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My 1st Time

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My 1st TimeI had just turned sixteen and started dating this girl that was just a little bit younger than I. We were both virgins and we both wanted to fix that. Things moved pretty slow. It took over a month before Connie (my girlfriend) would let me do anything. Then one evening I was at Connie’s house and we were watching TV in the family room when her mom, Alice, came thru the room in only her bra and panties. I thought maybe she for got I was there and did think much about it. I mean Alice is not a looker by stretch. She is short, a little chubby, small tits and salt and pepper hair, homey looking. Nothing eye popping but she does have a good personality. The next day the same thing happened, but this time she stopped and talked, I could clearly see the outline of her nipples and bush. So maybe it is a family thing as Connie does this also, too bad Alice is not hot. I got used to seeing Alice in her undies, and a few times she just had on the panties and no bra. The one day I went over and knocked on the door, as I was supposed to meet Connie there after school. Alice opened the door with just a towel wrapped around her and a towel on her head. “I just got out of the shower, come in and talk to me. Connie went some where with her dad and will be home in a few hours. Her dad and I are going out to eat and a movie at 6:30, you can sit and talk with me while I get ready.” Alice said taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom and showing me a chair next to her makeup table. I sat down and then Alice took the towel from around and placed it carefully on the chair and sat down and removed the towel from her güvenilir bahis head. She was completely naked and did not seem to mind me looking.She proceeded to chat up a storm and made no effort to hide her nakedness. I was getting an eyeful of her beaver, her tits, and ass. My cock had grown pretty hard. Then as she was talking she would look down at my crotch. I am not sure as to why, I figured she would get mad if she noticed my boner. Then she said “Oh my look what I have done, how rude of me. Allow me to correct as a good hostess.” I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Alice stood up and took the towel off the chair and placed it on the bed and spread it out. “Here you hop up here and let me fix that swelling you have.” She said patting the bed. I got up and laid down on my back. With one quick swoop she pulled my shorts down to my ankles and jumped on the bed and straddled me. Alice took hold of my throbbing cock and guided it into her hairy cunt. I made no protest about what she was doing. I was trying to figure out if I was dreaming. Her wet pussy quickly swallowed my cock, “Now how does that feel? Is this your first time with a woman? I just love helping young men with their first taste of sex.” Alice said as she worked her tight wet pussy around my cock. “I gonna cum” I muttered thinking I should not shoot off inside her. Alice just clamped her pussy tightly around my cock causing me to explode and pump what felt like gallons of spunk deep into her womb. “All done, wow, that is a messy load. I better get back in the shower and then get ready before Ron and Connie get back.” Alice türkçe bahis said as she lifted off my limp cock.I jumped up and told her thanks and pulled up my pants and quickly made way out of the house and home. Once home I surveyed my cock, it was still wet with our juices. The smell of Alice was all over me. I quickly showered. The next day Connie came to my house after school. She wanted to have sex and we did, but I had to wear a rubber. It was completely different fucking with a rubber on. I like sex better without a rubber. I did not tell Connie that I fucked her mom the day before. After her first time, Connie turned into a nympho, She wanted to fuck all the time. Two days later I was over at Connie’s house and her mom and dad both were there. Alice did not act any different to me. Then Connie left with her dad, “Be back in about twenty minutes.” they said as they left. The no sooner backed out of the driveway and Alice pulled her shorts down and begged me to fuck her. What could I say, I was ready for some skin on skin. I quickly took Alice up on her offer and planted my cock in her doggy style. I had fucked Connie six times since I had fucked Alice and had got to lasting a long time before came, but that was with a rubber. Going bareback into Alice I barely made it a minute before I pumped a massive amount of seed deep in her womb. ” I just love feeling your cock pump that cum into me.” Alice said as she pulled her shorts up. Both of these women given two minutes wanted my cock inside them. I was enjoying it. Connie was still learning about cock and Alice just wanted to fuck. A few days later Connie güvenilir bahis siteleri and I just walked in from school. “My parents will be home in a minute to take me to work. Lets fuck real quick, without a rubber, I want to feel you. You can pull out and shoot it on my bush.” Connies said as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I plunged into her and quickly (less than a minute) got to the point and pulled out and squirt a huge load all over Connie’s bush. It was so erotic. She smeared the sperm around and in between her lips, I was getting hard again when we heard the front door open. It was her parents. She quickly pulled her clothes on and we both ran out of her room. She left with her dad and the minute they were out of the driveway Alice knelt down and pulled my shorts down and engulfed my cock into her mouth. She stopped. “Hey, you smell like fresh pussy, did you just fuck my daughter?” Alice quizzed with a big smile. “Yes” I mumbled. “Pump me with your wet cock and tell me who has the better pussy!” Alice squealed pulling me on top of her. I pumped her like a mad man for several minutes before flooding her womb to over flowing with my cum. We had no sooner finished and straightened our clothes when the front door opened. The dad stuck his head in and told us he was home and went back into the other room. “I was afraid he would walk in here and smell the fuck” Alice whispered with a squeeze to my cock. Alice put Connie on birth control and for the next several months those two women could not get enough of my wang. Then Connie and I broke up. I became Connie’s plan b so I only got to fuck her when she had no other propects. But I kept banging Alice though it was a little awkward, we had to be sneaky and I did not get as much pussy from her. Well that was my first time story. You should tell me yours when you get a chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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