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my first gay experience

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my first gay experienceit was the christmas party and last orders were finished, so i was making my way out when debbie and jenny two lesbians who i work with asked me if i fancied another drink. yes i replied where are you going? we are going to the gay bar wanna come? after a brief pause i said yes but only because i want another beer. we entered the club and i bought the girls a drink, after about five minutes this stunning brunette came over and started hugging the girls, then they introduced me, paul amanda amanda this is paul. i just stuttered as i shook her hand she was amazing a tight fitting little black mini dress with tan pantyhose black high heeled shoes black silky gloves and long dark curly hair. i bought her a drink and started chatting, debbie whispered in my ear do you fancy her? and i replied oh god yes she ‘s gorgeous, she whispered back she is a MAN…and walked off.we sat down and i asked amanda if she was a man? yes she replied my name is adam and i’m twenty five. i would never have guessed i said, i am paul and i’m forty two. well that broke the ice and we started talking about all sorts of things, i slowly started to to become atracted to her knowing that it was a man made it seem exciting. she moved in close to me and gaziantep escort linked her arm in mine and crossed her nylon legs. she said are you gay? no i said i’m a married man, she rubbed my leg and gave me a small kiss on the lips and said you will be later. at that debbie and jenny came over and said they were going back to their flat for drinks and invited us to come along.we walked to the flat amanda was holding my hand and i was starting to get turned on. we entered the flat and debbie said the bedroom is over there i know you wanna fuck her, amanda led me away to the bedroom and shut the door. take off your clothes she said, i just ripped them off and stood there completely naked with a huge hard-on. she reached in the draw and pulled out a collar and chain, i feel kinky she said and put the collar around my neck and attached the chain. ok now on your knees, i got down and she said right your going to be my little pet for the night, she opened the door and walked me down the passage like a little doggie. my heart was pounding with excitement as i crawled along the wooden flooring, her high heels clicking the floor and the pulling of the chain as she controlled me.she entered the lounge where debbie and jenny were sitting watching television and having a drink, she walked me in on all fours and said what do you think girls my new slave for the night. they giggled and sniggered and debbie said he must be enjoying it look at his hard dick…i am going to give you a demonstration said amanda, and she started walking me around the room like i was in a dog show. lick my shoes she shouted i got down and started to lick like crazy, the girls burst out with laughter and said i cant believe he’s doing it. my tongue was splashing from shoe to shoe when amanda walked to the sofa and sat down. she crossed her legs and said lick the sole, i started licking as she told me about all the things she had stepped in. that made me lick even harder as she made me lick the other sole aswell.she ordered me to lie on my back, i did as i was told, she slipped off her shoes and put her nylon feet on my face SNIFF she said, i started to sniff as she rubbed her feet all over my face, my cock was rock hard as amanda lent down and squeezed my balls, i yelped as she gripped them tightly. her toes started to probe into my mouth as she squeezed the life out of my balls, then suddenly she stopped. she stood up and lifted her dress, get up she said, i got to my knees, she reached into her pantyhose and untucked herself, i found myself looking at amandas cock inside her pantyhose. the fun is about to start said debbie, kiss it then said debbie, i lent forward and started to kiss it, amanda said i told you that you would be gay later tonight, at that she ripped a hole in her pantyhose and took out her cock, open wide, i opened my mouth and she put it in. i started to suck and her cock grew in my mouth after a couple of minutes it was fully erect, my mouth was being stretched to the limit due to the size of it, she spat on it and debbie and jenny spat on it as she fucked my mouth. she speeded up as i could feel her balls tighten, swallow it she said as she unleashed what seemed like a barrel load of cum into my mouth, i struggled to swallow as some leaked down my chin. eventually she finished and took her cock out of my mouth now wank she said, i tugged like mad and debbie held a glass by my cock, i cum into the glass and was then made to drink it. after a couple of whiskeys i passed out…i woke up the next morning and all three were sitting at the table having breakfast, i think you better put some clothes on said debbie. i stood up totally naked and the girls were giggling, i came back with my clothes on and said that i was going home, debbie said dont worry i wont tell anybody at work that your a cocksucker!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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