May 11

My Best Shot?

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I let myself in. All is quiet. Maybe you’re not home. Then I hear a muffled noise coming from the bedroom and go to investigate…

As I stand in the doorway I’m greeted by the fantastic sight of you lying on your side on the bed, completely naked. What’s more, I’m pretty sure that you haven’t heard me come in. Firstly, because you have your back to me and you’re completely engrossed in something on your laptop. And, secondly, because you don’t stop frantically plunging your fingers in and out of your soaking pussy and ass. And judging by how wet you are and the volume of your gasps, I’m also pretty sure that I’ve arrived at just the right time.

Fuck me, Eva, what a welcome this is.

My cock goes rock hard instantly and starts to twitch and strain uncomfortably against my jeans.

I’m absolutely mesmerised by you. It’s enthralling to watch you so uninhibited, so free, doing exactly what you please in order to satisfy yourself. The more closely I watch you and the more intensely I crave your body, the deeper into a giddy güvenilir bahis stupor I seem to drift. It feels like the blood surging to engorge my cock is being diverted from the only remaining lucid part of my brain and rendered me completely consumed by want.

Time seems to have slowed to a crawl. Even my rapid heartbeat has been reduced to a slow, hypnotic double-thump. Your long, wet fingers have ceased their rapid action and now seem to be slowly sliding back and forth in perfect, glistening unison. I watch your lovely breasts lazily bounce against one another, with your delicious, stiff nipples pointing directly at your screen. And the creamy white surface of your large, round bottom and the backs of your thighs slowly ripple each time you ease your fingers inside you.

I’d love to kneel behind you and grasp those gorgeous, full buttocks, kneading and biting them, feeling their softness in my hands and tasting their musky sweetness on my lips. I’d love to part them and gaze at the dark, puckered circle of your asshole and have you türkçe bahis tremble and sigh with anticipation as you feel my warm, eager breath only millimetres away from you. I’d love to press my rigid cock up to your pussy and let my helmet nuzzle its way to your slippery opening and then slowly slide every single inch of my thick shaft inside you. I’d love to feel your bottom slap against my stomach and hear the slurp of your pussy as you arch your back, taking my entire length deep inside you, as we fuck hard and fast. I’d love to have you squirm and yelp as you tense your ass and pussy, squeezing my cock and milking out every last drop of my hot cum. And then, I’d love to have you running your lips and tongue up and down my saturated, spent cock, sucking and licking it clean of the delicious cocktail of our cum, as I bury my face in between your legs and do the same to your pussy. But the sight of you giving yourself so much pleasure keeps me rooted to the spot, desperate to see more. And then, as a trickle of syrupy pre-cum seeps from my cock, I’m güvenilir bahis siteleri jolted back up to speed.

I claw and grasp at my buttocks and squeeze my balls as I furiously tug on my cock. My helmet is slick with my own juices and ready to burst. Together, we have become a soaking, jerking mass of frenetic hands and fingers and thrashing bodies, wanking ourselves to an incredible and explosive conclusion. Then, for the briefest of moments, you fall silent. A wonderful, telling silence that can only mean one thing. And, as your orgasm grips your body, you break that silence with a cry that has me shaking and spraying a fountain of warm, silky spunk all over your side and back. You look over your shoulder, surprised and still gasping for air, and watch me yanking away at my cock, dappling your ass with even more milky cum. As you drop your head, trying to compose yourself, I see what it was that you were looking at on your laptop. It’s the picture of me and my cock, post-wank and dribbling cum that I emailed you whilst I was away yesterday.

I look down at that very same cock as the last drops of spunk ooze out of me and then smile at you.

“It was just like you were right here in the room with me.” You say, with a grin, putting your fingers to your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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