Mar 30

Motherslut Ch. 01

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18. No underage role play appears in this story*


Honestly, the decision to seduce my mother and make her my slut was my choice, the actual suggestion could more accurately be said to come from my mother. I’ll explain, several months ago I discovered my mom’s pen name, under which she writes erotic stories. I had recognized the name at once and with a little digging, I confirmed that she was the author. I was also able to find several other accounts under the same name, all of which dealt with erotica in one way or another. Everyone of mom’s stories, memes, and photos dealt with mother/son incest. With a little more reading, I found that they all dealt with a dominating son and a more submissive mother. All the mothers and sons were described as mirror images of mom and me.

Mom is 38 years old. She has a fantastic hourglass-shaped body: perfectly round hips and bubble butt, a not too big but not too small tummy, shapely thighs, and wonderful DD breasts. Her hair is described as a dirty blonde with light green eyes. Her skin has a natural tan look to it, though she loves to sunbathe by our backyard pool to keep it that way. She is beautiful, no doubt about it. She has always had a reserved personality and rarely likes to have attention drawn to her. I don’t think she is shy but certainly introverted. But she has never let this get in the way of cheering for me at track or swim meets.

I’m 18 and a senior in high school. I am 6′ and 175lbs. I have about the same light tan skin tone, plus slightly darker brown hair, and blue/green eyes. I never met my dad. He died before I was born or soon after. I’ve never seen any photos of my dad, though mom swears they were married. I never really cared, except for the standard questions any kid would ask. I know that she came out more than well with the life insurance payout, so we had a very comfortable life. At any rate, I have swum competitively and run track most of my life and have the physique to prove it. I am not overly narcissistic but acknowledge my good looks. I have very little body fat and I am toned very nicely.

I had never really considered myself to be attracted to older women, but reading my mother’s stories and checking out everything else erotic certainly had me thinking. I went through everything she liked and had written, this took me a few days and I had to get off numerous times. I started looking at my mother in different ways after that. I noticed her side glances at me, tight hugs, etc. It took me a week or so, but I came to the conclusion that my mother listed after me greatly, but like her characters in her stories, she wouldn’t initiate anything. I smiled a wolffish grin, as the plan to seduce my mother came to me.

I started slowly. My daily yoga exercises took on a more eroticism. I bought some new silk boxers that were practically see-through and I made sure fit me tight and snug. I had always exercised in the wreck room, but now I made sure to be in a very revealing pose whenever my mom walked by or came into the room. I was rewarded several times by hearing soft gasps, and I swear quiet moans of approval whenever she saw me posing. I was very proud of how my cock was visible to her. She never mentioned my new yoga attire and I was enjoying them.

Besides that, I also made it a point to offer positive opinions on her physique and youthful good looks, without making it too obvious. I increased my hugs and added some subtle strokes and grazes to her body. I also added quick kisses on her lips, instead of to her cheeks. All of this had a clear effect on my horny mother. I noticed her squeezing her thighs together numerous times, plus her moans and gasps informed me that she was indeed being affected by my seduction. I took it very slowly. I wanted her to soak her panties whenever she heard my voice or was in the same room as me.

I amped up my teasing by leaving the door to my bedroom or bathroom cracked whenever I was naked. I had no idea how many times mom watched me dry off from the shower, get dressed, or any other activity that found me naked. I made it a point of always giving a good view of my chiseled abs, dick root, and smooth cock. Remembering how detailed mom is in her stories, I knew exactly what parts of my body made her hot and bothered. I also began to swim in our pool naked and “not know she was home” when I would exit the pool and walk around naked. I even convinced mom to give me numerous massages after “hard workouts.” Mom never complained or even questioned me when I requested a massage. I even made it a point to call her “mommy,” something that appeared in her stories often.

The results were obvious: she seemed on edge around me, she could barely concentrate on anything for very long if I was in the same room, and I had spied her eying me with a desperate longing look in her eyes. At this point, I amped up my tactics. I memorized certain lines of dialogue from her stories involving my character esenyurt otele gelen escort and from time to time I would quote her. I was subtle enough that she could not call me out on it, but my words had a very big effect on her. I also began having her give me massages while I was naked and my groin covered only by a towel. But I made sure my cock was always outlined, and I would let my cock head poke out from time to time.

I swear one night she gently bit my bare butt as she massages my thighs and calves. I always offered to reciprocate, but it was a rare thing for her to accept a massage from me. My massages got her wet and horny. My rubbing and kneading of her muscles would inexplicably lead to me stimulating her luscious breasts and bubble butt, through her clothes. Unfortunately, I could never coax “mommy” into getting more comfortable. Still, I continued steadily lead the way towards incest.

Finally, I have decided on a plan for us to take the fantasies into reality. One of mom’s stories involved my character being drunk and then molested my mom’s character. I made plans to go to a party that mom was clear there would be drinking. Knowing that I was responsible, mom relented. I then went to the party. While I was there I continuously rinsed my mouth with hard liquor, though didn’t drink any. I got a ride home from a friend and began to play drunk when I “couldn’t unlock the front door.”

Mom of course let me in and helped me to my room. I played drunk, but not overly so, just enough so mom could have some fun. Mom was dressed in her usual sleepwear, consisting of an overly large t-shirt and thong. Her shirt just came down to halfway covering her ass, so I always got a great view of her amazing ass cheeks peeking out the bottom. She led me to my room with one of her hands gripping my butt, as she played the concerned mother. I pretended to be sorry and acted abashed. Mom helped me to bed and even brought me some aspirin and a glass of water. At this point, I pretended to have difficulty getting undressed. Mommy of course began helping. She knelt and began untying my shoes as I sat down on my bed. I looked down at my mother and longed to guide her head to my crotch, but I would wait. Mom removed my shoes and socks and then pulled my shirt over my head. She then guided me to stand up so she could remove my pants. I continued to act drunk and oblivious, as my mother unclamped my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and then slowly slid my zipped down. I smirked as she then used a smooth tug she pulled my pants to my ankles.

She was then surprised to have my half-hard cock slap her in the face. Unbeknownst to her, I hadn’t worn boxers. My cock then began to reach full length before my mother’s shocked eyes. I continued as if I didn’t know what was going on. Mom finally shook her head to snap herself out of her current brain fog. She guided me to step out of my pants and lay down in bed. My cock was now fully erect and I gave her a full view as I laid on my back and pretended to pass out. Mom then leaned down and place a delicate kiss to my lips, before whispering “goodnight” to me. I mumbled out, “goodnight mommy,” as I continued to play my role. Mom then turned off the lights and exited my bedroom, though she left my door wide open.

I kept my eyes shut except for small slits. I could barely make out the light from mom’s bedroom going out as I waited and hoped my plan would work. I began to doubt myself, but I remembered her reaction to my cock in her face and continued to wait. I finally saw her silently standing in the hall just outside my bedroom. I made out that she was leaning against the doorframe and seemed to be watching me as she slowly rubbed herself. I couldn’t see her face, but I could hear small gasps and moans as her hand moved from rubbing her breasts to inching down between her legs.

Seeing this had the obvious effect on my cock, which was now rock hard and resting against my abs. I continued to lay still and keep my breathing steady. Mom then began to inch her way into my room towards my bed. She stood there, looking down at me as she continued to rub herself. Finally, she whispered out, “Alex? Honey. Are you awake?”

I remained still. Mom then raised her voice slightly, “Alex. Can you hear me?”

Mom then slowly and softly crawled up onto my bed, right between my legs. She slowly brought her hands to my thighs and gauged to see if I was awake. Seeming to satisfy herself that I was completely passed out, she then brought her head to my groin. It took all of my self-control not to react in any way when I felt my own mother lick from my balls, all the way up my cock shaft, and over my cock head. I heard a satisfied moan, as her tongue licked my piss slit. She then reached up and grabbed my cock as she lowered her head to begin sucking my hard cock.

My breath hitched and I moaned softly, but mom didn’t seem to notice. My god did my mother know how to suck a cock! esenyurt rus escort I have had blowjobs before, but this was so much more. I felt like my mother was attempting to suck my balls out from my cock, and in a way, I suppose she was. Mom was taking my hard cock deep into her throat until her nose touched my crotch, then she would bring her head back up to my cock head. I felt her bring her mouth completely off my cock, as she began to lick my cock head like it was an ice cream cone, before plunging her head back down to continue sucking her son’s hard cock. All the while her right hand was stroking my cock shaft as her left hand massages my balls.

I then felt her let go of my balls and her left arm snake down my legs. I wondered at what she was doing until her arm stilled next to my leg and felt like her hand began to rub herself. I moaned softly when I realized that my mom was masturbating as she sucked my hard cock. I felt her body begin to shake and felt her moan deeply around my cock, before her body jerked abruptly. I felt my hard cock jump when I realized that my mother had just orgasmed.

Knowing that my mom had just rubbed herself to orgasm as she sucked my cock, and her own very gifted cock sucking skills sent me over the edge. I felt my balls draw up as my breath hitched. My chick then exploded into my mom’s mouth. Mom mumbled out a slightly surprised shriek but then moaned in pleasure as I filled her mouth with a jolt after jolt of hot cum. This was a very powerful orgasm, and I knew mom was being gifted with a lot of my seed. Mom was still sucking hard and stroking my cock, milking every drop of cum from my cock.

Finally, content that she had sucked me dry, mom moved her mouth from my still hard cock. She seemed to weigh something in her head, possibly considering making more use of my hard cock, but deciding against tempting fate. Mom then placed a gentle kiss to my cock head, before climbing off my bed. She looked down at my still naked body and hummed in satisfaction, before leaning down to place a gentle kiss to my lips. She then walked back out of my room. I sighed in contentment as I smiled. The first step was completed and had ended better than I had hoped. Now on to step two.

I woke up the next morning still content and happy at last night’s incestuous activity. I just needed to keep up with my seduction and teasing of mom. I went for my usual morning swim in our pool, naked of course, as I waited for mom to make her way out of her bedroom. I knew that she was probably scared and possibly ashamed of what she had done, along with the uncertainty of my knowledge of what had actually occurred. I just decided to make like I didn’t even remember coming home from the party. After about 45 minutes of swimming, I had gotten fully woke up and ready for a shower. I had actually forgotten about waiting for mom to get up. I climbed out of the pool and began drying off, before walking into the house naked.

I had my towel on my head as I dryer my hair, when I heard mom gasp. I startled and dropped the towel to my waist. Mom was blushing slightly, as I stammered out an apology. Before I smirked and said that I hadn’t expected her to be awake yet. Mom nodded awkwardly, still unable to deal with her actions the night before, as I walked past her and upstairs to my bathroom. I smirked to myself as I thought of mom’s cute blush and the knowledge that there was a lot more to come.

Over the next week, I continued to tease and seduce my mother. I even apologized for coming home drunk and professed my complete lack of memory of even coming home. Mom seemed both gratified and disappointed to hear this, making me wonder if deep down she had wanted me to remember. I even teased her about helping me to bed, asking “was it hard?”

Mom startled at my question and blurted out, “what?”

I appeared to look confused at her reaction as I clarified, “was it hard for you to get me to bed? I hope I wasn’t acting like an idiot.”

Mom seemed to sigh in relief, as she answered “no. You acted fine. A little confused and slow, but you were fine.”

I nodded as I smiled when she dropped her head, smiling contentedly and blushing. I’m convinced that I forced mom to rush off into her room to masturbate several times over the course of the week when my workout routine became too much to handle. I continued to offer massages to mom whenever she would give me one, I even said it might help her relax. I mentioned that she looked a little flush.

Finally wearing her down on Thursday night, I had her lay on her bed but could not convince her to remove any clothing “to help give you a more thorough massage.” I made sure to actually give her an amazing massage, taking twice as long as the ones she usually gives me. I was rewarded by hearing her sigh in contentment when she finally relaxed. I of course continued to graze her breasts and stimulate her other erogenous zones, as I massaged her. Mom almost esenyurt türbanlı escort jumped off the bed when I grabbed both of her bubbly ass cheeks and began massaging them as well. I had to physically hold her down on the bed, by both her ass cheeks, as she tried to get off the bed. I was finally able to calm her down and get her to go with it. I was rewarded by seeing a wet spot appear in the crotch of mom’s tight yoga pants.

Before bed that night I made mention of going to another party Friday night. the same house as last week. I suppressed a smirk as I watched mom’s breath catch when I said that I would probably be home late again. She smiled as she blushed, and simply told me to be careful. Friday before leaving for the party, I made it a point of posing for long periods of time and pressing my cock out in front of me when I knew mom was watching. Going to the party, I repeated the same things as I did the week before. I even left half an hour earlier than last week. My friend that drove me home couldn’t understand why I was so anxious to leave.

Getting home, I again pretended to have trouble. Mom was forced to help me in my room again. This time she was much more forceful as she walked with one hand on my butt and the other hand kept “accidentally” groping my cock. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard by the time we got to my room. Mom once again helped me with my shoes, socks, and shirt. This time I clearly saw her lick her lips when she glanced down at my tented pants. Dropping to her knees in front of me, she had a big grin on her face as she pulled my pants down.

Once again discovering I was not wearing boxers, as my rock hard cock sprang out. This time she clearly leaned forward and let my cock smack her across the mouth. Mom moaned softly in contentment, as she licked her lip savoring the taste of my slick precum. Mom then stood up and pushed me gently onto my bed, before leaning down to place a gentle kiss to my lips and breathing out, “sleep well, honey.”

Laying on my back, with my rock hard cock exposed to my horny mother, I mumbled out, “night, mommy.”

I felt her softly stroke my face, as I pretended to pass out. Hearing the soft footsteps leaving the room, I quickly sprang to action. I quietly grabbed my cell phone and placed it on its side on my nightstand facing my bed. I had the light off but turned my camera on movie mode. I then shut the protective cover effectively hiding any light. I had tested the angle and distance over the week and knew exactly where it had to be to record everything that happened in my bed, including sound. This being completed, I returned to my spot and pretended to be asleep. My hard cock still in view for my mother to come and get.

Closing my eyes to slits and steadying my breathing, I waited for my horny mother. I felt my cock grow even harder at the thought of her being hot and bothered, arguing with herself in her bedroom. Deciding if she should or could molest her sleeping son again. I had my answer a short time later, when I heard a quiet whisper, “honey, are you awake?”

I remained still as my mother quietly entered my bedroom. She crept closer to my bed and I could make out that she had shed her T-shirt and was nod dressed only in her thong. Her large luscious breasts bare.

I felt a slight dip in the bed between my legs, as I heard her whisper a little louder, “baby, can you hear me?”

My cock was painfully hard now. “Baby” was her go-to pet name for my character in all of her stories. I felt her gently shake my thighs, in one last check to see if I was awake or not. Confident that I was asleep, mom dropped her head and took both of my balls into her mouth, moaning in pleasure as she gently sucked. Honestly, someone sucking or fondling my balls has really never done anything for me, but the taboo and eroticism of having my own mother suck my balls of her own accord made my cock jump. I heard mom giggle quietly as I felt her hand gently caress my hard cock. She then let my balls fall from her mouth, and ran her tongue from my balls, up to my shaft, and ending at my piss slit. Mom again licked and sucked my cock head, savoring the taste of my precum.

Mom then wrapped one hand around my cock and lowered her mouth to engulf the entire length of rock hard cock. Mom’s moan was muffled as her mouth was stretched around her son’s teenage cock. Tonight she didn’t waste any time. Her head bobbed up and down as fast as she could. I felt my cock head roughly striking the back of my mother’s throat, but I never felt or heard her gag (I locked this away for future incestuous exertions). I felt mom roughly shove her left hand down her pants and rub herself as fast as she could. She seemed to rub herself at the same pace as she sucked my cock. It took everything in me not to moan or reach out and grab my mother’s head.

Allowing my mother to pick the speed, for now, I remained still and let my mom enjoy sucking my cock. Quickly I felt my orgasm building, even as I felt mom’s body stiffen. Mom seemed to have a very intense orgasm, judging by the sound of her muffled cry of pleasure. She then quickly regained her speed and continued giving me another amazing blowjob. I felt my muscles begin to tense up, as my balls drew up. I then sighed as my cock exploded a large load of cum into my mother’s willing and eager mouth.

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