May 23

Mum helps me become a girl pt1

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Mum helps me become a girl pt1After my dad left my mum packed us up and moved to a new town ,it was hard at first as we didn’t know anyone. It was this period in our lives that we both discovered who we truly were . My mum and I would sit there for hours talking about what we wanted to do in our lives ,my mum was really open about her sex life or lack of it with my dad and she confessed to me that she always wanted to feel what it was like to go out and do whatever she wanted too . I have been crossdressing for a couple of years now ,it was the right time for me to confess to my mum as its all I can think about is being a girl . I knew my mum would be supportive so it made it so easy to express how I felt . After our talk I was so happy when my mum told me to go get dressed as a girl because she wanted to see what I looked like . I went to my room and got my suitcase out with all my girl clothes and proceeded to get changed when mum came in to my room .She was surprised at my outfit I had , I had a pair of sexy platform heels ,suspenders and corset with a shit hot G’string güvenilir bahis and a tight short dress ,glamour wig and jewelry . Wow it feels so sexy wearing this outfit ,it always makes me horny . OMG son I must confess to you that I always wanted a daughter to go shopping and do girly stuff with , I will help you turn into a girl son but first im going to name you Roxxi . From here on you no longer are my son you are my daughter and your name is Roxxi as that’s what your name was going to be if you were a girl . Ok mum what ever you say . Today is the happiest day of our life’s we have finally become who we want to be Roxxi don’t you agree . Yes mum I do agree and cant wait to start our journey together . For the next week my mum proceeded to transform me into a girl by shaving my whole body then waxing my eyebrows ,doing a French polish nail set ,painting my toe nails, teaching me how to do my make up . After making me look convincing enough mum suggested we go shopping together . I was really nervous at first but mum was next to me and we didn’t know anyone which made canlı bahis it easier as well as going to a gay part of town . Mum and I have never been happier in our lives ,going shopping together we bought a completely new wardrobe each , I cant believe the feeling of wearing sexy heels and dress out in public ,the feeling of being a girl is something I have wanted to feel for so long and now im dress shopping with my mum OMG I cant describe the feeling I have inside me . My mum and I brought so many outfits and heels ,jewelry ,wigs, suspenders ,corsets ,bras and g’strings . We even left on an outfit each and got rid of our old clothes to signal our new lives as mother and daughter . My mum looked so hot after changing her hair getting her nails done ,wearing a pair of sexy platform heels ,push up bra made her cleavage irresistible to anyone walking past ,she had so many men staring at her wearing this shit hot outfit that screamed MILF . On our way home we walk past an adult shop so we look at each other and thought why not so we go inside and our jaws drop at the things bahis siteleri in this place . Roxxi I will buy us some vibrators and dildos to teach you to please a man so when you are ready to lose your vaginity you will know what to expect . My mum proceeded to fill the shopping basket with sex toys and lube then we came across the Black dildos ,OMG we were both amazed at the Black dildos there was something about them that we were both attracted to so mum put back the white dildos and put four huge black dildos in our basket . Next we see fetish outfits so we buy a nurse, school girl, maid ,police women each . We get to the cashier and there is a hot black guy mum looks at me and says she is so wet and horny , we start paying and the hunky black cashier cant take his eyes of my mums tits ,she knows it and starts to flirt ,that’s when we both notice a huge bulge in his pants . He asked mum if the outfits are the correct size as you cant return and points mum to the change room ,next he grabs the black dildos that’s when I get my first lesson as mum says to him how she has never had a black dildo before as she winks at him turning away to go try on the nurse outfit . I hear mum say excuse me sir can you give me a hand ,he looks at me and walks to the change rooms to help mum . To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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