head raised so I can watch her as she plays with my cock. Since I can’t feel what she’s doing I get turned on just because she takes such an interest in masturbating me although she would never call it that. Since it’s rare for a Quad to ejaculate I can stay very hard for a long amount of time as long as my erection gets stimulation.

She has now taken what should be a 5 minute activity to as long as an hour and a half. Lately she’s mentioned that it’s important to keep me erect so my blood flow will remain good as I age. I know its bullshit but if that’s what she wants to tell herself to keep jerking me off then that’s fine. I just play along.

About a month ago she started using a penis pump she bought off the internet. It’s a clear plastic cylinder that sucks your cock into an erection but seems to suck you about an inch bigger than usual. It really seems to add width and especially makes the big mushroom head seem a whole lot bigger and puffy. My cock looks huge inside it as she pumps it up. She leaves it on me for 30 minuets, yes, claiming she doesn’t want me having any blood flow problems. After that she takes it off and my dick really does look massive after 30 minutes in this thing, she now adds a wide tight rubber band at the base of my big dick. beylikdüzü anal yapan escort I love seeing myself that hard and I can see why she enjoys playing with my cock.

Then she starts her masturbating routine which more and more is a very erotic jerk off session that somehow I can’t fully feel but I think I’ve convinced myself I’m having multiple orgasm. She jerks me hard and fast and her hands become a blur to me as she quietly has her fun and I watch silently but breathing like a man being fucked to death. As I get that sensation that I’m Cuming even though I’m not Cuming outwardly I tense my face and take deep breathes and she responds by speeding up her strokes on my cockhead. A part of her has to know what she’s doing but another part of her is convinced she just being the good nurse.

I don’t care, I love the attention. Before my accident I jacked myself off five or six times a day. I do wish she’d suck me off or mount me but I don’t know if she could justify that in her mind.

A few nights ago my Aunt Beth (mom’s younger sister/ 3 years younger) stopped by unannounced. She had let herself in and wandered down the hall where mom was masturbating the hell out of me. Honestly neither one of us heard her nor did we see her standing in the doorway watching.

I was moaning as mom worked my big cock into a rough veined reddish purple meat stick that stood at attention pulsing and throbbing beneath her firm grip. Over time she had gotten to be a perfectionist at following my breath and my moans as I hit climax after climax. I had read on the internet that most Quads can’t ejaculate out their cock but instead shot the sperm into their bladder. I knew it was more than my imagination as I felt a strange tingle in my head that meant I was cumming. Quads keep their erections too during this so it made sense that I was cumming about three or four times a night during an hour and a half of constant milking. I kept waiting for mom to tire of this and not want to play with my cock anymore but it seemed to be the opposite. Her masquerade of thinking this was some kind of preventive medicine wasn’t really plausible anymore especially since lately when she felt me nearing a climax she allowed herself a bit of motherly cheerleading by uttering under her breath phrases like, “that’s it, c’mon give it up big boy, let it go.”

We had just hit such a moment (the 2nd of the night) beylikdüzü balıketli escort and I lay there winded as mom slowed down her strokes as she did when I hit the climax. She would gradually build me back into another frenzy as she kneaded her fingers up my shaft to the big head. My Aunt saw this as a time to make herself known as she cleared her throat and entered the room.

“well there you are,” she smiled giving mom a hug as mom released me and turned to her sister. My erection just stood at attention throbbing. Mom had a big wide tight rubber band down on my shaft so my cock was fat and swollen veins bulging and the big shiny head looking up toward me.

“how’s my favorite nephew,” she asked leaning over the bed to hug me.

“I’m fine,”

“well you look fine,” she smiled. “So handsome.”

“we didn’t hear you come in, “° mom started.

“I let myself in,” she began, “°I hope I’m not interrupting one of his treatments,” she smiled looking at my erection and back at me. “°what a beautiful man,” she smiled. “Even now, just look at him.”

“I was putting some lotion on him to help with his circulation,” mom jabbered.

“whatever you’re doing seems to be working,”

“Well its part of his nightly regiment,” mom went on.

“I wish I had a cock like that to go home to every night,” she joked “°I’d be there right now.”

“well it keeps him healthy and his blood flow”

“what’s with the rubber band?”

“its complicated Beth, but his doctor suggested it as part of his treatment.”

“if you asked me I’d say this cock needs a good hard fucking,” she smiled. “That’ll get his blood going.”

“Beth, don’t talk like that in front of him.”

“he knows what I’m talking about,”

Mom shuffled Aunt Beth out of the room and I could hear them arguing. About 5 minuets later returned alone.

“what’s wrong with Aunt Beth?” I asked.

“she’s got this perverted idea that I should let her come in here and fuck you,” mom said, “°can you imagine that your own aunt wanting to take advantage of you like that.”

“I’d don’t want to fuck aunt5 Beth,” I smiled.

“see and I told her that,”

“I’d rather be fucking you.” I smiled.

“What? You don’t know what you’re saying,”

“yes I do, I want your pussy on my big dick,”

“don’t even talk like that she’ll her you,”

“well if you don’t want to fuck beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş me then bring Aunt Beth back in here,”

“you don’t mean that,”

“yes I do,”

“I heard him all the way down the hall,” Aunt Beth smiled standing in the doorway. “he wants one of us to fuck him. He’s a grown man for crying out loud. He has needs. Right now he needs a nice hot pussy fucking him. He doesn’t give a shit who’s pussy it is either. He’s a man… they just want to get laid. Just look at how his dick is throbbing. You gotta get him off.”

“well it won’t be me” momma said

“well I’m not gonna stand by and not help him. I’ll fuck his brains out.”

Aunt Beth had removed her shirt and shoes and was dropping her shorts as momma stood there glancing at my boner and her near naked sister. Beth unhooked her big bra exposing long banana shaped freckled tittles with inch long nipples. At 5’3 and 130 lbs she had a tight small hippy frame. She slid out of her panties and on top of me. Hr dark brown bush spread beneath her fingers and the bulging head of my rock hard cock. She raised herself and eased down my pole. She left the rubber band on me. After a few slow strokes

Aunt Beth became a blur to me raising herself and smacking down on my cock and balls. Mother never left the room, she just stood by the bedside as Aunt Beth fucked me harder than I could have imagined. This was no mercy fuck. The bed rattled and creaked. This was a loud juicy smacking fuck as her tits bounced and her pussy and ass constantly smacked my ball sack as she rode me in wave after wave of hard fast fucking animal sex. She fucked me as she sweated and panted for breath until her legs and ass turned to Jell-O and she eased off me exhausted.

My cock was still rock hard. I saw the pussy juice glisten as it was running down her inner thighs. My cock bounced and twitched wanting more. It stood tall glistening with pussy juice throbbing, begging my mother to mount it. My Aunt sat in the chair beside my bed touching her sloppy pussy still trying to get her breath. Good Lord son, that was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had in my life, she muttered, even if I did have to do all the work myself.” She smiled. “Give me a minute or two to catch my second wind and we’ll try it again”

That was it. That was all my dear mother could take. She pulled her shirt over her head, she was braless and her big beautiful tits sprang loose. Huge dark nipples. My aunt and I watched as she quickly removed her shorts and panties in one motion. Her pussy was shaved bald. She got on the bed and straddled my cock and aimed it into her folds. You could tell she was already wet. I urged her along by saying “momma, give me my treatment “and that’s all it took.

For a few minutes she just rocked me in long slow strides… then she rocked my world. (end part 1)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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