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My Angel

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It’s been six months, but I can still smell the scent of jasmine emanating from her long, jest black hair. My hands ache to touch her smooth porcelain skin. My mouth longs for one last kiss from her soft, full lips. Her eyes were the most vibrant shade of blue and had more sparkle in them than the night sky. Id give anything to see those eyes again… so bright and full of life.

Laying on my bed, clutching the pillow where her head used to lay, I think back to our last night together…

It was our one year anniversary and she’d surprised me with a romantic candle lit dinner – garlic roasted chicken, steamed vegetables, seasoned brown rice and the most delectable chocolate mousse I’d ever had.

Once finished, she took hold of my hand, pulling me to my feet and we danced to the soft, sensual music in the background. My arms resting on her shoulders, I stroked her silky hair, placing soft kisses along her jawline making my way to those pouty ruby red lips. I coaxed her mouth open, our tongues meeting… tasting.

Her hands ran up and down my back, caressing the roundness of my ass. They slowly came to the front, her palms ever so gently grazing my nipples, making them stiffen into hard pebbles. I sucked in a gasp of air as she pinched and pulled them, sparking a fire within me that only she could extinguish.

Pulling from me, I saw a glimmer in her eyes I’d never seen before. A big smile curled her lips and she turned around, puling her hair to one side. Tugging on the zipper of her dress, I slowly exposed her back. Leaning in to kiss her neck, I saw something that hadn’t been there before. A tattoo. A black rose piercing a heart with angel wings, My name written in old gothic lettering across it.. I tenderly ran a finger along the exquisite artwork in awe of the act of love and devotion she’d shown for me.

My eyes stinging with impending tears, I turned her around, cupped her beautiful face in my hands and kissed her deeply… thoroughly. My hands slid down her shoulders, making her dress fall in a heap around her feet.

Pulling izmir escort away from me, she smiled then took off. I stayed back, watching her slender body jog playfully down the hall to the bathroom. Her black lace boyshorts hugged the curve of her hips nicely and her hair swished and swayed across her back. Once she reached the doorway, she turned, looked at me over her shoulder and, crooking a finger, beckoned me to her. I quickly stripped off my clothes, grabbed a candle from the dinner table and headed after her.

I set the candle down on the dresser, it’s flame illuminating the room just enough so that when I looked up, my heart skipped a beat at the sight before me. She lay on the bed, her milky white flesh a stark contrast to the black blankets, one leg straight, the other bent and leaning to the side, her panties gone, her hair splayed across her pillows.

She stared at me, the playfulness in her eyes replaced by pure desire and raw sensuality. Her hands slowly caressed her abdomen, traveling down her thighs then back up to fondle her breasts.

Climbing onto the bed next to her, I leaned down placing soft kisses down her neck, my hand exploring her alluring body. I heard her gasp as I found her nipple, flicking and rolling it to a stiff peak.

Rolling her over onto her stomach, I straddled her thighs, brushed her hair to the side and drizzled a small amount of body oil onto her back. I rubbed and smeared it all over her, feeling her body relax at the sensation. Gently, I began kneading her muscles starting with her neck, then shoulders. My thumbs pushed and rubbed in small circles down the length of her spine to her tailbone then slowly glided my hands back up and down her arms.

A heavy sigh and quiet moan escaped her slightly parted lips as I moved down to the muscles in her thighs and calves… kneading, pushing, rubbing… I slid my hand up her inner thigh, just barely brushing against her sweet spot making her twitch. Inserting a finger into her wetness, she began to squirm under alsancak escort my tender touch. I pulled away and she gave a soft whine of disappointment.

Rolling her back over, I placed a trail of kisses from her lips to her full mounds, sucking and nibbling on her nubs before continuing down her belly. Her hands entangled in my hair, she gently pushed me further and further down until i hovered just above treasure. I inhaled deeply, reveling in her intoxicating scent.

Slipping my tongue between her moist folds, I slowly licked my way up, ending with a flick of her pert nub. With my coaxing touch she opened up to me like a blossoming flower. I slid a finger inside, her velvety walls pulsing with need. Her hands went to the back of my head as my tongue encircled her clit, sucking it into my mouth.

Her moans filled my ears, I could feel her muscles tense, her hips rock and move against me. Her cries of impending release grew more urgent, more intense. Her body quaked as she reached her crescendo, spilling her hot juices over my hand and chin. Her body twitched with each flick of my tongue as I lapped up her sweet nectar. She let out a deep contented sigh, her face glowing from her extraordinary release.

With a Wicked gleam in her eye, she sauntered over to the dresser and pulled out a red silk scarf. Sitting behind me, she tied it around my head blindfolding me. My body ached with extreme want and desire as she placed exquisitely soft, tender kisses down my neck, nipping at my shoulder. Her hands wrapped around me, finding my breasts, gently squeezing the voluptuous flesh, rolling my hard nipples between her fingers.

Frustration gripped my insides as I felt her move from the bed. I heard her rummage around in the closet a few seconds then the familiar hum of my favorite vibrator. She gently pushed me back, gliding the cool, hard plastic over my body sending vibrations straight to my core. She cranked the speed up a notch, the buzzing growing louder, the vibrations more intense.

Pushing buca escort my legs apart with her knees, she ran the toy up and down my inner thighs, slowly… teasingly. with each pass, she got closer and closer to my pussy, the need for release growing and intensifying until I felt as if I were going to combust from the inside out.

Finally, seeing the anguish on my face, she slid the vibrator inside me, a loud moan escaping from deep within my belly. She pulled it out slowly then pushed it back in, creating a slow, tantalizing rhythm. My hips rocked up, meeting her thrusts, my hands groping, pulling and pinching my nipples.

I could feel the fire in my loins slowly build to a raging inferno. My body quivered, a light sheen of sweat covered my flesh. My moans grew louder, her thrusts harder… faster. She started rubbing my clit with her thumb, fucking me ferociously. Finally, a white hot flame shot through me, a long cry of incredibly fantastic release filled the room.

I lay there for a long moment, relishing all the sensations. She crawled up next to me draping a long leg over mine, her arm across my belly, her head nuzzled in the crook of my neck. I held her tight, listening to her soft breathing. She suddenly sat up, a serous look on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“I want a slushy” she said then started laughing. I laughed right along with her as I watched her get dressed. Her hair a lust driven mess, she quickly ran a brush through it. Watching her move, a smile dancing across her lips as she looked back at me in the mirror, I realized something. I could never love anyone as much as I loved her at that very moment.

I must have fallen asleep waiting for her to return. The sound of the phone ringing jolted me awake. Her side of the bed still empty, a flash of worry shot through me as I picked up the phone. As I listened to the voice on the other end, my body went numb, my vision blurred with tears. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe. My hand started trembling and the phone slipped from my grasp landing with a clatter on the hardwood floor.

My angel was gone… killed by a drunk driver as she crossed the street.

The pain, so incredible, so infinite in the beginning has subsided some, but still lingers. At times I can feel her near me, watching over me and I know that she will always be my angel.

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