May 10

Movie Night, Cuddle Night

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Author’s Note: Just a fun little romp. I have other stories with more weight! The prompt was a sub asking, “Can anyone come over to watch a scary movie with me tonight?”


Your text simply says, “Watching scary movie tonite. Need someone 2 cuddle me.”

“Be there @10,” I text back.

I finish my drink, and look out at the ocean. I think of your oh-so-sweet round face looking up at me with a pout, asking me to cuddle you. Your eyes blinking and fluttering shyly at me through blonde hair, asking me to take control, your hands crossed over your full, round breasts.

I smile and start to get hard. Life is good with a cuddle buddy. With you as my cuddle bunny.

The warm Southern California air blows through my hair as I have the top down on the drive over. It’s late enough in the July evening that the LA traffic moves without a hitch, and I marvel at the bright lights and hubbub of people thrumming all around me in this city. It’s the best place in the world to be.

I can’t shake the images of you from my view of the road ahead, so I give in and unzip, gently stroking my cock with my left hand as I purr the 500 hp Volante into the fast lane. A good-looking middle-aged woman in a Mercedes S-class glances at me as I pass. She probably got a peek, but I just smile.

At the door, you first look me up and down bravely before putting your eyes to the floor between us. I know you are very submissive, and a little shy.

“I waited for you to start the movie,” you say politely.

I’m quiet as I look you over from head to toe. Short but so sweet. Instead of your arms wrapped over your chest as in my vision, you hold them demurely at your sides. You have on a light blue shirt and I can see the outlines of your luscious tits. I stare and take it in. I don’t like to hurry things.

“And I made some popcorn,” you add.

“Good girl. Let’s put it on and get started.”

A quick, “Yes, sir,” and you turn to the living room. I watch your fine, fine ass in those tight jeans. Jeans that are going to be coming off before this movie is over. At my command. The smile plays across my handsome face again. What did I do to get to this place in the world?

I fetch the popcorn from the kitchen and quickly mix two drinks for us, before settling in against the couch and making you a comfy spot in front of me on the bean bag. I look around thinking of how the setting would look to you, and jump up to turn down the lights and adjust a few cushions. I may be a dom, but I have style. I want this to be just right.

You settle down in front of me as the opening credits roll. Now you put your hands across your chest like I had imagined, and I wrap my strong arms over the top of yours and pull you closer to me. You feel my hard cock press up against your ass and lower back and you want to wriggle into it, but you know I want you to hold still when I have you wrapped up.

The movie starts with a scary intro scene, and I feel you shiver in response. Gently I tug your hands upwards and you know what I am asking. You lift your hands to your head, clasping the fingers together, your elbows sticking straight out to the sides.

My long sleeves are rolled up to my elbows, and I wrap those strong forearms around your breasts tightly. I let each hand explore a tit gently through the thin fabric of your shirt, feeling, slowly caressing, working my way to your hardening nipples. You let out a soft moan as I put pressure to the center and your body twists slightly, your elbows swaying in the air.

“Be still,” I caution gently. You freeze, but let out one more soft sound. “Watch the movie,” I command.

“Yes, sir.” And then after a pause, “May I have some popcorn, sir?”

“Of course, my girl. After you feed me.”

You dip into the bowl and bring your hands up behind your neck, still looking forward. I nibble the popcorn out of your fingers while güvenilir bahis hanging on to you tightly. I end by giving each finger a slow suck.

“More,” I say, and you repeat.

“Now you may have some.” You know to bring your hands back to the top of your head as I feed you from my position wrapped behind you.

“Here you go.”

I tip my head around to try to see your beautiful lips wrap around each of my fingers in turn. You pull your hands down from your head to hold my arms, your fingers wrapped around my forearm, pulsing against the muscle. I know this is your favorite part, and I take it slow and let you have this pleasure.

You’re feeling bold tonight, and knowing you are being a little disobedient, you let go of my arm with one hand and run your fingers up it and back down, from my folded shirt sleeve to my hands, tracing my veins. The movie goes to a quiet scene and I can hear your breathing as you caress me. My cock is now rock hard against your lower back and you very well know the effect of your behavior on me. After a few moments, I direct you back to your task of feeding me.

“Be a good girl, now. Suck each finger. I don’t want any salt left on them.”

Your fingers re-adjust their secure grip on my arm, you pull my hand towards your mouth, finding a finger with your lips, and you pull it in deeply to your mouth. One finger at a time, you repeat obediently.

As the next scenes unfold in the movie we are both only half watching, I slowly run my hands all over your body. Up to your neck, where I lean in and breathe hot air on the little hairs at the very top of your back. I slowly twist my head to blow softly left, then right, and I can feel you wanting to squirm, but you hold still. I imagine your pussy getting wet. You can feel it getting wet. Then my hands go down across your breasts to your stomach and around your hips.

“You need to excuse yourself to go take those jeans off, now,” I command.

“Yes, sir,” and you stand up and move away from me. I continue to watch the movie.

You come back to stand in front of me, facing the tv, waiting. I stare at your delicious ass in those thin white panties, and I can’t stand it. I was going to draw this out longer but you are driving me to the edge already.

“Panties off, now.”

You comply with my order. I catch a full back view of your beautiful pussy as you bend over to wriggle the panties down to your ankles, and shake my head to myself. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer.

“Snuggle up to me.”

You curl your body back down between my legs. I see that you have brought your bullet vibrator with the red tip. I know it’s your favorite. You don’t turn it on yet because you know you’re going to have to earn the privilege of that pleasure.

This is my favorite part. I slowly inch your bra up, teasing the soft white undersides of your breasts with my fingernails. You shift slightly in between my legs as I move the bra higher, getting closer to the nipples.

I hold it there and let you watch the movie for a few minutes. I run my hands slowly around your stomach, hips, thighs.

It’s time to get to the point. I shift the bra up further, exposing your gorgeous light brown nipples. You have full, large breasts but such delicate and fine nips. I run a finger around the areola making circles, closing in, then with a soft touch from my strong hands I pinch the nub with a thumb and finger. I feel you moan as I hold, then pull out slightly, and hold again, and release. It’s slow, and we’re in no hurry. I repeat on the other side.

I could play with your nips all night, but my cock has other ideas. I can feel it throbbing now against your naked back through my boxers.

My hands run down around your ass and a gentle pressure tells you I want you to stand. You comply, straddling my legs with your feet. I run my hands up and down the backs of your türkçe bahis thighs, spreading your legs apart as I move up to your ass. I can’t resist the chance to look at your pussy from below.

Then I get back to my business which is to pull those boxers off. My cock springs free and aims up towards your pussy. I straighten my legs and thrust my hips to make an obvious target.

“You know what to do,” I say.

Very slowly you lower yourself down, shifting your weight as you drop to your knees, one on each outer side of my legs. I watch as your beautifully rounded ass settles down closer to me, and my cock makes a first gentle contact with its target.

You start to reach your hands down, as you can’t resist the urge to grasp and guide me into you, but I catch your wrists with my hands. I hold them tight in a small reprimand. Then I bring your hands back up to your head. You moan as a soft protest, but we both are in sweet ecstasy with the anticipation.

“No hands. You should know better,” I gently scold. You resume your exploration using only the motion of your hips to guide your pussy down onto my cock.

Then your bare ass shifts back, up, towards my face. I suspect you are again feeling a little disobedient, which is confirmed when my cock hits your clit. You know exactly what you are doing. I let you have a brief moment of pleasure with my cock against your clit before guiding your ass back down and helping get me mounted into your pussy.

“Hold” I say, when the tip of my hard cock pushes slightly into your pussy lips, spreading them. They are soft and rounded pussy lips, and wet. They invite my cock to push further in, but I suspend the motion for an agonizing minute. I feel you tremble as you struggle to hold that position.

“You behaved well this week?”

You answer in a meek voice. My cock is just brushing your pussy lips and you are on the very edge of keeping control. All you want is permission to drop yourself down onto me. “Yes, sir.”

“You are going to be a good girl tonight and please me?”

“Yes, sir.”

I pause, letting us both enjoy this final moment before we lock together.

“Now,” I allow, gently.

You let out your breath as you lower yourself onto me and my cock slides into you. You let out a soft moan.

“Slow,” I warn.

Your weight drops fully onto me and my cock plunges the rest of the way in. I run my hands down the muscles of my rock hard stomach to where your ass rests, and I let them explore your curves up to your lower back. I feel like my cock is going to burst any second, but your pussy is warm and soothing and your movement is so smooth and gradual that I don’t cum right then.

“Don’t move now,” I say. ‘Watch the movie.”

We both stare at the screen but only small parts of our brains are processing the plot. I run my fingers up and down your back while we watch, and on a scary part I lean into you and wrap my hands around your waist.

You’ve been holding perfectly still with my cock filling you for ten minutes now. I’m still rock hard. I can tell by tiny shifts of your pelvis that you are about to explode.

“You’ve been a very good girl tonight. You may cum for me now.”

With relief, your hand reaches to the vibrator and you place it against your pussy, right above my cock. I peek around you and can see its familiar red light through your fingers. You rub it in a small circle on your clit as you shift your hips back and forth and let out a small moan with the exhale of the breath you’ve been holding.

In the waves of pleasure, you almost forget, but then you remember.

“Thank you, sir.”

You let the vibrations build. When you get close to my cock, I’m afraid your little magic device will set me off too, but your circles only tantalize me at the edges. Your head tilts back and rolls, and I can tell from the way you are twisting your hips that you güvenilir bahis siteleri are close now. You push harder against your clit.

I know you want an extra push, so without shifting my cock, I wrap my hands up around your breasts and squeeze. I’m holding and feeling your tits, pushing hard against your chest. I pull on your nips, then again harder. You let out a moan and with a shudder I know you’ve reached your orgasm. Your motion quiets and you sink back to me.

“Good girl.”

“You have a job to do now,” I say.

“Yes, sir,” I hear your soft response.

“It’s a very important job. It requires your mouth, and great skill and care.”

I hear you stifle a small giggle.

“Yes, sir.”

In a surprise to both of us, you lean back against me but I’m shifted to the side staring at your beautiful legs and don’t brace you, so you fall backwards. Either you are working some magic with your athletic flexibility or my cock lodged deep inside you is now at a dangerous angle, or some of both, but your face ends up on my shoulder next to mine.

You look me right in the eyes with a blank expression of submissive obedience. This is what we call your game face. Then you start grinding your hips slowly against me. A tiny flicker of smirk flashes on your mouth. Your movements get more rhythmic and my cock starts moving in and out in your pussy. I don’t have far to go now, especially with a beautiful girl sprawled buck naked across me.

“Oh, you are a bad girl tonight!” I whisper.

“Don’t you know it!” you whisper back.

With my cock at a crazy angle inside you, I turn the best I can to hold your face in my hands. I run my fingers from your cheeks down to your mouth, and then down to your breasts. I play with your nipples.

You increase the intensity of your pelvic thrusting and I know I am not going to last any longer.

I tug on your nipples roughly and lock my mouth to yours mouth in a fierce kiss. We hold our heads together tight. I finally let go and cum inside you. I can feel it spurting out, three, four times. The spasms of pleasure shoot through me. Then I am spent.

I breathe out and look at your angelic face, bringing my hand up to play with your bangs. I move them playfully to cover your eyes, then uncover them, then cover them again.

“I love you, you know,” I say, completely unexpectedly.

You smile back at me. You don’t look surprised at my confession. Your eyes are just stunning.

“I know.”

Now it’s my turn to laugh.

“Shit, I don’t know who’s the real sub here,” I say, shaking my head.

You smile and roll your head away from me for a moment. We both breathe quietly. Then you roll back to look me in the eyes. You have your game face on again.

“I’m ready, sir,” you say.

I nod my head.

“Excellent.” I run my hands playfully over your chest and tweak a nipple. I pull it out bringing the flesh up, and let it go. You take a sharp breath in at the sensation. I grab your whole breast with my hand and press in, feeling its beautiful shape. I run my hands to your mouth and put a finger on your lips, and you obediently suck it in.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, my girl,” I say. “First, I’m going to get my cock out of you before it breaks off. Then you’re going to flip over and cum for me again.” You don’t give me a response but I know you like what I’m saying. “Then I’ll be ready for you again.”

You nod, and roll off of me and arrange yourself face down. I smile at the goddess I have lying next to me and my good fortune. I thought about what I said.

Love. I have no idea where that came from, but it seems to fit. I file it away in my brain for later as I draw my fingers slowly up your thighs, separating them, worming gently into your ass crack. I feel for your pussy and make my way in there. You are wet and you want it again.

This might go all night.

“We’re going to start with this very fine ass here and see what happens.” I pat your ass, feeling the bounce of your tight skin. “Let’s have you put it up in the air for me, that’s a good girl. Face down, ass up.”

“Yes, sir.”

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