May 08

Mr. Universe Ch. 01

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As always everyone is over 18 and thanks to spikeandholly for editing this for me. This is the beginning to a new story line I’ve been playing around with and more will come soon. The story has both lesbian and anal themes, mixed with a tiny bit of reluctance. Also, thanks to Stacy (you know who you are) for the last bit of inspiration I needed. I hope everyone enjoys this story, leave comments and rate please.


Logan lay in his bed anticipating future events. It was almost two am, but for him that did not matter. The time was not what captivated his thoughts, but more so how truly awake he felt. He would only be able to sleep for a few hours before feeling fully rested. As strange as that behavior may sound,nothing about him was ordinary. All his life he knew something about him was different , but he dared not tell anyone or seek guidance about these thoughts. Instead he pretended as if he was normal, like he was unable to lift an astronomical amount of weight, or run faster than a fired bullet, or even fly. He had no explanation for any of it and had no real history on who gave birth to him or where he was born. He had no way of finding out anything about his condition that would possibly be helpful. For all he knew he was the only one with this “condition”. He had grave fears that someone would discover his secret, and gave too much time to these fearful thoughts. His nightmare would be to be discovered and quickly become a military experiment or trapped in a lab being poked and prodded surrounded by doctors. Instead Logan kept everything about it quiet. Not telling his friends or any of the teachers.

Logan attended a small private college where students had on-campus dorms. The dorms were obviously split between buildings, separating the males from the females. This was a decision from the faculty many years ago. It was an attempt to curb unnecessary pregnancies and limit drama. While it helped, this did not stop the events completely. The students always found a way to cohort with each other, which brings Logan to his current task. One of the hotter girls in this school, Jessica, had a tendency to escape from her bed late at night and sneak into the girls showers to play with herself. She would choose a toy or two from her secret collection under her bed, then take a long, hot shower while pleasuring herself for hours. At least this was the rumor around campus

Logan was determined to find out if this was true by sneaking over to the girls building and artfully get himself into the girls showers. There he would watch first hand. While plotting his mischievous plan, he reminisced when he first heard about this rumor.

While drinking from a water fountain after class, he noticed a group of girls standing nearby in one of their social circles. They were engrossed in the daily gossip, unable to remove themselves or focus their attention on anything else for fear of missing a juicy little piece. Being so absorbed in the conversation, they were talking much louder than appropriate for a campus hall. It didn’t matter to him if they were whispering or shouting as he could pick up conversations from extremely long distances and had to tune out most of the sounds he heard. Luckily it was a effortless task. The girls kept using the article “her” and he quickly realized they were not talking about each other, yet one of their peers. After a few moments he learned of the juicy rumors. His thoughts quickly moved to Jessica, naked, in a hot steamy shower. Once he heard this rumor, his mind was made up. He would see himself to the show. A live show.

Logan shared his dorm room with a rather particular person. His roommate was quiet, shy and rarely spoke his mind. A perfect person to keep his mouth shut if the nights events went sour. He was confident enough in himself that everything would go his way. He carefully removed himself out of his bed. His feet planting firmly into the floor. He distributed his weight gingerly on the old creaky floor so as to to limit any sound. as He opened the door without hitch. He had put much forethought into this and oiled the hinges earlier in the day to ensure it remained quiet. After closing the door, he made his way down the hall toward the exit. He could have just hovered his way over since he was able to levitate himself off the floor and even propel himself forward with great speed, but he would not use that ability with the chance of someone seeing him. Not even a inch off the ground to limit any sound from being made.

He quietly made his way down the hall, staying on the thick carpet that was laid over the wood floor. The walls were built from a rich expensive wood that he could not recognize and the floors the same. The dimly lit hallway was lined with elaborate timber doors that lead into more rooms. Two people to a room and the dorm was 4 stories High. The bottom level was the kitchen, living room and a study room. Logan’s room was luckily on the second floor. It only took him a few moments to reach the stair case, descend down it and find himself at the mersin escort door that leads outside. Outside was the courtyard and at the exact opposite end of the courtyard was the girls dorm. The courtyard was rectangle with the furthermost points being the dorms. Normally this wouldn’t be a bother, but there were night guards that stalked the grounds. Not many, but enough to be an annoyance.

He took out his black ski mask and placed it over his head. Wearing all black was a prudent step to remain undetected. He had on Vibram footwear, black turtleneck, black gym pants and black gloves. Pulling out his watch, he placed his fingers on one of the timers and peaked his head out one of the small windows of the door. A few nights ago he slipped up onto the roof of the boys dorm and made extensive notes on the guards patrol routine. They were creatures of habit, and all of there routes were timed. His watch would come in handy. He had it placed on his left wrist, but in an reversed fashion. He looked outside again and at his mark, he opened the door and went outside.

He had fifteen seconds to hug the wall to his immediate right and keep flat until he reached his first checkpoint. The courtyard had many rectangle stonewalls that centered a flower bed, benches and bushes. This would give him sufficient cover while breaking into the guards lines. The first checkpoint was one of the stonewalls. They were about three and a half feet tall which allowed him to crouch behind the wall and remain hidden. He pushed his side into the wall and crouched as low as possible. He looked at his watched and waited for two minutes to go by before rushing to the next checkpoint. Once there, he stayed near the bush and allowed the lone guard to walk by. It was very dark out which is why the guards had flashlights. However, it was simple enough to stay out of the light.

The courtyard was littered with greenery and classic marble stone. Carved statues laid on pedestals and were placed symmetrically in the courtyard. Almost all the decorations were placed in a coordinated fashion. The guard finally made enough ground where Logan was able to go past him and reach the halfway mark between the two dorms.

Once he arrived at checkpoint three he poked his head over the stonewall to look at the guards. They seemed bored and docile. Blindly walking their routes without really paying attention to anyone. The dean decided to hire them after some of college students vandalized a few of the building walls with graffiti. The guards did prevent any future occurrences, but it seemed a tad extreme.. It was just a little paint on a wall, and there were other methods to halt the disorder that would be much less costly.

The guard closest to his proximity was turning around a corner on the stone bricked walkway. Once the guard made the bend, he hurled himself over the wall, landing discretely in some grass. He crouched and shuffled right behind the guard,momentarily thinking of how easy it would be to take him down. The thought instantly left his mind as fast as it had come. He went past the guard to his last check point. A cursory glance at this watch told him he needed to wait two more minutes before he would be at the door to the girls dorm. This would lead to the most difficult part of the erotic, covert mission he had embarked upon. The girls dorm main door was locked from the inside. He had already purchased a lock picking kit and practiced on a few locks he purchased at a local hardware store. The problem he faced was he had only a few precious moments to pick the lock and get inside.

One of the guards walks by a main door every minute and a half. It strangely seemed that it was enough time to pick a silly lock and gain entrance, but it hardly was. At his mark he moved over to the door. It was extremely dark out thanks to the heavy clouds that lingered in the moist air. Soon the clouds would pour rain upon the ground, but hopefully he had enough time to watch the show and get back to his room without getting wet.

He pulled out the lock picking kit and slid the tension wrench into the lock, then he carefully glided the pick into the locking mechanism. He easily found the first pin in the back. With a few simple vibrations, the first pin rested on the edge of the shear line. It took him thirty seconds to get the first pin and he was sure he had four more to go. He didn’t even bother looking behind him to check the guards. He just focused on the next pin. Forty-five seconds later he was able to complete the lock and turn it. He pulled the wrench and pick out of the lock abruptly, making the slightest amount of noise. He opened the door quietly and was able to slip inside without any notice from the guards.

Once inside he took a moment to gather his bearings. His eyes adjusted to the limited light indoors. This was the first time he was in the girls dorm room. Boys were strictly forbidden. If the design was the same for the boys dorm the showers would be in the basement. There was a locker room down there as well with access to escort mersin a gym for the girls. The locker room should have direct access to the showers and again if it was similar to the boys dorm, there would not be shower stalls, but a room with shower heads that the girls take turns in sharing. He was getting closer to his prize, but he was hoping the gossip he heard earlier was correct. According to the reports Jessica would get to the showers around three am.

It was a strange notion to think he had super-human abilities, yet he was still a warm blooded male with raging hormones and just wanted to see some ass. After locating the stairs he traveled down each step with delicacy. He knew not if any girls were up or if he would accidentally run into Jessica. He just had to keep moving forward to get his reward.

It didn’t take long to get to the locker room. But his worst fear was starting to come into reality. He could not hear anything in the showers. Was this trip all for nothing? He hoped not. Still he kept pushing forward until he heard the sound of a bag being dropped. He instantly froze in place and looked around. The locker room was fairly large and to the right of it was where the showers were located. It didn’t take long to get near the entrance of the showers, but the layout was proving to be difficult. To get into the shower room you walked though an arched doorway that was about six feet wide. Once in the shower room there was no real place to hide. It was a square room with a horizontal wall in the middle that carried more shower heads. The only place he would remain hidden was up against a row of lockers that faced the entrance. That limited his visibility to only the horizontal wall that had about five shower heads. So if Jessica decided to do her little show anywhere except that wall all of this would have been for nothing. He would not be able to watch her, only hear her. Too bad he wasn’t able to see through walls.

He stayed at the far right corner of the locker room waiting for Jessica to present herself. Then he saw her, she walked right by and into the shower room. From his position, Logan heard her turn on one of the lights in the shower room. The show was about to start and his mind raced. He tip toed carefully to the edge of the entrance and peaked around the corner. From there he could clearly see Jessica’s back and on the floor beside her was a gym bag. She bent down and opened the bag by pulling the zipper fly to the opposite end of the bag. She ruffled though the contents until she found her towel and placed it on a small wooden chair. The shower walls were bright white tiles with a colorful flower design painted on them. He guessed this made the shower room more feminine and welcoming.. The wooden chair was accompanied by another chair right next to it. Only the second chair had nothing on top if it. Interesting he thought to himself.

Jessica had only turned on one light in the bathroom. . The light bulbs were positioned in a way that it created a spotlight on the wall where she was standing. This ensures that it would be burdensome on her eyes to look into the locker room where Logan was. He congratulated himself silently on his ideal planning and position and was confident that he could sit along the lockers and not be seen if she looked his way.. This theory worked well in practice as he moved over to the lockers and settled in for the show as Jessica turned around and let her bathrobe fall to the ground.

Logan’s attentiveness was instantly peaked. She was not completely naked yet instead had laced booty shorts that hugged her ass and a laced bra that pushed her boobs together. It was an amazing sight to behold. Jessica was medium in height, had wavy dark brown hair that flowed evenly down, just below her shoulders. She had dimples in her checks that highlighted her brown eyes and dark eye lashes. She also owned a very cute smile which was exposed as she unclasped her bra that was holding her breasts firmly together. The blue bra fell lightly on the floor which allowed her full breasts to fall to their natural perky position. She had a slim frame that made her breasts appear larger than they are.. When looking at her front her nipples were bright and pert. The areola around her nipple was just slightly darker than her skin color. It was obvious that when she tanned, she tanned completely nude.

Her chest cropped down to her stomach with a very cute belly button. Her hips were wide, but not overly wide and lead down to her legs that were unmistakably a huge asset to her already sexy body. She turned around so her back was to him and shifted her hips to the left as she slowly began to pull her panties down to her knees. She hesitated a little and turned her head ever so slightly, seeming to want to look behind her. She continued to look ahead and didn’t,pull her panties off, bending over as she did. Her legs were touching as this happened and her beautiful ass was in full view. She didn’t have a large ass, but it was full and shapely. Her butt had a tear drop shape mersin escort bayan that was very appealing. Her checks were spread apart once she pulled the panties under her toes. This allowed Logan to peer directly into Jessica’s pussy and her little rosebud. As quickly as he was able to gaze into her womanhood the sight was gone. She has stood back up and walked to one of the shower heads. The dial that allowed the water to start flowing was all digital. All she needed to do was pick a temperature and water would start shooting out. She would also be able to changed the spray settings if she so desired.

The water began to run out of the head and falling onto her naked body. It was very sexy to see water break off her body and steam begin to rise from the heat. He could barely contain himself and his thoughts started going to naughty places. She had her hair up and a messy bun to avoid getting it wet. Again her back was to the lockers where Logan was as which showed off her beautiful curves. The water slammed onto her chest, down her stomach, ran into her pelvis and cascaded onto her inner thighs. Just as he wondered when and if she was going to play with herself, her hands begun massaging her breasts. It was distinctively apparent through her motions that she was trying to slowly up work herself up. That and the hot water started to do the job in spades. She let go a small moan, that made Logan’s cock flex. Her hands went from her breasts down her side and over her ass. She bent over slightly and spread her cheeks apart. It was like she was doing it for him, but she had no idea he was there. At least he didn’t think so. Her right hand left her ass to be firmly placed on the shower wall. She braced herself as he other hand moved over her hip and into her mound.

From there it was hard to see, but he figured she was separating her pussy lips to lightly rub her clit. She moaned once more and arched her back. The events were elevating quickly as he could clearly see her stick two fingers inside of herself. He was about twenty feet away from Jessica in a straight line, but luckily he had enhanced vision. If he focused on a certain spot his eyes would enlarge the image like an optical zoom. He focused directly on her sweet pussy was able to make it out in better detail. From this angle her could see she did not have large pussy lips, but they were clearly visible unlike other pussies where you see just the slit. If she bent over even more, her clit would be noticeable too. And since her legs were together her rosebud was still still playing shy. She then turned around, placed her back against the wall and her hand quickly found her pussy. Her clit was very bold and very enlarged. It was burning red and Jessica’s fingers started to stroke it with more intensity. Another moan escaped her pretty mouth only this time more audible than any of the other ones. Almost like she was tired of trying to hold back and just wanted to express her passion. She looked down at her pussy as one hand squeezed her breast so tightly the cleavage protruded from the gaps in her fingers and the other hand massaged her clit with a technique that was clearly well practiced.

Logan looked up at her eyes at this point to see them going from being open and aware, to half closed and tired, but mostly in an absolutely pleasurable state. Her eye lids would flicker, and her facial muscles twitch. She would smile at one moment and make the “O” face right after and alter between the two. Soon her legs begun to shake and she slowly drifted down until her ass hit the floor. Her back was still leaning up against the wall, but she slouched a little to allow easier access for her hands. Suddenly her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed.


It was clear she was having an orgasm, and a very nice one at that. The best part was that he was starting right at it. It wasn’t until this moment he realized his cock was enlarged and wanted to escape the enclosed space it felt trapped in. He decided not to risk it and pull it out in case he needed to make a fast escape. He silently cursed as the show was making him extremely hard.

As soon as her orgasm subsided she was composing herself and lifting herself up off the ground. Logan braced himself as if it was the moment to leave, but Jessica walked over to her bag and pulled out two long cock shaped toys. She then grabbed a chair and placed it right in the path of the shower. Water splashed on the chair and she turned the chair so she could sit on it backwards. She hung her pelvis slightly off the edge. Her face was toward the shower and he wondered what was going through her head at this moment. Her ass was pointed straight at him and he could not anticipate what was going to happen next. She first took the purple vibrator and pushed it deep into her pussy. There was no hesitation and plenty of her juices to slide it in without restriction. The vibrator went all the way in and only the last inch or so poked out of her wet hole. She had great control over her kegel muscles. The second toy was a a tad larger and more flexible. She scraped some of the lingering juices from her pussy and did her best to smooth them over her ass. She widened her legs and flexed her rosebud as to warn it for the upcoming assault.

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