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My Brother’s Fiancée

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The moment I saw her, I knew there was something special about her. She was a tall, statuesque brunette, well dressed, with impeccable makeup. There was some sort of instant attraction, and maybe she felt it also. She walked straight over to the empty bar seat next to me.

We were in the hotel bar of the J.W. Marriott hotel in downtown Austin. I had attended a seminar all day and was now cooling my heels before heading home.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked.

“Not at all. Please join me.” I said as I stood and helped her with the tall bar stool. “May I buy you a drink?”

“A glass of Merlot would be lovely.” she replied.

The barkeep took our order, a Merlot for the lady, and another scotch on the rocks for myself. I could sense she was checking out my every move and I assumed she was attracted by my appearance. I’m six feet four inches, with an athletic build and quite well dressed in one of my best business suits.

“I’m Jim.” I said while extending my hand. “Are you visiting Austin?”

“Pleased to meet you Jim. I’m Alessia. Just here for one night.” she replied with a warm smile. “And you?”

“I live and work in Austin.” I replied and took a sip of my scotch. “Just here for a business seminar and decided to have a drink before heading home. Glad I did.”

“I just drove in from Houston.” Alessia said. “So much traffic in both cities and on the road in between. I need a drink.”

“I’m glad I don’t have far to drive.” I added. “But I’ll still let the traffic thin out before tackling the road.”

“So, what sort of business seminar?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if she was just making small talk, or really trying to get to know me better.

“A collection of speakers about ethics in technology.” I replied.

“You don’t look like a techie.” she responded casually and took a sip of her wine.

“Actually I’m an attorney, specializing in technology legal issues. I was one of the speakers.” I replied.

Alessia appeared impressed that I was an attorney. She sat more upright and flashed her eyes at me. I turned on my barstool to more directly face her.

“May I ask what brings you to Austin for just one night?” I asked.

She paused, as if deciding how much to tell me about herself. She held her wine glass with one hand and ran a fingertip from her other hand around the rim of the glass. Then she turned back towards me.

“I’m an internal auditor for a major financial institution in Houston. We have a branch in Austin and I come here every other week to check their records.” she replied.

“How long have you been doing this? And how do you like Austin?” I asked, hoping to keep her talking about herself.

Her finger circled the rim of the glass one more time before she pulled it away and turned to face me.

“This is my fourth trip. And I must admit I haven’t seen much outside this hotel, and the branch office I need to visit in the morning.” she replied while looking at me in a way that suggested she wanted something different.

“Care to join me for a light dinner? There is a fabulous sushi bar just a block west of here.” I asked.

“That sounds wonderful.” she replied.

We made more small talk while we finished our drinks and I paid the tab. Twenty minutes later we were seated in the sushi bar, had fresh drinks, and continued our discussions. I think I told her more about myself, in response to her questions, than she told me about herself when I asked similar questions.

I told her that I was 28 years old and I had attended Rice University on a football scholarship, being third string quarterback with very limited playing time. But it allowed me to earn a valued degree which I followed with a law degree at UT Austin. I spent a lot of time with my law practice, having discovered a lucrative niche in the field of legal ethics in technology. I was single, no children, and currently without a steady girlfriend.

From my questions to her, I learned she was a bit younger than I, but not exactly how much. She had a business degree from the University of Houston. She was single but she avoided giving a straightforward answer about whether she was in any sort of a relationship. In these times, that could mean about anything from a fiancée, to a boyfriend, to a fuck buddy, to a lesbian relationship, or to no one at all.

As we ate and drank, our conversation continued about several topics. We both were getting comfortable with each other, obviously enjoying each other’s company. When we left the restaurant and stepped out onto the sidewalk, she slipped her arm through mine and leaned close to me.

“May I walk you back to your hotel?” I asked, knowing of course that I would.

“Only if you walk me back to my room.” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’ll do whatever the lady requests.” I said in an indirect way.

“Maybe you’ll discover I’m not always a lady.” was her response.

“I think pendik escort I could enjoy that.”

“I think you likely will.”

We had reached the street intersection and were waiting on the crosswalk light. I turned to face Alessia and she looked up at me, desire in her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

She moaned softly. “I think you do know how to treat a lady.” she purred.

Within minutes we were entering the door to her hotel room, more of a suite with a king sized bed and a separate seating area. The room also had a bar area with a mini fridge. After I closed the door behind us, we embraced and kissed. Her perfume was enticing. I was becoming aroused, and hoping that I wasn’t mistaken by her intentions. We broke the kiss and she stepped back.

“There’s a bottle of scotch over there.” she said as she waved her hand towards the bar. “Why don’t you pour each of us a drink and get comfortable, while I step in here for a moment.”

She stepped back into the bathroom and closed the door. I removed my jacket and tie, laying them over the back of a chair, and then poured a generous shot of scotch into two glasses which I then set down on the coffee table. I then took a seat on the comfortable sofa awaiting her appearance.

About ten minutes passed before she stepped out of the bathroom. Even though I had hoped to see a lovely vision, she blew me away. She had lost the work attire and now clearly showed her beautiful curves. Alessia was wearing only a low cut black lace bra, a matching black lace thong, and her sheer black stockings which were held up by a black lace garter belt. She had a perfect hourglass figure, likely a 36D breast, narrow waist, and 36 hips. She had fixed up her hair, her long flowing curls laying upon her shoulders. And she had re-done her makeup; heavier eye shadow, thicker mascara, a bit more blush on her cheeks, and wore a dark red lipstick. She struck a pose, one leg straight, the other slightly bent, her hips shifted to the side, and her hands resting upon her hips. She gave me a “come fuck me” look.

I exhaled and then whistled. “Damn Alessia. You look hot!” I said as I rose to my feet facing towards her.

“You like?” she said sarcastically as she walked towards me.

“Fuck, yeah.” I said, unconcerned about my language.

“Well, that’s the idea.” She replied.

We embraced and kissed again, a more passionate kiss. I was definitely getting aroused, and I could feel my cock twitching in my pants. Alessia put her hand over my crotch and felt my cock.

“Hmmmm. This I will have to see.” she said seductively.

Alessia picked up one of the glasses of scotch and took a sip.

“You look like you could use this.” she said as she handed the glass to me.

We were still standing in the middle of the bedroom.

“You’re overdressed. I can help with that.” she said as she lowered herself down onto her knees.

She carefully removed my shoes and set them aside. Then she unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants, and lowered the zipper.

Let’s see what you’ve got.” she said seductively. She pulled down my pants a bit until she was able to pull my shirttail out. Then she could grab the waist of my pants as well as the waist of my boxers at the same time and pull my lower garments down to my ankles. I raised one foot and then the other to allow her to completely remove my pants and boxers which she carefully laid over the chair that already had my jacket and tie.

My cock was nearly completely hard and stuck out a full eight inches. I was also blessed to have a thick cock with prominent veins. The lovers I’d had all loved my cock. After laying down my clothes, she turned and looked at my cock, sticking out right in front of her face. She smiled at me and took my cock into her hand.

“Yes this is nice.” She said as she examined my hard meat. “A really nice size.”

Then she cupped my balls which were very large and full of cum.

“A lot to give me I see. I like that.” she said.

As she was speaking and examining my manhood, I was removing my shirt. All I had on was my socks.

She began licking my cock while fondling my balls. I moaned, quite loudly. She sucked my cock head and swirled her tongue around it. God that felt great.

She pulled back and sat on her ankles.

“I implied that I’m not always a lady.” she started. “Outside the bedroom, I’m always a lady. But inside a bedroom I am a Cock-sucking, Cum-loving Slut. I want as much cock as I can get. And I want as much cum as I can get. You can fuck me in any of my holes. And you can cum anywhere inside me, and anywhere on my outside except in my eyes or in my hair. I most love a big cock pumping my cunt full of hot sticky cum. And I love a cock putting a load in my mouth and down my throat. Beyond that, I’ll take cum anywhere you want.”

With that being said, she swallowed half my cock into her mouth and started to suck the top half while stroking the bottom half with her hand. Her other hand was still maltepe escort fondling my balls.

I was in heaven. The sensations were incredible. My legs were becoming shaky, so I leaned forward and balanced myself on the chair just behind her. This also changed the angle of my cock and allowed her to attempt to swallow more. I could tell she wanted to deep throat my cock, by my length and girth may have been too much for her. As she bobbed up and down on my hardness, I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat, but it appeared she just couldn’t take it all. It still felt incredible.

Alessia appeared to be frustrated in her attempts to swallow me whole. She rose up on her feet and guided me backwards until I sat down on the end of the bed. I fell back, laying down while my feet were still on the floor. She stood between my legs and leaned over me, again sucking my cock into her mouth. She took a bit more, but was still only two-thirds of the way there. All the while she is still bobbing up and down my shaft with her mouth and still stroking the bottom end while fondling my balls. This grip on my balls also had an effect of making me real horny.

I could feel my orgasm approaching. “I’m going to cum.” I announced.

She mumbled something I took as an acknowledgement and she kept slurping and sucking on me.

The ache in my balls became intense. Things got tight. My body began to tingle in anticipation. I was gasping for air.

“Oh God. I’m Going to CUM.” I spoke forcefully.

If anything, she became more aggressive towards my cock and balls.

“OH FUCKING GOD!” I screamed as my orgasm hit. My cock erupted, jetting load after load of my hot spunk into her mouth. She pulled back a bit, leaving only my cock head in her mouth. She swallowed as much cum as quickly as she could. But she was jacking my cock with her hand, trying to milk as much cum out of me as she could. I kept shooting loads of cum into her mouth. My body was trembling. I was gasping hard for air. If I hadn’t been laying down already, I surely would have fallen over.

Finally the spurts stopped. She swallowed what was left in her mouth and then she licked my cock clean. She hadn’t spilled a drop. Alessia sat back and smile at me, proud of her accomplishment. Then she stood and walked over to the coffee table, picked up the other glass of scotch and tossed down a good sized gulp.

“A great chaser for that massive load of cum you gave me.” she said and then added, “I hope you kept some cum to put into my pussy later.”

Alessia handed me a bottle of water from the mini-fridge. That felt so good in my parched mouth.

“Thank you. I needed this.” I politely told her.

Alessia laid down next to me and we cuddled and kissed.

“Now you’re the one that is overdressed.” I told Alessia as I began to remove her bra which had a front clasp. I still needed some of her assistance to remove the bra from behind her back.

I looked down at her panties and could see that she put them on over the garter belt straps, so the panties could be removed while leaving the stockings and garter in place. As I took the sides of her small thong in my hands, she raised her ass off the bed and allowed me to pull her panties down and off. She had a most beautiful pussy with a large mons adorned with a half inch wide landing strip. She also had labia lips that folded out like butterfly wings. I looked forward to licking and sucking on those in a short while.

After pulling off her panties, I laid back down next to Alessia and resumed kissing her. My hand caressed her gorgeous breasts and I played with her very pert nipples. She obviously enjoyed that. Then my hand wondered down over her mons and damp slit. I fingered her gently while still kissing her. I could tell she was getting aroused, both by the feel of her pussy, and by her moans as I kissed her. I thought it incredible that in four short hours we had gone from total strangers to intimate sex partners. And the evening was only beginning.

After regaining my composure and some strength, I sat up next to her while still fingering her slit. Her labia were swelling and opening up for me. I could feel her wetness. Her breathing was shallow. I sensed her anticipation.

“My turn to please you.” I said as I shifted over onto my front side and nestled myself between her legs. Alessia parted her legs and raised her knees, giving me better access to her pussy. I intended to pleasure her for a long while, hoping to deliver several orgasms, while allowing time for my cock to fully recover and become hard again. She laid back, allowing me to do whatever I liked to her.

My head was inches away from the center of her sex. The sweet aroma made my cock twitch.

“I love to start with oral, just as you have done.” I whispered to my lover. “I may love eating pussy as much as you love sucking cock. It is a most intimate way to share a sexual experience in my opinion.”

Alessia was making gentle noises, something kartal escort akin to a purr mixed with moans. She raised her head so that she could watch what I was doing.

While staring into her eyes, I lowered my mouth to her smooth pussy. I gave her lower lips a gentle kiss, and ran my tongue over the length of her slit. She was damp, not very wet, and the taste was subtle. I continued to lick her slit, gently pushing the tip of my tongue between her lips. For now, I avoided contact with her clit which was still enveloped in its hood. But I did circle around her clit with the tip of my tongue. Alessia moaned even louder.

As I continued licking, her labia slowly swelled and opened up for me. I was making more contact with the smooth inner flesh of her vagina which was becoming wetter. I shoved my tongue in deeper, to which she moaned again.

“Oh yes.” she whispered and she attempted to push her pussy against my mouth with more pressure. But I was not racing to finish her. I knew the longer I drew this out, the more intense her orgasm would be.

I continued to slowly escalate my oral actions, licking her more firmly, inserting my tongue more deeply, and doing all this faster and faster. Her clit appeared from its hood and I flicked my tongue over it. Alessia let out a yelp. She grabbed my head between her hands and pulled me in even closer. Her fluids were flowing more freely and I was slurping her nectar into my mouth. She tasted wonderful.

Her body was squirming as if anxiously awaiting more stimulation. I moved upward a bit and focused my licks around and on her clit.

“Oh god yes!” she exclaimed, still holding my head, as if afraid I might pull away.

A few moments later I inserted one finger, and then two into her wet vagina. Initially my fingers were just going in and out while I continued to lick her clit. Her clit continued to grow as she became more aroused. It became obvious that when fully aroused, her clit would be larger than average, possibly extending out nearly an inch. I switch from licking her clit to sucking it into my mouth.

“FUCK YEAH!” she exclaimed even louder.

We went on for several minutes of me sucking and licking her clit while finger fucking her with two fingers. I then inserted a third finger, filling her a bit more snugly. I curled my fingers upward and rubbed her g-spot with each stroke.

I could feel her body tremble. Her orgasm was coming. Alessia was taking deeper breaths and her hands had left my head and she was squeezing her nipples.

“Oh, Oh, Oh. Just like that. Just like that.” she repeated over and over.

I started to finger fuck her with vigor. My thrusts were deeper and faster. She was rocking her hips to thrust back against my movements. I locked my lips on her clit. when I felt she was really close, I pulled her clit between my teeth and bit her.

Alessia screamed. “AAAAAWWWWW!” as her orgasm slammed through her body. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers, gripping and releasing. Her fluids gushed, filling my mouth. Her ass rose off the bed and froze in place as her orgasm continued. Her body trembled uncontrollably.

I continued sucking and nibbling her clit while fucking her pussy with three fingers. She thrashed about on the bed.

“OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” She kept screaming.

Soon she couldn’t take any more and she pushed me away. I sat back on my knees and looked at her. She had collapsed on the bed, still gasping for air.

“Damn, your good at that.” she told me.

“That was just the appetizer.” I replied.

I moved forward and laid on top of Alessia. My now hard cock was laying across her mons, and pressing on her clit. We embraced and kissed passionately, lips pressed against lips, and tongues mashed against each other. Alessia was a very passionate lover.

We kissed and embraced each other for several minutes. All the while my cock was pressed against her and was throbbing. It hurt so good. But I wanted to be inside her. I needed to be inside her.

I broke our kiss and raised up on my hands and knees. I then sat back, upright on my knees between her legs. Taking her legs in my hands, I bent her legs, raising her knees, and spread her legs further apart. She stared at me approvingly.

“Time for the main event.” I said as I held my cock and rubbed the head over her wet swollen lips to lubricate myself. She just smiled at me, waiting for me to slide my cock inside her pussy. I positioned the tip at her entrance and pushed in. The fit was snug, but not too tight. With only my cock head inside her, I stopped and enjoyed the feeling and judging the fit.

“You better not stop there.” Alessia remarked in a critical voice.

Using short strokes in and out, I worked my cock into her little by little. Within a minute I was fully inside her, my balls against her ass.

“Damn that feels good.” she said.

We were a tight fit. I sensed that I was stretching her a bit, but not too much. She was plenty wet, providing sufficient lubrication. I began pumping my cock in and out of her.

“Oh Yes. Like that.” she commented on my technique.

As I was still somewhat upright, there was a space between our bodies. I reached down between us and rubbed my thumb over her protruding clit.

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