Haz 04

My Crazy College Sex Life Part 3.

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My Crazy College Sex Life Part 3.I did not even know how to react. The two girls of my dreams were touching each other and waiting for me. Christy said “get the fuck over here.” I crawled onto the bed. Karen pulled her panties off and shoved them in my face and said “Do you like these.” I just murmmered yes as she started stroking me off. Chritsy then began kissing me. I was so overwhelmed, I pulled away for a moment. I told them how bad I felt doing this, but they then told me not to worry. Christy said “Listen, We’ve already cheated and it’s not like your doing it with just anyone. We wont tell her and look I even got Karen to join. I told her how nice your cock was and hard you fucked me. I know you always wanted her.” Karen then starting making me out with as Christy blew me. I was having the sexual fantasy of my life. I then took Karen and bent her over and started fucking her doggystyle. Her tits were flopping hiltonbet yeni giriş and I was slapping her ass, punishing her and she loved it. Christy was making out with me and I felt Karen start to cum she screamed so loud and came so hard. Christy then said my turn and started riding me like she had before. She knew what she was doing. I put my head in her tits and sucked on her nipples, which made her orgasm very quickly. As Christy was done, Karen said “Well, I think he needs to cum…in my ass.” She started kissing me and told me to fucking cum in her ass. I stuck my dick in her ass and she screamed as I railed her missionary. Christy then starting licking my ass and at first I was like wtf, but it felt good so I let her continue. I then came so hard in her ass and they laid in my arms. Christy told me not to leave for another couple of days and her and Karen would take me home for hiltonbet giriş break instead of my dad. I agreed, so in not having to get up early I stayed the night.They laid in my arms as Amber would but it was both of them and I had full access to their bodies. Amber was not as offering of her parts as them and it was nice to lay there with two beautiful girls allowing me to playfully touch them as we got high. We kissed and shared our smoke. We laid completely naked and passed out eventually.sleeping naked and spooing with both of them all night made me so hard and as I awoke the girls had something awesome in store for me. They both knew of my chewing tobacco habit and as I awoke I woke up with a can on my chest and Karen and Christy sucking my dick. Christy said “here I know you have always wanted to cum from a blowjob and I know you want it while your hard and with a dip in. She then leaned hiltonbet güvenilirmi down and handed me a pair of her workout panties. I smelled her panties as they blew me and I chewed. I was in heaven. They were taking turns sucking on me and kissing the rest of my body. They also played with my balls, which felt very good as well. I had never cum from a blowjob before, but I felt it coming. I took Christy’s down as she was the best and face fucked her until I came all in her mouth. Her and Karen made out and shared it then laid back next to me. She then told me to get my stuff I would need to go home as I should stay here with them until we leave. I then went home with my head running. Amber would never know and I felt so guilty not telling her. She had texted me last night telling me how much she missed and how much she wished I could be there cuddling with her right now. Instead I was fucking the shit out of her roomates. I had no choice now, they were my ride home and this would probably never happen again and I had just fulfilled all of my fantasties, so I assumed they would be down for whatever else. I could not wait to see what we were going to do tonight. Part 4 soon…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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