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My Brother and I Get Closer: Chapter 9

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In case you haven’t been following along, my brother Tommy and I are lovers. We do it all the time, whenever we can find a place to be alone. Back then, we lived with our dad, who owned a biker shop and so we managed to find quite a bit of time alone. This part of my story happened just after we met another couple and had become close friends. After a night out drinking and a risqué game of truth or dare, Alison the athletic softball goddess and her boyfriend Nick fucked in the same room while Tommy and I also did it. We all watched each other. It started off with a blowjob dare and escalated quickly. Everyone agreed it was the hottest thing any of us had ever done and we promised, before any embarrassment could set it, that we would get together the next weekend too. That week was agonizingly long. I couldn’t stop thinking about Alison’s neatly trimmed bush and delicate little pussy lips. After Nick had dumped his load in her, he flipped her on her back and parted her outer lips with his fingers. He licked her out thoroughly. Back and forth, escort up and down, and then he rhythmically sucked her clitty. I could not get that image out of my head. I could taste her. I could taste Nick’s cum oozing out of her vagina as I imagined making her squeal. “I can’t stop thinking about Alison’s pussy,” I blurted out as brother Tommy and I were having breakfast. “I’ve never been so hot and bothered watching Nick eat her out. You know I love your dick, Tommy, but right then I wanted her so bad. She made eye contact with me just before she came. I swear my vagina flew open when she looked at me. Did you see her look at me with lust in her eyes?” “I was there, remember? She was hot alright.” I started to feel like I might be making Tommy jealous. “Is it OK? I mean talking about her like this?” “It’s more than OK.” He stood up and proudly showed off a bulge in his shorts. I could clearly see the ridge around his head and wanted to trace it with my tongue. Tommy was clearly thinking of something, but not sure how to bring it bayan escort up. “I wanted us to go farther with them. What we did was hot, but we could do more.” “What’s on you mind, bro? Besides getting me naked and on my back with my feet in the air?” Tommy stammered around and I could see he was in need of being saved. I stood up, pushed him against the wall and rubbed his hard member. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” I lowered his shorts just enough for his beautiful erect penis to flip straight out. “I like how your cock sticks straight out. Did you see Nick’s? It curves up. I couldn’t help but wonder how that would feel sliding in and out of me. I’ll bet it would hit my G-spot if we did it missionary.” I was stroking Tommy’s throbbing cock. We both love dirty talk, so I only stroked him slowly and mixed it up so he wouldn’t cum too quickly. Tommy said sheepishly, “Yeah I saw it. I watched him going in and out of Alison and thought it would be great if they did it doggy style while she sucked me. Every time Nick escort bayan would thrust into her pussy her mouth would take my dick in and out. I even wondered… “ Tommy was making me really wet with this discussion and I wanted more, but he was holding back. “What did you wonder? Tell me and maybe I’ll let you empty your hot load in me as a reward. I’ll suck you off quickly if that’s what you need.” “Well that’s just it. I had a dream that I sucked him. I woke up hard as a rock.” There it was. Tommy had a little thing for Nick. It made me so wet I probably looked like I pissed in my tight little cotton gym shorts. Tommy was getting seriously aroused, “Do you think he could make you cum? I mean it curves up and if it hit you just right. I’d like to watch you cum with a guy pumping you. I’d like to watch his dick go in you.” “Oh God, Tommy, I am really wet right now. I would love for you to watch me getting banged. I’d like to watch you and another guy suck each other. I’d masturbate in front of you both. I’d trade off and suck you both. I’d let you both do anything to me. I’d make love with Alison just for you to watch and suck to. You could stroke each other and watch me.” I couldn’t help myself any longer. I dropped to my knees and let Tommy’s purple head slid into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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