Mar 30

Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 08

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A week had passed since Peggy had brought Billy in to work to give him a present.

She had let him get under her desk and worship her feet. He had taken it upon himself to kiss up her inner thighs, and got very close to her pussy. In that moment, Peggy wanted to lift up her skirt, tear off her panties, grab Billy by the back of the head, and force his face into her pussy. She knew he would gladly eat her. Peggy told Billy she knew about him taking her panties and sniffing them at home. Billy was shocked she knew, but she reassured him it was OK. Talking about it made Peggy lose all sense, as she had pulled her panties aside and asked Billy to eat her. Peggy was lucky not to be caught by her boss as he left. She was also lucky because it left the office empty for Peggy and her son. She had beckoned her son to go down on her as she sat on top of her desk, and he did so like an expert. She had never had her pussy eaten that good. She had squirted all over his face, and he swallowed every drop he could. Like mother, like son.

Everyday since then, as Peggy sat at her desk, she kept replaying what happened in her mind. She fingered herself, picturing her son tonguing her pussy as she laid on top of her desk with her legs spread as wide as she could. Peggy was falling behind on her work because she couldn’t take her mind off her son and what they had done, and what she wanted to do with him. She had to go to the bathroom several times a day at work to cum into the toilet. She squirted so much, she couldn’t do it at her desk and make a mess.

Something else had happened that day with Billy that she also couldn’t get out of her mind. After he had devoured her pussy, and made her cum all over him, Billy had asked her a question. He had asked if the next time something happened between them, if she would let him lick her dirty asshole. Hearing that from her son made her shudder with excitement. Ass eating was a taboo many people wouldn’t cross, especially with an unwashed asshole, but Billy was asking for it. Her son was depraved, and she loved it. She understood Billy meant he wanted to lick her ass at the end of the day when it was sweaty, and some odor had built up. She wanted to let Billy do this as much for her pleasure as it would be for his. She had never been with any man or woman who was into ass eating, and she had always been curious how it felt. She knew that with Billy’s tongue skills, it would be marvelous.

Peggy had decided to let a week pass before she tried anything sexual again with her son. She felt that maybe she was moving things forward too fast for him, and that he needed time to really think things over. He may have been caught up in the moments because he was a virgin, and was just doing these things out of uncontrollable emotions. Billy seemed completely normal all the days since, and she felt confident that if he really changed his mind about her, he would tell her. Plus this week sexual hiatus from her son was making her climbing the walls.

Peggy decided that today after work was a good day to resume her line crossing with her little boy. Peggy had to work late, and didn’t get out until 6pm. When she got home, she kicked off her pumps she had started wearing since that day with Billy at work. She could tell Billy really enjoyed the way her feet looked in them, and as a bonus, the leather made her feet sweat even more than her canvas flats.

Peggy grabbed a glass of water and quickly chugged it down. She was nervous, and her throat always got dry when she was this anxious. She made her way up the the stairs and straight to Billy’s door. She could hear his video game blaring. She knocked a few times, but received no answer. She opened the door and Billy was sitting on his computer chair wearing his headset, listening to his MP3 player, while innovia escort also playing his game. How he could handle all that noise at once was beyond her. She walked up behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. Billy was startled, and spun his chair around quickly.

“Oh hey mom. You scared me there for a second. I didn’t hear you knock.”

“How could you hear me with all that noise blasting in your ear?”

“Sorry mom.”

“Remember Billy, call me mommy.”

“You got it mommy. So what’s up?”

“Well, I just wanted to know what your thoughts are, and how you feel about what has happened between us lately. We’ve crossed a lot of lines that mother and son should never cross in most people’s eyes. Are you freaked out, disgusted, upset? Do you want whatever is happening between us to stop?”

Billy jumped out of his chair.

“No Mommy please! I don’t want it to stop. I want everything that’s happening between us. I have for years! I’ll do anything you want!”

Peggy hugged Billy tight and started stroking his hair.

“Don’t worry baby boy, nothing is going to stop. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t confused, or bothered by what happened after thinking it over.”

“No mommy, I’m happier than ever!”

Peggy smiled and kissed Billy on the cheek. Her arms were still wrapped around his waist. He looked in her eyes, and put his right hand on her cheek.

“You are so beautiful mommy.”

Billy leaned in and kissed Peggy on her bright red lips. It caught Peggy off guard, but she did her best not to react and make Billy feel he had done something wrong.

“Thank you Billy that was sweet,” Peggy said with a smile.

Without a word Billy moved his hand from his mother’s cheek to the back of her head and slowly drew her in. He paused for a moment, and then put his lips to hers. Peggy had little time to think before he parted her lips with his tongue. Peggy instinctively met his tongue with hers, while her grip on her sons waist tightened. Mother and son were kissing for the first time. But this was not the type of kiss most mother’s and sons share. This kiss was a kiss that people deeply in love share. Their tongues danced with each other with incestuous passion, neither of them taking a break to breathe. Both were lost in each other.

Finally Peggy broke the kiss, and parted her mouth, a string of saliva still connecting them. Peggy took a deep breath and wiped her mouth.

“Oh my sweet boy. You are good with your tongue in so many ways. I am the luckiest mother in the world.”

Billy responded with a devilish grin.

“And I am the luckiest son in the world.”

Billy then grabbed his mother by the shoulders and started pushing her back until she fell backwards onto his bed. She scooted herself back so her legs weren’t dangling off the edge. Billy laid down next to her on one elbow. Again he didn’t say a word. He leaned over and they began making out once more. Peggy was on her back and Billy was leaned over her. His hand had been on her cheek, but he started moving it slowly, almost cautiously down her neck, and finally onto her left breast. Peggy moaned into Billy’s mouth as her sons fingers lightly brushed her fabric covered nipple. He could feel how hard it was and began running circles around it. Peggy was in complete ecstasy. She loved having her breasts played with, and it was all the more exciting that it was her own son doing it.

Billy began to squeeze his mother’s breast harder, loving how much his mother appeared to enjoy it. And Peggy was enjoying it quite a lot. But what she wanted even more was that expert tongue on her breasts. She broke their kiss and simply put her finger up to indicate for him to wait one moment. Peggy pulled her blouse over her istanbul escort head and tossed it off the bed. She then took off her bra and tossed it as well. She had shown Billy her breasts in her office but he hadn’t touched or kissed them. She bared them to him once again.

Billy mouth was watering. He had dreamed of sucking his mom’s tits for so many years, he couldn’t believe it was coming true. At 41, Peggy’s DD breasts had sagged a little bit, but they still looked good, she had medium sized, brown areolas, and her nipples were very perky. Peggy had laid back down, and Billy leaned over and took his mother’s right nipple in his mouth. He didn’t suck on it, he just began licking over it, and making circles around it. Peggy was in heaven, having her son licking her breasts. Billy put his right hand on his mother’s right knee and slowly started moving his hand up her thigh. Peggy hoped he was moving it toward her pussy, but wanted to encourage him in case that wasn’t his plan.

Peggy interrupted him sucking her nipples.

“One second Billy.”

Peggy sat up and pulled her under wear down her legs and dangled it on her foot for a moment, before flinging it off the bed. She kept her skirt on. It may be silly but she was nervous being 100% completely naked in front of her son.

“Much better! You can continue.” Peggy said with a devious grin.

Billy began sucking his mother’s nipples again, going back and forth between them. He moved his hand up her inner thigh again until he reached her soaked pussy. It had been a long time since a man had fingered Peggy, and this was going to be Billy’s first time. She had no doubt he would be amazing. Billy slowly traced his finger over his mom’s pussy. It sent a shudder through her whole body. He spread her pussy lips with his right hand and began to rub her wet slit. Peggy was moaning loudly now. She had never felt so much pleasure than the pleasure her son was able to give her. She started Sucking on Billy’s earlobe and whispered to him.

“How does it make you feel to know you are the one that makes mommy’s pussy wet?”

Billy started to finger fuck his mom, making her moan even louder.

“Put your fingers in your mouth baby, and taste mommy!”

Billy took the two fingers he was using to fuck his mother, and put them in his mouth. He sucked her juices from them hungrily.

“Fuck mommy, how is it you taste so fucking good?!”

Peggy reached down and inserted two of her own fingers into her pussy, and then brought them to her mouth. Peggy sucked her own pussy juice from her finger and then looked up at Billy.

“You are right baby. Mommy does taste fucking good.” Peggy winked at Billy.

“How about you go down there and taste mommy until she cums.”

Billy didn’t need to be asked twice. He hastily shifted down the bed and wrapped his arms under his mothers thighs and back over the top, and spread her pussy lips with his fingers. He began sliding his tongue around her labia, giving small kisses, then licking again. He flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over his mother’s clit, driving her to start screaming.

“Lick mommy’s clit just like that baby boy. Fucking suck that clit! Mommy is getting close baby. Mommy’s gonna cum!”

Hearing this made Billy lick even faster. He loved giving his mother pleasure, and always wanted to do the best he could for her. Peggy grabbed the back of Billy’s head by the hair and held it in place. Billy opened his mouth wide, as Peggy fingered her self to climax.

“Open your mouth baby. Drink mommy’s cum!”

Peggy’s pussy exploded, filling Billy’s mouth with her squirt. Billy swallowed it down, and then licked Peggy’s pussy again, to get even more of her juices. Peggy was spent. She looked at kadıköy escort Billy.

“Thank you baby. That was beyond amazing. We’re gonna have to get your tongue insured.”

They both laughed. Billy thanked his mother for letting him eat her out again, and began to crawl off the bed.

“Where are you going baby boy?”

“I thought we…I thought…we were done. Not that I want it to be done, I just..,.”

Peggy cut off her stammering son,

“Do you think mommy is selfish?”

“No no! Of course not mommy! You are so giving, always! You are not selfish at all!”

Peggy looked at Billy with a stern look.

“Then why do you think mommy would let you eat her pussy, like a pro by the way, make her cum, and not return the favor?”

Billy looked a bit confused.

“What do you mean return the…”

Before Billy could finish his sentence, Peggy reached over and grabbed Billy, who was now upright on his knees on the bed, by the waist band of his khaki shorts and pulled him close to her. She was laying on her side, so she reached up and undid the button of her son’s shorts. She then slowly lowered his zipper. She was so turned on by the bulge in his boxers. She grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down passed his ass to the back of his knees. Billy was speechless. His mother was finally going to suck his cock, and he knew she would want him to cum in her mouth.

Peggy got up to her knees just like Billy. She reached down with her left hand and squeezed Billy’s large, nearly hairless balls. Peggy wrapped her right hand around billy’s massive cock and held it in place. She was nervous to be crossing another line with her son, but nothing at this point would stop her from sucking his huge cock. Peggy lowered her head and penetrated her mouth with her son’s dick. She took about 7 of his 8 inches into her throat and then came up with a gag. She then wrapped her red lips around his cock again and began bobbing her head up and down. Billy grabbed the back of her head and moved it along with her motions. This was Billy’s first blow-job, and it was better than he had fantasied it would be.

Billy loved that his mother was moaning while sucking his cock. It just showed how into it she was. She licked up and down his shaft on the sides, and then held his dick up towards his stomach, while she stuck her tongue out as far as it could go, and licked from the bottom of his ball-sack, all the way up to the tip of his cock. Billy couldn’t hold out much longer. His mother was too good at sucking his cock, to allow him to hold off his orgasm. Peggy began stroking his cock as she sucked his big, fat, tasty cock, pausing only to encourage him.

“That’s it sweetie, shoot your load in mommy’s hungry mouth! Drown mommy in your warm boy cum! Mommy needs your cum coating her throat.”

“You sure you want it in your mouth mommy? You know a lot comes out.”

“Oh God yes baby please!!”

Billy began pumping his hips upwards, fucking his mom’s already bobbing mouth.

“Here it comes! I’m cumming! Swallow my cum mommy!”

Billy exploded in his mother’s throat. She tried swallowing down as much as she could, but it was just too much. The cum started overflowing from her mouth, and cascading down her chin. She cupped her hand underneath, catching the additional cum, and then putting it back into her mouth. She had just sucked her young son’s cock, and he had fed her his cum. Peggy had no idea how far she would go with her son, but she was going to enjoy every minute.

Billy was ready to pass-out, he was so drained. Peggy crawled up to Billy and draped her arm over his chest. She was spent as well. Peggy knew there was so much more to do with her stud son, and she planned to do it all. Billy realized his mother’s arm was over his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her in tight. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips, and then closed his eyes. Mother and son fell asleep in each others arms, Peggy’s last thought was on the next taboo she would cross with her son.

To Be Continued…

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