Mar 30

Mummy’s Good, Good Boy Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction; everyone is over 18. Please vote if you like it.


I woke up an hour or so later alone on my mom’s white satin bed spread. I loved being in her room: White carpeting, matching furniture in an ivory color, a large dressing area with a full length mirror and a vanity where she did her hair and makeup. Best of all were the smells: perfumes, hair products, and the lavender sachets in her dressers. My well used cock was swelling just from being there. I wasn’t sure where she had gone, but I had to get ready for work. I peeled off my cummy lingerie and hopped in the shower.

45 minutes later I was at work, trying to focus on ringing up customer’s books and other purchases. About an hour in I received a text from my mom.

“Hi sweetie! I had so, so much fun this afternoon. I am out doing some shopping, and I had a thought: I think you should quit your job. We certainly don’t need the money and you can take more hours at college. Also, it would give us more alone time together. Mummy needs a full time fuck toy, and I think you’d be perfect for the job! Tell your manager tonight is your last. Come kiss me goodnight when you get home. I need to get some rest tonight, but I bought you some cute things. I also have a surprise for you tomorrow night. Kisses, Mommy.”

My face was bright red, and I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. I was about to walk into my manager’s office, when my phone vibrated again. It was a pic of my mother’s chest. Her black blouse was unbuttoned, and her bra was exposed. It was a white satin bra with lace trim. Her left breast was lifted free of the cup. Her milky white flesh was capped by a very erect, brown, thumb sized nipple. I loved the contrast of her white tit flesh with her tanned and freckle sprayed upper chest. No message, nothing followed. In a horny daze I wandered into my manager’s office and resigned. He took it well, and said I could come back and work for him anytime. After closing up I headed home.

I headed straight for my mother’s bedroom. As I opened her door, she rolled over and snapped on her little bedside lamp. She was wearing a silky crème colored night gown. Her perfect tits were lolling around the lacey bra cups. I was rock hard.

“Mmmm, I just turned out the light honey. Be a dear and go into your room, I bought you some new jammies. Put them and come show Mommy. Be quick, I have an early morning tomorrow.”

I hustled down the hall, and laid out on my bed was an emerald green teddy. It was shiny satiny material with spaghetti straps and lace around the unstructured bra cups and leg openings. There was also a ruffle of green lace around the waist, which plunged into a V at my ass. I snapped the 3 snaps at the crotch, and ran back down the hall to Mommy’s room.

“Oh thank you Mommy, I just love it!”

My big 7″ cock was pointing straight up against my belly, my balls cradled in the silky material. I walked into Mommy’s dressing area, and looked at my ass in the mirror. The V of lace, and lacey leg openings accentuated my butt. I felt so sexy. My raging cock making it hard to walk.

“Come over here baby, Mummy wants a better look.”

I walked up to her bedside, and she reached and traced the outline of my turgid cock. A little wet spot was forming where my cockhead was.

“Oooo, Mommy’s little slut is getting randy again. Well sweetie, you’re going to have to wait. I need your big cock loaded up for tomorrow evening, and my pussy is still throbbing from the fucking we did today. Promise Mommy you can leave it alone ’til then?”

She was looking up at me with her big doe eyes, pouty lips and little girl expression.

“Yes mommy, I can wait.”

As she snapped off the light, she said “Good sissy. You’re going to make me very proud tomorrow night.”

I tried to sleep as best I could with a throbbing, pre-cum leaking cock. In the morning, Mommy was already gone to work. I had 2 classes that day, so I started getting ready for school. When I opened my underwear drawer, there was a silky pair of bikini cut panties on top. A note said:

“Wear these today. Send me a pic with your jeans pulled down so I know. I’m getting wet thinking about you.” As I pulled the panties out, I saw that there were a row of ruffles all across the ass. I pulled on my jeans, and the combination of the silky material and ruffles had my cock throbbing. I could have cum with three strokes. I snapped a pic and sent it to Mommy. She texted back.

“So cute baby! You look like such a slutty sissy boy. Just wait until tonight. We have a guest coming over, your Uncle Dolph. He’s back in town, and can’t wait to meet you. I will be home at 4 so we can get ready. Oh, baby, if you were here right now, I’d ride your cute face and swallow that big dick of yours. See you soon!”

Uncle Dolph? I hadn’t heard his name around the house since my parents’ divorce 12 years ago. I wasn’t even sure how he was related. From memory, he was a tall, fit man, with sınırsız escort grey/blonde hair and dressed very well. I vaguely remembering my father didn’t care for him, or at least was never around when my Dolph was. Beyond that I didn’t really know much about him.

At 4:00, Mommy came breezing in, with a shopping bag and an excited demeanor. She said she was going upstairs to start getting ready, but needed me to do some prep of my own. She pulled out a pharmacy bag out, and handed it to me. Inside was a large, unmarked tube of some kind of gel, a can of depilatory cream, and two subscription bottles with the labels removed.

“Ok baby, you need to scamper up to your shower, and get naked. Stand in the shower, and use this spread this cream over every inch of your body from the neck down. While you’re waiting for 20 minutes for the cream to work, I need you to shave your face twice. Super close. I want you girlie smooth. Rinse off the cream, and wash and condition your pretty hair. After you get out of the shower and towel dry your body, you need to rub this gel into your tits and ass, use as much as you can, and then wash your hands. Take 2 of the large white pills, and one of the blue ones, and report to Mommy’s bedroom with your hair up in a towel. Oh, here, one more thing…”

Mommy handed me a full length white satin robe that she pulled out of the shopping bag.

“See you in a bit.”

Tits and ass? My cock was rapidly swelling.

I did as Mommy said. The depilatory was barely necessary, I was pretty smooth naturally. After a few minutes, it kind of hurt. I gutted it out, and ran the stinky residue down the drain. I rubbed the gel into me as Mommy said. It didn’t take long for it to disappear, and let behind a sweet girly smell. I practically sprinted down the hall into Mommy’s bedroom. She looked amazing: Her foot was up on the wide bench in front of the vanity, fastening the last of six garters on her black stocking clad legs. The garters were attached to a waist slimmer, that almost went up to her belly button. She was wearing a black shelf bra, which lewdly displayed her C-cup tits, and big, jutting nipples. Placing her foot back on the floor, I noticed the 4″ patent heels, with a wide ankle strap. As she straightened up, she tied the sash on her own black dressing gown, identical to mine. I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties. Opening up her arms, she said,

“Come give your Mommy a hug and a kiss.”

I strode over to her and threw my arms around her. She gave me wide, wet kiss, jamming her tongue into my mouth, exhaling through her nose. I wrestled her tongue with mine, while I slid my cock against our silk wrapped bodies. As she broke the kiss, she grabbed my ass, pulling my cock up against her lightly furred pussy.

“God I need cock.” she breathed into my ear.

My boner was practically standing straight up, and was about to cum. Sensing this, Mother reached into my gown and grabbed the base of my scrotum, where it meets my cock. Gently making a ring with her thumb and forefinger, she slowly tugged down on my balls, preventing my ejaculation. A huge slug of pre-cum drooled out of the tip, but I didn’t cum.

“Sit down baby, we’re going to doll you up for Mommy and Uncle Dolph.”

I sat on her red velvet covered vanity bench while she went to work. She dried my nearly shoulder length hair with her hair dryer while the curling iron heated up. Then she curled my hair into a riot of loose curls, and sprayed half a can of hairspray to keep her good work in place. Standing in front of me, she went to work on my face, her gown gaping open, her big, jiggly tits dancing in front of my face.

“Mommy, how are we related to Uncle Dolph?” I asked as she worked on my eye makeup.

“Oh, we’re not related, at least I’m not.” She said, slightly raising one of her manicured eyebrows. Before I could ask, she continued:

“Dolph Grosspeter was a partner in the accounting firm your father worked at years ago. Your father stupidly got caught wearing panties by Dolph in the restroom one day. Your father, or Frankie as everybody called him, was now at Dolph’s mercy, professionally AND privately. And the weird part is Frankie seemed to like that. Frankie was a pervert of a different sort. Dolph just kind of took over Frankie’s life. All of it. Even me.”

Stopping and looking me in the eye, her deep, red lips curling into a smile over her immaculate white teeth she whispered in a deep, lust soaked voice,

“Especially me.”

Stepping aside she said “Now look at you, baby!”

Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I was astounded. She had done my eyes in heavy, black liner, with little black wings trailing off the edge. Deep blue eye shadow and ridiculous, mascara plastered lashes gave me a super slutty appearance. She rouged my cheeks, and was opening a tube of lipstick. She smoothed it on, and then painted gloss over it. I looked fucking hot.

“Ok baby, we’ve taksim escort got to get you dressed, he’s going to be here soon.”

Mommy pulled me over to her bed where she had my outfit laid out. She wrapped a white, waist slimming garter belt around my waist. It was almost identical to hers, with six lacey garters for each leg dangling down. At 8″ wide, with light boning, it gave me a wasp waist appearance. It also pushed down on my hips, giving my ass, which was warm and tingly, a meaty, girlish appearance. There was a cute little pink bow where each garter attached. She helped me pull up and attach the white stockings, which had a wide band at the top, and seems running down the back. She then wrapped a white shelf bra around my rib cage. As she slid the shoulder straps over me, she caressed my nipples. They had a tingly feeling, and my nipples were red and puffy.

“Mhmm, it’s working” she mumbled to herself.

She eased each of my feet into a white patent 3″ heeled shoe, with a wide ankle strap like hers.

Mummy then took a satin, lace fringed pillow off of her bed, and said, “Kneel down here.”

Looking down at me, her feminized son, with an angry red cock jutting up from a garter belt, heavy ball sack being caressed by stockings, she grabbed me by the side of the head, and pulled me into her soaking gash.

“Look what you do to me you bitch. Ahhh, fuck. So. Fucking. Hot.”

She rocked her hot, wet cunt into my tongue, that ridiculous clit throbbing like my cock. She was soaked, cunt juice was running down the inside of her thighs, soaking into her stocking tops. She quickly pulled back, then curled two fingers into her gash. Holding them in front of me, she said “Suck.”

Her cunt was a creamy, frothing mess. I licked the goo off her fingers, eliciting a smile and a giggle. Pulling her robe closed, she said “Ooops, almost forgot.”

She reached in her pocket and produced a white velvet choker which she fastened around my throat. It had a stainless D-ring attached to it, to which she clipped a white leather dog leash.

Just then the doorbell rang. “Oh, he’s here! I’ll be right back.”

Turning, she left me, kneeling on her white satin pillow, my exposed cock throbbing and dripping pre cum on the pillow. My nipples and ass were now warm and slightly numb and tingling at the same time. I looked down at my chest, my nipples were puffed out, and the little underwire bra pushed my chest up into little girlie breasts. My cock pulsed violently, and I felt like I was going to blow all over. So I tried Mommy’s little trick of pulling my balls away from the shaft, and it worked, just in time. Mommy came breezing through the door with Dolph Grosspeter. He was as tall as I remembered, fit, a bit more gray than blonde. He was very attractive and distinguished looking.

“Honey, meet Mr. Grosspeter!” Mommy beamed.

Taking my leash up, she gave it to Dolph. He smiled and said, “He’s adorable. I can’t wait to get my hands on him.” Mommy walked slightly behind me, and taking hold of my shoulder, she started grinding her hot wet cunt on my shoulder. Dolph stepped closer to me, and told me to take his shoes of. They were expensive burgundy wingtips. I untied each on, and slipped it off.

“Socks, now.” He said.

“Yes Uncle” I replied.

“You may call me sir, or Daddy from now on sugar.”

“Yes…Daddy” I said. The more he talked, the more familiar he seemed.

“Pants off, sweetie.”

Mommy had dropped her black gown, and was now openly frigging her sopping pussy. I unzipped Dolph’s pants while he was shucking his shirt off. He was now naked except his boxer briefs. There was a massive bulge running down his inside thigh. He hooked his thumbs in the waist band, and pulled them down. A big, hard cock flopped out, bobbing inches in front of my face. Dolph was reaching over me, and as I watched, he pulled on mommy’s big, thick nipples. He was really working them, pulling her tit flesh all around.

She just moaned, with half closed eyes she gurgled “mmm, yes baby.”

Dolph tugged my leash and pulling upward said “Stand.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I clambered up, on unsteady feet. Looking down between us, Dolph grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. In my heels, I was slightly taller, but felt like a shy girl. Our cocks were now touching, both of us leaking clear, viscous pre-cum.

As I was staring at his cock, he took hold of both, and started sliding them together, pumping his hips slowly while looking into my face. I started pumping mine too, my equally big cock flaring again. Mommy sank to her knees to the side of us, and got her face between us and started laving our sliding shafts. She was flicking her tongue over the shafts, trying to capture a head in her mouth. Dolph seemed to be playing keep away, but I was too far gone. My cock head popped into her throat for a split second. The warmth, the pressure, it was too much. Just as my cock popped free of Mommy’s tesettürlü escort sucking mouth, a huge rope of thick cum splattered her face and chin. Dolph gripped our 2 shafts side by side with his big hand, and slid my cumming cock against his shaft and cockhead. I couldn’t believe how much cum was flowing out of me, covering our cocks, filling his hand, running into Mommy’s open, slutty mouth, and landing in splatters on the silky white pillow between us. I was weak in the knees, panting and still thrusting even as Dolph let go of my cock. There was a thick strand hanging off of the tip, which Mommy sucked into her mouth, looking up at me adoringly. She was jacking my cock, trying to milk every ounce of sperm out of it. Dolph was grinning as he pulled Mommy off of my softening cock, and held out one cum covered hand. She lapped at his hand, sucking fingers, licking the palm, as he did the same to me with his other hand. I licked all of the cum I could. Dolph pulled Mommy to her feet.

“Kiss the boy, slut.” Mommy didn’t hesitate. She pulled me to her, and we kissed and smeared our slick faces together. I licked the stray streams from around her face and chin. She sucked these out of my mouth.

“Enough. On the bed slut. On the pillow sissy” Dolph demanded.

Mommy flopped back on her big bed, lewdly opening her slick thighs. Her pussy was open, wet, almost enflamed. Her big 3″ clit was out of its sheath, pulsing like a little cock. As Dolph moved past me to the bed, it hit me. Looking at his cock, it was exactly like my cock. Same length, girth, same size same hang to his balls, even the pattern of veins seemed like mine.

Dolph was on Mommy in a flash, I watched as his rod slipped into her overheated cunt, she opened her legs even wider, and was bucking her hips before he was even all the way in. From where I kneeled, I could see perfectly as he fucked my mother. I could see perfectly as Daddy fucked Mommy.

Mommy started cumming after just a few strokes, she was bucking and sliding her whole pussy against Daddy, making gasping, desperate sounds.

“Fucking…yessss…nghh…nghh…nghh…ahhh. F-f-f-fuck me baby.”

Daddy was hammering that pussy like a pro. I could hear him thumping into her pubic bone. He kept riding her all through her climax, she seemed to just keep writhing, rolling her hips into his thrusts. I have no idea how he held out so long, but Daddy started to slow, and I saw his big balls begin crawling up his shaft, just as the big main vein on his cock rapidly pulsed, then again. I had to feel it. I shuffled slightly to their side, and placed my warm hand on Daddy’s soaked nut sack and cock shaft. I pushed slightly as I felt him pulsing jets of cum into Mommy’s cunt. He slowed to a light grinding pace, his cock and balls still twitching.

Daddy rolled off to my right, his big, wet cock flopping up against his belly. Mommy’s pussy was a mess, her pubic hair matted, stiff clitty-cock still standing up. Her red swollen, inner lips were ringed with creamy girl cum, and her stocking tops and thighs glazed with her juice. And as I watched, Daddy’s cum parted those red lips and started sliding down her gash.

“Get it, sissy.” Daddy said, in a very matter of fact way. As if, I should have automatically should have been doing that.

I hoisted myself up on the bed, crawling between Mommy’s spread thighs.

“Oh baby, please be gentle. Please don’t suck Mommy’s clit just yet.”

I pointed my tongue and scooped as much of the cummy nectar as I could. It was salty, sweet, with that bleach-like odor. I licked all around Mommy’s hole as I waited for more seepage. The white, super creamy girl cum was coating her all over around the outside of her cunt. More sperm oozed. My cock was now raging hard again. Daddy saw this and reached back behind my legs and stroked me the same way I had him moments ago, rubbing my sack and the root of my cock.

“You’re fucking hard again bitch.” He flatly stated. I nodded my head and moaned into Mommy’s drenched pussy.

“You want to fuck your slutty Mommy, don’t you sissy?”

I sucked a big mouthful of his sperm into my mouth, and lifted my face, swallowed and said “Yes Daddy! Please let me fuck mommy’s cummy pussy.”

Daddy rolled toward Mommy and asked “Ready for more cock slut?”

Mommy could only nod. It was like she was drugged. Daddy started playing rough with her tits again. She only pushed them out further.

“Do you want your big cock sissy boy to fuck you baby?” He slapped her right tit. Mommy just pushed her hips up, and she moaned

“Fuck yes. Make him fuck his Mommy” she throatily demanded.

I crawled between her cum soaked thighs, aiming my dick at her pussy, and I sank into her in one easy push. I could feel her hard clitty rolling between us. I just left my cock buried as deep as I could in her, and held it there.

Mommy wrapped her cum splattered thighs around me and started her animalistic humping motion. Dadddy started caressing my ass, and the let his hand drift up to my puffy boy nipples. They were really swollen now, and super sensitive. Daddy roughly rolled my right nipple in his fingers, then pulled it so hard I thought I would faint. I bent my head and sucked Mommy’s big, fat nipple into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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