Mar 30

Mothering the Twins

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Big Butt

My brother and I are exactly alike and nothing like each other. Don’t get me wrong; I still love Joel and I can’t imagine not growing up a twin but it has its drawbacks. People see us as one unit. Joel couldn’t go anywhere alone without hearing “where’s Jamie?” and neither could I. And when mom used to say, “I can’t stand it you’re both so handsome; come give momma a kiss.” Who kisses and who waits for the other to finish?

Waiting for the other with mom got serious. We’d had girlfriends in common before but never at the same time. Sharing was mom’s biggest emphasis in our upbringing but we never expected it to extend to sharing her.

The thing with mom started at our graduation. Our father was working at home and as usual too busy to do anything with us. They run a Real Estate business called Real People and he’s obsessed with it. Mom proposed that the three of us go somewhere special that night. She planned it all, although she still maintains she didn’t know it would end up the way it did.

When we dressed for the evening, the zipper on mom’s dress stuck and she took it off to fix it. She was so annoyed she didn’t seem to realize her robe was opened as she walked across the room to get the sewing kit. Mom is beautiful for a thirty nine year old. Mom is beautiful for a twenty nine year old. That night she looked spectacular. She had sheer nude colored thigh highs on to match the lacy panties and bra. We’d caught glimpses before but this was different. Maybe because we felt like we were going on a ‘date’ with her.

It was the first time we ever discussed our mother sexually. Joel said what I was thinking, “She has a hot body doesn’t she?” That opened the floodgates.

We realized that we were turned on talking about her and spent a half hour on the parts we each liked. You would think the same things would excite us but it wasn’t so. I went on and on about her big tits and Joel couldn’t stop talking about her perfect round ass. Finally when we were both crazy with the heat, I ventured, “Would you do her?”

Joel said, “Right here, right now.”

We both laughed until mom came in and asked, “What’s so funny you two; let me in on it” We burst out again.

We drove to the casino and it was a perfect June evening. We had dinner and saw a show. Mom said, “Aren’t those girls gorgeous?” I said she was prettier than all of them. “I wish my husband would say things like that.” She then added in a conspiratorial whisper, “He hasn’t been interested in ‘anything’ about me for years.”

I told her, “He’s an idiot to pass you up.”

She kissed me on the lips and I got hard. We played blackjack and we all drank too much. Joel and I each danced with her and after a few more drinks we all danced together.

When the band took a break we sat on a sofa in the lobby and that’s when the crazy ‘booze talk’ started. Joel said, “You know mom, you’re a lot hotter than either of our prom dates. Too bad we didn’t take you; we would have had a much better time. We both thought we would have our first sex that night but I guess they didn’t like us.”

Now that was one huge lie but I know my brother’s wacky head because I have one too. So I go where he’s leading and say, “Do you think we’re sexy mom? You didn’t teach us too much about being with women so we’re not always sure what to do.”

“Of course you’re sexy; if you weren’t my sons I’d get a room and take you both upstairs right now.”

Joel comes across with a brilliant, ridiculous idea; “Hey mom maybe you can help us. Let’s get a room and you play-act to show us how do the right thing when it’s time for our first.”

Three Margaritas said, “Ok loves, let’s go.”

It started with “How do you kiss to show a woman you want her?” Mom demonstrated on both of us. When I was kissing her, Joel reached under her dress from behind and started massaging from her ass to her pussy. The pretense was over; we all knew what we were there for.

We never got all her clothes of but that just made her look even hotter. With her bra pulled down and panties off, everything we were interested in was accessible. If she bizimkent escort was unsure about our experience before, once I started licking her pussy she knew. I worked her hood and cunt and clit until she was practically screaming. What made screaming difficult was Joel’s cock stuffed into her mouth.

When she started to drip her honey on my tongue I turned her so I could enter her cunt from behind. It was so slick in her channel it felt liked she’d creamed on my cock. I was pushing in to the hilt when I saw Joel looking longingly at her ass. I stroked her for a few minutes and then pulled out. Joel could hardly contain himself as we switched. When he drove into her wet slot he kneaded her ass with both hands. I watched as her ass reddened under his pressing fingers. I filled her mouth with my cock and she was almost delirious now. She was mumbling in between sucks and licks things like “My boys…oh yes…fuck oh…everything…in me…”

I couldn’t believe how big and heavy her tits were as they hung in my hands. I was quickly joining Joel in not being able to contain myself. Mom had two cocks in her and four hands on her and her moans were getting louder and louder. The chances of the three of us coming at the same time were slim but there we were in a casino and sometimes you beat the odds: that time we did. Cum filled both ends of our mother as her spasms revealed two orgasms thirty seconds apart. We all collapsed in a panting heap with hands all over each other. Joel was smiling with his eyes closed as I kissed mom’s mouth and told her how wonderful she was. I practically hardened again as her tongue played with mine. She whispered to me, “Your cock felt so good in me my baby.”

On the way home mom keep going on about how we couldn’t tell anybody and it was just the liquor and that she loved us but it would never happen again. Joel said, “Mom, do you think we’re going to say ‘Oh by the way dad…’when we get home?” (He was always the wiseass) And as for it never happening again, well we were never in her at the same time again but she couldn’t keep us off her individually. We touched her and teased her and kissed her at every opportunity. That was probably a turn-on by itself. Dad would be reading the paper and Joel would hold her ass or I would walk by and my arm would linger across her nipples. Whenever she wore stockings I couldn’t help but run my hands up her long legs.

It became almost a competition between us. If she got it half the times we told each other, she was one busy lady those first few months. All I know is that she never really refused me. I did hear “Honey, please wait” or “not here” or “not now” but most of the time I couldn’t wait and it was here and it was now.

One night I wanted her so badly in the middle of the night that I went to her bedroom door and when I heard dad snoring, I went in and woke her up motioning her out. She was all nervous and we went into the bathroom. Was this the most romantic setting? No. Was it good? Oh yes.

After we got through “are you crazy?” (Yes) She sat on the covered john and I pulled her nightgown down to her waist. Holding those heavy beautiful globes was almost enough to make me come. She looked up at me breathing hard as I brought my cock to her lips. She took a mouthful and I could feel her tongue massaging under the shaft. My mother licked and kissed and teased my dick knowing when to stop to keep me from coming too soon. When she had finally driven me to distraction, she did what she knew I loved. She grabbed the shaft and started jerking it as she sucked on the head. Intense is not enough to describe the come I have when she does that; excruciating is more like it.

I returned the favor by spreading my mother’s legs and diving under the nylon to her cunt. By now I knew what did her. I knew where to lick where to suck and where to chew. She practically bounced on the seat as she came trying to keep the moans from escaping through the bathroom door.

Somehow at that moment I loved her more than I ever had and that was the first time I knew that it was more than sex for bostancı escort me. I made her stand and sat facing her as she sat back down on my thighs. I held her and kissed her for the longest time. Even though I got hard I didn’t let her put me in her. I wanted her to know. I stayed on her mouth as our tongues spoke. Then I looked at her and said, “I love you.”

I had said that many times before to my mother but we both knew this was a different ‘I love you’. Her lips came to my ear and whispered, “Oh Jamie, I love you too.” We were someplace else.

‘Someplace else’ didn’t make it easier for me. I only saw her have sex with Joel one time after that. I came home and heard her yelling in the bedroom. She was practically screaming, “Owww…stop, stop…owww it’s hurting.”

I went into her bedroom and Joel was fucking her in the ass. He was pumping furiously and she was obviously in pain. I pulled him off and said, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you see you you’re hurting her?”

He just pushed my arm away and said, “Don’t make such a big deal, she can take it.”

I held her and asked if she was all right. She was recovering and made excuses for him. “I’m ok sweetheart. He just got carried away and didn’t realize…” But she held me and said, “Thank you baby.”

After giving Joel a verbal kick in the ass he realized he was wrong and he apologized to mom. He’s not a bad guy but he almost always thinks with the little head.

A few days later Joel and I were home watching a match when the phone rang. I answered and mom said I should meet her at a house on Crestview that she had just finished showing. She also said that I shouldn’t tell Joel or dad. I said some girl I knew wanted to go to the movies and met mom.

The house was brand new and totally empty except for a card table that had literature on it and a few folding chairs. Mom said we needed to talk. We sat close and held hands and she said, “I don’t want to have sex with Joel or your father ever again. I just want you Jamie.”

“I want you too mom and it was starting to get me crazy even thinking about you with someone else.” I kissed her eyes and face and lips as she smiled.

She purred a little as I stroked her breasts. After a few minutes she said, “What should we do baby? I don’t think your father gives a damn about anything but selling houses and making money but I don’t want to hurt Joel.”

“Look mom, it’s probably best if we just do it as soon as possible and don’t drag it out. You talk to dad and I’ll talk to Joel and we’ll get it all sorted out.”

“All right love.” She looked around dreamily and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if this was our house and I could love you any time I felt like it?”

I kissed her long and slow as I unbuttoned her suit jacket and slipped my hands under her blouse to the fullest breasts I’d ever held. As I massaged them I could feel the nipples appear through the satiny bra. Her face was flushed and luminous in the dusky light that filtered through the blinds. My cock was hardening in her hand and we stayed locked mouth to mouth until almost all the light was gone. I undressed her and said, “Mom just stand here and let me look.”

She stood in front of me and turned slowly, smiling shyly as I sat and wondered at my fortune. I couldn’t just look for long without stroking and caressing the velvety skin across her ass and down her quivering thighs. It was a little cool and I could feel the goose bumps appear as I fondled her heavy tits. She leaned to me and I sucked each nipple until it warmed and softened in my mouth.

I got down on the hardwood floor and separated her legs. I took my mother’s wet center into my mouth and slathered it with my tongue. She moaned loudly as she threaded her fingers through my hair. Her sparsely covered outer lips spread easily to allow the darting tongue I would soon replace with my cock.

I urged my mother down to the floor and she lovingly opened for me. I ran my fingertips along every inch of her and teased her holes.

We kissed as I entered her. She said, “Jamie, I don’t büyükçekmece escort want anybody in me but you…promise me…promise me.”

I promised with every stroke as I went deeper into my mother’s waiting pussy. The unyielding floor held her and she moaned a cry each time I reached the end of her channel. With each cry she said, “Promise.”

“Yes love” I said, “Only me and only you.”

We kissed as I moved in her. She said, “You’re only for me sweetheart aren’t you?”

“Yes love” I said, “You made me for you.”

We kissed as I came in her. We kissed as she came on me. We kissed and we kissed and we kissed.

Within a few days we had both done our ‘dirty work’. Mom said that when she told dad, it was as if she had told him she was going out for a walk. Of course she didn’t tell him about us and they agreed to keep the agency together. Mom thought he probably had someone ‘in the wings’ because he was very breezy about it all. Joel and I had a long talk and by the end he just wished us well. For him it was just sex and he could get that without too much trouble.

About a month later mom told me, “I sold the house on Crestview – to us.” She showed me the keys.

It’s been two years since we’ve lived there as a couple. Joel comes over for dinner with his girlfriend and we enjoy each other’s company. (Although he did say his girl said to him that she wasn’t sure why, but we seemed a little strange. He told her he couldn’t imagine what she meant.)

We do all the things couples do together. I feel married and I like it. Mom’s taken to little games. She loves to make out because she says it makes her feel like a girl again. We sit in front of the television and don’t watch for hours. She likes to play ‘high school’ where we kiss and she only lets me touch her in stages. She plays hard to get while I get hard period.

The bed is a lot more comfortable than the floor but we re-visit that scene once in a while for old time’s sake. Last night we played ‘honeymoon’ and we made love as if for the first time. Mom wore white and was the inexperienced bride. I took her into the darkened bedroom and slowly undressed her. I looked at her big breasts as if I had never seen them bare before. As I sucked on her nipples I took her hand and put it down my pants. She touched my hardening cock with trepidation. She said, “Tell me what to do to make you feel good love.”

I asked her to take me in her mouth and she kneeled to pleasure me. She took as much as she could because as always, she wanted to give as much as she could. I instructed her lips and tongue as if they had never tasted my cock before and she squirmed with excitement as she carried out my instructions. I strained to the back of my mother’s throat and had to pull out when her licking and sucking took me to the edge of orgasm. I wanted to fill her mouth with my cum, but I wanted other things too.

I wanted her ‘virgin’ pussy and I adored it as I removed the moist white panties. Mother spread her legs on the bed and I told her to touch herself. She used both hands to rub and finger her clit and cunt. She said, “This is what I do when I think about you Jamie: when I imagine what it would be like to have you up inside me. Do it now love; I’m ready for you, waiting for you, wet for you.”

I slid past the slick outer lips of my mother’s pussy and filled her hugging channel with a cock that was so hard it hurt. The wet soothing home she had for it eased the throbbing into pure pleasure. I put her legs on my shoulders and sought her end with my cock. I put a finger deep into her ass and she responded to the stimulation. There was a crying kind of moan coming from her as the mounting rhythm took us closer to where we would each give our juices to the other. I wanted to stop and lick the honey I knew would be dripping out of her cunt but it was too late. She was coming. She yelled, “Hard, hard, hard…”

I put both hands on the bed and stroked as long and hard and fast as I ever had. One spurt ended on her belly as I came out of her but the rest filled her insides with hot milky cum. She was calling my name as she grabbed my neck tightly to bring my body onto hers. I was on her as she kissed every part of my face. She said with a long exhale, “Ohhh that was the best.”

“Of course it was the best” I said. “That was your first and only time – wasn’t it?”

We laughed into each others mouth as we kissed.

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