Mar 31

My Christmas Present

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Christmas was just around the corner and my niece, Cindy, was going to spend the holidays with my wife and me. Cindy’s parents, my older brother and his wife, were off on an extended cruise and Cindy asked if she could spend Christmas with us rather than go away or end up at a friend’s house out of pity for being alone during the busy holiday season. Cindy was technically my niece but at 22 years of age she was only about 15 years younger than me as I was a late addition to my parent’s plans for retirement. I always liked Cindy. She was energetic, had a good sense of humour and best of all she had a hot body. I watched her grow up and I often wondered what sort of playful vixen she might be if you ever got her into the sack or behind a closed door. Cindy like to tease and flash you a quick look up her skirt but she never openly became suggestive or took the teasing too far.

Cindy arrived two days before Christmas and we spent the first evening just talking about life and catching up on the past couple of years. We hadn’t seen Cindy for a while and I was amazed to see that she had really matured in her looks and in her personality. She was older, wiser and if truth be known hotter than I remembered. I found it difficult to keep my eyes from wandering down her bare legs and up her short skirt. My wife noticed my distraction and playfully slapped my arm telling me to behave. The girls both laughed and I turned a light shade of red. The early evening was filled with quiet talking, a few drinks and lots of laughter. Later in the evening we all felt a little drunk and the talk became more suggestive and sexually open.

“Tell me Cindy”, my wife asked, “are you seeing anyone special these days?”

“No one special but I am dating this guy who works across the hall from me.”

My wife was definitely feeling frisky because she asked, “Has he got a nice cock?”

I almost choked on my drink and Cindy started to laugh and smile brightly. “Yes Aunt May his cock is wonderful. It’s long, fat and smooth and I love to hold it in my hand.”

“I hope you do more than just hold it”, replied my wife. I was totally stunned by this exchange. May is sexually aggressive and I have seen her open and bold before but not with a relative. We have a great sex life and she likes to fantasise about being my neighbour’s daughter or a young nurse in the doctor’s office and I seduce her taking advantage of her ‘innocence’ but she also likes to be the one calling the shots. I watched as May openly looked deep into Cindy’s eyes and asked, “What is your favourite part of sex. What gets you excited and horny?”

Not missing a beat Cindy said, “I love oral sex, I love having my pussy licked and sucking cock. Fucking is great too don’t get me wrong but having a nice hard cock in my mouth is as close to heaven as you can get and still be alive.”

Sucking cock is also one of May’s favourite things too and I have never had a bad or better blow job than when my cock is between her lips. May also liked to have her pussy licked and I was only too happy to oblige. Her pussy was full, completely shaved and she flowed like a river. To say that May got wet would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean was a small fishing hole. When I finished bringing her to orgasm with my tongue my face would glisten from forehead to chin with pure delicious pussy juice. When she came I would press my open mouth to her wet and flowing cunt drinking in every drop that seeped from her wonderful pussy.

I didn’t want the conversation to stop but I thought that things may get out of hand and then what would happen. If anything did then how awkward would it be afterwards, I just couldn’t let that happen. “Ok ladies I think that it being Christmas we should change the subject or play a game. What do you think?” Did I sound desperate? I hope not, I really wanted to see where things would go but, after all Cindy was my niece and my brother would kill me if he found out.

Both women called me a prude and a party pooper but we let things alone and put on my favourite version of A Christmas Carol and afterwards we called it a night.

When we were alone in bed my wife said, “You seemed a little uncomfortable with the conversation tonight. I hope you aren’t becoming a prude. Why were you so eager to change the subject? I saw how you were looking at her, just like a hungry lion sizing up his prey. What’s up with you?

“I was really starting to enjoy it but then I thought what if it went beyond just talk, what if things go out of control and something happened. I didn’t want the rest of Cindy’s stay to be uncomfortable or to have her leave and not speak to me anymore.

“Would it have been so bad if something had happened? I mean she is an adult and capable of making her own decisions.”

May and I have, on occasion, brought another woman into bed with us. May is bi and loves to see another woman sucking on my cock as she looks up from between the woman’s thighs with her mouth pressed against her pussy. It was then that I realised that May wanted Cindy and beylikdüzü escort she wanted me to want her too.

“May, she’s my niece. I can’t take advantage of her no matter how good it might be.” May just looked at me and she snuggled in close and we both fell asleep.

After breakfast the next day I had some errands to run and would be gone for most of the morning. The two women wished me well and off I went.

“Aunt May”, Cindy said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course dear”, May replied.

“Is Uncle Chris mad at me?”

“Good god girl whatever gave you that idea?”

“Well it was last night and the way he changed the conversation and tried to make out as if it was wrong. I don’t think we did anything bad. Do you?”

May came over and took Cindy in her arms giving her a big hug. “Chris isn’t mad at all. As a matter of fact I know that he really wanted to keep things going last night but he chickened out because he thought you may end up mad at him.”

“I could never be mad at him. Did you know I have had a crush on him ever since I was about 15 years old? You two had been married for a couple of years and I spied you doing it in the woods at the summer cottage. Ever since then I have had this lingering desire that Uncle Chris would fuck me in the woods.”

May smiled as they sat at the table sipping their morning coffee. “I want to let you in on a little secret”, May said, “Your uncle would do you in a heartbeat if I say the word. You would be surprised at what your uncle would do if I give the ok. He may seem like the strong in control type but in the bedroom I’m the one who controls what happens, with whom and with what. Having a third person to play with is something we both enjoy.”

Cindy look at her aunt and then she said, “Aunt May, would you and Uncle Chris like to play with me? I only ask because I really want to play with you, both of you. I will do anything you want, all you have to do is ask me or tell me and I’ll do it.”

“Chris won’t be back for a while so let’s see how you hold up when it’s just me.”

They went to the living room and May opened her tight leather top to reveal her perky tits and erect nipples.

“Get naked”, said May in a firm voice and Cindy quickly removed her robe. She was naked underneath and May took in her trim young figure. May was still a sensual woman with a firm and full body and Cindy was a hot and voluptuous and erotic young woman approaching her thirties. Together they were a stunning duo who any man would gladly want for his very own pleasures.

May stroked Cindy’s back and rested her hand on her round and perfect backside. She continued to explore Cindy’s body with her hand and her eyes.May wanted to warm those sweet bum cheeks with a few firm hand slaps and she dug her nails into Cindy’s ass to see how she would respond.

Cindy flinched but she said “Do it Aunt May, smack my ass.”

May didn’t waste another second she raised her hand and gave Cindy five quick but hard slaps on each cheek. Cindy moaned in pleasure and moved her ass to encourage May to do more.

May led her in to the bedroom and slowly removed her leather outfit. Underneath she wore only a tiny thong which she left on as a tease. “Now Cindy, I want to make it quite plain and clear, you do not have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. So tell me now whether you want to stay or go.”

“I want to stay, Aunt May. I want to feel your touch and I want to do the same to you.”

“Tell me Cindy, what do you want to do to me?”

Cindy turned slightly red and said, “I want to lick your pussy and taste you. I would love to make you cum with my mouth.”

May smiled, “And so you will my dear but first I’m going to have a little fun and make you feel all warm and wet. Have you ever had sex with another woman before?”

“Once”, admitted Cindy. “A girlfriend and I went on a holiday together and we ended up drunk one night and we sort of ended up in bed together. I really enjoyed it but she felt odd the next day so it was just the one night.”

“Well it won’t be just the one time with me”, said May. “As a matter of fact I think you will make a very nice Christmas present for your Uncle Chris. But I need to know what kind of a gift you will make”, and May had Cindy lay down on the bed with her legs opened wide. Cindy had a wonderful shaved pussy that May wanted to taste right away.

She dropped to her knees and gently let her fingers open and pinch Cindy’s pussy lips. She found her clit and massaged it until it stood erect and firm like a mini cock. Cindy started to squirm and her pussy became wet and ready for May’s tongue. May bent down and ran her tongue around but not in her inflamed cunt. The teasing was almost too much for Cindy to handle.

“Oh Aunt May don’t tease me. Shove that tongue inside my pussy and make me cum.”

Cindy wasn’t ready to let her off that easy and she continued to flick her tongue across Cindy’s swollen and wet pussy. Using her fingers beyoğlu escort she opened her lips and probed her inner canal as she took her clit between her lips. Cindy jumped at the sensation and tried to grab May by the head to hold her between her flaming thighs.

May ignored her hands and sucked Cindy’s pussy lips into her mouth. Cindy was beyond control and she began to shake as mini orgasms wracked her body. Each one built upon the last and before she knew it she screamed out as a full body tremor shook her and her orgasm nearly made her pass out.

“Did that bring back memories of your one time on holiday?”

Cindy lay with her arm across her eyes but her legs still spread wide. “My one timer was nothing like this”, she said. “My pussy is still on fire and I think I’ll die if I try to move.”

May said, “Well you better move because Chris will be home any second and I know he would want to join in but I’ve got a plan for a nice Christmas surprise. Get dressed and we’ll talk it over as we get lunch.”

The rest of the day was spent preparing for supper and a nice evening around the Christmas tree. May and Cindy worked on setting the table and putting final touches to the tree. Chris was busy in the kitchen getting the meal ready and he would chase the women out if they tried to interfere or got in his way. About an hour before supper the women disappeared upstairs to get ready. May wanted Cindy alone so she could dress her in the special Christmas wrap she had in mind. She was saving this little outfit for a special occasion and tonight was just the time to use it. Cindy stripped off and May handed her the ensemble. “Here, put this on. Chris will love seeing you in this and nothing else.”

“He likes this sort of thing?”

“Sweetie, you have no idea what this sort of thing does to him. The only thing that may get him harder is if he was wearing it.”

Cindy couldn’t keep the shock off her face. “Wearing it?” she asked questioningly.

“Oh yes my dear, your uncle has it bad for a sexy pair of panties. He isn’t gay but I know he is definitely bi. We’re going have fun tonight and I’ll show you how much he likes this sort of thing.”

Cindy finished putting on the sexy outfit and stood there modeling it for May’s critique.

“If Uncle Chris likes panties so much, why am I not wearing any?”

“I’ve kept them for me. If he wants to see the whole outfit then he will need to include me in the unwrapping.”

They finished dressing but made sure that their special wrapping was not visible and headed down to join Chris in the kitchen.

“Don’t you both look lovely”, commented Chris. “I feel like a street bum next to you two.”

“My, my” said May, “You are really laying it on thick. Do you have some motive in mind for being so flattering?”

“The only thing I have in mind is a nice meal, a nice drink after supper and a nice evening with my two favourite women in the world.”

Cindy blushed slightly and May said “Maybe we can unwrap a present tonight. It might be fun to get a head start on Christmas.”

Forgetting that Cindy was there Chris said, “Baby I’ll unwrap you any night of the year.” He suddenly realised what he said and stammered, “Oh Cindy I’m sorry I forgot you were standing right there.”

Cindy smiled and replied, “That’s ok Uncle Chris, I like to see fine things opened at Christmas.”

Chris looked at her, smiled weakly and turned to May who simply said, “Who knows maybe Santa has something special under the tree.”

The conversation during dinner was pleasant but uneventful. Soon they adjourned to the living room and Chris served coffee and placed a tray of small simple squares and cookies on a side table. He then sat on the sofa next to May and pulled her close beside him. “So what shall we talk about or would you like to play a game or do something else?”

“Well”, said May, “I think we should consider opening a Christmas gift.” May then let her hand fall between Chris’ thighs and rest lightly on his cock. “I think that Cindy should start. Why don’t you pick a present and start things off.”

Cindy went to the tree and bent over as if searching for an interesting looking package but in reality she was giving Chris and May a little look at her naked backside.

May pretended not to notice as she looked at Chris to see his reaction. He was frozen in time just staring at Cindy’s exposed ass and the hint of her shaved and excited pussy. May could feel his cock growing harder and she instinctively gave it a little squeeze. Chris regained his composure, looked intently at May and gave her a little kiss on the lips.

Cindy found a present and returned to her seat. “Why don’t you get one too?” she asked May. “It will be more fun if we both open the together.”

May went to the tree and returned with a small box that she suspected contained a nice piece of jewellery. “Ok are you ready? There is time to stop and not do this.”

Completely misunderstanding, Chris said “Come on May it’s bomonti escort just a couple of little gifts.”

Cindy nodded her agreement and together they opened their presents. As she suspected May’s gift was a nice bracelet while Cindy’s present was a new robe. “That’s a lovely robe”, said Cindy. “You should try it on.” Cindy, sensing her plan went to her room and quickly shed her outer clothes and put on the robe. She felt excite and nervous at the same time but she really wanted to surprise Chris with herself as his early Christmas gift. Returning to the living room she did a small pirouette showing off the new robe.

“Very nice and it looks warm” said May.

Cindy remained standing and May said to Chris, “Now it’s time for you to unwrap your present.” Chris made to go to the tree but Cindy stepped in front of him and handed him the ends of the loose sash holding the robe closed. Chris look a little confused but May removed all doubts as she stood and began to undress. Chris pulled slowly on the sash and the robe fell open revealing the sexy lingerie that clung to Cindy’s luscious body. He looked intently at Cindy’s shaved pussy and asked, “Shouldn’t there be a pair of panties to go with this? Not that I’m complaining you understand. I think that it look great this way too.”

May finished stripping of her clothes and said, “I kept the panties for myself so you wouldn’t forget me as you play with your new present.”

Chris was like a kid in a candy store. He wanted it all but didn’t know where to begin. May took over and helped Cindy remove her robe. Looking at Cindy she said, “You know it’s not fair that we are almost naked and he is still dressed.”

“You are so right”, said Cindy and she started to unbutton Chris’ shirt while May worked on removing his pants.

Chris felt helpless but very excited about what was happening. He allowed himself to be totally under their control, at least for now, and he could hardly wait to see what would happen next.

As May pulled his pants down, his cock pressed hard against his boxers. She reached up through the leg hole and played with his smooth shaven balls. Cindy saw this and she hurriedly finished removing the shirt and joined May in front of Chris’s hard cock. She helped him step out of his pants and then she gripped the sides of the boxers and started to pull them down his thighs. May removed her hand allowing Cindy to take off the boxers and free Chris’ lovely manhood.

Cindy reached out and took his cock in her hand. She loved the feel of a man’s cock, to hold it, to stroke it and feel its firm but soft texture. She especially liked a shaved cock and Chris had a wonderful specimen of delicious man meat.

May watched as Cindy played with his cock and she whispered encouraging little phrases into her ear. “Squeeze it and feel how smooth it is. Cup his balls and see how they feel as you roll them around in your hand. He has a lovely cock don’t you think? Try sucking it. I know you want to suck it.” Cindy obeyed and wrapped her lips around the head of Chris’ throbbing hard cock. She kept her hand on his balls and continued to massage them as she sucked on the fat tasty cock in her mouth.

“Yes suck my cock”, said Chris. “Do you like sucking your uncle’s cock? Does it make your pussy wet to suck on my cock? Oh Cindy your mouth is so wet and warm I just want to cum in your mouth and spray your face with cum.”

“Not so fast big boy”, said May. “I promised her a good fucking and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. If you have anything left after that then it’s my turn and then maybe I’ll let you cum in her mouth.” Reluctantly Cindy stopped sucking as May gently pulled her away and had her bend over to show Chris her wet and willing pussy. “Do you like her cunt Chris; do you want to slip your cock into your niece’s wet cunt?”

“I want to taste her first” and he buried his face in her wet snatch. Cindy held her ass cheeks apart giving Chris easy access to her cunt and asshole. She loved having her ass licked and Chris shoved his tongue deep into her little puckered backdoor. Cindy cried out in pure ecstasy as several mini orgasms caused her clit to pulse and throb with pleasure. Chris loved the taste of her wet holes and he swallowed every drop of pussy juice that flowed from between Cindy’s thighs.

Meanwhile May wedged her head under Chris’ cock and began to suck and nibble on his balls. She took each testicle in her mouth and ran her tongue over, in between and around his smooth nut sack.

Chris continued to lick Cindy’s delicious pussy as May brought him close to heaven sucking on his balls. Sensing that Chris could lose control and cum before her plans to have him fuck Cindy, May adjusted her attention and ran her tongue along his cock. While this still made Chris’ cock tingle it was enough to stop the immediate urge to let his cum fly. Besides she had to take charge of things before both Cindy and Chris lost any sense of self control.

May slid out from under Chris’s cock just as Cindy yelled out in the unmistakeable sounds of a woman in full orgasm. Her pussy exploded in waves of pulsating pleasure as Chris pressed his face firmly between her thighs to drink in every wet drop of her cum. Just as well, thought May, Chris needs a couple of minutes before I let him slip his cock into that tasty hole.

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