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MY COUSIN part 3

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MY COUSIN part 3……….I open my eyes that Sunday morning as the ray of the sun passes through the glass windows to the half open curtains and strikes onto my face. The first thing i saw as I blink was the beautiful face of my cousin comfortably laying his face on my pillow. His sweet red lips is so kissable so i move near to him and touch his lips with mine. I don’t feel anything awkward towards him now, its as if I own him.Getting my boxers from the cabinet beside my bed, I put it on and sit up. A little awkward though to feel horny early this morning when i stared at Mike’s naked body, seeing his soft cock pointing to the side and his balls cooperating with his nice masculine legs. He looks so sexy and vulnerable on the bed. Temptations is hitting me up, so i went to rub his chest slowly. My cock is starting to harden when i continued rubbing him up. I kissed him again while stroking his soft cock. Then, i thought,what if he wakes up? well why would I mind?, i’m sure it’ll be fine for him. And so i keep on playing his unarmed body. Yet all of a sudden, someone ring the bell outside, so I stopped and left Mike in the room. I went to check to who was it and it was just a messenger. HAHAHA! I forgot that mr. buddy is standing upright and that is why the messenger’s eyes was as big as bullshit staring down there. Clothes!! I’m just wearing my boxers! I felt alarmed. Fuck! I forgot to put some clothes on. But then I didn’t show it off to him that I was and i just said “thank you” to him then he smiled back and I closed the gate.”Fuck, that was a shame..” reprimanding myself.I don’t really like being seen with just my boxers or undies on outside or to people I don’t know. Hell more if naked!.. Anyways, i just forgot that and I think of it as a odd morning gift to the pinbahis güvenilirmi messenger, LOL! I know he likes what he saw for sure, I don’t mind if he’s straight or what. My cock is now soft because of that shame. Walking towards the kitchen, i get a glass and poured some water to drink. Then, I went back to my room and found out that Mike wasn’t there. Obviously, he is awake. The bathroom in my room is closed so I went to see if he was there. The doorknob open as i turned it which means it’s not locked, so I push it and the light was not on, oh okay he not here. I searched outside, to the living room, to the playground, to the poolside and he’s not there too. I go back to the kitchen and he is still not around.He shouldn’t be in my parents room yet there’s no other place to look for so I came there to check. And yes, I can hear the shower is on. He is taking a bath on my parents room. “And what comes into his mind for him to use the bathroom of my parents” me wondering. As i was about to get inside, he moved out with his dry body. Seems like he was done. He saw me standing there as he wipes his hair.”hi! good morning!” Mike smiled at me.”yeah, good morning, I went outside because the messenger came.” i smiled back.”yeah, i saw you at the gate talking to that man. He looks cute, you could have invited him inside.” him grinning at me.”cute? hmm yeah kinda. but i haven’t noticed much his face, you just don’t know what happen out there.” me talking calmly.”oh okay, so you prepared breakfast already?” him asking.”hmmm, no, that is why I was looking for you to help me prepare our breakfast.” I replied.He doesn’t care being naked in front of me, I noticed and so I don’t mind as well. So i go to the kitchen while he put some clothes on but he just pinbahis yeni giriş came right after me not wearing anything. HAHAHA! “Is he really trying to tease me or what?” me questioning myself, but i like the idea though. LOL!So we prepare our breakfast. We grilled pineapples, cut the breads and filled it with jams, fried some eggs and hotdogs. We were just talking while eating.. laughing and playing with the food. And I just felt horny again, with Mike sitting on the chair naked and I can feel pre-cums is dripping out inside me. Now, Mike is not playing with his foods instead his playing his cock and strangely looking at me. “Was he horny as well?” trying to ask myself.”hmmmmm…. hooooottttdoooogssss..” stroking his cock as if teasing me.I can feel my cock harden again as it wets up my boxers.”Hey! you hard huh? do i make you hard?” Mike asking me crazily.Without hesitation I kneeled down and suck his now erect tool and ignored his question.”aaaaaaah,,, you hungry with my hooooot dog?? hmmmm…” he’s starting to moan.I work my way down and deep throats his hard cock.”aaaassshhhhffff… hhhmmmmsssshhhh.. it’s as if it’s not your first time baby..” him loving it.At the back of my mind, as i thought, “yeah you’re right, it really is as if it’s not my first time but i just felt like i know what to do with your delicious cock.”He interrupted me, as he pulled me up and took off my boxer. And he started sucking my erect cock with lots of pre-cum, He started to lick my balls way up to my dickhead.”sssssslllrrrrpp,.sweet as pineapple… uhhhhmmmm” as he swallowed my pre-cum.”yeaaaahhh!!! ahhhhmmma…” me groaning.Suddenly, i realized that “Mike is sucking my cock?”. Well maybe i just thought that i will always be the one to do it.. the one to pinbahis giriş suck and the one to be fucked but it’s not how it is going yet I don’t mind anymore. I like the feeling of it so i just erased it to my mind and focused on what we are doing.”hmmmm,, shhhhht… yeah keep going.. haaaaahhhmmm” i’m feeling it good now.Then Mike stopped and ask me to fuck him.. and i was kinda shock with what he said. But,”why not? let me fuck that ass of yours..” amazed that i said that myself.SO he put aside the food and bent over the table. I licked his neck to his spine and further way down to his ass. After that, I spank his butt, “aah! yeah, spank that hungry ass Kev,, spank it.. yeah..” him telling me what to do.”yeah i’m spanking it hard now bitch.. yeah.. you like that.” spanking his ass hard.When his ass started to turn pink, i spit on his asshole wetting it, and i started licking it.”hmmmm,, yeah baby,, hmmmm.. ahhhhhsshhhsshhhhahsshs,, yeah..” him moaning.His asshole now seems wet so i started to use my cock on spanking his pink cheeks.”uhhhmmm, ahhh,,,” him feeling my cock.Then I started to push my cock in his hungry ass slowly,”hmmmmm,,, tight ass… whooooaaahssst…” me feeling it good.I started to push my whole cock all the way in, and he screamed in pleasure.”aaaaaaahmmmmmm… yeahhh… iiii loooovvveee ittt… huhmm…” him groaning.I started banging him harder now,,,”huh! huh! huh! ah! ah! hmm.. yeah you like that Mike.. ha?” me telling him.”hmmm.. yeah i love that.. ah! ah! ah!” him feeling my cock inside his ass.I can feel now like i’m cumming so i keep on banging him hard..”hmmmmaaaahhh.. i’m cumminnnnggg.. shhhitt… fuccck” me still pushing and pulling.”yeahhh… cum in my ass.. aaaaahhh!!” him asking me..And I did cum in his ass..”hmmm.. yeah…. i can feel your hot cum inside my ass man..” Mike now smiling.”it feels so good to fuck someone.. ahh..” me smiling too.After that, i sit down and he settled himself down as well, then we finished our breakfast, continued our conversation, as we still have a the whole day to spend………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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