Mar 30

My Aunt, the Cum Lover

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I was beating my cock when my aunt opened the door suddenly. I noticed it but acted as though I didn’t realize her seeing in and continued beating and spurted out all my cum on the cock and then rested back. All through my cumming my aunt was standing there watching me. I assumed that it is her curiosity or her lust for my cock and cum that made her stand there and see what I was doing.

After that I was lying there naked with my limp cock which was rising on feeling that it has an audience who wants to grab it by her mouth. I acted as though I was looking at the other side towards the window so that I can act not looking at my aunt who was standing by the door. I could see through the glazed window that she is wetting her lips and waiting to wrap her lips around my cock. I knew previously that she has been sniffing around my under garments. And as no one is at home today I thought I will show her myself fully to her enjoyment, poor aunt!

And there she was standing near the door, my mother’s 40 year old younger sister Rina drooling at her 19 year old nephew’s nude body. Though she has been living with us and has stolen some glimpse of my cock at times, she has not seen me nude and bare in open light. Last week also I intentionally gave her a glimpse of the meat she had wanted to taste when I climbed up the ladder with her standing below when my cock jetted out through the loose shorts I was wearing. I enjoyed her stolen looks at my cock and I also realized that she tried to move to other side to have a look at my balls but could not since someone came at that time and I climbed down.

And once when we went to the beach and when no one except my aunt was there standing behind me, I just like that removed my shorts and became bare under the sun and bend a little so that my aunt will be able to view my asshole and my balls , but then I could realize that she was not able to see my cock that day since I was facing the other side, but I could tell very clearly, if she knows that I was waiting for it, she would have started licking my ass and balls there itself.

And aunt had some times had a chance to touch and feel my cock from the back of her palm. Some time back when we were together traveling in a public bus service I had to push myself towards the seat handle where she was holding for support and at this time I knew she would have felt my stiffness and if allowed would have hold on to my cock instead of the seat handle. And one more such incident happened when she was sitting in the sofa with her arms on the arm rest and when I came near and forced my tented crotch on the back of her hand. At this time I had to move away since I felt someone might see where as she didn’t move an inch and was expecting more to happen.

And once she happened to nearly brush her face past my crotch when she was looking for something under the chair where I was sitting and suddenly I got up since there was a phone call. I could see that my cock was within inches near her face and could sense her disappointment in not touching her at all. Once when she asked me to get something from the attic, she was holding me by my legs as I was climbing up the small wooden stool. And suddenly I fell back to be held by her firmly and realized that her face is nuzzled between my butts and I was wearing nothing but shorts and I could see that she enjoyed feeling my butts and probably would have started licking there if we had stayed in the same position for some more time.

I knew of all these incidents and I feel like I am playing a cock-tease to my loving aunt who wants to lick me all over badly. But recently for the past few days, I just wanted to play strip tease to her to let her see every bit of my body before letting her take control of my body and lick me all over.

So it started yesterday when I was in bathroom intentionally keeping my door slightly ajar to my dear aunt enjoy my body. And she as expected looked through the door at my nude body but only point is that my cock was completely limp when she was enjoying my body view which is due to my cumming previously in my hands while a chat with a cum-slut (who wanted to be my slave in the net drinking my cum for some days continuously). At that time as though soaping I made my butts apart to let my aunt have a view of my ass and the family jewels below my cock.

And today it was followed by a masturbation exhibition to my dearest lovable aunt who kept seeing my cock and my cumming until I became totally limp. I then pretended to sleep nude since no other person is expected to be there in the house for the next few days except myself and my aunt due to some wedding. After a while my aunt as though she was coming for the first time into my room and knocked at the door and came in immediately without waiting for me to dress up and so I just left myself in my bare nudity to give a nice and clean show to my dear aunt.

Though not exactly was my cock clean since just some minutes back I have come on it, my cock was looking sticky and glowing from the sun’s rays coming from the bakırköy escort gaps in our window. And definitely to someone who likes to eat cock and cum this will be a delicious sight. Aunt came in simply asking for something, gasped at my nudity and then kept looking at my cock with a surprised look on her face and looked happy at the sight as she would have thought I will cover it up before she could have a close look while I was lying there total naked with my semi erect cock facing my aunt letting her have a look.

She asked something and I replied something which is not relevant here but what is relevant is that her eyes didn’t leave her favorite place, my crotch. I slowly parted my legs and moved slightly towards her so that from her position she can have a close look at my growing and glowing cock and balls. She was licking her lips very glaringly and if I ask she would have definitely started eating me and to start with the sticky cum sticking on my cock and balls. But I decided that she should first explore me with her eyes fully and then only with her tongue.

After feasting her eyes with my body, obviously my genitalia I rolled over and went to bathroom for bathing as she asked me whether I needed to coffee. I nodded that I will come back after bathing. And this time I made it plain clear that I am no longer going to wear any dress inside the house for the next two days unless there is any other person and thereby letting her see my cock and balls whenever she wants (before she starts eating me all over).

While taking bath I just kept the Bathroom door open so that when aunt comes she can come in and have a look at my limp cock or the hanging balls which she wants to see. Within minutes she came in saying that she wanted the soap as her hands got dirty. Obviously she was standing there again looking at the water flowing through my body. I was facing the wall and hence my back was at her and she seemed to be enjoying my ass. Then slowly to let her view what she wanted I turned around and feasted the brown chocolate meat which is in full length. And the water was flowing slowly on it and since my cock was standing straight the water flowing from the tip showed though as I was pissing. Aunt was greedily staring at my cock with heaving breasts and I could observe that she wants to grab my cock and push it down her throat.

She was standing there solidly, uninhibited, looking at my crotch as I started soaping my body. I then came to my cock and applied more soap there lathered it and then lifted my cock to my stomach and applied soap in my balls and then washed them separately and then did a show by pulling my clean delicious looking cock to and fro and then showed my balls clearly to my aunt who was eagerly looking for the show and I did so by keeping my cock against my stomach. She was seeing my family jewels as though she has never seen something like this and it looked to me that she was seeing my balls like a hungry animal looking at its food.

After that I closed my show since she was only looking at it but not getting ready to get down on my knees, by taking the towel and cleaning myself. Aunt left immediately disappointed that her show is over. She could not have realized that I am going to continue the show in the kitchen and the living room too until she begs for eating my cock. I will make her eat my cock only is she licks my ass first, I decided. But before that, I wanted to let her eyes enjoy me completely.

I went to the living room stark naked rubbing off my body with my towel not exposing my cock outside. She was offering coffee, looking for gaps between the folds of my towel, whether she can sneak some view of my cock. I surprised her by taking the coffee in one hand and by another hand removed the towel from my crotch area and draping on my shoulders. She gasped and kept looking at my cock. She seated herself in the chair nearby with a coffee in her hand. I stood there facing her kneeling slightly against the dining table to let her have a nice side view of my cock. I could clearly notice her small breasts heaving up and down and lips trembling for a taste of the man meat between my legs. I was also getting impatient since it has been at least 1 hour since I have jacked off and my cock is eagerly to spit its load. I thought I will do a masturbation show for my aunt again but this time in clear light so that she can enjoy the show with pleasure.

After finishing the coffee I went to the living room with my towel on the shoulders now covering my cock in the front. I could hear my aunt letting out a sigh. But she also completed the coffee and followed me.
I sat on the sofa directly opposite to the TV and she naturally took a chair next to me and tried to imitate looking at the TV though I could realize she was trying to get an eyeful of my cock again.

I switched on the television and set it in some movie channel where Pamela Anderson is showing off her boobs through the swimsuit. My cock twitched and slowly I removed my towel and was sitting there başakşehir escort with nothing and my cock which is rock hard on seeing Pam’s boobs and was twitching. My aunt was glaring clearly at my twitching cock and was licking her lips like a cat looking at the milk kept before it.

Since the sofa was big enough for me to lie flat (at least 75% of my height will get covered) I slowly came to the semi lying position with my head on the handle of the sofa and my legs on the other handle of the sofa, with my aunt sitting next to the sofa was ogling at my hard and mouth watery cock with saliva in her mouth ready to lick off the load. Pam was showing off more of her boobs by kneeling and speaking and I could not remove my eyes from Pam’s boobs while my aunt could not remove hers from my cock which has started oozing pre-cum.

Seeing the TV as though there is no one is at home I started to fondle my hard cock and slowly started to masturbate. I was moving my hand to and fro with my aunt looking straight at the action and I didn’t mind and it was actually what I wanted to let her see my cock spurting cum. The movie scene changed and Pam went out of the frame. And groaningly I removed my hand from my cock which has also stopped twitching. This irked my aunt who blurted out quite clearly that these channels don’t show anything continuously.

And now she took the remote and fumbled around different channels and could see the desperation in her eyes to show me something very hot to make me continue my masturbation. Then slowly she took the video recorder remote and started playing the movie which has been already there in the deck. I was clearly taken aback on this since the first scene which was coming on the screen was a head bobbing up and down. And slowly the characters came in the screen and I could see clearly an old woman sucking a young boy’s cock. The boy was sitting on the edge of a cot and the old woman was sitting on the floor between his legs. The old woman was licking greedily at the boy’s cock and then taking him in her mouth again. This has made me hot and I started wanking my cock vigorously now. My aunt moved her chair still near to my legs without letting her eyes leave my cock. I can sense that she is eagerly waiting for the moment my cock is going to burst and spit the white cum and perhaps she might have thought if I eject to a great distance she might also get some cum spurts on her.

In the screen the lady was sucking fast and the boy has started cumming which is visible from his facial expressions. And I could not see the cock spurting the cum the reason for the same I later realized that the boy’s whole cock was inside the old lady’s mouth who was sucking it so ardently and not wanting to waste any of the precious nectar. I was also beating my cock more but didn’t come and expected to see more on the screen and hence I slowed down the beating. But I was beating my cock slowly as I did not want to disappoint my dear aunt who was eagerly looking at my wanking off.

I was totally grossed in the movie I was expecting the lady to stop sucking and make the boy eat her pussy as in any other movie. But to my great surprise the lady has not left the cock out of her mouth at all. I was seeing the movie in which the lady changed her position by sitting firmly and making the boy to sit properly and started sucking again. I could see that the boy’s cock has become limp and small after the coming but that didn’t distract the old lady who is now sucking it like a calf milking the cow. And the lady in the movie didn’t seem to mind what the boy was thinking or wanting. It seems that the lady was in charge of the show and she wanted cum and nothing more and hence she has started her work to get another load of hot cum. And the old lady’s mouth left the cock at time only to gobble up the balls hanging below or have a small lick below the balls but her mouth returned to good old sucking cock.

I looked at my aunt sitting nearby and she has sensed that I might be coming any time and slowly moved before me and sat down on the floor so that her face is on the same level as my cock. I was expecting her to collect some of the cum I am leaving and hence I started beating my cock faster. The boy’s cock together with the balls has gone now, disappeared in the old woman’s warm and big mouth. I could not bear with this anymore. Now my cock twitched hard and I started cumming. I moaned and closed my eyes and then came. I was milking my cock like crazy till I came completely and ensured my cock is limp and then only opened my eyes.

Still my aunt has not started sucking or licking my cock, perhaps she wanted me to initiate her sucking. I kept my eyes on the TV and slowly glanced at my aunt. I could see that she licking her fingers and then scooping some white stuff (my cum I realized) from her chin with her index fingers and licking it again. After sometime she got up and went in and I also followed to see what she is doing. She went into her bedroom and then looked at herself in the mirror bebek escort and was searching for cum on her body and she could find some drops on her forehead and then in the back of her neck which she immediately scooped and then licked it off. After seeing her hungriness for the cum, I came back to the hall and sat in front of the TV to see the boy started cumming into the lady’s mouth again for the second time.

I took the cover of the movie and then went through the description on the back of the cover. The movie name was Hungry aunts. The description mentioned that there is one hero who is a boy of age 20 and there were five ladies who were acting as his aunts. All the ladies took turns in sucking the boy who begins to feed all the aunts (one by one, secretly) the cum they craves when one day they realize that all of them has been tasting the boy’s cock after which the movie turns towards group suck where all the five of them started sucking the boy at the same time. Also they have clearly mentioned “fellatio special” as the category. Also they have mentioned that there are 35 cum shot sessions of the boy in the video.

First of all I was taken aback of such a concept and also wondered how and where my aunt would have got the movie from. Setting my aunt’s thought aside, I fast forwarded the movie to a group suck. I then sat in the sofa to see the movie.

This was good and I would have given anything to get to the position of the boy. The scene is something like this. There were five old women. Only two of them had nice figure but we don’t need to bother about that since no one is naked and in fact all of the ladies are fully dressed. Only the boy is nude with his relatively small dong standing upright before them. All the five ladies were kneeling before the boy all their faces on his crotch. The boy was finding it difficult to stand and hence he just parted his legs and held on to the side wall. All the ladies could not locate the cock with their tongue since there was no plenty room and hence they took sides but made sure all of them we licking his crotch area.

My aunt has come back and I could see the pleased look on her face. She sat beside me. Actually I could take no longer but to insert my cock into my aunt’s mouth but cannot go at it that fast since I was waiting for my aunt to start but she has not started to do so but has been lingering and brooding over my cock and balls but did nothing towards touching my cock. My cock after seeing the movie has got hard and my aunt’s eyes could not leave my cock again. I finally decided she has seen enough and let us give her some cock or balls to eat.

I fiddled with the remote and made sound as though there is something with the video and then went near the video and then made the picture proper and slowly walked back without looking back with my naked bum facing my sweet drooling aunt. I could see from the window mirror that she is looking straight at my butt licking her lips and also making licking poses towards my butt. And so I proceeded to walk backwards as though I don’t want to miss any of the scenes and also accidentally I walked towards my aunt. She seemed to be very eager for the same and has seated herself to the edge of the seat kneeling forward her face to get a nice lick if my ass hit her.

But I wanted her to taste my anus first before licking my butt and hence I bent forward as though picking up something and walked back towards my sweet aunt who was waiting for a feast of her nephew’s asshole. Dot I walked straight into her peeking tongue which eagerly met my asshole. I was standing there bent so that my aunt tongue laps up my anus for a few minutes eagerly before I straightened. I could hear the disappointing groan from aunt’s mouth. Hence I bent again to let her feast on my ass again and yes she did let her tongue lap up my ass for a full five minutes after which I thought I am going to cum and hence straightened up.

To surprise her I turned towards her and bent forward with my rock hard cock pointing it to my dearest aunt who was very eager to place her face on my cock and balls and kiss them like there is no tomorrow. My dear aunt, after a heavy heaving and gasping continued to kiss my balls and my hard cock and then my inside of my thighs. I parted my legs to enable my aunt to reach my inner most part and stood relaxed to let her enjoy my body. I could see the hungriness in my aunt’s eyes as she started devouring my crotch with utmost devotion.

First I could see the clear confusion in her eyes to decide on what to lick first whether it is my cock or my balls or inside of my thigh or my pubes area since she was trying to lick off all the places with frenzy. She was first licking at my cock head lapping up the pre-cum and suddenly lifting my cock up and then started licking my balls one by one and suddenly pushed my cock down and lapped at my navel and the pubic hair mound below biting at those places gently and suddenly pulling my cock and balls to one side and lapping at my inside of the things lapping up the sweat formed over there and then going to my cock’s base and started licking from bottom to top all around. For about 30 minutes this went on and I could see the glint in her eyes and it looked to me as though she was a teenager who was given a lot of variety of ice-cream and who wants to eat all of them at once.

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