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My fantasyhad arranged a lift with my sister in law the previous day as I was going to go on a walk and was going to walk back from where she dropped me off.when she picked me up I couldn’t help but notice the top of her cleavage as she leant over to open the passenger door as it sticks sometimes…gettting in I continue to look down her top and get rewarded with a fine view of her black lacy bra and lovely cleavage…..as the weather starts clouding over I look over to her and ask her if I can come out the stables with her as the weather don’t look so good…. I give a sly look down to her breasts and really want to touch them…..she snaps me out of it as she asks me to open the gate… after I shut the gate she half clambers out of her 4×4 reaching into the glove box looking for something…..I can’t help but stare between her legs at her jodhpurs which had ridden up and were so tight I could see her panty outlines.after helping her feed the horses she says I’m going to use the toilet in the tack room ok….yeah ok as I strain to hear her go toilet,,,instead she shouts John can you go to the caravan and get some toilet roll please,,,,so off I go and not finding any I stand outside and shout in that I can’t find any….oh for fucks sake she replies I need paper,,,well what do you want me to do about it lick you dry,,,,I can’t believe I just said that I think to myself,, and can’t believe what I hear next…….mmmmm yes please john…I’d like that she giggles as I enter she’s sitting there with her legs closed and panties down around her ankles….looking down at the floor she doesn’t notice me looking at her and it’s onlt when I get in front of her and kneel down in front of her that she looks up at me,,,a little embarrassed that I was there looking at her sitting on the toilet…..I put my hands on the top of her legs and gently force them open she shifts forward so her cunt is on the edge of the seat I kiss her thighs as I gaze upon the thing I wanted more than anything her pussy,,I start to lick her tasting her urine as I explore her every fold..using my fingers also I open her lips for my tongue to enter,,,, I suck her clit as I start to finger her.one ,two ,three fingers then four….her juices start to mingle with the urine giving off a strong smell of sex.my other hand reaches up under her shirt onto her lovely black bra feeling her soft breasts I slip my hand in her bra and find her nipple mmmm I get them hard ,,,with that she shudders as she climaxes as I have managed to get the thumb into her as well and fucking her up to my wrist.pulling my sodden hand out with a gurgling sound I stand up and take my cock out and start jerking off in front of her face.taking my hand off it she mouths it in between telling me how she’s dreamed of doing this together.i want you to cum on my cunt ok….I don’t last long and splatter her cunt with cum…and now I want you to piss on it as well…omg I think another fantasy about to be realised,,,,with a half hard cock I strain to pee and then it flows over her pubs over her hood into her lips at the same time her hand gets covered as she rubs herself off in front of me. Licking her fingers as she climaxes again….I get the feeling someone is watching us……picking up her panties off the floor I wipe her pussy and tease her that I,m keeping them and she’ll have to go change into new ones…..no I’ll just go commando under my jodhpurs she says…you can finger me again later she giggles.as she leaves and heads to the caravan I hear her talking and recognise it’s Anna who rides one of the horses,a young 18 year old blond girl who is quite shy around people she’s not familiar with,,,,slim body and smaller breasts than the other girl who is 27 slim figure and quite chatty and has the pleasure of sitting on the tailgate looking at her cameltoe as my wife chatted to her one day.anyway I clean myself off the best I can but still reaking güvenilir bahis of cum…I still can’t believe I’ve had sexual contact with my sexy sister in law….going to fuck her later I conclude in my head.i wonder out side and see them still talking away…I walk up and say hi….Anna looks at me rather awkwardly and returns the greeting….as my sister in law walks away to the caravan I ask Anna if she wants a hand mucking out the stables….if you want she says….looking at her bending down shovelling manure into the wheel barrow I notice how she sexy she looks in her riding gear I can see she’s wearing white cotton panties and white bra…as her jodhpurs are quite loose I can’t see no cameltoe….but still a very sexy girl,,,many a times I have had to leave the horse lorry as she has had to get changed and not really wanted too…..as if she’s read my mind she says I hope you didn’t mind leaving the lorry last week I know it was raining and you got a little wet….it’s not me it’s your wife and natalie who tell you to leave,,,,I don’t mind if you stay……believe me if the wife and Natalie wasn’t there I would stay and I wouldn’t look away either I laugh trying to make it sound like a joke.i wouldn’t mind you looking she says with a smile….well it’s not that I haven’t tried to look but it’s hard when other people are around,,,,well no ones around now she says as she leans on the shovel….that’s true I reply looking at her with lust on my mind this is turning out to be a very good day I think to myself.id like to see you of course I would I reply…. keep an eye out for anyone coming then….as she unbuttons her white shirt down to her white lacy bra just showing her little cleavage that she has….sorry my tits aren’t as big as Natalie’s she says with a smile….oh I thought someone was watching us I was right…..yes but only for a few minutes but enough …….she walks over and stands beside me with her back against the stable wall as I look out of the stable half door…..I look down at her open shirt and open it so I can get a better view……her breasts are small but perky as you would expect from a young girl…..do you wanna to to touch…you can if you want I don’t mind…..I don’t need asking twice I rub her breasts over her shirt before sliding my hand over her bra and cupping each breasts….they seem small compared to nats tits….I undo her shirt some more to get a better view of her breasts…..oh I love your breasts I comment to her…looking out the door to check no ones around I slip my hand in her bra and feel her warm breasts in my hand….I manage to free one from her bra and bend down to suck her small yet growing nipple….mmmm heaven I say under my breath she’s holding my head pushing me onto her breast…small moans emerge from her as I suck feverishly on her nipple.i think oh well let’s go for broke and let my hands wander to her hips and around to clasp her bottom…so far so good I move my hand in between her legs slowly at first….she makes no move to shoo me away…my other hand moves down her belly and slips into her jodhpurs and over her cotton panties….I can feel her slit now quite tight and an odd spot of dampness as I run my finger up and down her slit..after a minute or two I pull her panties aside to rub her cunt….slipping my fingers past her outer and inner lips I finger her to orgasm….I want to do more with her but too risky as nat is in the caravan and the 27 yr old Amy is due soon….mmmm I enjoyed that John thanks but please don’t say anything to anyone ok….sure Anna same goes for me too ok ….We go down to the caravan me anna and nat all looking sheepish but enjoying the hot tea.a car pulls up its probably Amy I think too myself.the door opens and I instantly look between her legs for cameltoe but dissapointed to see none.hi John didn’t expect to see you here ,well was going for a walk but the weather türkçe bahis turned ugly.oh well nice to see you again.As the two young girls went to feed the horses nat sat next to me and looking out of the window to keep an eye out said I hope you noticed I put on the jodhpurs that go up my twat…. how could I sitting over the other side of the table….I sure can now….I noticed you looking that day and only covered up because my sister was their….god I wanted to run my finger up your jodhpurs that day…..well nothing is stopping you now she said……so my hand was there in a flash rubbing her cameltoe….you can get your cock out if you want ….so I do….as we slowly touch each other I feel myself coming…nat I want to cum on your jodhpurs and then lick your slit through them is that ok…..oh yes please she says as she wanks me harder splattering her jodhpurs with my cum…. I slip off the chair and place my tongue in her slit and lick her jodhpurs….is everything ok out the window….yes the girls are just chatting…..ok i,m taking your jodhpurs off lift your bum up a minute,,,,,I see you left your wet panties off as I gazed upon her lovely cum smelling pussy….I told you I was going to…..mmmm I crouch down between her legs and run my tongue through her pubic hair over her clit hood and open her inner lips and run my tongue all over her for 10 minuets or so….I flip my tongue in and out of her fuck hole and over her asshole,,,,she moans with pleasure as I eat her pussy and manouevering my fingers into her she shudders as she cums over my face and mouth….mmm I want you to fuck me now John.as she turns around to look out the window i go behind her rubbing my cock up her wet slit….she shuffled around until it slides into her up to my balls …..ive wanted this so long and here I am fucking my sexy sister in law and what a kinky bitch too,,,,divorcee no boyfriend probably wanted as bad as I did…….I feel myself cummming ….it’s a big load I spurt into her I can feel it dripping out of her over my balls….withdrawing it she turns around and squeezes my cum out of her onto my cock and devours it holding it deep in her mouth,,,,,,fucking hell nat that was amazing….even the wife has never been so naughty lol…oh she has she says and I may tell you one day but not now we have to get dressed as I’m going riding soon.watching slip on a clean pair of panties I make a mental note to smell them next time I’m at her house.as I watch her mount her horse she winks at me as she rides past out of the gate and next minute she’s out of sight.hi girls I say to anna and Amy are you going riding too,,,,well John from what Anna told me you don’t have to get on a ride to get a ride….I look at Anna ….sorry it just slipped out……it’s ok Anna ….fancy that you and nat fucking each other behind your wife’s back says Amy and quite kinky by the sound of it….so Anna must have seen more she’s letting on then and she hasn’t mentioned her and me later on I think…..well Amy it just happened are you going to say anything I ask her…..hang on Amy interups Anna things happened between me and John today as well I let him touch me ,,,,watching nat and John made me horny and if I’m honest I wanted him to touch me years ago…instead of being told to leave when I got undressed in the lorry I wanted to show him my body…..so now you know Amy …..I see said Amy so do you two want to be alone because I can always go riding…..well I would like to get to know Anna better but you don’t have to go if you don’t want to I say to her……what about you Anna do you want me to stay too…..well of course I don’t mind reply’s anna please stay…..so anna from when did you start watching me and nat then,,,, well from the beginning really when you were licking her after she had a pee…wow that long I say surprised……I should have come here sooner Amy pipes out out of the blue güvenilir bahis siteleri I would have watched as well if I’m honest with myself…..lucky nat and lucky you fucking bitch she laughs which seems to break the ice a little….I wish you had too …last time I couldn’t take my eyes from between your legs….why Amy replies……because your jodhpurs were so tight I replied.fucking hell I thought you were looking at me but dismissed it……you dirty cunt lol….when you walked in the caravan I looked but they were baggy I say to her lol.would you like me to pull them up for you and with that she does …much tighter than before….even Anna is staring at her bulging mound probably wondering like me what her pussy looked like.that looks great Amy and so sexy,,,,no ones said that for a while she replies….I find myself putting my arm around Anna and letting my hand fall onto her breast…. giving it a little squeeze through her white blouse…she reaches around and touches me for the first time…undoing her buttons again to expose her cotton bra I reach into her bra and fondle her…as she puts her hand into my pants she pulls down my jogging bottoms and caresses my cock …..Amy looks on and decides to come closer mind if I join in guys…not at all we reply me and Anna kiss deeply she has my cock out now I,m fondling her breast and then I feel someone take my hand and put it between her legs instantly I feel a slit and know it’s amy cunt I’m rubbing …. mmmmm been a long time since someone has touched me she says…..Anna stops kissing me and looks over at me touching her…….and brushes my hand away to replace it with her own …..seeing nats pussy got me wondering what it would be like touching another girl….do you mind Amy….looking straight into her eyes….I guess not Amy replies and with that we pin her against the stable wall I kiss her neck as I run my hands over her blouse paying special attention to her breasts…Anna is still rubbing her slit but after a minute or so her hand slips into her jodhpurs…..the excitement of the two girls as they awaken to this new experience is so horny Anna who’s Hand is in another girls panties and Amy who is allowing another girl to put her hands on her pussy i unbutton Amy blouse and see a sheer black bra her nipples standing proud… popping her blouse open me and Anna take her bra off and being in her late 20,s quite well developed…..we both take a breast each and suckle on her nipple meanwhile her hand has clenched my cock really tightly as Anna fingers Amy to climax. Pulling down her jodhpurs Anna kisses Amy’s panties and inner thighs….pulling her panties down she gazes at Amy’s damp nearly bald pussy…John show me what to do….so I show her how to tongue Amy out….she then kneels down and delicately at first run her tongue on her pussy amy in the meantime is fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples……mmmmm Amy I want to lick you too,,,you fucking cow I,m horny as fuck now take your clothes off……wow what a body I think as she gets naked,when she’s naked me and Amy lay her down and lick her young cunt both of us exploring her every fold with our tongue……mmmm Anna smells like you’ve cum all ready today…..yes I have…John fingered me in the other stable,,,.mmmm you taste nice Anna she says …while Amy is eating Anna out I go behind Amy and lick her bald pussy mmm that looks good I think so smooth to touch I have to fuck her so I kneel up press my cock into her and fuck her…. loud moans emit from us all as we are all in heavenly delight….I don’t cum I want to fuck young Anna too so Amy moves away as I get on top of Anna and start to fuck her tight little fuck hole mmmm Anna your so tight. Amy who is now sucking Anna’s small tits is getting fingered by Anna as she’s being fucked ….I,m gonna cum ….I withdraw and Amy guides it towards Anna as I shoot my load over her chest and a splash on her face.we all embrace and kiss each other before getting dressed again….just in time as we hear horse hooves getting closer it’s nat back from her ride.hi all nat says have you all had a good afternoon yes we all smile .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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