Mar 31

My Brother-in-Laws Wife

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I always thought my brother-in-law Bob was a good looking guy, but in my opinion had two main failures. One, he was impressed by people who he thought and acted as though they had money and could manipulate him to their advantage. Two, most of his female companions were a little weird. Before I married Pam, his sister, his current girlfriend’s parents at that time owned a reasonable house, belonged to a sailing club at which they kept a small sailing dinghy, and visited most weekends taking my brother-in-law with them. The way he spoke about them you would think they were royalty and owned luxury yacht. After Pam and I married he would always introduce any new girlfriend to us first. The next girlfriend he introduced refused to eat in front of people. They would spend the odd day with us, we would offer her lunch and later an evening meal, but she would always decline and just sit in an armchair while we sat at the table eating.

The next girl he introduced was a blond bombshell, curvy, cuddly and affectionate snuggling up close, when they sat on the couch together, she seemed the perfect partner for him. However, according to him she was only a friend who he happened to be teaching to drive; what a waste, even his sister commented on it. Then came the stick insect, tall, skinny, no lips no tits, and always wore trousers, hardly ever wore a skirt or a dress, she looked more like a man than my brother-in-law did. Vivian, that was her name, apparently her parents were killed when she was young and was brought up by her uncle and aunt who had two sons and a daughter of their own. Vivian referred to them as brothers and sister but in fact they were just cousins. Whether it was because she had to compete with her cousins that caused her to become a domineering bitch with a mouth on her, I couldn’t say. She would say. “Please or offend I’ll say what I think,” and 9 times out of 10 people were offended by what she said, and she didn’t like it when it was done back to her, and I would give her as good as she gave. Neither of us liked the other.

Everyone said it would never last, but we should have known better since the uncle owned an engineering company which employed the two sons on the administration side, not the production side, they never intended to get their hands dirty. When they eventually married the wedding was supposed to be a grand affair and anyone who was involved had to wear morning dress (top hat and tails) which as best man I had to hire. Why is it that when you are involved with people who think they have money, you always seem to be paying out for one thing or another. Well they got married and bought a house down in our part of the country, and near us. Oh joy. After a couple years she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy and became obsessively overprotective wrapping this kid up in cotton wool.

Most years our family, me, my wife and son would go on holiday with my wife’s parents but one particular year they also asked my brother-in-law and his family. I said that was fine we would have a year on our own, but my wife’s parents worked on her and she worked on me until I relented. I can’t say I enjoyed the holiday one bit, Vivian was a drag, wanting to stay in most of the time on the pretext she had a headache, the couple of times she did come on the beach with us she wouldn’t let the kid play in the sand wiping him clean every time he got a speck of sand on him, she was a real pain.

Over the years the two families didn’t really mix with each other, Vivian dominated their activities and who they visited. The few times we did see them, after we would comment on Vivian’s masculinity, things just didn’t seem right. Having finished with a few tools borrowed from my brother-in-law, Pam said that I should return them as soon as possible, and decided to take them back that night. Now my brother-in-law was employed on shift work and I had no idea what shift he was working, but it didn’t matter all I was doing was dropping off tools.

Vivian opened the door, I asked for Bob, she told me he wasn’t there as he was working nights. All I wanted to do was drop the tools off. She asked me if I would take them through and put them on the bench in the shed of course that’s what I did. However as I was walking through the kitchen towards the door into the back yard she asked me if I would like a coffee. “Yeah great, milk and one sugar,” she said she knew, in that grating voice. Returning to the house after dropping the tools off in the shed I made myself comfortable on couch, Vivian placed two cups on a small coffee table then sat beside me. It was the first time that I really looked at her and noticed she was wearing a skirt and blouse, it was one rare occasion, wondering if it was for something special. We made small talk, I asked how things were, Justin was fine, he was in bed, Bob always seemed to be working, and they were struggling a bit to make ends meet. Just as I finished my coffee and put the cup down Vivian burst into tears.

Being a sympathetic sort of person (I don’t think) I asked her what the problem was and if I could beşiktaş türbanlı escort help. Well in one way I can’t say that I was surprised, but in another I was when she told me that they were having marital problems. She thought Bob was having an affair and was serious about the girl. According to Bob he’s working a lot but Vivian didn’t know whether he was working or with the girl.

Vivian continued to sob and when I put my arm around her to comfort her, she buried her face in my shoulder. Several times she looked up at me the last time she slipped her hand behind my neck and pulled me down until our lips touched. I was as much to blame because when she kissed me I kissed her back. She shifted her position and laid flat out on the couch and I moved in beside her. We kissed and cuddled, nothing was said, no words spoken. I thought about slipping my hand up under her skirt, sliding them up her legs, but thought she might take offence and tell Bob and Pam, with me ending up in the divorce courts. Fuck it, they say that a man’s brains are in his pants so I was going to brain her to death.

Vivian never complained, in fact she pulled me closer and forced her lips against mine as I slipped my hand beneath her skirt to rest against her thigh. Stopping as I felt flesh when my hand slid across the top of her stockings, waiting for an indication on whether I should go any further. Within seconds she broke our kiss and said, “Touch me Pete, please touch me.” Her legs parted sufficiently to slip my hand between them, and with my finger began rubbing her quite forcefully pushing her panties into the shallow valley of her sex. Even though our lips were locked together she spoke. “No Pete not like that, I want your fingers inside me.” She was almost uncontrollable as my fingers pleasured her, forcing me to go harder and faster while she fumbled around with my zip finally shoving her hand inside my boxers and grabbing my pride and joy.

“I want you Pete I want you to fuck me now.” She pulled her skirt up, pushed her panties down and kicked them off and laid there expectantly waiting for me. When I stood up my pants fell to the floor, so it was only a matter of seconds before I maneuvered myself between her legs and slipped inside her. We were going at it hell for leather, with Vivian moaning and me grunting due to the effort I was putting in, she mentioned she was on the pill and not to worry if I came inside her, which only encouraged me further. During our love making I had not touched or seen her breasts not that she had much, but I was curious and asked her to unbutton her blouse and pull her bra up. According to Vivian there was not much to see, however, she unbuttoned and open up her blouse I hadn’t noticed before but wasn’t wearing a bra. Vivian’s breasts consisted of two small hillocks with a little nipple perched on the top of each. I flicked them, licked them and with a little perseverance sucked them, and with the attention received they marginally increased in size. I was never going to enjoy myself with those.

In all I stayed about half an hour and suggested that I had better go because Pam would be wondering where I was. We dressed, and as Vivian walked with me to the front door I handed her my business card saying, “If you want to get in touch.” As I opened the front door she leant over and kissed me on the cheek, just as we said our goodbyes. It was about a week later when one morning I received a telephone call from Vivian at work asking if we could meet for lunch, I directed her to an out of the way small secluded Lakeside Grill were we lunched together. She told me that Bob had taken up with this younger girl, and had finally moved out leaving her and Justin unsupported. Of course with Bob out of the picture she wanted to see more of me. I told her that if we had an affair I was not prepared to leave Pam for her, Vivian whispered that she would please me in anyway she could. After lunch we drove to a secluded spot where as soon as we stopped she put her arms around my neck pulled me close and we began to kiss. Quite frankly I wasn’t that bothered about her or having an affair so I thought about seeing how far I could push her to provide me with sexual satisfaction. So when we ended the kiss, I said, “Viv I want to come in your mouth.” She looked at me and without saying a word unzipped my pants, fumbled around until she managed to release my cock then lowered her head into my lap and took me in her mouth.

She massaged me with her lips, occasionally lightly scraping the top of my cock with her teeth, causing me to experience all sorts of new feelings. With some difficulty I leaned over and began to pull her skirt up, but was unable to pull it all the way up because it was trapped between her body and the seat. I told her to lift her ass while I slipped the skirt from under her allowing me to drag it up above her waist. She was wearing a red satin and lace bikini panties over a garter belt holding up sheer black glossy stockings. Because of the way she was leaning on me it was difficult beşiktaş ucuz escort to slip my hand down the front of her panties so I slipped my hand down the back. I don’t think she was too impressed where my finger finally came to rest, her body squirming as it slipped between the cheeks of her ass, but she never complained about my fingers playing with her ass. I told Viv to prepare herself as I was close to coming, to swallow the lot and not get any on my pants. It was my first real full blow job and the feeling was fantastic when I came in her mouth, something Pam would never do.

I had arranged with the office to have the afternoon off, saying that I had a dental appointment, so, gradually after recovering from that mouth-watering sexual experience Viv and I transferred to the back seat. Having made ourselves comfortable her hand dived down my pants, holding and stroking my cock encouraging life back into it. We continued to kiss as I eased my hand beneath her skirt, enjoying the feel of satin as my hand slipped down the front of those lace panties. She spread her legs allowing my fingers to bury themselves deep inside her well lubricated pussy. Although she like to be pleasured in that manner she didn’t want me to bring her to a climax therefore she trapped my hand between her thighs, and as she so delicately put it, “I expect you to fuck me to make me cum.”

I’ve known more convenient and comfortable ways to have sex, and the back seat of a small car is not one of them. Vivian raised herself of the seat as I lifted her skirt and eased her panties down her legs until they slipped down to her ankles. Kicking off her shoes then the panties she lifted her legs and twisted to lie almost across the back seat. I positioned myself between her legs and with some difficulty eased myself inside her. We kissed, I became a statue, completely still, unmoving, and I already knew Viv wasn’t wearing a bra, and having asked, was waiting for her to open her blouse. There wasn’t much to play with but I gave her tits a squeeze then pinched and pulled her nipples inflicting a little pain causing her to complain about my treatment of her, I apologized and withdrew. She wanted to know what was going on, I said that she was obviously upset, and thought she wanted me to stop.

Vivian started crying and then between sobs tried to apologize for what she said but still wanted me to make love to her. Things were a little awkward the way we lay, so I suggested that she kneel on the back seat and we do it doggy style. With her blouse undone I put my arms around her and fondled one of her little breast and her clitoris while I fucked her doggy style. It was quite successful, fortunately she orgasmed before me, acting like a bucking bronco making it difficult for me to stay on her, eventually satisfying myself when she calmed down. That was the one and only time we made love that afternoon. We continued to kiss and pleasure each other for the next couple of hours, Viv using her mouth and me my fingers. When it was time to leave Viv drove me to the train station and I made my way home by my usual route leaving her to drive home on her own. It was agreed between us that the next time Viv would book an overnight stay at a motel and we could then spend the afternoon together in her room, where it would be more convenient with a bed.

We did meet up in the car again, several times, although we had sex the circumstances never improved. However, she did book a room in a motel where she stayed overnight but obviously I couldn’t. Viv arrived at the motel late morning and I joined her at lunchtime again taking the afternoon off. Viv opened and shut the door behind me before throwing her arms around my neck initiating that first kiss. As we kissed I began to ease her skirt up, she looked up at me. I could tell she wasn’t happy with my approach when she said, “It doesn’t take you long to get going.” I told her, all morning I’d been looking forward to this moment, what did she want from me, did she want to talk or watch TV what did she want? According to her she wanted me to be romantic, she wanted to hear me tell her how beautiful she was, how sexy and what a wonderful lover she was. Viv said she knew it wasn’t true but want to hear me say it anyway, without my hand up her skirt or inside her blouse.

Vivian moved onto the bed, laid down, smoothed her skirt out, it having been rucked up as she positioned herself, then held her arms out for me to join her. I crept onto the bed and lay alongside her, pulling her close as I wrapped my arms around her. We kissed, a long kiss, a passionate kiss. After breaking the kiss I told her how beautiful she was, how passionate and sensuous she was, with soft lips a beautiful face and long silky hair. Could she blame me for wanting to touch her perfect body, to kiss every part of her, to make love to her like a lover, a husband, a father, and while bedding her, forcing her to submit to my advances. She was a siren, using that tantalizing body to prey on us unfortunate vulnerable men. All the time beşiktaş üniversiteli escort I was talking, she had her head resting on my shoulder kissing my neck, saying how much she wanted me to make love to her.

I started by slowly unbuttoning her blouse, gently, sensuously, kissing her lips and body as a little more flesh became exposed as each button was loosened. Vivian asked me to rip the delicate black micro see through lacy bralette from her body, because she wanted me to fondle and suck her tiny breasts. It wasn’t her breasts that interested me they were only a means to an end. I gave them a few squeezes then began to suck her nipples while slipping my hand up her skirt. She pulled me tight crushing our two bodies together, forcing her lips against mine; slightly spreading her legs as my finger softly traced along the slit of her satin covered pussy. Slowly Vivian began to spread her legs, becoming more vocal as I continued to pleasure her with my hand beneath her skirt, asking me to slip my hands inside her panties and my fingers inside her. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and slipped her hand down the front of my briefs, providing pleasure as her hand wrapped around and stroked my shaft.

How long we continued to kiss and stroke each other that way was difficult to say, fifteen maybe twenty minutes until she asked me to undress her. Vivian sat up allowing me to slip her blouse off, the remnants of her bralette already strewn across the floor. She pulled me down into a passionate kiss as I fumbled to release the button, and the zip on her skirt. Eventually, with a little assistance I managed to slip her skirt off then her panties so that she was lying beside me totally naked. It wasn’t the first time I had seen her body but it was the first time that I had seen her totally naked stretched out as she was. Vivian undressed me and we lay together both completely naked, kissing and touching each other until I suggested that I should cum in her mouth. She said that if it was good enough for me to cum in her mouth it was good enough for her to cum in mine and repositioned herself on top of me in the sixty nine position saying we would stay like this until both of us had been fully satisfied.

The conclusion to our sexual exploits that afternoon were somewhat surprising considering that we each only fulfilled our sexual expectations thrice, once orally and the second time during actual intercourse and the third time the anal experience. It was not intentional, but our foreplay took up most of the afternoon influenced by Vivian wanting us to lie together kissing and cuddling while talking dirty, especially with me talking dirty to her and calling her slutty names. She loved it when I called her a titless fucking whore whose only aim in life was to have a man’s cock up her cunt or in her ass. I didn’t know whether it was me or most men but when I talked to her that way I became more aggressive and ordered her to turn onto her hands and knees because I was going to fuck her ass. After, she said she was going to refuse until she saw the look on my face and thought better of it but because we had no lubricant asked me to use her body fluid.

I began with one finger slipping it inside her, then transferring the wetness to her ass. Gradually I eased the lubricant, enhanced with my own saliva, together with my finger, inside her. When I thought she was sufficiently lubricated and the time appropriate, added a second finger to stretch her further, never complaining as she watch my progress in the dressing table mirror. Eventually when she was wet enough and big enough, I took her, listening to her moans as I pushed myself inside her. Obviously, I had thought about anal sex in the past, and was curious how it would feel, but that was the first time I had ever actually attempted it. Vivian was tense and very tight at first but gradually relaxed as I worked myself in and out as I continued to speed up. Wrapping my arms around her with fingers of both hands pleasuring her pussy, Vivian was in an extreme state of arousal levelling every insult at me she could, calling me every filthy name she could lay her tongue to, until we both climaxed and were totally exhausted. We lay in each other’s arms recovering until it was time to shower and for me to make my way home and Vivian to stay overnight.

Twice more Vivian drove over and we met in our secluded spot and made love in her car just before my troubles started. It was a Friday night, Pam didn’t seem to be herself, she said she had a headache, I was sitting in the chair watching TV when she got up walked over to the TV and turned it off. She stood in front of the set just looking at me before saying, “What’s this I hear about you spending the afternoon in a motel room having sex with Vivian?” I felt as if I had been poleaxed, realizing that I was naive to think she would never find out. Pam wasn’t shouting she didn’t even look or sound angry and I didn’t know whether that was a good sign or a bad sign, all I could think of was that she would divorce me. She wanted to know how it all started. I told her about the time I took her brother’s tools back, how Vivian started crying telling me about Bob and the girl, and how I comforted her with us ending up lying on the sofa and Vivian kissing me. I told her about our meetings and having sex in her car and that afternoon at the motel. I could see a tear developing in the corner of her eye.

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