Mar 30

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Ch. 09

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-PREVIOUSLY: Anneka spent the night at Jessica’s house. In the morning, Jess went to Oliver’s house to break up with him, only to find that he was masturbating. He ejaculated onto her pants, pissing her off, so she dumped him and went home.-


Realizing that a tremendous weight had been listed off my shoulders, I was downright cheery as I walked back into my house.

Inside, Anneka was sitting at the table eating pancakes with my parents, wearing one of my old pajama sets. All three of them stopped their happy chatting when I walked in, turning their heads to look at me.

My mom’s smile fell off her face as she looked down at my pants.

“Oh my gosh, Jessica! Is that semen?!”

I felt blood rush to my cheeks, and though I couldn’t see myself, I could guess that my face had turned crimson red. I should have wiped the stuff off before I came inside. It was stupid of me not to, especially when I had paper towels conveniently stashed in my glove compartment.

“Jess, explain yourself!” My father exclaimed. Anneka looked awkwardly between us.

My parents were super conservative christians, they even sent me to catholic school. They were the kind of people that turned up their noses at the thought of premarital sex, birth control, and sex-ed. The whole subject of “physical intercourse” was taboo in our house, which meant that I had learned everything I knew about fucking from the pornos Oliver had shown me when we first got together freshman year.

“I…uh, I…” I stuttered, struggling to come up with a decent explanation.

My father had stood up, arms crossed over his chest. “I’m waiting.”

I gulped and took a deep breath. What could I say? I was pregnant with one guy, and had another guys cum on my jeans–not to mention that I had rammed the girl standing between my parents with a 10 inch dildo just the previous night.

“Mom, Dad…” I squeaked. I wasn’t scared of a lot, but I was scared of them.

My mother stood up and put an arm around my father, an ice-cold look on her face.

“Spit it out, Jessica. Explain yourself.”

As I was struggling with my words, Anneka shot out of her seat.

“I was craving ice-cream, so I asked Jessie to get me a frosty. And, uh, she’s such a good friend, so she went. Isn’t that nice? But…she must have spilled it on the car ride over. That’s why there’s white stuff on her jeans.” The redhead explained, looking anxiously from me to my parents.

My dad looked convinced, but something in my mom’s face told me that she was still skeptical of my best friend’s story. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw her move away from her husband, making her way right towards me.

I started to back up as she got closer, but she stopped me by grabbing my wrist and holding me in place. Her eyes were like that of a wolf going in for a kill. I shivered.

Before I could process what was happening, my mom was crouched down beneath me, her tongue feeling its way out of her mouth. I had no chance to stop her before her tongue was sliding across my jeans, on my upper thigh, where Oliver’s cum was.

She licked the stuff up as I simply stared, shocked and at a loss for words. When my jeans were completely clean, she stood up, seemingly satisfied with herself.

Anneka and I waited with baited breath. After concentrating for a minute and licking her lips, my mother nodded and turned around, looking at my father.

“It’s cum.”

Outrage flared on my dad’s face, and he slammed his fists down on the dining room table, shaking the plates and silverware.

“Jessica!” He boomed. Anneka shrunk back into her seat beside him, a look of sheer terror on her face. “Is that Oliver’s?” My father demanded.

“Y-yes!” I gasped, shaking.

My mom crossed her arms beşiktaş escort and looked at me. “I knew he was a pig.” She scoffed.

My father, who had always loved Oliver, shook his head. “You’re lying. He was a perfect gentleman.”

Of course my parents didn’t believe me. They never did. “No, Daddy, I swear, it’s his cum! I’d never cheat on him!”

My father let out a sound that resembled a growl, and angrily walked toward where I was standing with my mother. “And how do I know that you’re not a little whore fucking the whole town!?”

My mom stood infront of my protectively. “Ethan! Language!”

Ethan, my father, pushed her out of the way. “Answer me! Are you a whore?! A cheating slut?!”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m not a whore, Daddy…”

I think the thing about his accusations that hurt me the most were that they were true. I was a slut.

My dad grabbed both my arms. “Admit it. You’re a sinner.”

I turned to my mom, desperately wishing for her to intervene and help me. My pleading look, however, was only responded to with her cold detachment. I looked at my feet in guilty resignation. “I’m a sinner.”

“Confess.” My father growled. “To everything.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Anneka giving me a sympathetic look.

Confessions had always been something my father forced my mother and I to participate in. They were a variation on the catholic confession to a priest, in which the sinner bowed down to Ethan, recounted their misdoings in detail, apologized, and accepted their punishment. Punishment was always determined by my father, and he enforced his will with no lack of harsh repercussions.

I got down on my knees, as I always did for confessions in our household, and cleared my throat.

“I am a sinner. I lost my virginity to Oliver in 9th grade. We’ve had oral and traditional sex regularly since then. Not too long ago, he fingered me in a public space, and I had my orgasm for all to see. Soon after Anneka began dating Mason, I started having sexually explicit daydreams about him. I did not act on these erotic thoughts until last weekend, when I allowed him to, erm, fuck me in the front seat of his car. We did not use a condom, and he impregnated me.”

My mother gasped at that.

“After I found out about the pregnancy, I had sex with Oliver. I lied and told him that he was the father. The next day, Anneka performed oral sex on me in the PE locker room.”

My parents eyes shot daggers at her, who was sitting helplessly at the dining room table.

“Yesterday, I had sex with Mason in a bathroom during school. Last night, I used a sex toy to pleasure Anneka in my bedroom. This morning, I went to Oliver’s house to break up with him, and he jerked off his cum onto my jeans. Forgive me father for I have sinned. Amen.”

I looked up expectantly. My mother had put her hand up to her mouth in shock. Anneka was looking between me and the front door, probably formulating an escape plan. My father was staring down at me, eyebrows in a dramatic arch. I had never seen him so angry before.

“I knew it. I knew that you were a slut.”

I was trembling, and I felt a tear slide down my cheek. “Please Daddy, please forgive me…I’m not a bad person!”

He chucked sinisterly. “Not a bad person? You let your best friend’s boyfriend impregnate you.”

“Ex-boyfriend! He broke up with her last night!”

He rolled his eyes and placed his hands on his hips. “But they were still dating at the date of conception, were they not?”

I bowed my head, mortified. “Yes, father.”

He turned around so that his back was facing me. “Get out. Take your things and get out of my house. I never want to see you again.”

I felt beşiktaş eve gelen escort like he had ripped my heart of my chest, but stood up and started to walk towards my bedroom, anyway. I noticed Anneka tip-toeing her way out of the house, and I couldn’t blame her.

My mother sat down on the living room sofa, beginning to cry. “My–my innocent little girl…” She sobbed, to no one in particular.

When I reached my bedroom, I felt numb. Knowing that I needed to hurry up and gather my stuff, I took a few deep breaths, wiped my tears, and got to work. I didn’t have any cardboard boxes to pack with, so I used the garbage bags under my sink. I emptied out my desk and closet, but didn’t have time to do any more before I heard my door open.

My father stepped through the doorway and slammed the door behind him. He stood infront of me, arms crossed over his chest. “Your mother’s a wreck.”

I sighed. “I know. I’m sorry, Dad.”

He approached me, grabbing a lock of my hair and yanking me toward him. “You’ve ruined this family.”

I whimpered. “I-I said I’m sorry…”

“That’s not good enough.” He whispered in my ear. His voice almost didn’t sound human, and rage seeped through his words. “I still haven’t told you my punishment.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. “You’re kicking me out…isn’t that punishment enough?” I squeaked.

“That was me showing mercy. I’m going to give you your punishment now.” He let go of my hair, and I fell back. “Kneel.”

Not wanting to provoke my father’s wrath, I obeyed his command. My face was now at level with his crotch, and was surprised to see a sizeable bulge in his dress pants. My mind raced. What did he want with me? Deep down in the back of my head, I knew. My pussy must have known, too, because it started to moisten.

I watched anxiously as my dad undid his zipper. His pants fell off his hips onto the floor, and he stepped out of the rumpled pile. “You’re going to do whatever I say, understand?” Ethan asked.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good.” He responded. “Now take out my cock.”

I gulped for air. His cock? My own father’s dick? What did he want me to do with it? Once again, I knew the answer to my own question.

With shaky hands, I fumbled with my dad’s underwear, feeling around the waistband. My fingers finding the crease, I pulled them down. Ethan’s erection sprung loose.

As his underwear dropped to the ground, I got a good look at my father’s package. His penis was long, thick, and wrinkly. His balls hung low and heavy, and I guessed that his length was about ten inches, maybe more.

Ethan kicked his underwear off and grabbed the back of my head with his right hand. “Kiss it.”

I nodded, aroused, and pressed my puckered lips to the tip of his cock. My dad sighed.

“Good girl. Now suck it.”

I let my lips part, and felt his throbbing dick on my warm, wet, tongue. I continued to press my mouth down on the thing until it was prodding at the back of my throat, then removed it all the way to the head, slurping as I did. Keeping the tip in my mouth, I suckled on it gently. The taste was salty, and I swallowed his musky pre-cum.

“Good, good. What a good slut. Now get on the bed.”

I stood up and moved across the room, sitting down on the side of my bed obediently.

“Take off your shirt.” He instructed.

I lifted my t-shirt over my head, exposing my front-hook push-up bra. I flung the shirt onto the ground and looked up into my Dad’s eyes.

“Now your jeans.”

I nodded and removed my pants. My bra and underwear were a matching shade of purple, both decorated with floral lace.

My father approached me, putting both his hands on my shoulders and pushing me beşiktaş grup yapan escort so that I was now laying down on my soft bed. “You have huge tits, whore.” Without taking his hands off my shoulders, he kissed the top of my left boob.

He deftly undid the clip of my bra, and the two cups fell to the side, revealing my naked breasts. My nipples were hard from the chill of the air-conditioning.

His mouth returned to my breast, this time taking my nipple into his mouth and sucking harshly. He nibbled a bit on the tip, and I arched my back and gasped. “Daddy!”

“I’m going to fuck you, slut. You need to be taught a lesson.”

My cunt gushed, and I was sure that my vaginal juices had soaked through my lavender panties. “Fuck me, Daddy, please. Teach me a lesson…”

My dad took his hands off my shoulder and used them to tear my thin lace underwear off me, exposing my labia to the cool air. He angled his cock head at my entrance, and pushed it inside me. I moaned loudly at the feeling.

“You like that, whore? You like the way your dad’s cock feels inside your used cunt?” He demanded, starting to thrust in and out of me.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Please, harder!”

Ethan smirked. “Careful what you wish for.”

With those words, his thrusts became more fast, sloppy, and hard. His old, wrinkly balls slapped against my naked ass. He grunted, and I fell into my first orgasm. “Aaaaaaahhh!” I screamed, before his hand clamped down over my mouth.

“Quiet, whore, or your mother will hear.”

I nodded in understanding and closed my mouth. He lifted his hand off my mouth and placed it on my right boob, pinching my nipple. It stung, and I had to bite down on my lower lip so as not to scream again.

“You shouldn’t have screamed. Now I have to punish you.” He pulled his dick out of my pussy with a ‘pop!’ and I whined in disappointment at the feeling of emptiness. My dad chuckled. “Have you ever had your ass fucked, slut?”

My eyes widened. “No, Daddy, I haven’t…”

“Good. God wants me to punish you by taking your anal virginity. And who am I to deny the will of God?” He spoke those words while rubbing his cock up and down with lube. I couldn’t figure out where he had gotten it. Did he have it with him when he came into my room?

After he was sufficiently lubed up, his hands guided me off my back and onto my stomach, so that I was now resting face-first on my bed, my legs and ass hanging off the side. I felt him guide his third leg between my ass cheeks, and I braced myself for the pain that I had always associated with anal sex.

It didn’t come.

What came instead, was me. The feeling of my sphincter being filled up with my fathers cock caused me to experience an orgasm different from any other I’d ever felt. My dad thrusted in and out, with increasing force, and I bit down on my sheets to keep from moaning and screaming loud enough to wake an entire neighborhood.

“Daddy!” I gasped as I felt his entire length enter and leave my body. I came again at the sensation. “Oh, God!” I exclaimed as quietly as I possibly could.

My father grunted before burying his cock in my asshole for a final time, this time releasing his thick, white load of cum–the same cum that had impregnated my mother with me. What an erotic thought.

He slipped his cock out of me, and I sighed, exhausted. He stepped back and gave my rump and forceful smack. “You’ve been sufficiently punished, now hurry up and finish packing so that you can leave. Filthy whore.” He hissed, and, without putting his pants or underwear back on, stormed out of the room. I wondered if he was on his way to fuck my mother now.

I filled the garbage bags with the rest of my stuff, including my bedside drawer of dildos. After everything had been packed up, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Anneka. She answered on the first ring.

“Jess?! Oh my God, I’m so sorry for abandoning you! Are you okay!?”

I felt my sore ass with one hand and recounted the events that had lead up to that moment. “Yeah, Anneka I’m fine. But…I need a place to stay.”


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