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My cousin gets pregnant

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My cousin gets pregnantRead the story I wrote about my first time, which is true if there was doubt, to get a background on my cousin.Since then she has had a baby, and this is that story.We continued to explore all the things we could do with our “parts” together, and it didn’t take us too long to realize that I fit inside of her. Neither of us had hit puberty yet so we would fuck whenever we had the chance, and sometimes when we didn’t. She never let me fuck her ass though, although looking back she wish she had since I hadn’t developed and was much smaller than now obviously. Growing up with an older sister who was a whore she had a huge wealth of information at her hands that she took advantage of. She learned all sorts of different positions and tons of other sexual knowledge that we only dream about when just starting out. She went to a private school throughout middle school, but we wound up at the same high school. People would always ask if she was my sister since we look similar, but I would always explain to them that we were cousins, and they’d go on to ask me to hook them up with her which I never did since I was enjoying her pussy too much. Once we got to high school and started to go through puberty she got a great rack just like her sister and didn’t mind showing it off one bit. As soon as she got her first period she started making me pull out so she tuzla escort could suck all the cum out of my cock. As much as I didn’t mind this, I wanted to shoot a real load inside her, after explaining this she agreed to talk to her parents about birth control. They obliged and soon after I was cumming inside her.I was in gym class one day, and a k** comes up to me and tells me he has this video on his phone that I had to check out. Turns out my cousin went out and got drunk one night and had sex with her first guy besides me and had this k** film it. Obviously she didn’t say that he was the first other than me, so here I am being told that I’m watching my cousin lose her virginity and stutter through her first orgasm. I had to pretend to be revolted, disgusted, and completely unaroused by it since we kept our actions secret. After seeing this it gave me the idea to film ourselves having sex, all of which videos I still have and watch to this day (sorry they won’t be uploaded here). When I’m feeling down or just want to have a stellar orgasm, I watch them while I jerk off.She had boyfriends over the course of high school to act as a cover and would occasionally have sex with them, but fucked me the vast majority of the time. Her junior year she met a guy that she said she might have actual feelings for, so after a few long weeks of discussing sancaktepe escort we decided to share our secret with him. Turns out he was completely turned on by it since he grew up in a similar situation. By this point she realized that college wasn’t for her and had decided to drop out of high school after the year finished, and this wound up being a great move for her. We went to a graduation party for her boyfriend who was a senior and got smashed. A few hours into the party we went upstairs and fucked like never before. Her boyfriend came in and joined us. We started off in the standard Eiffel tower, after a while he got under us and started licking my balls while I fucked her. I told him he needed to stop because I was gonna blow my load and was enjoying myself way too much. Since I was about to cum I told him to fuck her while I took a break. I climbed under her and started to eat her ass, I was drunk and had never done this before. She seemed really into it so I pressed my tongue hard into her hole getting it nice and wet. Since her boyfriends cock was smaller than mine, I told him to take her ass while I fucked her pussyAt this point we had been fucking for two hours so she was really loose, and I started complaining about not being able to feel anything so her boyfriend pulled out of her ass and slid his cock into her pussy with üsküdar escort mine. This sent all three of us over the top and we were all about to cum, it was just a matter of who did first. Turns out it was her. She’s normally a hard squirted, but with it shooting out between both our cocks it hit me like a fire hose. With that her boyfriend came and feeling his cock pulsate against mine inside her made me cum too. We both pulled out and all three of us passed out on the bed together. A few hours later a couple burst in the door and were basically naked and on the bed before realizing we were there. They quickly retreated, but we had been woken up and my cousin felt her pussy with two huge loads in it and had a horrified look on her face. She told me that her and her boyfriend we thinking about getting married and having a k**, so she stopped her birth control. She had been too drunk to tell me and her boyfriend was too drunk to remember. After the necessary amount of time we did verify that she was pregnant and we took a test to see which one of us was the actual father. Turned out it was my sperm that knocked her up but we agreed it’d be better to not tell anyone and let them assume it was his. Here’s my cousin who I had been fucking for 8 years without a problem and now this. She made it clear to me that just because I had knocked her up, that we were still going to have sex. Everyday we had sex until she was about two weeks out from having the k** since the hormones sent her sex drive up the wall. We don’t have sex very often anymore, but when we do it’s special and she makes sure to suck every last drop of cum out of my cock

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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