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My Best Mates Mum

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I was 15 at the time. Big for my age 5’10”, solid build, boyishly good looking and captain of the football team. My sexual adventures began at 13 so I was not a virgin but certainly not an expert. My name is Mike but everyone calls me Mikey something I accept even if it sounds a little gay. I have a nice size cock, about 7”but what I lack in length, I make up in girth. My cock head is as round as a ripe plum and the shaft the same. My balls would be XXL if there is such a thing as ball measurements. There’s an inch between my finger tip and thumb when I wank and most chicks say it’s too big. Now this will sound like a lie but believe me it’s true. I can cum three times without losing my erection, go for hours and when I cum it’s in bucket loads and goes the length of the bed! This also puts a lot of chicks off. So there I was, most popular guy in the school and the only one without a date.
That weekend I was staying at my best mates place. Peter and I had started school together and become really close. His family had a hundred acre property on the edge of town, a huge house with indoor pool and best of all..dirt bikes that Pete and I thrashed through the scrub. There was a pool table and entertainment centre so no matter what the weather, there was always something to do. It was raining when I arrived. My older sister didn’t want to take her new car up the muddy dirt driveway so I got out at the gate and began the long walk to the house. It was late afternoon and by the time I got there I was soaked and cold so when Pete’s mum Carol opened the door I must have looked like a drowned rat.
Now Carol is about 33. She had Pete at 18. She is quite tall and slender, almost skinny but has medium firm tits and long smooth legs. Carol is really pretty in a sophisticated sort of way. The family is very wealthy and she has that high society accent. I almost feel I’m in Buckingham Palace when she talks and she gets quite upset with Pete and I when we use slang. She has long silky blonde hair, pouty lips and ebony eyes that seem to always sparkle.
“Mikey, good gosh boy, did you walk up here? Come in and get those muddy shoes off. Pete and his dad have gone to grans place and will be back in the morning. Poor thing had a fall and Tom ( Petes dad) wants to make sure she’s ok by herself. So it’s just you and me tonight. I think you should get up to your room and have a nice hot shower. Off you go.”
I climbed the stairs to “my” room. Everything in this house is huge. I went in to the familiar king size bed and giant bathroom. There is a open shower in one corner, no screens or curtains. A toilet and bidet in another corner and a vanity and dressing table against the opposing wall. I stepped into the bathroom, dropped my wet bag and stripped off. I felt the warm central heating flow over me and moved to the shower. I stood under the water and began to thaw turning around giving front and back equal time. I always pull off in the shower, have done ever since I discovered how much cum I shoot. Straight down the drain, no mess so I take my cock and begin to stroke slowly. No rush, Carol will be fixing dinner and watching tv. Thinking of her got me instantly hard. I could see her in her bikini all shiny and wet, her nipples sticking out and her mound pushing against the silky material. I was rubbing a little faster now picturing a naked Carol in my mind so I closed my eyes and fanaticised her hand on my thick dick. I don’t know how, but a minute later I felt a presence in the room and I opened my eyes to see Carol standing in the doorway with clean towels. She was unashamedly staring at my cock. I took my hand off quickly but that only showed all my thick penis and huge balls and now her eyes opened wider and without any hesitation she walked to the dresser, put down the towels and turned to face me.
“That’s the most beautiful thingy I’ve ever seen.” She almost whispered. “can I touch it Mikey, please, please let me, I’ve always dreamed of holding a big thingy.” She was looking me in the eyes waiting for my answer but I was totally not ready for this and I just stood there, my rock hard cock pointing straight at her, my head spinning. The little guys in my head were doing their yes/no yes/no thing and Carol solved the dilemma by slowly stepping towards me till she stood only a foot away and reached for my boyhood with one hand. As soon as she touched me I gasped. She had long fingers but couldn’t wrap her hand around that fat cock so she used her other hand as well and started to explore by lifting it as if she was weighing it and then she kind of walked her finger tips from the knob to the base and down under my swollen balls. She held one in each hand then slid her hands either side of my meat all the way back to that big round smooth head. There was a glob of precum at my cock eye and as she squeezed it drooled out and hung in a long slimy strand swaying from side to side till gravity won and it dropped to the floor. Carol had not stopped watching my cock since she first held it and now looked up at me and said “it’s so thick Mikey. So hard and those balls look really full. Can I empty them for you. I want to see you shoot your load. Is that ok?” By now she could have asked me to swallow a cat whole and I would have said yes so I just nodded my head and she burst into a big smile and said the most girlish thing. “oh goody”. We were so involved in the moment that neither of us realised how wet her clothes were and to my surprise Carol pulled off her top and bra and stepped out of her shorts and panties. My dream was coming true. Carol stood before me naked and giggled at the look on my face. “you like?” and again I could only nod. Her suntan made it look like she was wearing a white bikini. I saw those perky tits for the first time. Large round pink areoles with small nipples and they were wide apart so there was no cleavage. I had never seen pink areoles before so I guess I spent more than a moment checking this anomaly out. My eyes finally traced a line down her belly to her mound. There was a tuft of curly blond hair but from this angle I could not see any lower. Carol moved forward again and put one hand on my dick and the other under my balls and started stroking my shaft. I have had lots of hands play with my meat but this was somehow different. The way Carol cradled my cock in her palm sent shivers through me and her other hand squeezed one ball at a time. Her rhythm grew quicker and she tightened her grip. I usually have excellent control but my cock was throbbing , my balls aching and I was watching my best mates mum giving me a hand job. Precum ran out of my cockeye into her hand and the extra slime was pushing me to the edge. Carol could feel how close I was and stopped. I almost cried but then another part of my dream came true. She pulled me out from under the water and sank to her knees, opened her mouth wide and swallowed my knob. Carol moved her head around till she had the angle she wanted and slid half of me into her mouth, stopped for a second and then took the rest till my balls were pushing onto her chin. My already sensitive head was down her throat and I was building up to a monster orgasm. Carol began sliding her mouth up and down my shaft. She was still playing with my balls but now moved her other hand around me and pushed a finger tip into my bum hole. I jerked my hips in surprise and then I felt her finger going deeper and deeper till all of it was up there. At that age I had no idea about prostate massage but now I realise why that finger felt so good moving around inside my arse. Carol was looking up into my eyes for confirmation I was ok with what she was doing and I nodded and the sight of my dick stretching her lips was too much. ”Mrs Kelly, if I cum in your mouth I’ll drown you. I cum heaps.” But that just made her suck harder and slide faster and I yelled “oh shit, I’m going to cum. Fuck Mrs Kelly don’t stop. Here it cums.” And I exploded into her sucking mouth. The first stream was so big it filled her mouth till her cheeks swelled and she gagged trying to swallow as much as she could but the second shot was as big and white slimy boy cream gushed past her lips down my shaft. Carol had pulled her mouth off my jerking penis and spat a cupful of sperm onto her tits. Another spurt of white goo shot onto her forehead and into her hair, then ran down her nose and into her empty mouth. This lady obviously loved eating cum so she was feasting and quickly put me back in there still trying to take more and more cum but it was mission impossible and the creamy goo ran down her chin onto her tits and down her belly onto her hairy mound where it pooled for a second before running down over her cunt flaps. I almost blacked out so intense was my orgasm. My knees were shaking so hard I couldn’t stand and kocaeli escort as Carol sucked the last drops out of my cock eye I slid down to the floor. She kept my cock in her mouth and now I was sitting with her head buried in my lap. She slid her finger out of my arse and pushed it upward towards my throbbing balls then she gripped my shaft at the base between her finger and thumb and pulled up along my shaft forcing the last drops out of my cum tube and onto her tongue. I was totally spent and she finally lifted her cum covered face and said “not possible. Nobody could have that much sperm. My god Mikey I won’t be needing tea I’m so full of your cream.” “ I did warn you mrs K. Was it ok, I mean cumming so much and all.” “Your spunk is the nicest I’ve ever tasted. So young and fresh. And I love the feel of what I can’t swallow running down my body. I almost came when that hot spunk ran through my pussy flaps. Yes baby, it was totally ok.” I felt so good I recovered quickly and stood up lifting Carol with me. We stepped under the water and washed all the goo off and that’s when Carol noticed my cock was still rock hard and gasped “how? How can you have just cum and still be hard. You beautiful boy.” Her hand went down and gripped my shaft as if she was making sure she wasn’t dreaming. My cock twitched at her touch and began to throb and she giggled at my reaction then her face went serious and she asked “Mikey, are you a virgin. Have you had a fuck yet?” “Well sort of yes and no. All the girls I take out are really young and when they see the size of my erection it’s no way and I’m lucky to get a hand job and when they get covered in a bucket of slime they don’t usually come back for seconds. There was one chick that took about half my dick up her but after about a minute she made me pull out ‘cause it was hurting too much. So it’s no, I haven’t cum inside a girl yet. Does that make me still a virgin?” “Yes. My God, I just sucked off a 15 year old virgin. Mikey, how would you feel if I asked you to cum in me?” I looked at her and could see she was expecting me to say no. Carol must have been thinking that I was thinking I was only 15, illegal, she was the same age as my mum and I was frightened of taking this further. I didn’t say anything mainly ‘cause I couldn’t find the right words and she looked embarrassed and turned to leave but I reached out and pulled her back against me and said in a very shaky voice “I have wanted to fuck you from the first time I saw you. I dream about you and often when I wank, it’s you I’m thinking of. So if you want me as much as I want you, I’ll cum in your pussy so much you’ll leak my cream for a week.” She was all smiles now. I could feel her shivering in anticipation almost desperation. She turned the water off saying “now. Right here.” and bent over in front of me. “fuck me Mikey. Stick that thick thingy in my cunt.” And the end of my dream was about to happen. Carol reached down between her legs and took my shaft in her hand and guided the head between her cunt flaps. They were big and hung down about an inch so she had to pull them apart with her thumb and forefinger. As soon as my knob was inside her opening she pushed back with her hips and I slid into her in one long glide till my balls were resting on her cunt. She stiffened as I stretched her hole but soon I felt her relax and she turned her head, looked into my eyes and hissed “fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me so hard it hurts.” And with those words ringing in my ears I pulled back and drove into her wet slimy hot cave with all my might. I held her hips and pulled her onto my thick meat with each thrust. There was no love here just raw lust. Nothing gentle and I pounded her relentlessly. Carol was one of those lucky girls that cum quickly and she was screaming “yes..yes..fuck yesssss.” and squirted cunt juice all up my shaft and balls and belly. It ran down my legs onto the floor and soon I was standing in a pool of warm slippery slim but I didn’t stop and nor did she. Moments later she screamed “again. I’m cumming again. Fuuckkkkkk” and that spurned me on. I wanted to see how many times she would cum before begging me to stop. There wasn’t as much cunt juice this time but enough to make the pool bigger and more slippery. Carols heels lifted off the floor with each thrust and she had bent so far forward her hands were on the floor steadying her body. Her firm tits bounced in time with my cock and my balls slapped her mound with a loud clapping noise. I felt her cunt swelling again and she screamed a long “yyyeeeesss.” and erupted again her cunt clenching and unclenching, sucking my dick into her soaking hole. There was hardly any juice this time, she was almost drained but she was still wet, slimy and hot. I think we fucked for about fifteen minutes straight and I lost count of the orgasms that racked her body. I had been watching my fat dick sliding in and out of her stretched pussy and her cunt flaps were beginning to turn red and swollen and puffy and suddenly I felt a flash of guilt and I asked “you ok mrs Kelly. Am I hurting you?” Carol turned her head to look up at me. She was covered in sweat, her hair tangled and sticking to her face. There was saliva dripping from her lips and her eyes were glazed. She didn’t answer my question. “One more Mikey, one more. Please make me cum one more time.” It was almost a challenge rather than a request. The guilt feeling was instantly gone. A new feeling of total power took over. I went animal. I didn’t think it possible but now I pushed into her harder and faster, the slapping noise from my balls on her mound was now a continuous clapping. We were both sliding around on the cum covered floor. Sweat ran into my eyes and down my back into my bum cheeks and I was gasping for breath. She started to moan “oh God yes, yes. Cum with me baby, I can’t stand much more of this. My cunt’s on fire. Cum inside me, I’m almost there.” I willed my restraints to OFF and blow mode ON. I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and knew I was on my way. Carol yelled “quick Mikey, hurry, I’m so close.” And she began the skyrocket ride to orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably , bucking her hips and tossing her head yelling “I can’t hold back any longer baby, cum with me, squirt Mikey, squirt.” I felt my cock swell and harden. My ball bag tightened, my heart was pounding and I stiffened arching my back and felt my cream racing up my shaft. I exploded into her hosing her cunt walls with the gooy hot slime, squirt after squirt and Carol felt the sudden heat and wetness and fullness and screamed “fuck yes, oh my God yessss.” I had thought her drained but cunt juice was spraying everywhere and covering us both and I just kept squirting into her cave my shaft covered in a mix of both our juices that were being pumped out by my thrusting and her cunt walls clenching and unclenching. Carol’s orgasm finished before mine so I was still pushing past those swollen, bruised cunt flaps when she said “no more, God no more.” And she slid forward so my cock pulled out of her with a loud slurping glug as she collapsed to the floor. She lay there on her belly, panting, her arse slick with sweat, spunk and cunt juice. Big strands of thick white boy cream oozed out between those puffy pussy flaps and stretched downward to join the other mess on the floor. I was kneeling behind her now also panting, my dick still sticking out twitching and dribbling the last of my goo. Carol twisted into a sitting position facing me. She glanced at my still stiff penis and shook her head then she got on her knees and spread them apart. She put her hand under her gaping hole and pushed down hard with her cunt muscles. A frothy white puddle soon filled her palm and she shuffled forward on her knees till we were touching. She lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked in the entire puddle. What happened next was so unexpected I didn’t have time to react and stop it. Carol lent forward and placed her mouth over mine forcing her tongue between my lips and the contents of her mouth were flowing into mine and when she was satisfied we each had half she pulled her face away and I watched her swallow. “your turn Mikey. Taste what we made.” I hesitated for a second, closed my eyes and let the goo slip down my throat. I didn’t like the slimy feel but the taste was a little salty and not unpleasant. Carol clapped and cheered and gave me a big hug. She told me “I have never been fucked so hard in my life. I have never cum so hard and so often ever. I don’t think I could have gone on for another second. I have never seen, tasted or felt so much sperm. You are amazing and I have a very sore pussy. So you will have to help me up so we can clean each other and this floor. My knees are still shaking, my cunt is still throbbing and I feel like an empty beer bottle..totally drained.” I helped darıca escort Carol up and turned the shower on. Mind you I wasn’t in much better shape than her so we sort of leant against each other as we washed. The floor somehow got done and we lay side by side on the king bed cuddled into each other and drifted off into that hazy dreamy afterglow that comes after sex. We drifted off into a deep sleep and it was several hours before we woke.
It was dark, night had snuck up on us. I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. Carol squinted at the sudden light then put her lips on mine and kissed me softly, gently and for a long minute sliding her mouth slightly from side to side, only the tip of her tongue touching mine. It was a lovers kiss and it frightened me a little. Was the mother of my best mate falling in love with me? We paused for a breath and this time it was me who kissed her. I had never kissed like this before. My whole body was reacting, tingling, shaking, my pulse racing and now I was really scared ‘cause I realised I was falling in love with her. When our lips finally parted I said “mrs Kelly, I need to…” “Mikey, call me by my name ok. Call me Carol. I would like that lots ok.” I looked into her eyes and said “I think I love you Carol.” She smiled and answered “I know I love you and I don’t want this to end but we can’t change our lives and we need to be very careful. If anyone finds out we could lose our families and be in big trouble. You know that, right?” I nodded and we kissed again both knowing we were about to start a dangerous adventure. “I wanted to make love all night Mikey but I’m too sore so you will have to settle for another head job.” I reached down and touched her pussy, it was hot and puffy. She pulled back quickly “Ouch.” I moved down between her legs and pushed them gently apart and now I was looking at those big flaps that were purple with bruises and twice their size all swollen and dark red. Even her clit was covered by the swelling and I slowly pulled her cunt lips open. “ouch Mikey that hurts.” and I looked inside, her hole was totally squeezed close and was also an angry red. I moved back up beside her and cuddled her tight.” It’s ok Carol, I can wait.” “Maybe you can but I can’t. How do you feel about anal sex Mikey? Does it bother you thinking about your thingy inside my bum? I really like being fucked in my arse.” “Carol, I just almost split your pussy. I don’t think I’d fit in there.” “Can we try Mikey. There is some pain I just love. You may not understand that right now but I honestly love sexual pain. My bum can stretch more than my cunt. I know it will hurt but can we do it, please baby?” The thought of shit on my dick was a turn off but Carol wanted it and I was inquisitive as to how it would feel being in some ones bowel and suddenly I was all excited and rock hard. “ok Carol. We’ll try, but if..” “no Mikey. I want you to push in quick and hard. I don’t want you to stop for anything even if I tell you to. I don’t want you to hold back ‘cause if I cum my sore cunt will sting like hell. I want you to fill me quickly and as many times as you can. Promise me baby, that’s what you’ll do. I know you love me and don’t want to hurt me but you must not stop till you can’t go on or I pass out. Promise me. I want to be your slut, your whore, your cumbucket and if I do pass out help yourself to my unconscious body. I’m all yours. Now in the top draw of my bedside table is a tube of lube. We are definitely going to need it.” I rolled away from her and headed to her bedroom my cock sticking out and swaying from side to side. As well as the lube there were dildos, crutchless panties and butt plugs in that draw but I was on a mission and no time to explore. Carol was on her back so I told her to roll on her side. “I’m going to spread lube on the inside and outside of those swollen flaps Carol so that when I’m pushing into your bum you won’t chafe ok?” She nodded and I began smearing her entire cunt region with the slimy cream while she bit her bottom lip and clenched her fists and made little oww noises. That having been done I pushed the end of the tube against her puckered bum hole and squeezed a huge dollop half in and half out of her hole and then I pushed a finger inside her and began spreading it in circles. Carol was pushing against my finger and grabbed my hand somehow managing to manoeuvre two more fingers up her arse. Now she was wriggling around on the bed with three of my fingers all the way in. I wriggled my fingers and pushed in till all her hole was coated in lube. She grabbed my cock and pushed my fingers out of the way with my knob putting my cockeye against her hole. I didn’t move forward but squeezed more lube onto my throbbing bulb and rubbed it over my rim and shaft. We were spooning trying to find the right angle and I felt half my cock head push in. Carol stiffened and said “now baby, shove it in. Remember your promise. Hurt me. Make me your slut.” I took a deep breath and lunged forward as hard as I could. For a second nothing happened except my dick began to bend but then my whole thick 7” speared into her bowel. Carol screamed..I mean really screamed. She clutched at her butt cheek trying to spread her hole wider. “my God that hurts. It hurts so good. I love you Mikey, fuck my arse.” and she was sobbing but not crying. Carol was really getting off from the pain and I kept my promise shafting her without holding back. My cock slid almost all the way out but the ridge on my knob couldn’t get past her sphincter so I sort of pulled her toward me with my dick and then I drove back in. I suddenly remembered she wanted me to cum quickly and often so I watched her stretched bum hole sliding on my shaft and lost my first load. I spewed shot after shot of hot boy cream into that hole and when I was finished I stopped pumping for no other reason than to let her know I had cum but somehow she knew and was nodding her head to a chant of “yes, yes, yes.” I started fucking her again, her arse was now making a squelching sound each time I pushed in and a gurgling noise as I pulled out. Carol was covered in sweat and still hurting. Each time I slid into her my balls slapped her bruised flaps and she flinched. My cock was churning sperm into a froth inside her and it almost felt like fucking a bucket of porridge. My second orgasm came unexpectedly quickly but twice as intense. More and more white slime pumped into Carol’s arse and again I stopped to announce my delivery. Carol was almost limp now and straightened her legs trying to roll onto her tummy and escape my pounding penis. I let her roll but rolled with her now laying on top of her my legs on the outside of hers and I sort of lifted and squatted and shoved back into her. “no Mikey, no more. The pains gone and if you keep going I’ll cum and squirt and burn my cunt. Stop baby, please stop.” She had instructed me to not stop no matter what so I put my hands onto the middle of her back holding her down and now I was holding back my next orgasm determined to make her squirt and scald her flaps and let her clench and unclench that swollen hole which would be as painful as the burn. I was almost spent but dug deep and found enough energy to rip into her watching her bum cheeks spread and close as I shafted her. “stop it, stop it, oh shit I’m cumming. Don’t let me cum baby. Oh no, no, no..here it cums. Fucken hell.” and she erupted, bucking her hips and screaming , spraying cunt juice all over her thighs, some leaking between her legs onto my dick. Mission accomplished I closed my eyes and exploded into her. So intense was my orgasm I finally realised why she liked the pain. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and I had crossed that line. My cock was so tender it hurt but in a different way. I had to get it out of Carol’s arse before the pain became real pain so I pulled back and my still stiff prick stopped when my knob rim wouldn’t get past her sphincter and I pulled so hard I felt my dick getting longer and suddenly it shot out slapping my belly with a loud clap and I almost fainted with the pain. Carol also gasped as my dick stretched her on its journey out and fighting the pain she crawled from under me and straddled me with her back to me. I could see her hole was still wide open and the rim was angry red and swollen matching her cunt flaps. She pushed down with her arse muscles and a gallon of my cum streamed out of her bum onto my belly. She sort of crawled backwards up toward my face leaking long strands of white slime from my pubic hair to my chest and finally she collapsed onto me sliding around on cunt juice and boy cream. Her face rested on my soft dick and her cunt was just below my chin. We laid like that for a long time, me too exhausted to move and her too sore to move gölcük escort but finally we twisted and turned and lay in each other’s arms. We kissed long and slow “that was amazing darling” she whispered and almost in unison we fell asleep without saying another word.
The phone ringing in Carol’s room woke us. She stumbled out of bed clutching her pussy so the flaps wouldn’t rub but she was still going “ouch, ouch, ouch.” as she ran bow legged out the door. She returned in a little while walking slowly, legs spread, still holding her pussy. “the boys are on their way. They’ll be here in two hours.” She was standing naked at the foot of the bed all covered in dry cum, her silky hair matted, her pubic tuft flat and stuck to her mound. I was laying on my back my soft cock resting on my thigh. She came and sat next to me and I felt her body heat and I could smell our sex oozing from her skin.” “we need to clean up baby, not much time. Oh God Mikey, you’re not are you?” and she watched as my soft dick swelled and grew stiffer till it was as hard as a baseball bat. “I can’t help it Carol. You turn me on anytime so sitting next to me on a bed naked is enough to bust my balls.” She smiled and asked “how quick can you cum?” and I smiled back “with you Carol I can beat the world record for quick.” She giggled and knelt between my legs and lowered those pouting lips over my throbbing cock head. Carol took the shaft in her hand and began to stroke the lower half while she slurped and sucked my knob and upper half. Her long hair cascaded over my belly and as her head bobbed up and down it swirled in circles and tickled me in the most sensual sensitive way. I didn’t need to try to be quick, Carol was a master at sucking cock and she went faster and harder till my ball bag tightened, my shaft thickened and my knob oozed precum.” God yes Carol..get ready ..here it comes.” She takes my balls in her other hand and squeezes and I flood her mouth with boy cream bucking my hips trying to push my meat further into her mouth and she responds by taking her hand off my shaft and sinking all of it till my knob is down her throat and she’s gagging but not letting go. The last of my sperm doesn’t even touch her mouth but leaks down her throat where my cock head is buried. Carol needs to breath so she slides my dick out and takes a huge gasp of air throwing her head back and I see my cum all over her chin and she has a triumphant gleam in her eyes. She glances at the bedside clock “3 minutes. Not bad.” “how quick can you cum Carol. If I lick just your clit can you beat my 3 minutes?” “I’m too tender Mikey.” “let’s at least try. You must be horny as hell after that.” and she nodded “yep I’m already dripping and it doesn’t sting too bad but if I can’t cum in 5 minutes we need to stop, ok?” We swap places and she puts her hands behind her knees and pulls her legs right up. I can see all of her cunt and bum and this is the come fuck me position so I feel my cock spring back to life. I lean forward and very gently part her flaps exposing her already stiff clit. The swelling is still covering some of it but there’s enough sticking out to lick so I bend further and touch the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue. Carol shivers and sighs and lifts her head to watch. I lick as much of that clit as I can without touching those sore flaps my tongue swirling around the little shaft then licking top and bottom. Carol’s starting to shake and moan so I suck her clit into my mouth and lick the tip while it’s in there. She is getting close and the sensation on her clit must have been over riding the pain in her flaps ‘cause she pulls my face into her cunt and arches her back. Her hips are off the bed and she holds this position not moving a muscle, holding her breath then suddenly she breathes out and lifts a little higher “oh my Lord I’m going to explode Mikey.” And she did. “hold your breath baby or you’ll drown.” Cunt juice was spraying all over my face, it was in my eyes, my hair, up my nose even in my ears. It was running over my chest and dripping off onto Carol and the sheets. She stopped squirting for about ten seconds, lifted her hips again then pushed my face away just as the biggest spray shot out. “yes,yes,yeeesss.”It went over my shoulder and landed on my back drenching me, running off me in hot streams. Carol collapsed back onto the bed so I crawled forward on my knees till they touched her arse. She lifted her head again and saw my stiff cock sticking out. I took it in my hand and began stroking up and down my shaft. As she watched me wank my thick dick she put her legs around my bum and her hand under my balls softly chanting “cum on my tits Mikey, cum on me, cum on me.” I jerked harder feeling her squeezing me and now I feel the cum boiling in my balls and I point at her tits. The first rope of cream arks out of my cock eye and splatters on her left breast, the second floats over to cover her right breast and the rest I didn’t care where it went so I just closed my eyes and emptied shot after shot till there was only a dribble left. I opened my eyes and Carol was wiping cum out of her eyes and off her face and a long strand of slime hung off the bed head. “ fucken hell Mikey, where did that come from? You’re a rotten shot you know that?” We laughed and finally began the cleanup. First the bed and floor that somehow got spunked. The bathroom was next and last of all we stood under the shower shampooing and wiping. I was surprised I didn’t get a hard on but I guess knowing we would only be alone for another hour had put a damper on my passion and we dried off and got dressed. Carol was in serious discomfort and walked bowlegged so I told her to lose the shorts and find a full length light skirt. There was no baby oil in the house so I helped Carol down the stairs to the kitchen. She showed me where the cooking oil was and looked at me a little confused. “during footy season I get jock rash..that’s a rash between my thighs and balls. I tried all the creams and lotions but none really worked. Then, one night I was pulling off in bed and covered my cock and balls in oil and next day no rash. Well not exactly but I could walk without the chafing. So Carol I’m gonna lube your flaps with oil and make the hurt a little less. That’s why the long dress and no panties. Ok?” “and if I sit on the b.b.q. you can have crispy a la cart Carol. Ok Mikey, lets give it a shot.” I was almost finished rubbing the oil into a squirming Carol when the boys arrived. The oil disappeared , down went the skirt and I was still washing my hands when Pete came running in to give me a big hug. He was just one of those touching people and I’m bisexual so it didn’t bother me at all. His dad followed and waved a hello. I waved back and just then Carol got out of her chair to welcome Tom home but as she stood she grabbed her pussy through her skirt and said “ouch.” Tom just stared at his wife standing in front of three guys holding onto her cunt and biting her bottom lip. ”what’s wrong hon. What’s happened?” he asked. “ Oh Tom, I’m so silly. Mikey and I took the bikes out yesterday and I was showing off a little so I didn’t see the branch till I was on top of it. Well I remembered what you taught me and stood up but I came down just as the bike was coming up and it hit me really hard right on the you know what and I’m all swollen and bruised down there. It’s really painful just walking.” She was word perfect. We had rehearsed this storey while I oiled her cunt and both boys had swallowed it. “gee mom, you should be more careful. You need to fold a towel and stick it in your pants.” Tom gave Carol a cuddle and said “bugger, I was hoping for some..” and he whispered the rest in her ear. “no way Tom but I could give you a nice long..” and she whispered into his ear and Tom smiled and said “can’t wait honey.”
The rest of the weekend went quickly and soon my sis was here to take me home. I chucked my backpack into the boot, shook hands, hugged and kissed. Carol held me a little longer than usual and said “goodby Mikey.” I looked into those beautiful eyes and said “goodby Carol.” and suddenly three pair of eyes were staring at me then at her and she blushed and went inside. Nothing was said till we were driving home and big sis looked at me and said “Carol? Tell me you didn’t fuck mrs Kelly. Well did you?” I just shrugged and turned my head away. Gail said “you did didn’t you? And I’ve been trying to get you to fuck me for years.” “you want me to fuck you? Your my sister for Christs sake.” “that’s right and I love you. That should make it alright. Besides I’ve seen you naked and I’ve heard the stories.” I stared at Gail for a long time. I could see she was uncomfortable and she was shifting in her seat. What the hell I thought..I’d just fucked a 33 year old mum..an 18 year old sister would be a real bonus. “Gail, if you are sure about this then I guess we should do it.” She smiled and we did..right there in the car..but that’s another story. ©

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