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My Boyfriend’s Bully , His Mom

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

I had just finished touching up my makeup in the parking lot when I saw my (then) boyfriend come out of his last class in our final week of high school. I did do it in the bathroom a few minutes before, but I wanted to double check it since I was super excited. I was sitting on top of the trunk of his car as he jogged over to me with a grin on his face. We were both 18 and we had both finally completed our last exams. And we needed to relieve some stress. We laid out the plan for the day and it was simple: once we had both finished our final exams on our last official day of high school, we would go to his house and bone non-stop until right before his Mom got home. Simple, but brilliant. I wanted everything to be perfect. All I could think about that morning was his dick.

Todd was lovely. And I mean that. He was a very sweet first boyfriend. I had a difficult relationship with my Dad while growing up, so being with a guy who didn’t treat me like shit and who expressed genuine kindness was important to me, even if he had acne and wasn’t the best looking guy I had ever seen. But, hey, confidence and charm go a long way!I wore dark blue, skinny low rise jeans and a new black halter top. He wore a t-shirt and jeans that were way too baggy (clues into the timeframe as to when all this happened). I hopped off the car as soon as I saw him jogging over. I could tell he was already hard which made me smile and bite my lower lip. We started making out when we got into the car. I can still remember how hard he felt when I felt his cock over his jeans.

Now, normally, school let out at 3pm, but, since it was finals’ week, we got out early, say around 12:30pm. I mention this because, when we pulled into Todd’s driveway, there was a pick up truck parked there that didn’t definitely didn’t belong to anyone in his family.

Little back story: Todd played baseball in HS for three years, but he decided to quit his final year. It was a big decision for him. We were friends before we started dating and I used to go to his games and watch and I found out he was a hell of a shortstop.

Apparently, he was a far more valuable asset to the team than he originally thought. Like, not winning their division title again because he quit kind of important. But he didn’t care. He wanted out.

Todd never explicitly told me the details surrounding the matter, but I later found out that he quit the baseball team because he hated the environment. There was just a lot of gross toxic masculinity, bullying, harassment, homophobia, name-calling, etc. Just a lot of unnecessary, stupid shit and Todd had enough.

At first it sounded too stereotypical (even cartoonish) to believe but it made sense given the guys I knew on the team and their disgusting prick of a coach. The major point though is that his teammates were furious at him, especially his coach and this guy named Arturo.

It’s hard to talk about Arturo without discussing the various elements of his different personalities. I knew him since the sixth grade and we always had several classes together. We were even in a middle school play together and kaçak iddaa he was always nice to me. Had I just gone by my own experience with him, I would have though he was a smart, charming, funny, and, as he grew up, really, totally, I mean, just super fucking hot.

By our senior year he was 6’1″ in height and I would guess around 180lbs of lean muscle. He had beautiful dark skin (Latin-American descent), athletic, body, total leader of men, and I cannot emphasize just how absolutely gorgeous.

The part that Todd dealt with was very different. When Arturo was around his teammates, he could be quite a bully. Not only was he physically intimidating, but men around him just seem to defer to his dominant energy. He was an alpha male who made no apology for being a real man.

Again, it was such a stark, opposite depiction of what I saw from him personally, but this account of him came from many different people, including Todd. Arturo didn’t develop the toxic atmosphere alone, but he was instrumental in creating the poisonous environment and Todd wanted out. He wasn’t a dumb, misogynistic jock. Neither was Arturo, but Arturo was a leader and knew how to manipulate and command others to do what he wanted.

When Todd and I pulled into his driveway his face got sad all of a sudden. The tone in the car completely shifted. He covered his eyes with one hand and took a deep breath. I was confused and asked, “What’s wrong? Whose car is that?” He asked if we could go back to my house instead of answering my questions. I told him it was an impossibility because my parents were home. He sighed heavily again and exited the car.

We walked to the from of the house. I tried to cheer him up by tickling him and pinching his butt. It didn’t work. He seemed to emotionally shut down.

He told me to be quiet as we entered, which made me think someone was home. Maybe it was his Dad? Or a visitor? I didn’t know. But as soon as we entered the living room and he closed the front door quietly, I heard a woman moaning upstairs. I looked at the stairs and saw a trail of clothes. I saw a ripped sports bra, yoga shorts, baggy jeans, boots, t-shirt, varsity letterman jacket, etc. I turned to Todd. His head was down. He was looking at the floor. I had never seen him look so ashamed.

Someone once compared Todd’s Mom (let’s call her Jen) to Julia Ann. I Googled the name, even saw some videos, and concluded pretty quickly that it was a fair comparison. Jen was a hot Mom, very flirtatious with men (especially younger men), she had long blonde hair, big brown eyes, smooth milky white skin, bright smile, bit of a gym rat, always drinking those gross healthy green juices, voluptuous body, big breasts, and a butt that I have aspired to achieve, which is why I’ve done more squats in my lifetime than I can count.

At first, I thought it was funny. I had no idea what was going on. Todd was beyond embarrassed and, at the same time, even harder in his pants. It genuienly looked uncomfortable.

We walked up the stairs quietly. I saw ripped pa¹nties at the front of Jen’s bedroom door. And the door was halfway open.

We stopped when we had a clear view of what was happening inside kaçak bahis her room. I swear to God my jaw must have hit the floor…

Arturo had Jen up against the wall. They were both completely naked. He was carrying her with his hands under her thighs, totally pressed up on her while fucking her. They were making out as they fucked and she moaned loudly into his mouth. Even with the door open, the bedroom smelled like sex: warm, thick air, sweat, funk, cum, etc.

Jen had her legs wrapped around Arturo’s waist and her arms on his broad shoulders as he carried her and fucked her against the wall. Arturo’s back was beautiful: SO muscular and toned. He had such a fit body. Both of them were drenched in sweat. He moaned into her mouth as well and his grunts were quiet but primal. He also had a nice butt.

I was in shock. Like, I couldn’t move. I didn’t even notice that Todd had snuck to his room and just left me there as I stared in awe. Arturo eventually carried her back to the bed which looked like they had been messing around in before. The sheets and pillows were strewn all over. He got on top and stared fucking her. That’s when her moans started getting louder. They weren’t kissing. He just fucked her like a piston. I got a better look of his side. He had such muscular arms and powerful legs. And she was as healthy as a horse too. I remember how good her thighs looked. My panties were soaking at that moment.

Eventually, they rolled around and she got on top and started riding him. He cupped her breasts at first but then just put his hands behind his head and let her ride (what looked like from that angle) his very sizable and respectable cock. That’s when she started moaning his name and started telling him hot he was, how she hadn’t been fucked like this in years, how she missed him, she couldn’t stop thinking about his body and especially his cock that made her mouth water, how she loved being with a real man, how much better of a fuck he was than her husband, etc. I just stared and discovered how turned on I was.

It suddenly hit me that I had been staring for a while, so I snuck into Todd’s room. He was lying in his bed, on his side, facing away from the entrance of his bedroom. I closed the door quietly. I could have cut the tension with a knife. I didn’t know what to say. I got into bed with him and started to spoon him from the back. I then started to kiss his neck and cheek. I noticed he was still hard but, obviously, upset about it. I undid his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers. I started jerking him off and then started sucking his dick. He didn’t say a word. Neither of us did. We were both still listening to his Mom getting fucked by his old teammate in the next room over. We both heard them through the walls. It made me suck his cock harder, deeper, and faster than I ever had. He took off his shirt and I took off mine.

Eventually, we both got naked. I was about to get on top but then he sat up, spun me around, pushed me down onto the mattress and fucked me from behind. He was angry. I could feel it. He hate fucked me as hard as he could. I had to bite the pillow to make sure I didn’t moan too loudly. I wasn’t interested in illegal bahis competing with his Mom. But it was like his Mom was shouting things I wanted to moan: “Just like that! Fuck me harder! Oh God! Like that! Harder! Fuck me like a man! Slap my ass and make me cum! I said, fuck me with your fat fucking cock!”

Todd lasted longer than he normally did. He got aggressive as he fucked me and I didn’t mind. I told him I wanted to get on top and he wouldn’t let me. He just kept fucking me from behind. We felt our orgasms build inside of us. Eventually, we came at the same time. It was the first time I had cum during sex. We laid next to each other, but didn’t hold one another. Arturo and Jen were still going at it. After a minute or so he said, “Could you please go?” I nodded. I didn’t say anything. I got dressed and left him lying naked on his bed.

I passed Jen’s room one last time. I was impressed with Arturo by that point. He was on top again and fucking Jen much more gently. They were under the covers this time and I could hear them making out as they fucked. I quietly made my way downstairs and left.Todd called me about a week later. We hadn’t spoken at all. It was a quick conversation. He told me he didn’t think he could see me anymore and I told him that I understood. It was brief. It was to the point. I can’t imagine what had been going through his mind. We both felt it was best. Although, I have to admit, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I asked him about what happened.

Eight years later I was back home for a visit and ran into some old friends from high school. They invited me to a shindig at one of their houses that night. I said, sure. I figured it might be nice to see some people I hadn’t seen in a long time and catch up. And it just so happened Arturo made an appearance at the party. I was surprised to see him since I hadn’t seen him in person since that day. We embraced when we saw each other. He was sweet and charming as ever. More flirtatious than he had been with me in the past, which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t mind because he had gotten even fucking HOTTER.

He showed me a small tattoo he got on his hip of Chinese lettering. Apparently, he had taken up learning Mandarin and studying Chinese culture/history/philosophy. I said something among the lines of: “Oh, I guess you must have got that after we graduated.”

4He said, “How do you know that?”

I replied, “You didn’t have a tattoo on your hip in school.”

He said, “When did you ever see my hip?” My eyes widened. I stammered for what to say. Nothing was coming out. He smiled and said, “Oh, that’s right! You and Todd came home early that day. You two saw me and Jen….hanging out.” He grinned and just stared at me with his bedroom eyes. I must have turned bright red. I couldn’t even say anything. I just smiled and excused myself. I went to the bathroom to calm down. It felt like I had been caught with a secret that I had never told anyone.

I snuck out of the party shortly after that. I don’t know how he knew, but he did. And if he hadn’t been sure, my reaction pretty much sealed it. Again, I have to admit I kind of regret I reacted that way. Sometimes I wish I had talked to Arturo about it. I sometimes wish we hooked up at that party. I would have loved to have heard just how he was able to fuck my boyfriend’s Mom, after making me cum on his nice, hard Latin dick.

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