Mar 31

My Daughter Serves Me

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My daughter, Diana, is now 22. I have been fucking her since she was18.

My name is Harry and I am 45. I am 5’10”, 175, in shape, s/p hair, brown eyes and have an 8″ cock.

Now, I know what some people may think but I did not force her into anything she didn’t want to do.

It all started when Diana was 18. I accidently saw my daughter on the internet one day doing an amateur porn movie.

To say I was shocked was putting it mildly. Not only was I angry, I was disgusted by what she was doing.

She was sucking cocks, getting fucked by two guys at once, having sex with other girls and more.

Now, at that time, my daughter was living under my roof. It was only the two of us as her mom had passed away a couple of years ago.

Maybe this was her way of acting out but I was going to put a stop to it, so I thought.

Diana is a beautiful young woman. She is 5’6″, 110 pounds, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 38c tits with very large nipples and a shaved pussy. She has a black pussycat tattooed above her shaved slit.

One night while we were having dinner, I figured it was time to talk to Diana about her sexploits.

“Diana,” I said, “I saw you on the internet last week.”

Diana looked at me and her face turned ashen white as her jaw dropped.

“Dad, what did you see?” Diana asked.

I told her I saw everything.

She apologized and said it would never happen again. She continued by saying she did it on a dare and with her friends and the video was too be destroyed and not shown to anyone.

Then she started crying.

I moved over to her and hugged her and told her I loved her.

I held her for awhile and then kissed her. Surprisingly, she returned my kiss.

I pulled back and beşiktaş türbanlı escort asked her what she was doing.

She said she wanted to thank me for being so understanding.

I told her that wasn’t necessary but she persisted.

She pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and her hand reached down to my hardening cock.

Her hand started rubbing my bulge as she kissed me.

Before I knew it, Diana had my cock out and in her hand, jerking my cock.

She then knelt down and slid my cock in her mouth.

As she sucked me, my hands pushed her face forward so she could take in more of my cock.

I started fucking her mouth as she sucked me.

It didn’t take long before I shot a load of cum down my daughter’s throat.

She sucked me dry and when she was done she got up, pulled her top off of her so her tits were free.

Then she undid her shorts which fell to the ground and now my daughter was naked in front of me.

The sight of her gave new life to my cock and I pushed her onto The floor and mounted my daughter.

She knew what was coming and spread her legs and gave me easy access to her cunt.

I pressed my cock into her smooth pussy and in an instant, my cock was deep in my daughter’s cunt.

I was so worked up that I just rammed my cock hard until I came in her cunt.

That night my daughter slept in my bed and we fucked several times during the night.

The next morning we showered and had breakfast.

I told my daughter that I loved her but that we should not be having sex again.

I apologized to her and told her that it was an accident that should not have happened.

Diana beşiktaş ucuz escort said she wasn’t sorry it happened and that she loved me and knew that I missed my mom and needed some loving.

She was glad it happened and wanted to continue the new relationship.

I told her it isn’t right to continue.

She then asked if it would be ok if she brought her girl friends home to take care of his needs.

He said that he had no objections to that.

Diana arranged for one of her girl friends, Sandy, to come over for the weekend.

When Sandy came over, I introduced her to my dad and then took her to my room.

I explained the situation with her and she said she would take care of my father.

Sandy was one of the girls in the porn video that my dad saw.

She is petite at 5’4″, has 36c tits, is blonde, a nice figure and loves sex and 19.

After a relaxing day, we had a nice dinner and the three of us chatted.

When it was time, I signaled Sandy.

Sandy got up and walked over to my dad, sat beside him and kissed him.

Her tongue slipped inside his mouth and I watched the two of them as their hands roamed over their bodies.

I told them they should go upstairs to continue.

They got up and Sandy led him to the bedroom with me following.

As soon as they got to the bedroom, Sandy started undressing my dad and his big cock sprung out from hiding. Sandy then quickly removed her clothes and both were naked.

Sandy pushed my dad onto the bed and laid down beside him.

As they started to play, I removed my clothes and sat on the chair and watched as I fingered myself.

Sandy was all over my dad. She was feeling beşiktaş üniversiteli escort him up and playing with his cock and before long had his cock in her mouth.

Dad looked over at me and smiled as Sandy sucked his cock and balls.

Then Sandy mounted my dad and put her pussy next to his mouth and he started to eat her out. His hands playing with her tits.

I kept getting hotter and hotter and went over to Sandy and started to suck her nipples.

Dad reached over to me as he had his tongue in Sandy’s pussy and started feeling me up and placed his finger in my cunt.

I told Sandy to give my dad a good fucking now.

She looked at me and nodded a yes.

She moved back on him and lifted her cunt up and then slid it down in my dad’s shaft until his cock was deep inside her cunt.

As she rode his cock, I was kissing my dad and he was playing with my tits.

Soon Sandy said she was going to cum and moved up and down faster until she screamed out she was cumming.

As she did, her body shook. She continued riding his cock and I saw that he was ready to explode.

I told Sandy to dismount him so he could shoot his load in our mouths.

We got our mouths in position and dad shot a ton of cum into our mouths and we sucked down every drop of his cum.

As dad rested, Sandy mounted me and we rubbed our pussies together until we both had orgasms.

The three of us laid on the bed exhausted.

We repeated this scene a few time for the rest of the night and the next day

Dad and I now came to realize that I am his whenever he wants and we are both ok with it.

Sandy visits often, as do a couple of my other girl friends.

Dad has had sex with all of them and they adore my dad.

They all say he is a great lover and knows how to please them.

When the three girls came over one weekend, my dad mentioned that he saw them all in the porno and asked if they wanted to make another one, as he smiled.

They looked at each other and all of them had big grins.

I went and got the video camera.

Part 2?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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