Mar 30

My Birthday Present

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When my dad married my step mom almost ten years ago, I thought it was the most unfair thing in the entire universe. It was hard enough to lose my mom but to get a new one… that was just not right. I swore she’d never be mom to me. I had no idea at the time just how wrong I’d be. The other thing that I was so wrong about was my step sister. Girls had cooties and step sisters even worse. My parents thought it was cute that we were practically twins, same age and same birthday. Darlene never let me forget though, that she was my older sister by half a dozen hours.

Yeah. Life then was very unfair. In many ways it still was. I’m kinda nerdy and she has her mom’s killer looks. All through high school she had her pick of the boys and was part of the “cool” crowd, though I was surprised she spurned the advances of all the jocks. Most of her friends “tolerated” me because she was my sister and for reasons I never quite figured out, she “wanted” me to hang out with her. It’d been that way since our sophomore year of high school. She’d be getting ready to go to a football or basketball game and come to my room partly dressed, but with all the important parts covered, to make sure I was getting ready to go with her. On more than a few occasions I’d seen her in nothing but panties and a bra. Even for a sister she had killer looks and more than once I’d had hot dreams about her and her equally hot friends.

Tonight was following her typical pattern. She was well aware that I didn’t have a girlfriend and invited me to go with her and one of her friends to a movie. She said it was just as friends, but I had no doubt that this was her idea of fixing me up on a date. A birthday date no less. I suspected this one would end, pretty much the same as all of them did. That didn’t stop me from fantasizing the way any nineteen-year-old, well nineteen tomorrow, would.

After my shower I found myself standing in front of my desk, my computer playing a video of a buxom teen bent over with a guy pounding into her, her tits swinging wildly as she moaned and cried in ecstasy. It was a scene I’d gotten off to many times, fantasizing about any number of girls my sister had tried to fix me up with. Tonight was no exception. Amy was one hot number. Big tits, skinny waist, nice full ass, long brown hair down almost to her ass, a slightly Asian look to her round smiling face. Yeah she could easily make a ton of money in the porn industry. Why she agreed to go out with me was a mystery, but that didn’t stop me from standing there naked, stroking myself closer and closer to release, picturing Amy bent over with me behind her pounding away!

“Robbie! Did you dump over my body wash and leave it to?… holy shit!” Dee said as she stepped into my room without knocking, holding a towel around her body with one hand and a nearly empty plastic bottle in the other.

“God, Dee! You could knock!” I cried in a combination of frustration, surprise and anger, trying unsuccessfully to cover my cock which was only moments from release, and unfortunately beyond the point of no return. “Oh fuck!” I grunted, trying to turn away from her as the first squirt of cum lanced out of my cock into the air, propelled by an involuntary jerk of my hips, not toward the waiting towel but launching toward my dresser. “Oh fuck.” I mumbled in embarrassment as half a dozen shots exited my engorged head, landing in all sorts of unintended places. I wrapped my hand around my cockhead to stem the flow and walking the few steps to my bed, sitting down hard on the edge and trying to stay facing away from my sister.

“Hey! Robert! I’m sorry,” Dee said quietly.

“Just go,” I answered despondently. I heard her sigh softly and the door close. I let out a deep sigh myself, stood and turned to get the towel on the chair intended to catch what was now spread on the carpet and down the front of my dresser, not to mention my hand. I froze when I turned, Dee still standing in my room her back to my door, looking at me. “I thought you left,” I said with a scowl, trying to cover my still half hard cock.

“You were supposed to,” she answered, pushing away from the door. She took three steps toward me and pulled the towel from around her, exposing her entire naked body to me for the first time. I’d seen her tits and pussy in partly see through panties and bras before, but this was … damn! Her tits were like two creamy tan teardrops on her chest, her nipples hard and protruding from the center of two perfectly round pink areolae, each covering nearly a quarter of the front of each breast. Her mound was covered in light downy brown curls, trimmed into a triangle that disappeared down between her legs.

She took two more steps toward me stopping in front of me and reaching with one hand for the hand I had covering my shrinking cock. She knelt in front of me, pulling my hand away and reaching with the other, holding her towel, toward my groin.

“That was my fault. I should have knocked,” she said quietly as she gently innovia escort used the towel to wipe the cum from around my cock. She let go of my hand and gently lifted my mostly soft cock in her palm, practically caressing it as she cleaned the cum from it with the corner of her towel. Her touch and the sight of her face, only a foot or so from my cock, quickly had it growing in her hand. When she had me cleaned off she stood up and turned to face away from me. “Guess I better clean this up too!” she said, stepping to the dresser and bending over slightly to wipe the cum off the front. The farther down she cleaned the more her ass pushed out at me until I could clearly see her full round pussy lips and the feathery inner lips pushing from between them. She rubbed her towel on the dresser front and then the carpet, practically bent double with her feet spread slightly and her legs straight. Her pussy pushed out at me as she backed slowly toward me, wiping the cum from my carpet.

I stood there staring at her, my cock growing harder by the second as she backed toward me, her pussy finally pushing against my now rock hard shaft. My dick nestled into the crack of her ass and I could feel her hot wetness pressed against my balls. She held herself there for long seconds, her hips moving almost imperceptibly from side to side before abruptly pulling away and standing upright again.

“I think I’ll use your towel for now,” she said as she reached for my towel on the chair. She wrapped it around herself and smiled. “Least I could do was clean up the mess I made. Don’t take too long. Don’t want to be late, right?”

“Yeah,” I answered dumbly as she opened the door and walked out.

“Oh, my god,” I breathed as I dropped back onto the bed, my raging hardon pointing to the ceiling. I closed my eyes and let the image of her nude body and the heat I still felt from where she pressed her pussy against me flow over me. I barely recognized my own hand wrapped around my virgin cock, stroking it as my mind imagined me pushing my head down and letting my shaft slide into her. My mind was only brought back to reality with the sensation of my own cum landing on my chest as I climaxed again, my mind imagining it happening deep inside her.

As usual I was ready way before she was. Amy had already arrived and the two were in Dee’s room doing who knows what. I looked at my watch and walked down the hall to her door, knocked and called through the door, “Dee, gonna be late!”

Before I could turn and walk away the door opened and Amy and Dee stood there in very short sexy dresses, Amy in an entirely different outfit than the jeans she arrived in. “We’re ready!” Amy said with a smile. “Gotta give a girl a chance to get all fixed up, right?”

“Yeah. I guess,” I answered as they walked past me, both of them swinging their hips exaggeratedly as they went down the hall.

“Come on little brother, I’m driving!” Dee said, waving her car keys in the air ahead of me. I shrugged and followed them down the hall and out the front door. The back seat of her car was small, much smaller than in my car, so I hoped I wouldn’t be forced to sit back there, but with three of us, one of us would be relegated to the tight confines. Amy opened the passenger door and held the seat tipped forward, a clear invitation for me to climb in the back. Well so much for comfort. I folded myself down into the back seat, trying to find a comfortable way to sit with my legs way too long for the close space. I finally ended up sitting on the driver’s side with my feet in the passenger side foot hole. I expected Amy to flip the seat back and climb into the front, but to my surprise she ducked down and climbed into the back with me.

“Now this is cozy!” she said sweetly as she sat down in the middle, leaning her body at an angle against mine so her back and side were pressed to my side and chest, her legs and feet pressed against mine. She reached for my hand and pulled it from between us, wrapping it around her shoulder and draping it down over her chest. “I’ll get the seat belts!” she said with a giggle, twisting herself around practically lying on top of me to reach the end down by the door. I could feel her tits pressed against my chest, her hard nipples poking through the thin dress top, my arm now lying over her long hair spread down her back. “You’re not trying to take advantage of me and playing with my ass, are you?” she whispered, her face inches from mine as she took much longer than needed to get the end of the seatbelt.

“Um no,” I answered in surprise.

“Why not? You don’t like my butt? Is it too big?”

“No!” I answered quickly. “I think it’s just about perfect!”

“About? Maybe you need to check it out and see if it’s about or if it is perfect!” she whispered, reaching around behind herself for my hand. She pulled my hand down her butt farther, making me stretch to follow where she was guiding me. I let my fingers, and then my palm, touch istanbul escort her soft bare thigh, before she pushed my hand back up again, dragging the short skirt up until my hand was resting on her bare ass cheek. “About? Or IS perfect?”

“Definitely IS perfect!” I stammered, feeling heat of her skin on my hand.

“As much as I’m enjoying this, We’d better get buckled,” she cooed softly, pushing herself up enough to twist and roll in my arm again to sit on the seat next to me. She clicked my belt into its buckle and then pulled her seat belt around her waist and buckled it into the end I was practically sitting on.

“Okay you two. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” my sister called from the front seat, clicking off the dome light and dropping the little car in reverse.

Amy turned her head and whispered to me, “somehow the seat belt got all tangled with my skirt. Would you be a dear and fix it for me?”

“Um. Yeah. Sure,” I responded, not at all sure what to make of Amy’s sexy behavior. I’d met Amy lots of times in the past few years, but I never saw this side of her or anything even remotely showing interest in me other than as Dee’s brother.

“You’re not bashful, are you?” she whispered when I didn’t move my hand toward her. In the darkness of the back seat she slid her hand across my chest and down my left arm, tugging my hand toward her body. I felt her press my palm against her dress covered breast and then slide it down, moving it over her firm stomach, across her seatbelt and down onto her completely bare thigh. She pressed my fingers down between her legs and drew my hand back up her thigh until my fingers pressed against her completely bare pussy. I could feel the wetness of her soft lips with the sides of my fingers as her hand left mine. In the darkness of the back seat I could see and feel her moving but it was hard to tell what she was doing until she pulled my right arm further up around her neck and my hand down her chest, pressing my palm against her bare breast.

“The advantage of a strapless top!” she giggled quietly.

“What are you two up to back there? Sounds like no good to me.”

“Just giving him a chance to feel up a real woman!” Amy answered my sister.

“A real woman? As compared to what?” I asked, somewhat taken aback by the comment.

“A virtual woman of course silly!” Amy replied.

“Oh shit. Dee! Tell me you didn’t tell her what I think you did!” I practically hollered at my sister in the front seat.

“Well…maybe!” she squeaked back.

“Oh shit!” I mumbled, pulling my hands from her body. No wonder she was doing this. Giving the poor pitiful guy a cheap thrill!

“I AM NOT!” Amy protested.

“Shit. Did I say that out loud too?” I asked with a scowl, not that she could see it in the dark anyway.

“You did. And I’m not giving you a cheap thrill. I’m… well I’m not sure what I’m doing. But it was feeling good. Just because your sister happened to see you jacking off isn’t the end of the world. And the only reason she told me is because your cock looked so good she wanted to throw your ass on the bed and fuck you like a mad woman!”

“AMY!” Dee shouted from the front seat. “You weren’t supposed to tell!”

“Well I did. There, now it’s out in the open. Dee says you have a great cock and wants to fuck it. I know you have gentle hands and I was enjoying them just fine. And yes, I’m hoping to get to see that cock! And you just wasted all our play time because we’re there!” Amy said a bit angrily as we pulled into the theater lot, the lights flooding in the window and illuminating Amy’s practically nude body. “You owe me!” she said as she sat up in the seat and pulled her dress top up over her full round tits, her lap still bare, with the skirt pulled up around her waist.

I was still trying to figure out what just happened and how I needed to respond when Dee pulled the little car into a parking space. We were barely stopped when Amy, her seatbelt already unbuckled, leaned forward, pushing the seat back forward so she could reach the door handle. Her skirt was stuck up around her waist, her bare pussy and ass sticking out at me for several seconds before she got the door open and stepped out, finally able to pull her skirt back down where it belonged. She took off walking toward the theater with her arms crossed over her chest, not waiting for either of us.

“I think you pissed her off!” Dee said as we walked quickly after her.

“It would seem,” I answered.

“Sorry about telling her. I didn’t mean for her to tell you that.”

“You really said that? You wanted to fuck me?”

“After all these years, you haven’t figured out yet that I’ve been waiting for you to give me some indication that you might want to too?”

“I didn’t get that, no.”

“Guys are so fucking dense some times,” she huffed.

I was dumbfounded. I followed along silently to the theatre, in to get tickets, kadıköy escort which Dee bought, and then into the screening room. This theater had those nice reclining seats, and there weren’t all that many people in the theater. Just the same, instead of a nice middle seat, Dee led us up the stairs to almost the back row of seats. Half way across, under the little windows of the projector room she stopped and sat down, Amy sitting on the other side of me.

The first half of the movie went normally, the three of us passing the big bucket of popcorn and soda back and forth. Things changed somewhat after the lead actor and another of the actresses had to practically strip naked to tie their clothes together to make a rope to climb down from where the bad guys were keeping them captive. I passed the popcorn to Amy on my left, and after taking the bucket from me, she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her lap, sliding it up under her skirt and against her wet pussy.

“I’m not waiting all night for you to figure it out,” she whispered as she rolled her body to pass the bucket across me to Dee. She wiggled in the recliner, sliding herself closer to me and pulling her skirt up almost to her waist. Once she was settled back in her chair she spread her legs wide, one foot reaching all the way over to my footrest and across my calf. She found my hand and pulled it back to her now exposed pussy. I sat there, my hand between her legs, not quite sure what she expected me to do in such a public place.

“You’re supposed to play with her pussy!” my sister whispered, leaning over toward me far enough that I could feel her breath on my cheek. I also felt her hand in my lap, deftly undoing my belt and pants with one hand. I nearly groaned audibly at the feeling of her hot hand pulling my hard cock out of my boxers and then wrapping around it.

“Me too!” Amy whispered, reaching her right hand into my lap and wrapping it around my cock with Dee’s.

I felt Dee pull her hand away, and then in the light of the movie screen, wiggle around on the seat, moving herself closer to me in her chair. Her hand found my right hand and pulled it into her lap, pressing my fingers against her also bare pussy.

“Oh fuck” I groaned.

“Not here. Maybe later if you do a good job!” Dee whispered with a grin. “So make with the fingers.”

Before today I’d never even seen a real up close pussy, let alone touched one. Now I had my fingers in two at once. I felt like my cock was going to explode in Amy’s hand any second, which I figured wouldn’t be a good idea. Rather than come all over myself I did what I could to stave off the inevitable and went to work stroking each of them. I worked my fingers up and down their slits, trying to worm my fingers deeper into them. Apparently not the right thing to do. Amy grabbed my hand and pulled it from her pussy and then gently guided my fingers back to rub up and down her wet lips, varying how deep they pushed between them, but always drawing them all the way up to the end of her slit and across the hard nub I could feel there.

“Much better,” Amy said breathlessly, gasping slightly each time I stroked up across her clit. Her hand slowly stroked my cock in return, her strokes timed with mine so that each time my fingers bounced over her clit her hand was stroking over my engorged head.

I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second, her hips trying to lift off the seat toward my fingers with each stroke.

“Mmmmmmmm. Oh god you’re going to make me come!” She whispered urgently after long minutes of stroking both of them, one with each hand.

“I am?”

“Uh huh!” she squeaked softly, her hand pulling from my cock to the arm of her chair. She lifted herself off the chair slightly as her legs began to tremble, a long soft moan slipping from her lips and thankfully drowned out by the music. “Oh god!” she breathed loudly as she held herself off the seat, her whole body seeming to shake and tremble. After what seemed like several minutes she dropped heavily into the seat and pulled my hand from her pussy. “Enough for now,” she panted.

“Good?” I whispered.

“Oh yeah!” she answered.

I looked over at Dee, my right hand still gently stroking her. She was starting at the movie screen, biting her lower lip and squeezing her right breast through her dress top.

“She’s coming too!” Amy whispered in my ear. I looked back and she was twisted in the chair leaning her body toward me.

I looked back and saw Dee open her mouth and gasp as little shudders shook her next to me. I was still staring at her when everything changed. The hot wetness around my cock sent immediate attention signals to my brain. I looked down at my cock only to find it completely obscured by Amy’s head and her long brown hair. I felt as much as saw her start to bob her head up and down my shaft, driving her wet lips up and down my shaft, her hand following her lips as it slid along my saliva coated shaft.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” I groaned softly as her tongue swirled around my head, causing my whole body to try and buck up toward her face.

She pulled her face off my cock and turned it to look up at me, a scowl on her face. “Shhhhh! You wanna get caught?” she whispered before turning her head back to my cock.

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