Ağu 04

My Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 02

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Part 2 of my story picks directly up from where Part 1 ended. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it…


I followed them in and closed the door behind me. I turned round to the immediate sight of Charlotte and Chris locked together in a deep, passionate kiss. Him pulling her body close to him and her letting him. I stood watching as his hands moved from her waist to her arse, gripping it hard as the kissing continued.

I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there rooted to the spot. My back against the door, hands by my sides, mouth wide open.

They stopped kissing, “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable babe” she said to Chris. I watched as he walked over to the bed, sat down on it and began taking his shirt off. She turned to me, “Make yourself useful and help me out of this dress and heels”.

I dropped to my knees immediately and crawled to where she stood, where I gently took hold of her left soft nylon-clad ankle and eased it out of her shoe. It lingered in the air, dangling. I began kissing it softly, enjoying the soft nylon until she suddenly forced it down onto my face, sandwiching my face between her foot and the floor.

Giggling, she looked down at me. She wiggled her toes against my nose “Breathe in cuckold” she ordered. I did as I was told. Chris was laughing too. I could smell the odour through her tights. And I loved it.

After 5 minutes or so, she released me, eager to get on with things with her new lover, and I slipped her foot out of the ankara yeni escort other shoe. I stood up and slowly unzipped the back of her dress and watched her wriggle out of it. Pressing her body back against mine as she did. Which also made her giggle as she could feel the cage pushing right against her arse, something which happened more when she suddenly bent over in front of me and wiggled her body some more. I could see Chris smiling as he got a full view of her more-than-ample cleavage.

She stood up straight, turned round and pushed me away, “Now, you be a good boy and sit over there, you may take your clothes off if you want to but don’t expect me to pay you any attention”. She turned to Chris “I’ll be too busy with this fine body to look at your scrawny figure”. With that, she stepped forward, straddled him, and began kissing him again. Her hands all over his hairy, well built torso, letting out soft little moans with every stroke she gave him.

I took my rightful place in the corner, slowly and quietly undressing, then sitting on the chair to watch as she dropped to her knees at his feet as he stood up, and she slowly undid his belt and pulled off his trousers.

She pushed her face into his crotch, breathing in the aroma of his underwear. His bulge was so prominent through the tight boxers. She rubbed her face all over it. Charlotte pulled them down with her teeth, yelping playfully as his cock sprang out and slapped her in the face. She looked up at him hungrily as yenimahalle escort she took it and began slapping herself some more with it. Chris ran his hands through her hair as she let his cock rest on her face while she licked and kissed his swollen balls.

Moans filled the room as she began to start sucking. Both from Charlotte and from Chris. Hers more than slightly muffled as his girth and length filled her mouth and slid in and out between her lips.

Meanwhile, my cock was straining against the cage I was in. I wanted to play with myself so much as this sight. Like a real life porn film happening right there in front of me. I rubbed my balls to try and ease the pain a little. I looked at the key around her neck and longed to have it so I could release myself and then relieve myself. I’d have to wait.

He was starting to get a bit rougher. And she was moaning louder, encouraging him to do so. His hands gripped hold of her hair, as he started to face fuck her. I could see her make up starting to run as her eyes watered. His length was hitting the back of her throat and making her gag. She was drooling all over her tights. God, this was amazing. Every so often he held his cock in her mouth until she spluttered and her gag reflex began to kick in, then he released her, watching her gasp for air before opening her mouth for him to fill it again.

She’d never done any of this for me. Why? I tried to push the thought to the back of my mind and just enjoy the show, but yozgat escort it wouldn’t disappear completely. Maybe we never had what I thought we had, maybe she just didn’t go ‘all the way’ with me, like, fully let herself go. Faked it a bit, if you like.

I snapped out of it as Chris’s loud moans filled the room. He had cum, and cum big too. All over her face, He had pulled out just in time to shoot all over her face and into her hair. He flopped back onto the bed panting as she stayed kneeling, catching her breath. I took in the scene. Her forehead and hairline was coated in a thick layer of creamy sperm. One of her eyes was shut as it had run down into it and down her right cheek. Her lips and chin were covered with drool from where he’d fucked her face. This ran down her chest and also onto her tights, which were a mess. The room was filled with the aroma of sperm and of sex. She looked over at me and smiled, I looked back at her, she blew me a kiss. “How do I look?” she asked, “Oh, errr, well, errr, you look amazing, better than you ever did with me”. She liked that.

She got up, slowly walked over to me, bent down, and kissed me. Part of me was shocked, disgusted, but that wasn’t the part that won. What did win was the obedient part. The part that kissed her back. That took in some of Chris’s sperm as she offered it to me with her tongue. I found myself lapping it up. She laughed. “Look at you, you dirty boy, I didn’t expect you to do THAT” I looked down humiliated. The reality of what I’d just done hit me. “We’ll talk this over later” she smiled wickedly, and turned to Chris. He was still laying on the bed, but was rock hard again, already.

Charlotte smiled. “Can I help you with that baby?”

He nodded “That’s your job isn’t it?”

“It is from now on” she whispered in reply.


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