Mar 30

Mrs. O’Malley’s Golden Juices Ch. 03

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The urge to piss hit Susan O’Malley about a mile from home, making her run all the more quickly.

The sexy, 65-year-old beauty with silver-blonde hair loved to exercise, which included going to the gym, doing aerobics and running 10 miles a day, all of it keeping her athletic body looking far younger than her years. Though she had the usual issues with gravity for a woman her age, on her nearly muscular old body, the sags and wrinkles were less pronounced and what was there was decidedly sexy. Or so thought the regular stable of men, mostly young, she had to do her bidding.

“Dammit,” she said to herself, pounding up Warden’s Hill Road, the last stretch to home this hot, humid day, every inch of her sexy body glistening with sweat in her tiny tank top and snug, super short shorts, little white socks and sneakers. “I should go in the woods, but fuck it….”

She raced up the hill, rounded the last corner and ran inside the house, the urge nearly causing her to piss herself. The first thing she noticed was the snoring from her spare bedroom down the hall, where Randall, her do-little, lazy 19-year-old grandson was still sleeping at 11 a.m. His mom had sent him to Susan for a couple weeks, figuring maybe the older woman could influence the lad a bit, get him on the right track, get him thinking about work or college or anything to get him off the couch.

And the second thing she noticed was just the impetus she needed to enact some needed change in the lazy sod snoring down the hall. She ran into the bathroom, pulled down her short shorts and sat, noticing too late that Randall had left the seat up. Her pussy plunged into the cold water and she shot up straight.

“Son of a bitch!” she screamed, quickly putting the seat down to sit and unleash a steady hot stream of piss for 30 seconds as her anger mounted at the boy in the next room.

It wasn’t the first time he’d left the seat up. But now, she smirked to herself, standing up to wipe her soggy bush with the panties she’d pulled off, it might be the last.

She waltzed to Randall’s bedroom, minus the shorts and panties in hand, and walked to the sleeping boy. Smiling, she bent over him, waving the pissy panties in his face.

“Ran-dallll!” she said in sweet sing-song voice. “Oh, RAN-dalll!”

The curly haired blonde boy blinked his eyes open, looking up at his grandmother.

“Yeah?” he growled. “What the fuck do you want, I’m trying to fucking sleep.”

He looked at the panties inches from his face, wrinkling his nose and furrowing his brow.

“And what the fuck is that?”

Susan laughed — and rammed the piss-soaked panty right into his mouth, his eyes going wide in shock as he tried to fight her off. But she was strong, too strong for the skinny little shit, and quickly straddled his chest, pinning his arms to his sides with her powerful legs, and forced the panties deeper into his moaning mouth.

“How many times have I told you to put the seat down when you’re finished pissing, you selfish little shit?” she bellowed, reaming his mouth with the soggy fabric and then clamping a hand over his mouth to keep it there, allowing him the full flavor of not just his grandmother’s piss, but the other cheesy residue on her soiled panties. “Now you’re gonna learn the hard way!”

She let the panty ferment in his mouth as she sat up, arms crossed, laughing at the struggling boy pinned beneath her. As he snapped his head around, he noticed her crotch, sans clothing and blinked wide at the sight of that soggy protrusion of gray hair. She looked at him looking at it and laughed.

“That’s right, boy, that’s right,” she sighed sliding up his chest to plant her wet pussy right on his face after pulling out the panty. “You’re gonna be my human toilet paper! Get busy sucking any piss on my pussy hair I missed wiping it with my panties!”

He screamed a muffled scream under his athletic grandmother who sat on his face, holding onto the headboard and grinding her rank-smelling cunt all over his face, halkalı ucuz escort snapping her thick, dimpled ass back and forth and riding him to a quick cum, her slimy orgasmic gel mixing with leftover piss to completely coat his face. He moaned and struggled to no avail and within seconds, was groggy from lack of oxygen. Susan looked down between her freckled, tanned and strong thighs that framed the boy’s face and could only see his heavy lidded eyes as she nearly smothered him to sleep.

“Come with me, boy,” she snarled, climbing off his face and pulling him off the bed by his hair, dragging him down the hall to the bathroom. “We’ve only just begun!”

Once inside, Randall started coming around, struggling harder, so Susan grabbed the sash from her bathrobe hanging on the door and straddling his back and squeezing his ribs painfully in her powerful old legs, she quelled his fighting spirit just long enough to tie his hands behind his back. She shuffled him over to the toilet, his face poised just over the bowl, and pointed to the seat where several droplets of piss lay waiting.

“No, no, granny, no!” he screamed. “I won’t!”

“You will, you WILL lick my piss off the seat, do you understand me?” she growled, slipping her legs lower around his very skinny sides, lacing her feet together beneath him and pulsating her incredibly strong thighs on his lower ribs, bending them to the point of breaking. “Trust me, Randall, I can — and have — broken ribs with my scissors, my thighs are incredibly strong, as you’re now realizing, so unless you want me to snap them like twigs, you WILL start licking my hot piss up RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!”

As a warning, she squeezed brutally hard, her thin but muscular old legs easily bending his ribs and holding them there before suddenly relaxing, allowing the ribs to snap back into place, sending agonizing sheets of pain through the boy who screamed a guttural scream into the toilet bowl.

“Lick piss,” Susan snarled, squeezing his ribs again and now grabbing his hair to force his crying face to the seat.

Her pussy went wet the instant she saw his trembling tongue snake out of his mouth and tentatively lap the still-warm piss off the seat, cringing as he did, wincing from the pain of his grandmother’s thighs scissoring his ribs and the shame of lapping up the old woman’s hot piss. She laughed and rubbed his face harder into the seat ensuring he’s sucked up every last drop, and the random pussy hair clinging to it.

“There now, that’s not so bad is it?” she laughed, navigating his face to the bowl after lifting the seat, the water gone deep yellow with the piss she’d left there from moments earlier, the boy moaning as he saw and smelled it. “Now. Drink.”

“NOOOO!” he screamed and then his face went bubbly as Susan forced it under the surface of the foul-smelling and tasting water.

“Drink or drown,” she sighed. “It’s your choice!”

The piss stung his eyes and tasted horrible as he screamed, which cause his mouth to fill with his grandmother’s hot urine, forcing him to swallow, gulping down mouthfuls of pissy water before she pulled his sputtering face out, letting him breath, piss dripping off his soaked head.

“Fucking BITCH!” he screamed.

“Drink it like the dog you are,” she giggled, pushing his face to the surface and scissoring his ribs hard to drive her painful point home. “Lap it..like a dog..go on, fucking do it!”

His ribs burning in pain, he had no choice and extended his tongue into the yellow water, lapping and licking and swallowing the stinky, bitter, pissy brew. Susan laughed, pulsating her powerful thighs on his ribs, making him moan in pain between gulps of her urine.

“Now then,” she sighed, releasing her scissor hold and slipping back to kneel behind him, pulling down his pants with one hand, still holding his face in the water with the other.

Brutally, she spanked the boy, raising her hand high and raining down a barrage of open-handed slams halkalı üniversiteli escort into his skinny, bony ass, making him scream in the pissy water, bubbles erupting around his face, soaking his head again. Susan groaned, pushing her pussy into his ass and grinding on it, holding his hips in her hands and then spanking them with both, pumping forward to drive his head deeper into the pissy water as she moaned and held her cunt to his butt, grinding out a quick orgasm on it

“That,” she growled, slapping his red ass hard with both hands, “was so fucking hot!”

She held his hips, slowly pumping into his sore and tender ass, as he cried in the bowl, his face forced beneath the surface with each push from his granny’s cunt. She did that for a moment longer, smiling at the beaten boy before her, then draped herself over his back, pulling his head up to whisper in his ear as she reached beneath him.

“And what’s this, you disgusting pig?” she snarled, fisting his stiff, skinny little cock in her bony hand. “You have an erection? You fucking pervert, drinking my old-lady piss has given you a boner??? Oh, you will be punished for that, too, you little sick shit!”

She dry fucked his ass harder and harder as she leaned over his back, giving him a reach around, jerking his cock harder and faster until she felt him tense in orgasm. She quickly grabbed another pair of filthy panties on the floor in a pile of sweaty clothes from a week’s worth of running and cupped it around his spurting head, Randall groaning and involuntarily shooting a thick, lumpy load into the granny panties. She stroked him further, knowing how sensitive his dick was, delighting in his screams and squirming as she rubbed her palm furiously in circles over the super sensitive head.

“Oh, too much for you is it, your little, and I do mean little, cock is all sore and tender and ticklish?” she laughed darkly as he tried twisting away from her punishing hand. “Here, this will take your mind off it!”

She brought the cummy panty to his face and just before she fed it to his open, screaming mouth, he saw his thick load and beneath it, the yellow and brown stains in the crotch. She growled and forced the cummy material into his mouth, pushing it deeper with her fingers and scraping it around the inside to make sure he ate every drop and inhaled every stinky vapor emanating from it, all the while humping his ass while continuing to stroke his tender dick.

“C’mon, you fucking pervert, give your grandmother another cum load,” she hissed, jerking him harder and faster, feeling his dick stiffen in her sloshing hand job. “Do it, do it, cum for granny….”

It took a few punishing moments but his orgasm built and overcame him, and Susan sensing it, quickly lifted him up to a kneeling position, reaching around to jerk his spewing cock into the toilet bowl, where thick gobs of his sperm splashed into the water, mixing with whatever piss he’d missed, Susan laughing maniacally as she did. She finally stopped, pulled her bony old hand off his wilting cock, and bent him over to ram his face to the bowl, dipping his face to the water.

“Suck that cum outta there!” she screamed, slapping his tender ass again, making him bellow in pain, each roar forcing the cum-piss water into his mouth, which he again had to swallow to keep from drowning.

He was totally beaten, unable to move, making it easy for Susan to now drag him to the huge glassed-in shower and lay the barely awake boy on his back on the cold tiles, his face soaked with piss and cum, his ass beaming red from her spanking. She straddled his face, squatting slowly, his eyes staring at the hairy cunt coming closer, those lips opening, a meaty moistness glistening from within. She rested on the balls of her feet, her cunt hair tickling his nose.

“I didn’t finish pissing before,” she said, grunting and releasing a red-hot torrent of piss directly into Randall’s mouth. “Now I will. Drink up, boy, drink haramidere escort your grandmother’s piss!”

He had no choice as the sheer force and volume forced him to gulp his granny’s drenching piss, swallowing desperately with what he couldn’t swallow fast enough, soaking his face and hair until 30 seconds later, she finally stopped, letting a slight trickle of piss out in drops directly into his mouth. She laughed, and slowly turned around, squatting again, this time positioning her rosebud asshole right over his nose.

“It’s just gone from bad to worse,” she giggled. “Remember that chili we had last night? Lemme give you a little reminder!”

He looked in horror at the hair-ringed anus of his grandmother pucker and swell as she grunted, forcing it open, the brown wrinkled flesh on the outside giving way to wet, pink meat on the inside as it winked open, wide and nasty, kissing the tip of his nose with it. She growled dominantly and squatted further, taking his nose deep inside her filthy sphincter and grunted out a long, rumbling barrage of acidic, deadly farts, the sound crackling off the tile and glass. She laughed and grunted out another round of farts, the boy screaming beneath his granny’s creamy white dimpled ass flesh, the sound reduced to popping wetness as she forced out the rest of her foul, fetid air down his nostrils, burning his lungs.

“Now lick my asshole clean,” she snarled, slipping that open pink ring over his lips. “Give it a good licking, suck it, lick it, love it, CLEAN that filthy asshole, put your lips over it, suck it, tongue fuck it, NOW!”

He cried and obeyed, attaching his mouth to the protruding pucker of her shit ring, sucking it inside and ramming it deeply with his tongue, over and over, trying to ignore the wet grit he was pulling out as he did, swallowing the bitterness and going back for more. He felt his dick betray him, stiffening more and more with every plunging motion of his tongue.

“You disgust me!” she screamed, grabbing his cock and balls in both hands and twisting it until he screamed into the wet, meaty clamp of her old butt flesh. “Again? You’re hard again???”

She released his face from her ass prison and slipped down over his dick, taking him balls deep in her well lubricated asshole, pumping her thick cheeks and hips up and down, slamming so hard his balls ached. He looked down at that ass consuming his cock, watching the shiny wet flesh jiggle, quake and quiver, and that impossibly tight ring of her rectum sucking at his cock like a small mouth. He fought the urge to cum, but her ass was too tight, too educated, too proficient and in minutes, he moaned as her old butt milked another load from him, sending a scorching stream of boy cream into her clamping bowels.

“Fucking animal, that’s all you are, all you deserve to be treated like,” she sighed, slipping off his flagging cock that slapped limply against his thigh as she maneuvered that powerful ass over his mouth, the open hole wet, dripping with cum. “Eat it! Eat your cum from my ass!”

She plunked the ring right on his mouth, grunted and farted out every single drop, a thick, nasty, bitter sluice of fluid, mostly his, some hers that had been loosened by the ass fucking. Randall’s eyes were gazing up the thick mounds of her pumping dimpled ass and he swallowed the thick gobs of their combined juices cascading down his throat as Susan fingered herself to another crushing orgasm, her pussy flooding her fingers and running down into his mouth to mix with the fluids he was sucking from her ass cave. She finally sat still, his face completely engulfed in her ass, giggling as she grunted and farted on his face, filling his mouth and lungs, his chest rising from the intrusion. Standing, she grunted again and one last stream of cum and ass juices ribboned down into Randall’s sputtering mouth.

“Now, boy,” she hissed, flipping him over to untie his hands, letting him struggle to his hands and knees, “take a shower and clean up. We have a long, long day of housework ahead. Which includes cleaning the other three toilets in this house — with your tongue! After, of course, I use them! And that WILL include taking shits!”

She laughed, walking away, leaving the sobbing boy in the shower where he stood, nursing another hard on from the unexpected, deliciously dominant treatment of his sexy old grandmother.

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