Mar 30

My Brother Brennan

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“Brennan,” I screamed as I jumped up out of bed. I had been sleeping and the sensation of my brother’s warm tongue massaging my clit had woken me up. “Damn it, little brother! What are you doing?!? I was having a nice peaceful dream!” I had to admit, Brennan licked pussy very well, and I was quite aware of how aroused I was due to the fact that I was dripping down my naked thighs.

“I just wanted to give you a nice birthday present, Bri. I’m sorry to have startled you. I was just so horny for you this morning when I woke up, I just couldn’t stop myself,” he laughed. I gave my brother a playful punch in the arm and he tackled me, tickling me all over, making me scream and laugh. I loved feeling my brother’s soft hands on my body, just his touch was enough to make me wet. Brennan’s soft hands slowly began to caress my naked body, he lay me back down on pillow gently, and kissed my neck. His hands wandered all over my body slowly as he kissed me, touching everywhere except my breasts and my now soaked love tunnel. Brennan liked teasing me, he loved for me to beg him to touch my breasts and my pussy. He always liked to make me beg until he didn’t think I could stand not being touched anymore. We lay there kissing, our tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. I reached down to his stiff cock and slowly began stroking Brennan off. The faster I stroked, the harder he would kiss me. “Please, Brennan, suck on my titties. Play with my pussy! I’m so hot for you!”

“You’re what Bri? I didn’t hear you.”

“Suck me, please! I want to cum for you, little brother. I need to cum for you!” I begged him.

“So you want to cum for your little brother, do you, Brianna? I think I’ll have to remedy that, then,” Brennan whispered in my ear. I was so wet, my bed sheets under me were getting soaked, and Brennan hadn’t even touched my breasts or my cunt. The next thing I know, he was between my legs, sucking on my swollen clitoris, fingers pumping inside me, his other hand twisting my nipples. I moaned as he nibbled slightly on my clit. “Oh yeah, little brother. Bite it! Bite it!” I screamed as a shock wave pulsated from my love mound and radiated through my entire body as I came, my hips bucking against Brennan’s face. As my body settled down and the euphoria of the orgasm slowly faded away, Brennan climbed up beside me in the bed and began nibbling on my ear.

“Oh my god, Brennan, that was awesome. What a birthday present!”


I guess I should stop here and fill you in a little about me and my brother Brennan before I finish the story. Brennan is my twin brother, younger than me by just a couple of minutes. We are both 20, in fact today is our birthday, and in our sophomore year of college. We rent an apartment together with Brennan’s friend Matt, and Matt’s sister Jenna, who also are sophomores here. Brennan and I have always been really close, and there really has never been much sibling rivalry between us. We talk to each other about everything. Nothing unusual, just brother/sister type stuff, school, friends, parents, etc.

During our senior year of high school, the Spring maltepe escort Dance took place just a couple weeks after our 18th birthday. We had gone with a bunch of friends and afterwards went to a party at Brennan’s friend Dan’s house, just a couple of blocks from ours. Our parents and Dan’s parents happened to be good friends and were all out of town on vacation together for 12 days. Brennan and I have always been pretty good kids, at least our parents seem to think so, since they’ve never caught us at anything or found out about the parties we’d go to. So they trusted us alone in the house together while they were gone. Teenagers are teenagers of course, and where there is a party, there is alcohol. Dan and I had both had quite a bit of beer to drink that evening, and by 2 am we were pretty toasted. The party was beginning to slow down, so Brennan and I decided to call it a night and walk home.

Once inside, I told Brennan I was taking a hot shower and then heading to bed, that I would see him in the morning. I grabbed some pj’s from my room and then hopped in the shower. As I climbed out and began toweling my body, the door opened and Brennan walked in. I let out a yelp and hurried to cover my body. “Brennan! Get out!”

“Whoa, oh Bri, I’m sorry!” He turned around and stepped out into the hall, Brennan’s face beet red. “I didn’t realize you were still in here.” Brennan had seen my entire body in the buff and I was never so embarrassed. I didn’t even put my pj’s on. I just wrapped the towel around me, ran past Brennan down the hall to my room and didn’t come out until morning. But from that point on, things were a little different between my brother and me. I guess you can call it curiosity, because from that moment on, I couldn’t stop thinking about what my brother looked like underneath his clothes. He was handsome, a girl magnet in school, and of course, experienced. Brennan was tall and dark, muscular, and athletic, quarterback for the high school football team. I’m tiny and petite, light and blond, the cheerleader type, and NOT experienced. In fact, I’ve never even dated. After that moment in the bathroom, Brennan and I would steal quick glances at each other. Sometimes we’d even catch each other staring.

That brings us back to Matt and Jenna. Brennan and Matt are best friends, and of course they share stories as guys do. Evidently, Matt and Jenna had a similar experience when they were younger, however, their relationship has blossomed a little more than mine and Brennan’s. Brennan of course, knew all about it, being the reason I caught him staring at me more often nowadays. I was unaware of any of it, until I came home early from class one day and walked in on Matt and Jenna fucking doggy style on the living room floor, Jenna moaning and shouting, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!” My intrusion of course embarrassed us all, they both jumped up and tried to explain, but I just blushed, ran to my room, and stayed there. A couple hours passed as I tried to concentrate on writing my mid-term paper for Psychology. A knock sounded at my door and I jumped. The door opened and Brennan walked mecidiyeköy escort in. I just blushed and turned back to my desk, intent on finishing my paper.

“Are you ok, Bri?” Brennan asked as he walked up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I squirmed under his touch. I just couldn’t shake the scene from my mind, and Brennan touching me just made the scene even more vivid in my mind. “Don’t touch me,” I whispered, but his hands didn’t move. He just squeezed my shoulders a little, then grabbed my arm and led me over to my bed. “Sit, Bri. We need to talk about this because what you saw obviously bothers you, especially because of the way you and I look at each other.”

“I……..” I stammered. I couldn’t even look at my brother. Yes I was embarrassed, but deep down, I was curious, especially about Brennan. I always thought he was cute, and that maybe if he weren’t my brother, that I would have dated him. Deep down, though, I knew that what Matt and Jenna did was wrong, but my curiosity was starting to get the best of me. Then Brennan proceeded to tell me all about them, and what they’ve been doing. “I want to try it with you, too, Bri,” he said, his hand caressing mine. I started to pull my hand away, but Brennan held it tight. “Kiss me,” he said. “What? No! I’m not going to ki,” he cut me off in mid-sentence, Brennan’s mouth enveloping mine and his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth. Strangely, I couldn’t resist and I began to kiss him back. The next thing I knew, Brennan and I were both naked, caressing each others bodies. He went down on me, giving me my first explosive orgasm and then proceeded to teach me how to give him a blow job.

That was last semester, when Brennan and I experienced each other for the first time. And ever since then, he and I have been experiencing oral delights on a daily basis, experimenting with new ways to make each other cum and getting to know each other’s bodies. Over time, he has taught me little tricks to make the sensations better. I was still a virgin at this point, my brother of course knowing, but never pushing the issue. That brings me back to today.


“You think I’m done with you, big sister? Oh no, there’s more where that came from,” my brother whispered in my ear, his breathing heavy, turning me on again. “Lay down, spread your legs, and stay there,” he ordered as he climbed off the bed and left the room. I heard his bedroom door open and wondered what my brother had in mind for me. I figured he had some fancy new toy to try out. When he returned, he climbed onto the bed and kneeled between my legs. I saw a small package in his hand and realized he had a condom.

“Brennan, no, I….” I stuttered. I was shocked and scared at the same time. Intercourse was one thing that my brother and I had never discussed. We’d always found other ways to please each other. I was surprised that my brother would just jump into this without mentioning anything to me first. “Brennan, we haven’t talked about this. I’m not ready,” I said as Brennan grabbed his softening dick and began to stroke merter escort it hard again.

“Relax, big sister. It’s your birthday, let me please you. I never brought it up before because I didn’t know how to discuss this. But I want to make love to you, I want to please you.” He laid the little package down next to us and climbed onto me, his hard cock resting on my stomach, his face inches from mine. “Kiss me, Bri,” he whispered, his attempt at calming down. Brennan caressed my body, massaging me all over, kissing me passionately. One hand caressed my breast and he began twisting my nipple. I gasped at the sensation of chills that it sent through my body. I could feel my cunt getting wet. Brennan slid a hand down to my snatch and thrust two fingers inside me, pumping fast. “You like that, big sister? Huh? Answer me!” he ordered. “Nnnnnnnnn,” I moaned, my body on the verge of orgasm. Brennan pulled his fingers out. “What do you want, Bri? I want to hear you beg.” My brother sucked a nipple into his mouth and teased it with his teeth.

“I want to cum, little brother. Make me cum please. I want to feel you inside me,” I moaned.

“You what? I can’t hear you. Speak up!”

“I want to cum so baaaddddd!” I stammered.

“That’s not what you said. Tell me again. What do you want?”

“I want to feel you inside me, please, I need you, Brennan,” I said.

Brennan sat up and grabbed the condom, ripped open the package furiously and put it on. “That’s more like it. I’ve been waiting for this moment, to please you,” Brennan excitedly screamed as he positioned his body over me and placed the tip of his rock hard cock at my vaginal opening. All at once I realized what was about to happen, panic striking me, and I grabbed Brennan’s hand to stop him from entering me. “I’m scared,” I whispered, almost ashamed at getting so far just to back down.

“Bri, baby, it is ok. I’m not going to lie, it will hurt for a little bit at first, but then you’ll see, you’ll like it.” He positioned himself again and before I could stop him, my brother plunged his stiff member into me. I screamed, an intense pain filling my love mound, tears building up in my eyes. “Don’t cry, baby. You are ok, I promise.” Brennan stopped moving in me to let me get used to his huge cock stretching me inside. Slowly he began to slide in a little further, then back out, developing a nice rhythm. It was still hurting me, but not nearly like it was at first. I felt Brennan’s thumb on my clit, slowly encircling it. “Rub yourself for me, big sister. Rub your wet clit while I fuck you. I want to please you and make you cum for me.” I did as I was told, and slowly good sensations began to mix with what little pain was left. I could feel my brother’s cock pumping inside me while I rubbed myself. I wanted so bad to make myself cum for my brother, to show him what a good girl I was. The faster my brother pumped, the faster I rubbed my clit. I started to moan and grind my body with his. At once, a raging orgasm rocked my body. As my vaginal walls contracted, they squeezed my brother’s cock into an orgasm as well. I continued to grind my body with Brennan’s, intent on milking every last bit of juice from his cock. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned. “Thank you, little brother. This was the best birthday ever!”

“Anytime, Bri. I’m glad I could be your first.” Brennan climbed off and curled up next to me in bed. He wrapped his arms around me and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

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