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Mothers Day

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Mothers DayShelly was my best buddies mom. I have had a secret crush on from the day I met her. There was Something about her that made me just want to bust a nut deep inside her. I think we have all known someone like that. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to fuck Shelly. But I went over to see my buddy on Mothers Day forgetting that his whole family was going out to give mom some alone time. Shelly invited me in and told my buddy was gone for the day but she would really like for me to stay and spend some time with her. Now I find Shelly attractive, long blonde hair, big brown eyes, nice tits that are not too big. Great personality. She even has freckles on her face and her chest. She is a mom but dresses and acts like she is in her twenties. Any way we got to talking and flirting. This was one of the few times she and I had been alone for any amount of time. Shelly was flirting big time and got to çankırı escort thinking that something was going to happen. “You know what I really want for Mothers Day Josh?” She quizzed me. “I don’t know Shelly, flowers?” I replied. Then she said the words I will never forget: “Not flowers, I want your virginity.” I could not believe what I just heard. And then Shelly moved on me and started to kiss me as she felt up my cock. Within seconds she had my pants down and she knelt down face to face with my cock and fondled it and kissed it. I did not know what to do as she pulled my shirt off. It was like a dream. Then with me standing there naked and with a hard on Shelly pulled her shirt off and took off her pants. Her perky tits stood proud with hard nipples pointing at me. My eyes made their way down to her flat tummy, wide hips and then her cute little beaver all neatly trimmed and then to çorum escort her tan legs. She had me lay on the floor and she straddled me and began to play with my cock and balls. I was ready to spew my load any second as I watched the expressions on her face. Then she moved her pussy right over my dick and lowered herself down ever so slowly. Watching my cock get swallowed by Shelly’s pussy was amazing. Being inside her was better than I had ever dreamed it could be. She moved her hips in a circle then back and fourth. I held back as long as I could then my cock exploded deep in her sending my spunk deep into Shelly’s womb. “I can feel you cumming! I am cumming too” Shelly said under her breath as her pussy clamped tight around my pulsing dong. Shelly collapsed on top of me, my cock still inside her. We laid like that for a while, she fell alseep. My cock never went fully limp, but it did get escort bayan hard again and was still inside Shelly as she slept. Thinking about what had just happened and that I got to fuck this woman that I had a massive crush on caused me to blow another load inside Shelly’s sweet pussy. She moaned and whispered in my ear that she could feel me cumming inside her and liked it. We laid there all snuggled up for an hour then we got up and fucked again, this time I was on top. It felt so good to cum inside Shelly. She made me a man. I got to fuck her four times that day, my dick was so sore. Then I had to leave as her family would be home soon. The next day I went to see Shelly but my buddy was there. She would smile and wink at me but we had to act cool so no one would think anything. I went to see her before going to school this morning and was lucky that she was alone. She told me she had just fucked her husband, I begged her to let me fuck her. She gave in and took me doggy style. Her creamy cunt felt so good. I slow fucked her and then drained my balls deep inside her, my cum mixing with her husband’s. I was late to school. I will let you all know if I get to fuck Shelly anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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