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Mother Never Looked So Good

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Mother Never Looked So Good   Let me start out by introducing myself so you don’t find yourself wondering who is telling what and lost in a spiral of information that leads to confusion and despair. My name is Kyle, I am 19 years old and I live with my mom in the city of Bellevue, just outside Seattle, Washington. I played football all through high school, not because it was cool or anything, but because I stayed in great shape and I was allowed to hit the shit out of other guys and not get in trouble. It seemed like a win win situation for me. I stand about 6’5″ tall, with light brown hair, brown eyes and I weigh about 225 pounds depending on the week and how lazy I have been. Now that I am out of school and taking a year off from school I don’t have a large drive to do much besides hang out with friends and play video games. I don’t have a girlfriend at the time because my past girl went to school somewhere in New York and it was little more than a fuck buddy situation. Anyway, my mother on the other hand is a knock out and I can even admit that and it makes it a little difficult to listen to my friends as they talk about what they would do to her pussy and ass. She stands about 5’6″ with a smooth flat stomach and a nice ass. Her tits are very large C cups, I stole a bra and panty set for one of my friends once. Easiest two hundred dollars I ever made. She started her career as a personal trainer and worked her way up to owning multiple gyms around the state. It provides nicely for us and made the transition after my father left easier. It turned out he was fooling around with one of my mothers co-workers and she kicked him out on the spot. No let’s work it out or talk about it, just get your shit and leave. And that is what he did, and we haven’t seen him since. We both go about our day and normally that includes a two hour work out for my mom at 6 AM and a sun alarm around noon for me. She doesn’t hassle me any for not going to school, but it partly has to do with the fact that I told her I was studying up to be a personal trainer. She just assumed that I had been doing my studies and left it at that. Thus leaving me to do as I wished for 8 hours every day while she was away. Most days this included a lot of xbox live and laying on the couch watching porn, and this partly is where my story starts. It happened about two weeks ago when I was getting horny for something more than just my hand. I have known her for a few years, since about freshman year in high school. She has always had a thing for me and never kept it a secret, but since I was with my ex-girlfriend at the time nothing ever happened. Anyway, her name is Anna and she stands about 5’3″ with brown hair and has a nice little ass and has perky little B cup tits that have some rather large nipples, which are pierced. Anyway, she came over and we were hanging out and fooling around on the couch. I got it in her head that I had a rather hot porno in the DVD player and she wanted to see it. So I stood up and walked over to the entertainment center and grabbed the remote. “I don’t know if you wanna see this…” It wasn’t anything bad, but I wanted to hear her beg me to play it, and maybe have some more fun with her. “I want to see it, please show it to me.” She was sitting on the couch wearing a spaghetti strap shirt with no bra, which had been making it nice and easy to fondle her tits. I love the way that you can see the barbell through her nipples through her shirt. It was like she had to little nipples on either side of her actual nipple. It gets me hot just looking at them. Anyway, besides that she was wearing a little denim skirt that barely covered her ass and I just knew I istanbul travesti would be rolling up to her waist as I slid my cock into her pussy. “Ok, but only if you promise to act out what we see on the screen.” This would be great considering the fact that the movie was an all blowjob film that I got because of this hot little redhead on the back cover, she had two guys that had blown loads over her face and it was dripping down onto her tits. “Fine, sounds good to me, just push play and bring your ass back over here…I am getting cold without you.” She must have been too because I could see her nipples getting larger as they stiffened beneath her shirt. I love big nipples and I have never met a girl with larger nipples than Anna’s. I pushed the play button and walked back over to the couch. I sat back down and immediately started to feel her nipples and kiss her neck. She leaned her head back stretching her neck to give me better access for kissing. She was moaning and pulled my face up to hers and just about choked me with her tongue as she shoved it into my mouth. Our tongues did a tango for a few minutes as my hands roamed her body and hers mine. Her hands suddenly were missing and she pulled her face away from mine and shook her head at me. “I thought we were going to act out the movie?” She then climbed off the couch and got between my legs. “I have often wondered what this thing would look like…” “Well you are about to find out.” With that she slowly opened my fly and then undid my boxers, I laughed to myself at her ass backwards approach to taking off my pants but I wasn’t going to complain seeing as how I was about to get a blowjob. Once she got my shorts opened, she pulled them down past my hips and down to the floor around my feet. I pulled her up to me briefly and kissed her and pushed the straps on her shirt down and then the rest of her shirt with it, to her waist. I loved the site of her tits and tweaked them a couple times between my finger tips and listened to her moan. “Hey, according to the show, I should have this in my throat by now and you aren’t making it easy.” She had her eyes closed and was loving the attention I was giving her nipples. But she was right, the girl on the screen was currently deep throating the cock of the muscle head jock that was on the screen, she would gag every once in a while and pull off his cock. This would cause a long string of thick saliva to trail from the tip of his cock to her mouth and the tears from her eyes was causing her mascara to run down her face. “Well, get to work then.” I let go of her nipples and watched as she reached into my boxers and felt my cock. Her eyes grew wide as she felt how thick and large it was even while it was soft. She pulled her hand out and started to pull my boxers off. As my cock came into view as she put the boxers down to join my shorts, she leaned forward and using only her mouth sucked my cock up into her mouth. It slowly began to grow to its full 8.5″ length, stretching her mouth to its limits. She then looked up into my eyes and took my entire length into her throat and started swallowing, contracting her throat muscles around my shaft and kind of nibbling on my shaft with her teeth. “Oh god Anna.” She just moaned around my cock. Her mouth was so warm and velvety smooth and soft. It was so much better than using some KY and my hand. Even when you warmed up the KY before stroking one out, it just wasn’t the same. I just laid my head back and got lost in my thoughts. I listened to the slurping of her mouth around my cock. She would suck extra hard and then pull my cock out making a popping sound. She had the best istanbul travestileri technique I have had yet. She would switch back and forth between deep throating my cock and paying extra attention the head while stroking her hand up and down the shaft. In between each of these, to heighten the pleasure, she would play with my balls and sometimes taking them each into her mouth. That was a mouth full in and of itself, I have extremely large balls. But the single kinkiest thing that I have ever had done to me and was driving me crazy was when she pulled her mouth off my cock and leaned down and started to lick the area between my cock and ass. I thought she was going to stop there but then she pushed it a little further, she stuck her tongue out and lick my hole and stick her tongue in and out of me, it felt amazing. It was a feeling I had never felt before and I knew I was going to be hooked for life. Then she slowly started to slip a finger in and out of my ass as she slowly started sucking my cock again. I looked down and she had this sexy little grin on her face. “What are you grinning at?” “Well I have wanted this cock for so long and now I have it and I can’t believe how big it is and I can’t wait to taste what comes out of it.” I couldn’t wait to give it to her, but I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to cum in her mouth or all over her face and tits. I stood up and pulled her face back onto my cock when I thought I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. When I turned to look I couldn’t believe what I saw. “OH MY GOD!!!” My mother had just walked in and you can tell she had been shopping because she dropped five or six different department store bags. “I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have just walked in on you like this.” With that she ran out of the room toward the front door. She had seen my cock and she was freaking out. Anna was busily trying to pull up her shirt and cover her tits and I was half trying to pull my shorts up and half run after her. “Mom stop!” She stopped and turned around, just in time to see my cock one more time before it disappeared into my shorts. “Mom I am sorry, I lost track of time or something.” I was embarrassed as all hell but at the same time I really needed to come so I wanted to get this over with and then figure out where I was gonna take Anna to finish fucking. “Kyle, its ok. You are a grown boy now and you have needs and all you were doing was taking care of them. I shouldn’t have walked in on you like that. I just heard the porn movie and was going to come tell you to take it upstairs.” She was still thinking things over and could barely look me in the eye. “Now go back in there and finish what you started I am going to go upstairs and change out of these clothes and then I will go to the gym so you can have your privacy.” With that she turned and ran up the stairs. I couldn’t believe that my mom just told me to go fuck the girl in the family room. But seeing as how I had some needs that needed to be attended too. So I turned and walked back in the family room. When I got there Anna was embarrassed and just kinda looked at me. “She’s pissed isn’t she?” “Actually she basically told me that I am a grown man with needs and that I should come in here and take care of them.” “That is really weird yet really cool at the same time.” With that I reached out and pushed her shirt back down and pulled her skirt up. I was really surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled her down to the floor and she pulled my shirt off and assisted me with taking my shorts off. I pushed her down on her back and got between her legs. I started slowly by kissing her neck around her travesti collar bone and then worked my way up to her ears and nibbled on them. She was wiggling around on the floor beneath me and she only started moaning as I started to kiss my way down to her nipples. I was kissing her breasts but not her nipples, circling her breast around and around teasing her, watching her watch me, her eyes pleading with me to touch her nipples. But I wasn’t going to, I was going to make her suffer. I slowly started to go past her tits and kiss my way down her body further. I reached her pelvic bones and slowly started kissing my way from one hip to the other and then down between her legs to where each leg connects with her body. I was intoxicated by the smell of her pussy. While I was down there I was getting a great view of it and it was on the verge of gushing, there was a constant little flow of it coming out of her pussy and flowing down around her ass and then down to the floor. She was going crazy and moaning quite loudly, normally I would be quite worried that my mom was going to hear and get really mad, but this time, I had permission. I knew I couldn’t resist any longer so at the same time I slowly reached up and pinched her nipples as hard as I could and attacked her clit with my tongue. She went insane, but I was surprised to see my mother tip toeing toward the bags that she had dropped earlier, she was trying not to look but was failing at such. She kept looking over at us on the floor and then she would realize what she was doing and shake her head as she grabbed her keys and made her way out of the room. It was a major turn on the see my mother watching me eating this girls pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore, I lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly started to enter her. She got quite and she silently took everything in, my thick cock was slowly spreading her wider and wider. “I don’t know if I can take it, it’s so big. It hurts but feels good at the same time.” “I will take it slow. It is almost in and we will wait for your pussy to become accustomed to it.” I slowly pushed the last couple inches into her and leaned down and started to kiss her. Our tongues were intertwined and I was groping and pinching her nipples as she wiggled beneath me. It was one of the most erotic things I have done, and I don’t know why. After a few minutes of kissing, I decided that she had had enough time to get used to my cock. I slowly started to work my way back and forth, an inch or two at a time, making sure that I wouldn’t hurt her. As she started to moan more and more, I started to thrust more and more of my cock into her until I was taking my entire length out and thrusting it all the way back in. We were passionately kissing and she was biting my nipples, which always drives me crazy. I pulled my cock out and slowly turned her over and put her on her knees. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy causing her to moan again and she slowly started to thrust herself back at me. I pulled her hands back behind her and held her arms to her back, pushing her face into the floor. She was moaning into the carpet as her nipples were rubbing against the carpet, driving her crazy that much more. Her shirt and skirt still bundled up around her waist made a great harness if you will for assisting in pulling her back onto my cock as quickly as I could. I decided that I wanted to have my turn at some fun with her, so I slowly used the pussy juices that had gathered around her asshole and used them to push a couple fingers into her ass. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she was surprised, but then she slowly started to adjust and moan more and more as I was pushing on the skin between her pussy and ass as I fingered her ass. She started cumming shortly there after for the first of many times. We proceeded to try just about every position we could think of. It had been almost two hours since my mother left when I noticed that the movie was back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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