Mar 30

My Daughter, My Lover Ch. 02

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The first thing I noticed when I woke up was how drained I felt – that feeling you get when you have over exerted yourself and haven’t gotten enough sleep to replenish your reserves. My eyes fluttered open to the dark hotel room, just a slither of sunlight peeking through the curtains. I wasn’t sure what time we had finally gone to sleep, but it was quite late. I looked over to where my daughter, Katie, was still asleep.

Seeing her there in the other bed, I had to laugh to myself. My 21 year-old daughter had given me the most amazing orgasm of my life, taking me to a place I wasn’t sure I had ever reached before; yet after we had each taken a shower, we made the conscious decision to sleep in separate beds. Funny…

I watched her chest rise and fall in a steady rhythm. She looked so peaceful and beautiful, her long dark hair fanning out as she lay asleep on her back. I felt a stirring below as I thought back to the previous night. The way she touched me and played me like a fiddle; and that orgasm…my God. It was mind-numbing incredible.

How did we get here, I thought. Katie had told me that she planned to continue working as an escort until her final semester and was going to use the money she saved to help her get started when she graduated the next year. I thought about what she did for me…pictured her doing that for another man, and a flare of jealousy rose up inside me. Maybe that’s why I didn’t go off the handle when she told me. For starters, how could I rail her for working as an escort when I had been trying to hire one myself? But there was something else. Something deeper. Did her being an escort subconsciously give me permission to have sex with my own daughter? How long had I been harboring these feelings?

I wondered how this would affect our relationship. Would it be awkward? I really had no idea. I looked over at the clock. Room service would be arriving soon. We had the wear withal to hang the room service order outside the door before we went to sleep. I got up and answered nature’s call; when I stepped out of the bathroom, Katie was sitting up.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I said.

Katie stretched her arms over her head. “Mmmm, good morning. Almost time for breakfast?”


She rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom. She had gone to bed wearing a white v-neck t-shirt that was so thin I could see her nipples, and a pair of white lace panties. I was wearing just a pair of boxer briefs because Katie – whether by design or not I did not know – neglected to pack my pajama bottoms, shorts, or even an extra t-shirt.

When Katie stepped out of the bathroom, I walked over to give her what would have been an awkward hug and kiss on the cheek, but was saved by a knock at the door. Katie slipped on a robe; I did the same, then answered.

The server rolled the tray in between the two beds.

“That’s fine there,” I said, slipping him a tip. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir,” he said as he left, “enjoy your breakfast.”

Sitting up in my bed, Katie and I enjoyed a very nice (if not over-priced) breakfast. I had the Eggs Benedict while Katie had the French Toast; also included was a carafe of Cafe au lait, which we eagerly drank. When we had finished eating, I cleared the plates.

“So, what do you have planned for today?” I asked, as if this was all completely normal.

“Actually, for the first time in a while, nothing,” she replied.

I was surprised. “No…clients today?” I asked in a tentative voice.

“Nope,” she replied. “I’m all yours…unless you have plans.”

I didn’t. “What were you thinking?”

“Well, how about a movie? I’ve been wanting to see the bakırköy escort latest Avengers while it was still in theaters. Interested?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good,” she replied.

We hadn’t really talked about what had transpired between us. We had lingered momentarily, basking in the afterglow, but then cleaned up and went to sleep. It had felt right at the time – to enjoy the moment rather than over analyze it – but I thought I should say something.

“Katie, about last night…First, I just want you to know that I don’t regret what happened. It was amazing.”

“I’d been thinking of doing that for a while,” she admitted. “You seemed so lonely…without mom.” She hesitated and when I looked over at her, there were tears welling up in her beautiful, green eyes. “Over the last year, I’ve felt closer to you than I’ve felt in a long time.” Katie turned her body towards me. “And when I think of you…I’ve started to have these other feelings, feelings I know are wrong, but…”

I felt myself getting dizzy. This was a lot to take in.

“Katie, it’s okay…I…”

“I wanted to show you how much…that you don’t have to pay for someone to make you feel good.”

We were still sitting up in bed, lying close to each other. She snuggled into me, placing her head on my chest. I took in a deep breath, enjoying the smell of her hair. I didn’t know what to say.

“I love you, Katie. You don’t have to…”

She deftly let her hand slip under my robe, resting it on my bare chest. It felt hot against my skin.

“I can feel your heartbeat,” she whispered. “It’s beating so hard.”

My face flushed as she spoke, her voice like a siren. She lightly grazed my left nipple with her feathery touch. I felt paralyzed.

“Katie…” I whispered, looking down at her. I must have had a pleading look on my face.

Still resting her head on my chest, she took my robe’s belt in her hand and slowly pulled on it, allowing it to fall open. The effect was instantaneous as the blood rushed southward with such speed that it left me lightheaded. She propped herself up on her elbow and began planting soft kisses on my chest. My cock ached from being restrained in my boxer briefs.

Katie looked down at the massive bulge and said, “Is that for me?”

Fuck me. I’m doomed, I thought.

“Katie, we can’t,” I whispered in a hoarse voice. I wasn’t very convincing – to her or me.

She maneuvered her right leg so that it lay across my body, her lower leg resting on my cock. I groaned involuntarily as she pressed into me.

“What can’t we?” she whispered. “Do this?”

Kissing my chest, nipples, and neck, Katie straddled me, took my left hand in hers and placed the end of her robe’s belt in my hand. I looked up at her and saw a look of wanton desire that crumbled my defenses. As if in a trance, I slowly pulled on the fabric and helped her out of her robe. Placing her hands on either side of my head, her hair falling down around me, Katie leaned down until our lips were only inches apart and I could feel her hot breath on my mouth. This was spiraling out of control very quickly.

Our lips grazed against each other as I looked into my daughter’s eyes. She searched for permission, and when I hesitated, she pressed her full lips against mine. I couldn’t help but moan into her mouth. I held her face in my hands, allowing my fingers to get entwined in her long thick hair, as I felt the heat of my daughter’s lips sear into me. Katie moaned softly as I slipped my tongue in her mouth, tasting her. God, she tasted like honey.

I wanted to devour her, to taste every inch of her, but I knew başakşehir escort I shouldn’t; that I had to stop this. Even now, I knew we were going down a path only I could stop…if I could only muster the will.

I broke off the kiss and was say something when she whispered, “I want to taste you…the way you came last night, daddy…mmmm, there was so much. I’m not going to let it all go to waste next time.”

This was so wrong, I thought. Daughter’s don’t talk like that to their fathers. “Katie, please…” I whispered.

Katie tickled my lips with her tongue then slipped it inside my mouth, our tongues dancing to an unknown beat as we kissed.

“Katie…” I moaned. I was delirious, my cock so hard, so ready.

She rested her forehead against mine. Her skin was so hot, she was burning up. “Dad,” she said in a hushed voice, “You deserve to be happy, to be satisfied…let me do it. I won’t if you tell me not to, but…let me suck your cock.”


“I want to feel you between my lips; feel you throb in my mouth; feel your hot cum spurting down my throat. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Her dirty little mouth was driving me crazy. I had to have her. God help me, I had to have her!

I grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Katie looked at me with a wild look of anticipation as she lifted her arms and I practically ripped the shirt from her body and tossed it to the ground.

I took her in my arms and kissed her – our lips mashing together, our tongues exploring, my hands cupping her perfect ass as I pulled her into me. I kissed down her neck as she moaned, her sexy voice urging me on. Without hesitation, I licked and kissed my way to her soft bosom, the nipples hard between my lips. I sucked her left tit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over her erect nipple.

“Oh, God,” she moaned.

Her skin was so soft against my lips, and my God she tasted and smelled so amazing. I felt drunk with desire, willing to risk it all if only she would say the word.

“Daddy,” she said, reaching behind her to feel my hard-on. “Can I suck your cock?”

“Do it!” I said in a hoarse voice.

She kissed me with a passion that left me breathless, then slid down my body and kneeled between my spread legs. She pulled at my boxer brief’s waistband and lifted it over my growing member.

Once it was free, she gripped it at the base and squeezed, making me groan – partly in agony, partly with pleasure.

“So big,” she whispered.

I looked down my body. My chest was already glistening with perspiration, rising and falling erratically as I was practically hyperventilating; at this rate, I would be lucky to last five minutes. My cock was fully engorged and throbbing, almost completely covering my daughter’s face as she lay between my legs, licking up the shaft. Her wet tongue felt amazing as she licked the sensitive underside, making it quiver as she flicked her tongue at the tip.

Katie got up on her knees and leaned over me. Reaching out, I pulled her hair back into a ponytail so I could watch her. She trailed a line of saliva down my throbbing manhood, then effortlessly sucked me in until my cock hit the back of her mouth. She stayed there momentarily, then creating a heavenly suction, slowly came up until just the head was between her full lips.

“Oh, my God,” I moaned as she reached the tip and sucked hard.

Katie swirled her tongue around the bulbous head and I moaned with each lap. But, when she took me in again and began bobbing her head slowly, deliberately, so that I could feel every inch of my cock against her lips and tongue, I almost lost it, letting bebek escort her go and gripping the headboard as I moaned each time my cock reached the back of her mouth.

We were setting up a good rhythm now as Katie took about half of my cock in with each stroke. I was really close now so l started raising my pelvis to encourage her to pick up the tempo, but Katie wasn’t done with me yet. She slowed, then sucked me in one more time before releasing me with a vacuum-sucking pop.

I quivered as she planted soft kisses on the head, then with a smile in her eyes, took me in her hot mouth, her lips traveling down the length of my shaft in one, smooth motion.

When I touched the back of her mouth, tickling her throat, I moaned, “Feels so good.”

She stayed there for a moment as I relished in the feel of her sucking in my manhood. She slowly came up for air, then went down on me again, her lips sliding down my shaft inch by inch. She looked up at me when the head touched the back of her throat. Still looking into my eyes, Katie placed her hands on my hips and, pulling back momentarily, eased herself down on my cock until I felt the head go down her throat! It felt unreal.

“Fuck!” I hissed, involuntarily placing my hands on the back of her head and pushing her down further. The sound of her taking my cock down her throat was the hottest thing I’d ever heard. She gripped my hips as her lips finally kissed the base of cock. Then, I watched in utter disbelief as my daughter stroked my balls and bobbed up and down on me, her lips kissing my body each time as she seemingly effortlessly deep throated my cock.

I was delirious. No one since my girlfriend freshman year of college had been able to deep throat me, and yet here was my own daughter taking her dad’s cock all the way down her throat.

“Oh, God…oh, fuck,” I moaned, as Katie bobbed her head to a steady tempo.

“Katie, please,” I begged. I didn’t even know what I was pleading for – Release? Forgiveness? Mercy?

Katie’s saliva coated my cock as she began using the lubrication to stroke my balls and shaft with her hand, continuing her relentless rhythm. I was so close to coming, I started to see stars. I grabbed her hair in my fist and, in a moment of complete selfishness, forced her to pick up her speed as I raced to orgasm. There wouldn’t be any edging this time. Using both hands to hold her head, I fucked my daughter’s perfect mouth, sliding my cock down her throat as she began to gag on me, saliva pooling at the base and on the bed. Katie’s eyes were watering as I looked down at her, but she reached up and placed her hands on my chest, allowing me to have my way with her; offering no resistance to my wanton needs.

I was moaning loudly now, grunting my daughter’s name with each thrust, ready to fill her mouth with my spunk.

“Fuck, baby! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!” I croaked.

I felt my cock swell in her mouth as I slowed my rhythm and let her head go. Katie took over just as the first of the monstrous spasms rocked my body, sending line after line down my daughter’s throat as she continued to suck me hard, using her hand to milk every last ounce out of me. I watched as my daughter swallowed my load, my member throbbing uncontrollably between her swollen lips as she brought me down until I couldn’t take it any more. Finally, she let my slackening manhood slip out of her mouth and rolled over onto her side.

Katie looked at me with a big smile on her face. Her lips were red and swollen. Her eyes were bloodshot and full of tears. “Fuck, that was hot, dad. I loved it when you grabbed me and fucked my mouth.”

I was suddenly feeling panicked on multiple levels. I said, “Katie, I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to…I lost control. I shouldn’t have…”

“Dad,” she interrupted. “That was amazing. I fucking loved it. Really…Besides, I’m hoping for some reciprocity, if you know what I man…”

“Yeah,” I said. “I most certainly do.”

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