Oca 17

Mother Of The Bride, A Mary Sandwich, Chapter 3, Part 6

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Linda and my wife came to the bedroom door while I was preparing to fuck Jackie in the ass.My wife came to tell me she was going with a black couple to their home. They were friends of the family. I saw them at the wedding. Alicia, the wife, wanted to watch her husband put his cock into a white woman. Jeff, her husband, had picked out my wife because of her well-rounded breasts and shapely waist.This is what my wife described to me.Alicia wanted to drive while Jeff and I sat in the back seat. They were a lovely couple, and I wanted to know what it would be like fucking a married man while his wife watched. I also wanted to see a black cock enter me. She said they wanted a foursome the next time.”Mary, feel Jeff’s cock. How big it is.”I looked at Jeff. He grabbed my hand şişli escort and moved it to the bulge in his pants.”Holy shit, that feels huge. Is this all you? What made you hard already?””Yeah, it’s all me, all ten inches. I am hard because I look forward to seeing you naked and thinking of my wife watching while I fuck you. Your breasts are so big and round.”I moved his hand to my breasts. He leaned over to me, and we kissed. I liked the way his lips felt against mine. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, and he put his tongue on top of mine. I was now getting wet. We were at their house. Alicia parked the car in the garage, and we went into the house.When we walked into the house, Alicia kissed her husband. She asked me to join in for a hug. The three of us şişli escort bayan hugged, but Alicia caught me off guard when she kissed me. I had never kissed another woman, but I enjoyed it. After we kissed, we all walked into the bedroom. Alicia removed her underwear and sat in a chair by the bed. Jeff and I started kissing again.”Mary, remove Jeff’s shirt.”I looked down at his buttons and began unbuttoning his shirt. Jeff stuck his tongue into my mouth while I finished unbuttoning his shirt.”Jeff, remove Mary’s blouse and swimsuit.” Jeff got close enough that I could feel his hard-on against me. He unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the floor. He grabbed each side of the top of my swimsuit and let my breasts bounce against my chest. Jeff grabbed mecidiyeköy escort my left breast and started sucking on my nipple. I felt it harden in his mouth.After removing his belt, I let his pants fall to the floor. I reached inside his shorts and grabbed his cock. I could not get my hand completely around it. I wondered if I could get the whole thing in my throat. He was two inches longer than you.Alicia had her dress off and her fingers rubbing her clit. Jeff reached behind me and fondled my ass. I pushed his cock down so I could slide my cunt over it.”You are so big. I am a little afraid of putting that hard piece of meat into me.””How are you doing, Alicia? Are you still ok with this?””Oh, hell yeah. I am getting so hot watching the two of you. I don’t know if all I will do is watch. I want a piece of you also, Mary. You look so sexy. Would you mind if I joined you?””No, after all, he is your husband. He is about to fuck me. Join us!””Your husband is ok with this? I heard he was fucking Linda is that right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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