Mar 30

Mother’s Girl

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Melanie and Melissa were mother and daughter. They were also best friends. Melanie had Melissa when she was twenty and was so glad that even though Melissa was now 19 she still hadn’t moved away. They would do everything together from shopping to critiquing boys and men they saw. They always laughed together and had a great time teasing one another about all types of things.

One night Melissa went out on a date and was home about an hour later. Melanie thought it funny that her daughter would come home so earlier when usually she’d go to bed before Melissa ever stepped foot in the house. Melanie came out the kitchen to tease Melissa about being home so early but one look at her daughter and she could tell something bad had happened. Melissa ran to her mother’s open arms and began to cry. Melanie lead her into the bedroom they shared and sat her down on the bed. She went to their dresser and got out some fresh pajamas for her and told her to change into them. Melissa got up and began to take her clothes off. Melanie had never really looked at her girl but for some reason now to close inspection of her. She was beautiful. With golden brown skin, little bit firm breast, and she also noticed esenyurt ucuz escort for the first time that she shaved her pussy. Looking at her daughter in this way made Melanie very horny. She tried to shake it off and told her that she was going to go make some hot chocolate to calm her nerves down.

By the time she got back Melissa was fully dressed again but the feelings for her had not changed in Melanie. She handed her the cocoa and asked what had made her so upset. Melissa began to tell the tale of that nights events. Her and the boy she was with were supposed to go and see a movie but instead he took her to a secluded part of town and started making advances on her. She looked at her mom and told her that she had never been with a boy in that way and didn’t want to be for some time until she found the right one. After she had screamed and screamed at the boy to stop he finally did and drove her home. She began to sob again and Melanie took her into her arms. She stroked her hair and told her everything was all right. It wasn’t her fault that he was a stupid boy and let his dick control him instead of his common sense.

Melissa began to esenyurt üniversiteli escort laugh and pulled away from her mother. They both looked at each other for a long time and then Melanie kissed her daughter. Not like a mother would kiss but like a lover. Melissa moaned and returned her kiss. Melanie pulled back and told her that it wasn’t right for her to do that and that she was sorry. Melanie told her that she wanted it. That she had wanted it for a long time and to please let her have it. She wanted to know what it was like to have sex and she wanted to do it first with her mother. This turned Melanie on even more and she told her daughter to get undressed.

After they were both naked Melanie came to Melissa and began to kiss her again. She trailed her kisses from her lips to her neck, ear, and down to her breasts. She took her daughters tits into her mouth and they felt wonderful. She loved to be sucking on her nipples and hearing Melissa’s moans. She took her kisses from her breasts down to her daughter’s pussy. She began to lick the lips of it and all around. Finally after what seemed to be forever to Melissa her mouth placed etiler escort her tongue down on her clit. Melissa almost came then. The feel of her mother’s tongue on her hard clit was wonderful. She put her hand down on the back of her head and started to push it hard in to her. Her hips began to move with her tongue and she began to cum. Moaning loudly her juices splashed onto Melanie’s face.

Melanie tried in vain to lap up all of it. She pulled back from her and asked how it was. Melissa smiled and told her she loved it. Melanie came up again and kissed her daughter so she could taste her own juices on her mother’s tongue. While she was kissing her she moved so that both of their cunts were touching. She began to slowly move her hips and grind their clits together. She loved the feel of her daughter’s pussy on hers. She looked down at Melissa and asked her if she liked to fuck her mother. “Oh god yes!” was her response. Melanie began to move faster feeling herself began to cum. “Oh baby I’m going to cum all over my sweet little girl’s pussy!”

“Oh yes Mommy, cum all over me. I want to feel your juices splash on my clit.” With a few more movements of her hips. They both came at the same time. Kissing each other hard as they did so to muffle their cries of passion so the neighbors in the next apartment couldn’t hear them. After it was finished they lay beside each other. Still embracing one another. Melanie told Melissa that tomorrow night she could taste her mother’s pussy and that made her fall asleep with a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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