Haz 19

My first “Gay” date.

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My first “Gay” date.I couldn’t believe he asked me out so confident, so bold, so self assured. He was a big, masculine, manly type of a guy, like I was and I was shocked at how forward he was. I had never been out with another guy before, let alone hook up with one. Although, I must admit, I had been curious and thought about it before. Maybe he sensed it. He asked if Id like to go get a beer and get to know eachother. I figured no harm in that and agreed.Over a couple beers at a near by sports bar, we watched a game and engaged in a little small talk. When he suggested we go back to his place, I paused. Maybe it was the beers, maybe it was his casual, likable attitude, his calm, easy going demeanor, whatever it was I said yes.Sitting on his couch, he brought over a couple more beers and sat down next to me. He casually put his hand on my thigh and it sent jolts through me. His touch was electric. He most had sensed my nervousness and said, “you have never been with another guy before have you?” I answered, “No never, is it that obvious?” He laughed alittle and said, “no big deal, we don’t have to do anything.” His words were calming. I became more relaxed and comfortable, and my curiosity built.”Can I see your cock?” I asked. He stood and pulled off his shirt, his chest big and hairy, manly and defined. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri When he began to undo his belt and pants, my heart nervously raced. He let them fall to the floor and my eyes widened at the sight. “No wonder way he is so confident!” I thought to myself. His cock was huge, thick and girthy. It looked heavy just hanging there and I could not take my eyes off of it. Stepping out of his pants and moving towards me, I could fell myself harden as I watched his cock swing from side to side. “You can touch it if you want” he said, Somehow him saying “It” instead of “me” made it easier, made it less “Gay.” I reached out and ran my finger tip down his hanging, girthy, veiny shaft. His cock felt smooth, the skin soft. I could not stop staring at it. I held it in my palm and was shocked at its weight. His manhood began to swell under my touch, becoming even bigger and harder. I gently stroked it and marveled at its size. “That’s nice” he said, then said, “Let me see you.” He reached out and guided me to my feet. He gently removed my shirt as I undid my pants. There was no hiding my excitement, my cock sprang out, rock hard and standing almost straight up. “Nice cock, man” he said, but noticed I could not take my eyes off of his, and said, “Do you want to suck it”I sat back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down and he calmly stepped even closer, he already knew the answer. My heart pounding, I leaned forward and while holding it at its wide base, ran my tongue along its thick length. It was my first taste of cock. His scent and taste musky and manly. I ran my tongue along his girthy shaft again, but this time tracing circles around the ridge of its head and lapped at it’s tip. Like I had seen done in so many pornos. I felt light headed as I opened my mouth and parted my lips wide to accept his massive dick. Surprised by my own eagerness, I strained to take more of him. “Nice, take your time, enjoy it” His words making my realize what I was actually doing. So caught up in the moment, it all seemed so natural, so erotic. The realization that I was sucking my first cock made pre cum leak from my rock hard, aching dick.”Do you want to fuck?” he asked. “Pulling my out streched lips from his swollen cock, I said “I never have.” He took charge, his question now seemed like more of a statement. He moved to his knees and motioned for me to bend over the seat of the couch. Nervous, my excitement heightened when I felt his big hands caress and squeeze my ass cheeks. I held my breath when I felt a big, lubed güvenilir bahis şirketleri finger rub against my opening. I gasped when it slid inside. His finger felt painful, but strangely less so the deeper he pushed it into me. Soon I felt another finger enter me with a twisting motion. He moved them slowly in and out of my hole and spreading his fingers, slowly began to open me up, gaping my hole. I arched my back for him as he works my asshole open even wider. Pulling his fingers from inside me, I felt empty, gaped and wide. The. I felt his hand on my hip. Holding me at the waist, I then felt his huge, lubed cocks head pressing against the edges of my asshole then slide inside me. I gasped, it took my breath away. Stretching me even wider, he slowly moved himself in and out of me, going deeper each time.He moaned and grunted, it was so erotic and sensual. I felt so submissive and used and I loved it. Words I never thought I would ever say. Strangely, knowing I was bringing him pleasure, hearing his moans, having him use me, made me think I was getting even more pleasure than he was. Now with both his hands gripping my hips, I felt the full force of his manhood inside me. I felt his power, I felt his strength. With his cock deep inside me, his grip tightened and I could feel his semen begin spurt out, filling me. Lost in the moment, I snaked my hand down to my hard, aching, pre cum soaked cock and came also, shooting my cum all over his couch and floor. He collapsed to the floor and I layed down next to him. Seeing his cum strained floor, he said with a wry smile, “You came too.” “How hot is that!”

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