Nis 10

My Exploration No. 02

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I stepped slowly out of the bath, foam gently sliding down my body as I stood and squeezed the water out of my hair. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. Seeing him in the woods by the lake and then the BEEPER message! I knew it was risky to watch someone from such close proximity but I had had to stay. Something was drawing me towards this man. Gingerly stepping out of the bath onto the cold marble floor I wrapped a towel around my body, clean but cold, nipples hardening in the chill. I moved through to the kitchen and poured another glass of Semillon. It was time for bed, I had a very early round to do in the morning and some of my patients were really very ill. Dimming the lights I walked through my apartment to the bedroom.

Throwing the towel over my leather chaise I slipped between cool Egyptian cotton sheets, only the best, always the best. I love that feeling, cool crisp cotton against my skin, my nipples teased by the sheet. Cool pillow against my cheek, soft feathers moulding against my cheekbone, comforting me. I couldn’t concentrate on visualising tomorrow’s work, as I usually do before I fall asleep. All I could see was him, naked, cock in hand, cumming on her. Over and over, I saw those images. I could feel my nipples hardening more. My vulva swelling with excitement. God he made me so hot! I licked my lips and lay back, hand gently running across my nipple, just lightly brushing against it, tantalising. I have great tits. Big, pert, with really active nipples, sometimes they get so hard for so long that they hurt. I traced the curve of my right breast from my lateral chest down to where they meet. I love it when men rub themselves in my cleavage – feels so good, and I can watch them cum on me. Now both hands were working on my breasts, stroking, moulding, soothing. I lifted one towards me and licked the nipple. Felt so good, the saliva cooling in the air. I started to feel the wetness. Rubbing one thigh against the other, almost squirming with excitement. One hand snaked down my stomach and swooped into my bellybutton, so sensitive there, and I wanted this to last, those images in my head playing over and over like a film on a loop. One hand working on my breast, now squeezing harder, I licked my lips again and arched my head back against the pillow, fully stretched out like a cat on a sunny porch. The other hand now gently stroking my thigh.


Fuck fuck fuck. Fucking hospital. Bleepus Interruptus. Dammit.

Dragging myself back to reality I turned in bed and put the side lamp on. Picking up the beeper it was one of the wards that one of my really sick patients was on. I called the number.

“Mr Jones is much worse”, said the nurse. “Worse HOW?” I said in a clipped voice. Bloody nurses, never give you the facts! “Oh his BP has dropped to 94/60 and his breathing is really shallow. His wife is asking for you.” “Shit, erm sorry, I’ll be right in, get the obs done again and can you do an ECG?”

Buggeration! Never even get a chance to masturbate these days!

Sex was the last thing on my mind as I dressed and drove quickly in to work, it was midnight and Mr Jones had been really sick for a long time. He was one of those patients that you really identify with, kind, friendly, a real sense of himself. And his wife depended on him utterly. We all knew he was going to die, it was just a matter of when, and I was sure he wasn’t ready for it to be now.

I got to the Hospital, parked the car and half jogged up to the ward. escort ataşehir There were no nurses there. I guessed they would be in the room with Mr Jones, but the lights were dimmed and even his wife wasn’t there. Odd. I checked the monitor by his bed and the readings were stable, there was no new ECG to read. Stormed back to the nurses station to cause havoc – how dare they call me in when there was actually nothing wrong with the patient at all. Eventually one of the more sensible nurses came down from another room.

“What the hell is going on?” “What do you mean, Doctor?” she said looking bemused. “I was called in to see Mr Jones and he’s fine – this is ridiculous!” “Not me, I’ve been with Mr O’Leary in Room 3 changing his dressings, and Sue the Bank Nurse wouldn’t have phoned – she doesn’t know how the system works to phone a Dr on Call.” “Well someone bloody phoned me”, I waved my pager under her nose so she could see the number. She shrugged her shoulders and mumbled an apology.

I was in a foul mood as I stomped back to the lift. How dare someone call me in FROM HOME when there was nothing going on. Someone was going to be shat on from a great height. I jabbed the button a few times and eventually the door opened. I just wanted to go home. Stepping into the lift I noticed that the zip on my boot was coming down, I bent forward to zip it up and as I did someone jumped into the lift just as the door closed. I stood up and said “Ground floor pl….” Couldn’t finish the word. It was him. He looked at me and smiled warmly.

“Hi, honey” “Erm, hello. Ground floor please” Quickly regaining my composure I had to remain the calm, sensible type. My reputation at work depended on it.

As we were moving down the floors he moved closer. God I could feel my hairs standing on end. My heart lurched and that sudden warmness in my lower belly.

“Had a good day?” “Oh erm, yes, really busy actually. Just got called in for no reason though.” “Ahhh,” he said. “Mr Jones?”

With that he pressed the stop button. And the lift shuddered to a halt.

“What?” I said with incredulity. “You…………”

He moved towards me, cupping my jaw with his hand, gently holding my face, gazing intently at my face. I couldn’t speak. I felt hypnotised by him. Wanted him so much. He moved me back until I was pressing my back against the cold metal of the lift. I shivered with the sudden change in temperature. He gazed down and saw my nipples hardening through my organza shirt. A naughty grin came over his face.

“Are those for me?”

Without an answer his mouth was there, sucking through the fabric, his tongue lapping and swirling, while his thumb gently eased its way into my mouth. My neck extended back, to give him the best view of my heaving breasts, and I began to suck on his thumb, it grazed against my teeth as I used my cheek muscles expertly. His palm cupping my jaw and his fingers caressing my neck. One knee rubbed against my leg and I could feel him pushing my thighs apart. God he was good.

Suddenly I heard a bell and a reedy voice came through the speaker on the wall of the lift “This is Security, is there a problem in that lift?”

“Nope, we are just fine thanks” he said. Turning to me, he said, “Let’s go somewhere else.” And pressed a button.

I was speechless. Couldn’t believe it was happening. I was also still bloody annoyed about the false emergency call, but this was definitely making up for it. He took me by the hand kadıköy escort and led me out of the lift and down a corridor, the lights were dimmed, this was one of the wards they had closed down a few months ago to save money. He lead me to the end of the ward, to one of the side rooms. The rooms were still furnished, the moonlight was coming in through the window casting shadows on the bed. He whirled me round and looked at me. I felt like a teenager, awkward and coy. I nibbled my lower lip, as I do when I’m nervous. I wanted him so much and usually I’m sexually voracious. I just didn’t want to fuck this up. He smiled and moved to the buttons of my shirt. Slowly undoing them, while looking deep into my eyes. I wasn’t afraid of him, or the sex but I was terrified of what this man was doing to my head. I don’t fall for men. I just don’t. But something was happening here that wasn’t just a quick fumble in a closed ward. This was really serious. I moved my hand to his chest and felt his heart through his scrubs. It was racing. I knew he felt it too.

My shirt was slowly peeled back to reveal my breasts. I hadn’t worn a bra, needed to get to work fast to deal with the emergency-that-wasn’t. My nipples were so hard, pointing up at him slightly. He looked at me his lips slightly apart. I knew he liked what he saw. Like a sculptor he traced the shape of my breasts, running his thumbs over the nipples, memorising their shape, texture, the soft skin pliant against his hands. His mouth came close and he gently blew on my left nipple as he tweaked the right. My head tipped back and I moaned. He knew just what to do do get me hot. I rubbed my thighs together, so swollen and wet now, my hands in his hair, holding his mouth to me, letting him lap and suck and tease. I wanted him.

I dragged his face up to mine and kissed him, starting gently, nibbling his lower lip with my teeth, sucking on it, slowly using my tongue to trace the shape of him, then darting it in quickly. His hands in my hair, holding my head tight to him. Both of us breathing heavily now. I moved him closer to the wall and leant him against it. My hands roaming freely now, as he occasionally stroked my face or my breasts. I lifted his top off and started to run my hands over his body. Tall, great shoulders, beautiful neck, and those abs! My mouth over his nipple, sucking, his breath coming in gasps now. My hand moved lower over the scrubs. I could feel him through the thin green cotton. I knew he was big, I’d seen him that afternoon. But now, closer, he was incredible. Hard and long, and the girth? Wow. I couldn’t help myself, had to look properly. I pulled the trousers down, he had no underwear on, and it sprang forth, hard, hot and ready. It was beautiful. I have always loved cocks, but his was utterly beautiful. Long, symmetrical, hard, velvety glans, I gently took him in my mouth. slowly at first, tentatively. I wanted to please him, but the first time, not knowing anything about his likes and dislikes, is always more difficult. My hand was on his balls, stroking them softly, allowing my nails to lightly scratch the skin for a more interesting sensation. Licking from root to tip I could see it twitching, he was loving it. Deeper strokes now, deep into my throat, he started to move against me, holding my head in one hand as he thrust into me. I wanted to taste him, to feel him cum in my mouth so I could have his essence inside me. His breath caught in his throat.

He stopped. Pulled out of my mouth, maltepe escort bayan pulled me upright and then picked me up and carried me to the bed. I still had my skirt on, he pulled it down, leaving me ina G-string and my knee high boots. “I think these can stay on,” he said tapping the leather. He lifted my bottom off the bed and pulled down my already damp thong. I was so wet, wanton, wanting him. He eased my thighs apart and looked at me, properly, I could feel his breath on my thighs. Tempting me. I raised my hips towards him and he put a hand on my stomach and forced me down. “Slowly now, honey,” he whispered. I couldn’t stand it. After an eternity I felt his fingers part me more, moving my legs wide now, my inner thigh muscles straining, my feet up on the edge of the bed, the boots were high, making me look even more sexy. “Beautiful,” he muttered, and his finger slowly traced my groin creases, and my inner thighs, soft skin over taut stretched thigh muscles. I felt him move, but I couldn’t see him, and suddenly something deep inside me. My god it was his tongue, probing, licking, sucking, pushing deeper and deeper, rubbing against the walls, tasting me. He pulled out and started to work on my clit, lapping gently at first, licking from the opening of my vagina up to my clit, over and over and over, then changing tempo and flicking his tongue in a quick rhythm over my hardening clit. God it was good, my eyes were closed, fingers working on my tits, mouth dry, breathing faster, I could feel my orgasm building. Faster and faster he licked, two fingers, no three, inside me, jabbing hard as he sucked me. My hips began to move in synchrony with him, grinding against him, the heat building low in my pussy and coming up my body, my legs weakening. Suddenly he shoved a finger up my ass. I jack knifed against him. Everything working together, drawing all my energy to that central spot, so wet, so hot, throbbing, grinding, shaking now, the pulsing beginning deep within me, taking over me. I groaned loudly as I came. Vaginal walls working against his fingers, grabbing them and pulling them deeper inside, my hips moving fast against his face.

He pulled away and moved up to me, smiling. Kissed me. I could taste myself. My breath still ragged, heart pounding, as he slid his hard cock into me, the end of my orgasm still there, gripping him. Slowly we moved together, looking at each other in the moonlight. We both knew something crazy was happening here. I hooked my legs around him, ankles crossed in the small of his back, high heels scraping his flesh as he started driving harder and deeper inside me. My arms around his shoulders, gripping him, bearing down on him, making him go deeper. His breathing more erratic now, me pushing up to meet him on ever stroke, heels digging in, he came quickly, shuddering, head buried in my neck, licking me as he emptied himself deep inside me. We lay there, panting, hot, still connected, not wanting it to end. The best, the absolute best I had ever had, and I had known that he would be from the moment I had seen him that morning. I didn’t care about the difficulties, a work relationship was bad enough but a Senior Doctor and a male nurse? At that moment he could have been an axe murderer and I wouldn’t have cared. All sensibility was lost.

As we slowly dressed, occasionally stopping to kiss, or touch each other, we said nothing. There was no need for words. I was his. It was as simple as that. We walked to the lift and got back in heading for the ground floor. On the 4th floor someone got in. It was the girl I’d seen him fucking earlier by the lake.

“Oh this is Sue, she’s the bank nurse on your ward tonight,” he said.

She turned, looked at me, and winked.

Now this was getting interesting.

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