Mar 30

My Danish Daughter Ch. 01

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My fling in Paris with a pretty, tall Dane named Inga was rather satisfactory. However, she and I were headed to different places. She wanted to star in European cinema and I was a busy, successful corporate attorney. She was a real delight, with her leggy, shapely form and her total lack of inhibitions. She tended to act like she was dying from excitement every time I fucked her.

She especially loved it in the butt, so I made sure to properly use that sweet section of her anatomy. I did not see her again for another 3 years, however, and I wondered what had happened to her.

Then, one day, as I was traveling on vacation in Paris again, I saw Inga coming toward me near the boulevard on the Seine. She held a little toddler, clearly a girl from her curly, crimson hair. Inga smiled the sweetest, happiest smile that I had seen on her face in a long time.

“Hello, Robert,” she greeted me in perfect, but heavily accented English.

“Hello, Inga,” I answered. She hugged and kissed me as if nothing had changed.

“Robert, I want to introduce your daughter, our daughter, Magda,” she said.

I was in total shock. I had no idea that she was going to conceive, though perhaps the possibility had sometimes occurred to me.

“Magda, greet your father,” Inga told her.

She beamed and went over to hug and kiss me, much as her mother had done (well, with one obvious exception). Inga then told me that she wanted me to be involved in the girl’s life and asked me if I wanted to have custody of Magda during the summers. I could not say no to that, since she was my daughter, and she had the most charming way about her. I was determined to be a damned good father, thank you.

Well, over the many summers, I took care of the newest person in my life, letting her experience what America was like. She was always in tow, whenever I would travel, and would always went to sleep whenever I told her. She only asked that I give her a good night kiss and hug every time, even if it was a midday nap.

She was never one to interfere in the other aspects of my life, so I never had any excuse to resent her in any way. She was definitely more of an addition to my life than a subtraction.

Over time, however, I noticed that she began to look me very differently, as she entered her adolescence and she started to become aware of her sexuality. Instead of being reluctant to spend time with me, like most of her peers, she would cling to me every chance she’d get. That’s not to say that she meddled in my sex life, but she really took every minute that l gave her.

The other girls teased her about her attachment to me, calling her a “Daddy’s girl” and suggesting that we were lovers. This was not true, but she did not seem to dislike the idea when she would repeat what they had said to me. In fact, she really seemed to think that it was funny, so even I began to joke with her about it. She would joke back, but what I did not realize was that she was secretly serious about the whole thing.

A couple of times she pointed out to me that 16 was the age of consent in her country. Then she winked and giggled when I flushed and reminded her that incest was illegal in both countries.

This continued from her 13th birthday until her 18th, when she was playing a board game with me one night that I had gotten her as a present that day.

Magda was winning handily, and I was quickly running out of fake cash, so she suddenly blurted out that, “You could always use something else as play money, Dad.”

She had a mischievous look, which should have indicated what was up. Once again, however, I was oblivious to the evidence of her high school crush on me.

“What is that, sweetheart?” I stupidly asked her.

“Your cum, Dad!” she said, laughing pretty hard.

“Magda, this joke is getting a little old, don’t ya think?” I scolded her.

She just grinned a sweet, but impish smile, and stuck her tongue out at me, saying, “Dad, to be honest, it’s not really a joke, and never has been to me. I have wanted to make love to you since puberty. Why do you think I’ve been so close to you all of this time? I have never been embarrassed or upset at your presence. I feel like you really are my sweetheart, in the man-woman sense, not just like father and daughter.

“I love you, Dad, and I want to be ataşehir escort yours. Won’t you just take me seriously, this time, and sleep with me? Give me a great birthday present. I will never leave you, so you’ll always get laid. I promise not to have any headaches!”

I was about to die from shock! This pretty teenage daughter of mine wanted me more than the boys of her own age. Her old man was the man she loved!

“There are some problems, Magda. For one thing, there is the fact that I like to sleep with lots of girls. Then there is the reality that everyone would condemn us. Incest is also illegal, as well as taboo. Don’t you get that?” I told her.

She did not cry, despite the negative nature of the news.

Instead, she laughed, “Dad, those are not going to be problems. Mom and you always taught me to share, right? I will just share your dick with other girls, like I did with my toys when I was younger. Nobody has to know about this, since I would never tell them. I can get pregnant by another guy first, so that won’t be a problem.

“Only Mom will find out and she’s pretty liberal. We could use protection or just stick to oral sex when I am fertile. What do you say, Dad?”

I looked at her sweet, loving, adorable face and made a decision. There was no point in resisting her on this issue. She wanted me, so turning her down would mean denying both of us pleasure that we wanted.

“Alright, but there is one more condition. I won’t do it until you are already pregnant. I don’t want to risk the exposure involved in an incest scandal. In the meantime, we’ll just do oral sex. Okay, sweetheart?” I informed my darling daughter.

She did not laugh or cry this time, but silently smiled back at me.

Then she said, “Okay, Dad, it’s a deal. However, I will hold you to it. When I get back and am pregnant already, I will climb into bed with you. We will make love until we’re too tired to do it anymore. Alright?”

I nodded my agreement. Then she went over to me and started to unzip my pants to claim her “prize”. I didn’t like the idea of her getting pregnant, but it was clear that she would anyway. She didn’t strike me as a virgin or anything close to it and she seemed to like the idea of being knocked up. It was better that some other guy get her pregnant than someone who would have a scandal on his hands.

As for condoms, well, I couldn’t put it past her to sabotage them. She wanted to get pregnant and that would happen, condom or no condom. She was as stubborn as her father.

Magda took my cock in her hands, saying, “Dad, this cock is what I’ve waited for a long time and I will love sucking it!”

With that, she put it in her mouth and started to fill her sweet mouth with my dick. She just kept sucking, and after 2 minutes, I felt like I could already come. I deliberately refused to ask her why she was so skilled at blowjobs.

She suddenly stopped and giggled, “I think that I will fuck my step-brother Bjorg when I return to Denmark. You don’t mind if I fuck him now and then, since I don’t mind your women? You wanted me to be pregnant first, after all.”

I just grinned, thinking, well, at least, this will keep her somewhat happy while waiting until next summer. I suspected that she would conceive by him before that point.

“Alright, sweetheart. I am fine with that, as long as you don’t get jealous of my lovers,” I responded.

She smiled back at me and said, “I would never be jealous. They are only your women, while I’m your daughter, right?”

At that, she sucked so ravenously that my cum came out almost instantly. It was being sucked out of my body as if her mouth was a black hole.

I fell backward on the floor, thinking that this was it. Magda proved otherwise when she walked over, dropped her jeans, and pulled down her undies.

She told me, “You said oral sex, Dad, but you did not specify what kind, did you? Why don’t you eat your daughter’s tight little pussy, honey?”

She waited for my assent, which I quickly gave her, knowing that she had used my own clever words. Even though she manipulated me into going along with her scheme, her approach was always that of one begging for favors. Therefore, I didn’t think that she was controlling me, as some idiots would in my case.

She was just avcılar escort the more intent on this course of action of the 2 of us. Thus I was always, albeit hesitantly, yielding in some way to her plot. She sat on my face as I had these thoughts and began rubbing her pussy onto it, knowing that this would make her cum on it. She giggled again, snickering to think that she was getting her cunt licked by her own dear Dad.

This pussy-rubbing got me actively eating her out and I kept at it, especially after noticing that her sex was delicious. In fact, it was much like her mom’s, though I never told her that. The feeling of my lips and tongue on her clit and cunt made her nubile body rock with absolute pleasure. She came hard after a dozen minutes, wetting my face with her girl-cum until it was drenched.

After a full hour, Magda was fatigued too, so she followed me into the bathroom as I washed my face. She clung to me all of the time, and then I went to bed, where she joined me to spoon.

The morning after our secret oral exchange, she sucked me off in the shower. It was as intense as the previous night and I came down her thirsty throat with gusto. She licked it up as if she were a cat drinking milk from a bowl. The look of her gorgeous face was positively radiant. She was simply enthralled by the whole experience of incest.

Magda then got me to eat her cunt. Once again, I enjoyed it completely. I know that some men don’t like the taste of pussy, and some women have stinky cunts, but my 18 year old daughter’s twat was quite tasty.

“How about your ass, Magda? I want to lick it too,” I told her.

She grinned, “Sure, Dad. It sounds like a lot of fun.”

I began rimming her ass voraciously, sampling something even more delicious than birthday cake. She seemed a bit ticklish from having her freckled ass licked, but she only snickered and giggled, instead of getting annoyed. She also came from the extreme sensation of being eaten in that area, which was quite sensitive.

I kissed her on the lips immediately afterward, and she smiled at me with a delightfully impish face. I had no doubt that she had some scheme cooking in her mind. She was my daughter, after all, and I was no moron or simpleton.

“What is it?” I demanded.

“Dad, I think it’s pretty silly to limit ourselves to oral sex, don’t you? There’s no harm in fucking my ass, after all. Can we amend our deal to allow for anal sex, please? If you fuck my ass, I will be very grateful. I will wash your dick again and suck it for a while. Please fuck my ass!” she urged me.

I had to admit that her logic was correct. I couldn’t knock her up by butt-fucking her. Furthermore, I loved the idea of it. I was just unsure of whether she was ready for the pain and intensity of sodomy. Now she seemed eager for it, so I had no reason to hold my ground. In case somebody reading this has never had an 18 year old girl beg you to fuck her, let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing more difficult to refuse. That is particularly true if the girl is your own daughter, whom you have spoiled and pampered until she is an obvious “Daddy’s Girl”.

Magda is not your normal girl of her age, either. She has my intelligence and skills of persuasion. She is very clearly a lawyer’s daughter. She is also very open-minded about sex, which has as much to do with her actress mother as with me. She is very charming in general too. She could sweet-talk a thirsty man out of his glass of ice water.

I began to suspect that she was not going to stop with anal. This was a contest to see which of us was the most stubborn, and the odds were not in my favor in this case. I had won court case after court case in my lifetime, but she had a goal in mind that she wasn’t going to give up. She wanted me to fuck her in every position, to take her, to make her my lover. It didn’t help that such attention was extremely flattering to my ego.

“Very well, I will fuck you in the ass. We can change the deal to allow that,” I yielded.

Magda snickered, ran out of the shower briefly, and hurried back with some lube. I stood there, realizing that I was about to stick my cock up my daughter’s beautiful ass. Her bottom clearly came from her mother, as it distinctly reminded me of Inga’s. Her love of anal must be hereditary avrupa yakası escort too, I thought. I was right about that.

I put the lube on her sphincter, after which she offered me her tush without blushing. If anyone was flustered, it was me. I attempted to be gentle, but it didn’t take long for her enthusiasm to spread to me. The more she pushed back at me, the more I penetrated her backdoor. The water no longer ran, but we were still soaking wet, of course. I felt it drip from her cheeks and down her crack onto the base of my cock as I plundered her butt.

“Oooh, Dad, I’m going to get you to take my pussy soon! You can’t deny me, lover. I’m just too cute for you to resist, since you want me anyway,” she taunted me before I pushed inside her pucker again and silenced her for a second.

She did have that kind of pull with me, even though I was generally headstrong and assertive. She was probably right about my wanting to fuck her in the first place, so it was futile to keep holding off on the incest idea. She knew me better than I thought. I had always been fairly liberal, but incest seemed taboo to even me. Well, that taboo was being tossed out now, with my normally obedient daughter getting her way.

I continued to tell myself that I wouldn’t succumb to her plan to fuck her ahead of schedule, but even I didn’t believe me. It would take an incredible amount of determination to stop her from achieving that goal. I didn’t know why she wanted me to do her cunt, except for pure lust. However, I feared that she preferred to carry my “love child”, regardless of the consequences.

Well, that did it, I told myself! I was the father here, even though she was now an adult! It was my responsibility not to give in, my duty to fight off my lust for her twat long enough to ensure that she completed college and I didn’t end up in legal trouble for incest. The authorities did not generally enforce the laws regarding that taboo in Nevada, but flaunting it in their faces by knocking up my 18 year old daughter made no sense.

The next year, Magda would start university! She would get some education, no matter how difficult it might be to refuse her advances. I continued to warn myself not to give any more ground, even as I slammed my daughter’s ass. Looking at her cute bottom actually helped, though. It reminded me that there were other pleasures beside her pussy. I could content myself with her mouth and butt. She would have to wait her turn.

Meanwhile, she warned me with moans that she was going to cum once more. Her climax didn’t wait long, and it caused her to move her hips a lot. She then began milking my cock with her asshole. She deliberately caused me to empty my balls into her ass.

She kept her promise by cleaning my cock with a washcloth, but my poor dick needed to rest. A man my age needed a few minutes after cumming twice in minutes. I got semi-hard, but that wasn’t enough for more than a short BJ. I was no spring chicken when she was born, and that was almost 2 decades earlier.

After a brief attempt by Magda to suck me back to readiness, I told her to stop and give me a kiss on the lips instead. She obeyed me this time, slipping me enough tongue that I had no question that it was a very strong crush on her part. We kissed ravenously, the taste of her soft lips making me crave her even more than I already did. Part of me was glad that she was going home to Denmark for the fall, since I needed some time away from the temptation she presented me. The rest of me missed her just by thinking about her leaving.

“Do you see? I’m going to have my way this time, just like I usually do. If I were you, Dad, I’d invest in some blue pills. I am not jealous, but I will be damned if I will let other girls get every load of your cum. You’ll just need to be even more of a stud than usual,” she taunted me, while we finally left the shower. “I’m still going to avoid fucking your pussy until you’re pregnant. Hopefully, that will mean that you don’t get pregnant. I hope that you take the pill. I’m no prude, but I don’t plan to ruin your life or mine by knocking you up,” I warned her.

“That’s okay, Dad. I’ll just have to get pregnant soon. I won’t let you have that excuse. College or no college, I am grown up and I know what I want to be. I want to be your lover. That’s more important than any career to me,” she warned me.

Well, this is going to be the toughest battle of my life. She’s refusing to let me discourage her with that “pregnancy” rule. The worst thing is that she seems to want a baby. I might have to resort to Plan B, assuming that I can think of a Plan B.

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