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Subject: My First Man This story contains consensual sex between two adult males. If you don’t want to read it, or you think that it’s “wrong” then the amount of clicks you’ve made to get to this point, are telling me that that is simply not the case. Please respect my wishes, when I say that I do not want you to use this story for anything other than your own reading pleasure. Feel free to copy it, but don’t post it onto any other websites � at least without first gaining my permission. I have been thinking about writing this for some time now. I have had a couple of experiences with another guy, who was absolutely wonderful, but this fantasy was what led me to take the final step towards man2man sex. I decided to finally put this on paper, because I got quite a bit of pleasure out of it. I still do, when I haven’t had sex with another guy for some time � like for the last 6 months � and need to capture what it is to have sex with another guy. Read it, enjoy it and if you have any comments, I’d be happy to hear from you. Write to me at ail. My First Guy � A Fantasy After my wife of five years left me for another guy � some asshole with a lot more money that I have � I swore to myself that I would never be hurt like that again. I was so devastated that I lost interest in all women, in sex – even in masturbating. So after she left I wondered what it was that had turned her off me. I have a decent body, am considered pretty good looking and had never had any trouble finding sexual partners before we got married. In the end I had no real reason. I’m sure that there is one and that if I was to be able to see it from my Ex wife’s perspective, I might be able to understand it. Anyway, after being single for a couple of months again, I started to regain some of the drive I’d had prior to our split. I think I went about two and a half months without even having a wank – amazing even for me. After a very short time my fantasies took a turn that I had never expected, nor explored before � they started to include men. This wasn’t anything that I became concerned about initially, as the guys weren’t any that I recognised and there was no interplay between us. At first it was just me watching; like me watching neighbors go at it or another guy watching me have sex with a woman. Then they were as part of a trio. As I said, these were strictly hetro at first and then things like me verbally encouraging him, or telling him that he was a great lover (and the same in return). Shortly after, fondling then small kisses appeared in my fantasies. I found that this made me even more turned on, imagining my lips rubbing against another face with a days worth of stubble. I didn’t really worry about this either and saw it a harmless. Then the guys in my fantasies started to become more involved in the scene. The gradual increase in the level of involvement in my fantasies went in phases and looking back, the scenarios didn’t become more gay until I sub-consciously felt comfortable enough at the stage I was at the time. The interaction went from light kissing to my kissing them deeply and passionately and the fondling to feeling their asses. Then fantasies about being in a sixty-nine with a woman and having another guy taking her from behind started. I’d imagine watching the other guys cock sliding in an out of the woman’s pussy. About a month after my fantasies including men started, I had my first gay fantasy. It was during a fantasy involving me as part of a threesome. I was in a sixty-nine with a woman, with me on the bottom, looking at her pussy as a guy with about a seven inch dick fucked her doggie style. I was playing with her clit, and rubbing her pussy lips with my fingers, when I reached out with my middle finger tentatively and touched the rib on the underside of the guys cock. It was so silky and smooth from her juices, that I touched it with two, then three, fingers. Then I moved my face closer to her pussy and started to lick the underside of the guys cock. The first fantasy involving any direct sexual act, came almost straight after that and was based on the same one as I just described. After licking the underside of the guys cock a few times, my fantasy guy pulled out of the woman and aimed his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and fantasised about taking his cock into it. Slowly at first, just the tip, I extended my tongue and swirled it around the tip of his cock. Then he started slowly fucking my mouth – in and out slowly at first, then with more desire. I extended my tongue, opening my gullet (like you see those guys swallow a whole glass of beer in one quick gulp) – his cock slid all the way down. That’s when I imagined the first moan from my fantasy guy. He would reach down and with my head tilted all the way back, put his hands behind my head, supporting it, and started to fuck my face. These fantasies got me so hot that I didn’t even notice that women were no longer even there. Then the fantasy guy thrust deeper than ever before and I got a nose full of pubic hair and balls – and I forgot all about the doubts I was having about the fantasy going that far. I imagined that he yelled out that he was about to come and slammed his cock all the way down my throat and forcefully held it there. I couldn’t breathe. Then I felt his cock swell and felt the first spasm ripple down his cock and the first shot of his juices empty into my throat. I started to want it more and more and reaching around, I gabbed his ass cheeks and pulling as hard as I could, I forced him into my mouth just a little bit more. At that point I came all over myself and opening my eyes, slowly returned to reality. I had cum all over my belly, chest and neck. I had three fingers in my mouth and cum all over my right hand which continued to pump my still hard cock. I stopped. Pulling the fingers out of my mouth and stopping my hand from sliding up and down my cock. I thought about how turned on I was about that fantasy. I’d never tasted my own cum, but now I found myself wanting to know what it tasted like – to finish the fantasy. I moved my right hand up to my mouth and with just the tip, had my first taste of cum – my own. It tasted a little salty- but not at all unpleasant. I licked my hand clean and then started to wipe and lick the rest of my come off me. I became more and more desperate for the taste and again closed my eyes imagining that I was licking the remnants of his cum from his cock. I drifted off to sleep that night, still sticky with dried cum. When I woke up I convinced myself that it was a one of fantasy. But it soon happened again. I wasn’t worried and convinced myself that I could keep the gay fantasies from leaving the bedroom or the shower – the other place I’d quickly transitioned to living out these fantasies. All of a sudden though, I had my first real doubts. Was this just fantasy? Had they turned this way because of my marriage break up? And why did this get me so hot? I mean just the thought of my fantasy during the day, would give me an instant hard-on. I became almost totally preoccupied by the thought of having a sexual encounter with another guy. It took some time to become comfortable with how far I’d gone with this fantasy. Yet, I still rationalised that it was still only a fantasy and it hadn’t translated into my real life. I went back to my life and really didn’t think anything of it for a while until one day I caught myself looking at another guy in the street. I was sitting at a cafe alone, eating lunch, when I saw a good-looking guy with an absolutely beautiful woman in tow. I started looking at the woman and then found myself looking at the guy. He was clearly from Eastern Europe. His face was chiselled, he had strong muscular arms and after he passed me, I saw that he had a really nice ass. At the point I checked my thinking `Nice ass?’. WOW … hold everything … what the hell are you thinking � nice ass!? It took me a little while to come to terms with what I was thinking and fantasising about and to realise that I had made a serious transition from thought to action. I have always believed that we are judged by our actions, not our thoughts and this premise gave me cause to reexamine who I was and what was going on in my life. I thought a great deal about it and became convinced that, I should explore all of these feelings and thoughts and to take it as it came � in other words to allow something to happen if the situation presented itself. I had been approached by guys a couple of times when I was in my late teens and early twenties, but had always been to interested in women and the approaches were either clumsy or too direct, to consider any sort of sexual relationship with another man. It wasn’t that I was interested either � at the time I was a little flattered, but not disturbed or revolted. As I explored these feelings and became more comfortable with them, the depth of my fantasies dramatically increased. It seemed to be in a relatively short period of time. I started to masturbate again, at least once a day and at this point, my fantasies turned totally gay. I think retrospectively, the reason that I also started at a local gym, was not mainly because I needed to get fit again (which I had needed to do for some time), but because it gave me a good opportunity to `look around’ and maybe to present myself as available. Not that I knew what that entailed, or how one went about “letting the message out”, but it was all part of my early fore into guy-to-guy relationships. I started to feel more and more, that I wanted to get involved with another man, even just a fleeting sexual experience. Something like a mutual turn at giving head, would have been acceptable, but I wasn’t yet prepared to “go all the way”. For some reason I wanted that to be with the right person, so I was happy to wait until I was really comfortable with any guy that I was going to allow to fuck me. Because I couldn’t bring myself to go to a bar or approach someone, I substituted my insecurity with other items to allow a more realistic edge to my fantasies. I first started to imagine that a guy was making love to me by using a finger in my ass. It quickly progressed to two then three. Then I started to use other things around the house, like candles and before long I thought of using and then brought a small vibrator of about 6 inches. All the while my fantasies were ever expanding and changing. As part of my job I travel a lot – the job I had at the time was in mineral exploration in the North of Australia. Whilst I traveled I also started to experiment with enema’s, using the bath tap or spa jet from the spa in the room. My gay fantasies continued to expand and I brought a seven inch life-like dildo. I had started using the dildo two or three times a week and I was really getting of on sucking a cock, even though it was plastic one (and left that sort of taste in ones mouth that only latex can), and then fucking myself with it. I was in this frame of mind, when I first met a guy at work � Matt. Matt started working in our organisation at the same level as me and we quickly became friends. Although he didn’t have a girlfriend, I was sure that he wasn’t gay � after all he wasn’t effeminate and didn’t look at other guys, not that I knew anyway � but hey, you can always tell right? What I didn’t connect at the time, was that I wasn’t effeminate, so why should that make any difference. It was an honest working relationship that quickly developed into friendship. We often finished a hard week in a bar or having a drink and pizza at work. He never gave me any indication that he was gay, I never caught him perving at me and he never turned the conversation sexual, least of all towards being gay. About three months later, our friendship had developed to the point that I didn’t think anything of his suggestion that we go on a holiday together. It seemed a perfectly natural extension of a friendship between two single guys. We started to look around for holidays that we might enjoy. We looked at Island resorts, Cruises, group adventure activities, but nothing really appealed to both of us. One day Matt came in to my office with a suggestion for a holiday that I agreed was a great idea instantly. He said that he knew of an outback tour company that offered a `drop and leave’ holiday in the outback. When he explained that he had been on one a few years ago and what was on offer, it sounded like the holiday of a lifetime. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-.. We arrived at the airfield early on the first morning of our 10 day holiday. The company offering the holidays was to provide all the gear that we would need, except our clothes. Taking off at about 7, we flew for about two hours in a small twin engine plane, before landing on a very isolated, small, bumpy strip, which was really the remains of an old road. During the flight the pilot had given us a detailed map of the area we would be living in. The map indicated several landmarks, scenic points and points of interest. We were told that we would be living in a cave, located in a large depression, which was a seasonal riverbed. He said that there was no risk of flooding at that time of the year, plus we would have a short wave radio if anything did happen. I was amazed. There was a small permanent pool inside the cave that was fed by an underground river. The water was drinkable and would be our main source for the duration. The pool led to another cave that had stalagmites and stalactites and several other pools and caves to explore. Amazingly he also said that there were no mosquitoes or flies in the area. I had no idea why, but I wasn’t complaining, because I usually get eaten by mosquitoes. The first thing I noticed when we got out of the plane was that at 10AM, it was already about 30 degrees Celsius and very dry. Unloading the gear that the company provided, we started to carry it the three hundred meters to the edge of the river bed, where we would be required to take it down a path, about another 150 meters, to the cave. Matt had spent the whole time that morning, constantly raving about the location and saying that we would have a great time. On about the third trip carrying our gear we were both sweating heavily and in shorts and tee shirts that were sticking to our hot bodies, I couldn’t help but notice how good Matt looked � especially his ass. “Shut-up” I told myself “there can’t be anything between Matt and I”. But he did have a really nice ass. After we had unpacked all the gear and set up out beds and the remainder of the camp, we sat down and I made coffee. We both sat for about an hour cooling down and talking about nothing in particular. Matt said that he was going for a swim. He got up took of his clothes and boots and walked into the earth fed pool. He was between me and the water and he had faced away from me As he did this I got my first look at Matt naked. I was still sitting in a chair and couldn’t help but perv at his ass and wonder what it would be like to kiss it and wondered what his cock looked like. From the back, Matt was both in great shape and well proportioned. I looked down from his shoulders, past to his waist (no fat there), to his ass. His ass was absolutely fantastic. His ass cheeks were small and tight, much the same as mine, shaped a little like two hand sized cushions. I started to get a bit of a hard-on. Then I realised that he would probably soon expect me to also strip and join him. I quickly turned my attention to the site-seeing map and concentrating on the sites and layout of the area, which had the desired result. After finishing my coffee, Matt asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I said I would, stood and took off my clothes. Looking up as I walked into the water my eyes met Matt’s and he then looked down my naked body, stopping at my soft cock. Now I’m no stud with a big dick. I have a pretty average, circumcised cock, at just over six inches. When it’s soft it isn’t more than and inch and a bit long. The thing that shocked me was that Matt just stared at my dick. The blood instantly started to flood to my cock, but, luckily it was hidden by the water as I walked in up to my chest. We both swam around the pool, which was about 10 meters across and a little longer. At it’s deepest it was about five feet. All the while I had a hard on and did my best to hide it, while trying to get a good look at his cock. After a while we moved and sat in waist deep water. I still had a hard on and was embarrassed by it. Matt said `come on, let’s get a smoke’. Without thinking I got up with him and as we turned Matt looked directly at my hard on and then up at me. I blushed. Matt put a hand on my shoulder and said, `Hey Matte don’t worry about getting hard here. We’re friends and we shouldn’t be afraid to let things like that happen. OK’. I nodded and felt much better about it. I looked from his eyes, down to his soft cock. WOW I thought. His cock was about three and a half inches long totally soft and about as thick as mine is when it is hard. I quickly looked up at Matt and he was looking directly at my face. He smiled and walked away. What was that look about, I thought to my self. Was that a sign or was he telling me that I was being childish? Well, at least in the sudden embarrassment I had lost my hard on. I walked over to the chairs and sat and had a smoke with Matt. During the smoke Matt looked over at me and said, `I hope you don’t mind but when I came out here last time I didn’t worry about wearing clothes, only shoes when I needed them. If you’re not comfortable with that then I’m happy to change and wear clothes when we are together.’ `No, I think that’s a great idea’ I said, sounding more confident than I actually was. Matt said that at about 6.30 we should head up to the top of the hill about one kilometre away to watch the sunset. That sounded like the perfect end to the first day and I readily agreed. We spent the rest of the day settling in, having a mid-afternoon nap and doing nothing much. When it came time to go we got our boots on and started to walk out of the river and then up the hill to watch the sunset. As we walked I couldn’t help myself but to look at Matt’s body. He wasn’t muscly, but at the same time he wasn’t carrying any excess weight. Like me he was about six feet tall and of medium build. He was a good-looking guy, who just seemed to have it all together. As we got to the top of the hill, I was just starting to get another hard on and no Matter what I tried to do or think about, it wouldn’t go away. As we stood there and watched the sun start to go down, Matt pointed out to the front and asked if I could see the Kangaroos moving across our front. They were about five hundred metres away and I couldn’t make them out in the fading light. Matt moved over to me and pointed to them, but I still couldn’t see them. To help me more, Matt put his left arm around my left shoulder and moved in close behind me and using his right arm to guide my eyes. There they were. I said that I could see them. I had expected Matt to immediately move away from me, but he stayed there for about another 20 seconds before moving slowly away, slowly sliding his hand across my shoulders. I was in shock. Matt had just given me a sign � hadn’t he? Was he making a pass at me? My head was swimming and as I came back to earth I realised that I was in pain and that the pain was being caused by my body trying to pump too much blood into my cock. Matt said that we should get going before it got completely dark. As we turned to go I glanced over at Matt and saw him looking at my raging hard on. He didn’t look up. He had a blank face and he just turned away and started down the hill. I was confused again. Was he interested, or was he just thinking that I was unable to control myself? Was he offended and did he expect me to stop getting a hard-on every time we were near each other? Would this ruir our friendship and cause him to accusing me of being a queer? Shortly after we got back to the cave, it was still quite warm and Matt said that he was going for another swim. I said Ok and turned the gas light on so that we both had a little light. I watched him walk into the water and as I was watching his great ass, I decided that I would give Matt a few signs to let him know that I was interested and see where it went from there. I sat on my towel and propped myself up on my elbows so I could see him, beside the light and started to think of ways of letting him know that I was interested. As I thought about the day and the great views of Matt’s body, I again became hard and stayed that way. First, I decided to see if he would look at me, if he thought that I wasn’t looking. As Matt was swimming around I closed my eyes to slits. I was still able to see him and because the only light was from the lamp and it was behind and to the right of me, he couldn’t see my face directly. Keeping my head still, I moved my eyes to keep looking at him. At first he didn’t look at me, but after a little while he glanced over a couple of times. When he felt that I didn’t have my eyes open, he started to look for longer periods. I was really encouraged. After about ten minutes Matt swam over and standing he walked out of the water. As he got closer and gradually walked out of the water, his crutch came into view and I saw for the first time about half of what, I decided at that point, would to be my end goal. He had half an erection. It was the first time I had seen another guys cock, live, that was anything but soft. I was amazed. His cock was almost as long as mine when it was hard – and it was only half a hard-on! My cock twitched as he got closer and I could see more and more of it. It was a thing of beauty. He was circumcised and his cock was smooth with a couple of large veins snaking their way down its length. I was suddenly struck by the thought; what would happen if we did get together? Would I be able to put it all in my mouth and would it fit inside me if things went that far. My raging hard on was twitching madly as these thoughts flashed through my mind and it was only Matt’s touch that brought me back to the world of the living. `I think it’s time for bed’ he said. I snapped my head around and opened my eyes to look at him. He repeated himself and I mumbled something about him being right. We had one last smoke as we lay on our swags. Matt said that he would show me the cave of stalactites and stalagmites in the morning and I said that it sounded great. With that he said his good nights and rolled over to go to sleep. He left me to my own thoughts and as I do at the end of every day, I thought back over the day and recapped all of the events of the day, playing them back in my mind. I don’t remember replaying the complete day in my mind, but I do remember going to sleep with a smile on my face. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-… I woke as the sun came up, as is my habit and got up straight away. I started breakfast and after boiling water, made coffee. I guess that it comes from my upbringing, but maybe it was in me all the time. Subconsciously, I wanted to make sure that Matt had a relaxing time and I felt that I needed to look after him the best I could. After finishing my first cup of coffee I made another (just one of my bad habits) and one for Matt. I went over to where he was lying and gently touched his shoulder to wake him. He is a heavier sleeper than I am and I started to rub his upper arm to wake him. He rolled onto his back, but remained asleep. That is when I saw his cock and stopped rubbing his arm in mid swing, my fingers lightly touching him, mid upper arm. Matt’s cock was fully erect, lying flat on his belly jumping in time with the blood pumping through it. I was in a trance and feeling week, I had to kneel down. His cock had to be nine inches if it was two – I later found out that it was just that. It was even more beautiful fully erect than I had seen it flaccid and a quick glance told me that Matt was still asleep. I turned my head to stare at his massive member. I must have been looking at it for a couple of minutes when he stirred. I quickly looked at Matt’s face and was immediately embarrassed. He was awake and looking up at me with a faint smile on his face. I quickly gave him his coffee and retreated to the gas stove to start the bacon and eggs that we would be able to have for the first three of four days. In my peripheral vision I saw Matt turn towards me and prop himself up on one elbow to drink his coffee. I could vaguely make out that he was still hard. Matt got up and went to relieve himself outside the cave in the ‘designated spot’ after finishing his coffee. As he came back, I had my back to him. I was still too embarrassed to say anything and it wasn’t until I reminded myself that that was the sort of thing that might give him the message I was aiming to get across, that I found the courage to talk again. `Sleep well,’ I said. `Like a rock,’ was Matt’s reply. He came up behind me and bent down to look at what I was cooking. As he bent down he gently put his right hand on my left shoulder and asked in a soft voice what was for breakfast. I told him and then he moved around to my side to watch, moving his chair so that as he sat with his knees apart, I could see his crouch out of the corner of my eye. After a few minutes of silence, I couldn’t stand it any more. I turned my head and looked him directly in the eye and said, `Sorry about staring at you before. I was trying to wake you up when you turned on your back and … well…I… I’ve never seen another guy’s cock hard before.’ Matt’s face lit up with a big almost evil grin and he said that it was OK and that I shouldn’t be embarrassed. He said that he thought that it was understandable and that he had no problem with it. Man was I relieved. I took the grin as a positive response and continued to cook breakfast more relaxed and confident that my decision the previous day was seemingly a correct one. After we finished breakfast, I cleaned up and packed everything away. Matt asked if I was still interested in seeing the stalactites and stalagmites. I said that I definitely was. So we went to the far end of the cave about fifty meters away. At the end was a small opening and Matt said that it was pretty dark inside for about twenty meters before the other cave opened out and that the other cave had a little bit of light. This would be where I sent another signal. I said that my vision in low light was not very good (a lie, but a bit of a ploy on my part) and I asked if I could hold his shoulder to guide me. I got the response that I was after, when Matt said that the tunnel to the other cave was pretty slim and just held out his hand. I took it and we started down the tunnel. My hand felt kocaeli escort bayan like it was in a perfectly made glove, holding onto Matt’s hand and as we entered into the tunnel there was enough light for me to just see. As we walked into the cave, I didn’t let Matt’s hand go and he didn’t make any moves to loosen his grip. I was ecstatic. I was now almost certain that I was to have the experience that I had fantasised about for quite some time. As we moved about the cave hand in hand I grew more comfortable with it, as I think did Matt. We stopped at one of the biggest stalagmites and I loosened my grip on Matt’s hand preparing to make for certain that it would happen. We let go of each others hands at the same time and at the same time tentatively reached over to each other. Matt put his arm around my shoulder and I put mine around his waist. As we made contact we moved towards each other drawing each other with our arms. As the side of my body came into contact with his it felt so right. I had an epiphany as I realised that I would be with guys for the rest of my life. The feel of the hair of Matt’s arm over the top of my back, his strong but gentle hand on my shoulder and his hip and thigh against mine gave me an instant hard on. We walked around a little more before I suggested that we go back for coffee and a smoke. Matt agreed. Back in the main cave, Matt and I walked arms around each other back towards our camp site. As we passed the deepest part of the water on our right, I pushed Matt off the three foot ledge into the water. As he came to the surface I laughed and ran the last twenty meters to the rug I had spread out on the sand before we left. I threw myself onto the rug, lying on my back propped up on my elbows, with one knee up at right angles. I was trying to strike a sexy pose � not that I had any experience with that � but I was trying. Matt slowly swam over to the edge of the pond with a wicked smile on his face. As he came out of the water, I didn’t hide my look at his now half hard member. Lying there with my fully erect cock laying on my belly, I moved the bent knee slightly opening my legs to give Matt a better view of my own crouch. Matt got to the edge of the rug and as we looked into each others eyes, he bent down and picked up his towel and dried himself off a little. After he was finished and whilst he was still standing, he looked at me from my toes on up and then when he got to my eyes he said, `You know, I’d like to do something to you now. It’s something that I have wanted to for some time.’ `And what is that?’ I asked with a cheeky grin on my face, challenging him to continue. Getting down on his knees beside me and bending over until our faces were only inches apart, he said, `This.’ With that he moved his face towards mine and kissed me gently on the lips. For me it was like getting an electric shock. His lips were smooth and the one day growth rubbed slightly on my lips as he kissed me. Matt moved his head away and sat on his haunches. `Is that all you wanted to do,’ I asked. `No,’ was his reply, `but I don’t want to rush you.’ I smiled my own wicked smile and said to him, `How about if you do what you want and I feel rushed I’ll tell you.’ With a nod he moved his face closer again and again we kissed. This time the kiss was more full and after a few more, he opened his mouth and his tongue came out and into my open mouth. I couldn’t help but to let out a small moan. Our kisses became heavier and his hand came up to touch my face. I lifted one of my arms to do the same and extended it further to hug him around the shoulders. I lifted my other arm and started to lay back further, pulling Matt down with me. As he moved down I wrapped my arms around him. In return, his came around me and I felt one behind my neck and the other under my left arm. We continued to kiss more and more passionately and for me at least, it became an incredible urge to get as much of Matt’s tongue into my mouth as possible. He was very obliging and we both started to use our strength to hug each other more tightly. After a long while we came up for air. Matt lifted his head and we were both breathing heavily. I moved the palm of my hand to his cheek and said that that was the most exciting kiss I had ever experienced. I told him that I was so lucky to have him kissing me, because he was such a good looking guy and a trusted and caring friend. Matt smiled and returned the compliment in kind. He said that he found me really sexy and that he had wanted to kiss me and more for what seemed to him like the longest time. He said that he hadn’t thought that I was gay, or even interested in him, as I had never even given him an indication. He said that he had recently noticed a change in me and that was why he took the chance to come on the holiday together. I told him that I had been thinking about kissing him for a while and that I was looking forward to the next 10 days. With that we both smiled and once again Matt leaned in and we started to kiss. This time the kissing was less demanding and we started to explore each other’s bodies. Matt turned me to face him more and moved his body to be more on top of me. I felt, for the first time, another guys hip touch mine and his hairy legs touch mine, as our bodies touched from shoulder to toes. Matt had hardly any hair on his chest, but it mixed with mine as we bought our chests together. As we started doing this with our whole bodies (you know when you’re writhing slightly to get more comfortable or closer to the person you’re with), I felt his knee move between mine. I opened my knees far enough to allow his to slide between mine so that his thigh was almost touching my crouch. It was at this point that I became aware of his cock coming into contact with me. It was about half hard and the most noticeable thing about it was its warmth. I moaned into Matt’s mouth and opened my legs a little further. I felt his thigh slide up and come in contact with my painfully hard cock. At this contact I pulled him closer and wrapped my arms further around his shoulders. I also moved my right thigh a little to come into further and more full contact with his cock. Matt Moaned at my movement and I felt his hand start to caress my back, shoulder and my upper arm. I started to do the same to him and we continued like this for what must have been ten minutes. In that time we had moved our thighs into more firm pressure contact with each other’s cocks. I raised and bent the knee of mine that was on top, to a position that allowed Matt’s thigh full access to my crouch, to where my thigh was over his hip bone and the rest of my leg was draped over the small of his back as far as it would go. We broke from our kissing, still caressing each other, and I said to Matt, “I never really expected that kissing a guy would get me THIS HOT! I can’t believe how worked up I am.” Matt smiled and lightly caressing my face said, “Well thank you for the compliment. You are a really hot guy and I think that we both have a full head of steam.” We both moved back slightly to expose our cocks to each other and moving back to where we were and looking back at each other Matt continued. “So you’re OK? I don’t want to rush you. I want you to feel comfortable about everything that we do.” I lifted my head and kissed him lightly on the lips, saying “Thank you. I want you to know that it is really important to me to be able to tell you honestly how I feel. At the moment, I am comfortable to take the next step. I have wanted to experience another guy for some time now and I want to taste you and I want you to taste me.” We both smiled at that and just before kissing me again, Matt said “You are one hot guy.” We quickly resumed our embrace, our kissing and out caressing. After a minute, when I could feel mine and Matt’s passion rising again, Matt moved his hand down my back and ran it lightly over the side of my ass and along my thigh. Again I moaned � man I was really enjoying this and it felt more comfortable than I thought possible, which only served to heighten my sense of pleasure and adventure. Matt continued to lightly rub my thigh and the side of my ass for a couple of minutes. I was as horny as hell and getting hornier by the second. I lifted my leg up so that my knee was above his thigh, then I draped my calf over the small of his back and the upper half of his ass. This gave him better access to my ass and was intended as a signal for him to go further. Matt immediately responded and moved his hand to run up the back of my thigh. His hand went much further towards my balls and anus, eliciting a moan out of me. Matt reached in between the upper parts of my thighs and started to lightly run his fingers across my balls and through my pubic hair. This instantly drove me nuts and I slowly but positively thrust my hips forward. This, in turn, brought greater friction between my cock and Matt’s thigh. I was going nuts inside with excitement and passion and my balls started to ache for the release of an orgasm. I pulled Matt closer to me with my arms and the leg over his hip. It was this action that triggered Matt’s next move. He slowly started kissing my face in ever larger circles. Then, as he started to lick and kiss my neck, he reached further between my thighs, to start rubbing the base of my shaft and more of my balls. He took my balls into his hand and gently squeezed them, until I felt the beginnings of pain, eliciting a moan from me. He continued to lick and kiss his way down to my shoulders and upper chest. As he did this, instead of raising his upper body away from me, he slid his body further down mine. I got a real surprise next. When Matt found his way down to my nipples and started to suck and nibble them, I found them really sensitive. I guess that the women that I had previously dated (and the one I had married) either didn’t think that a guy’s nipples would be so sensitive, or I hadn’t noticed them doing it in the past, or it could have been that I don’t think that I had ever been hornier. I really didn’t care at that stage, all I can remember was how good it felt. At this point I put my arms on Matt’s shoulders and gently tried to move him. He took the hint straight away and I moved him so that he was on top of me. At the same time I spread my legs to be on either side of his body. Matt continued kissing and licking his way down my body until he got near my crutch. I had been lying back with my eyes closed, totally enjoying the sensations, until he got near my crutch. I moved one hand down to one of his shoulders and one down to his hair, running my fingers through it. Thinking that he was going straight for my cock, it drove me wild when he moved to one side, careful not to touch my raging hard cock, which was as erect as it has ever been and throbbing wildly. He continued to lick his way down to one knee and then lifting that leg slightly, licked his way back up to mid thigh, before switching legs and going back down to the other knee. I was moaning almost constantly now and telling him how great I though it felt. As he approached my crutch on the second leg, I lifted my head and looking at the top of his said, in a husky and croaky voice, “Ohhh, that feels so good Matt. I want you to taste me. I want you to put my cock into your mouth. I want you to suck my cock.” Matt looked up at me as he pushed my thighs as far apart as they would go. We were looking at each other as he licked right up the crease of my inner thigh and crutch. He smiled and both of us knew that he was just teasing. I went to say something and at the same time felt his hand come around my cock. I stopped what I was going to say and watched as Matt looked down and moved his head toward my cock. I saw his tongue come out of his mouth and then felt is rough texture lick the underside from the base on up. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in utter pleasure as his tongue made its way slowly up to the underside of the head. Matt’s tongue came around the head of my cock and licked from the bottom of the crease, starting from my piss slit and running down to the underside of the head of my cock, all the way to the slit. Just as I started to moan, Matt’s mouth came down around my cock. This only served to raise the volume of my moan. Matt slowly started to move his head up and down my cock, from tip to base. I was holding the back of his head with one hand and remembering how good his licking my nipples felt, I moved my other hand up to one of my nipples and began to rub and pinch it lightly. Matt’s pace started to gradually quickened and I felt myself building towards a climax. As he sensed it, Matt slowed down and took his mouth off my cock and started to lick my balls. Before long he had all of my pubic hair wet and started to suck each ball into his mouth, rolling each one around in his mouth before moving to the next. This didn’t lessen the pleasure I was feeling, but did serve to lessen the pressure I felt rising in my balls. After I had calmed down enough, Matt put his mouth around my cock again and started to move up and down once more. This time though, he used one free hand to massage my balls and his other to massage and pinch my nipples. In no time I was `crawling the walls’. I told him that I wanted to come and that I wanted it to be now. I guess that he took me to my word, because he then raised his head up, opened his mouth and sank himself down onto the entire length of my waiting cock. I don’t think that I lasted more than another couple of minutes. Matt kept the suction high, the fondling of my balls at just the right tempo and pressure and before I knew it I could feel my orgasm approaching very quickly. And Matt felt it too. I had expected Matt not to swallow my come � or even keep his mouth on my cock � as I came, what with safe sex and all. But I was proven wrong. Just as my orgasm started, I told him I was about to come and he did the exact opposite. He sank his mouth down onto my cock, licking it inside his mouth furiously, and applied just a little bit more pressure to my balls. I just exploded. Not only had I not had an orgasm with another guy before, I hadn’t had an orgasm now for about a week. So there was an abundant supply of cum that spewed from my balls and which Matt readily swallowed. It seemed to go on for minutes, but was more likely for less than one. I couldn’t ever remember having as intense an orgasm as the one that Matt led me to that day and I was completely spent at the end of it. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-… Matt crawled up my body, kissing and nibbling me as he went. When his face came to the same level as mine, he was holding the weight of his body off me and hovering over me. I opened my eyes and looking at his face, he has a really cheeky grin plaster all over his face. “Did you enjoy that?” Matt asked me with a chuckle. In response, I simultaneously wrapped my arms and legs around his neck and waste. I pulled him towards me slightly and as he lowered his body on top of me, my arms and legs wrapped around him further, to make sure that he couldn’t get away. Smiling up at him, but saying nothing, I bought my face up to his and kissed him deeply. My tongue, working of its own accord, snaked into his mouth and I could taste my own cum on his tongue. It was a really great feeling, tasting my own cum on another guy’s tongue and I moaned into his mouth. We kissed deeply for a few minutes I become more relaxed and felt an overwhelming sense of compassion, love and all sorts of other emotions for him and our situation. I saw myself clearly for the first time – as the subservient member of the relationship. I wanted him to be the stronger of the two of us, the more forceful and wanted more and more to satisfy and please him. I wasn’t sure why I felt this way � was it because he was obviously more experienced? I had no idea, but I thought that I’d go with the flow and see where it led us. With one fluid motion, I reversed our positions and now being on top, I immediately started to head South. As I started down his chest, I payed particular attention to Matt’s nipples. They were more sensitive than mine and he started to moan and writhe under me, when I took them between my teeth and flicked across the tip with my tongue. My senses were on edge and I was now paying very close attention to what he reacted to and to what degree. I was making my way down his stomach, almost to his belly button, when I felt the tip of Matt’s huge cock touch the bottom of my chin. I raised my head up slightly, to look at it. I had never been this close to another guys crouch, let alone with both of us naked and with his cock as stiff as a board. A feeling of desperateness came over me and I just couldn’t wait any longer to see what it felt like and what it tasted like in my mouth. I moved my hand up and felt Matt’s cock for the first time. The skin was incredibly soft, but just under that thin veneer, was a shaft that felt like it was made of steel. I stroked it and was in absolute awe of its length and girth. I couldn’t quite reach all the way around and I started to wonder how I would even get it down the back of my throat. I had been practicing giving head on my dildo, but it was only seven inches though. I had become pretty good at deep-throating it. In fact, I was able to handle the length and not gag at all now. It was just a matter of getting the technique right. So, I thought, I should be able to do the same. It may take a little time to get used to the girth, but I can do this. Besides, I thought, if I don’t even try, how will I ever know? With that thought in mind, I slowly lowered my head towards the tip of Matt’s cock. As I got closer, I licked my lips and when I made contact, it was with a kiss � right on the piss slit. I opened my mouth and realised that I was salivating with the hunger I felt for Matt’s cock. I slowly lifted Matt’s cock slightly and lowered my mouth onto it. The tip of his cock felt like velvet does when it is brand new. It was so smooth, that I immediately fell in love with the idea of having his cock in my mouth as often as possible. I made a seal with my lips, around the base of Matt’s cock head and licked the head all over with my tongue. Matt let out a loud moan and I was elated that he felt that I was doing something right. I took my mouth of the head of his cock and repositioned my head to be at the base of his cock. I dipped my head and at the same time, my tongue came out flat and wide and I started to like his cock all the way from the base to the tip. I was positioned on one side of Matt now and I lifted his huge cock so that it was standing straight up in the air. I started to lick it from base to head all around it. As his cock became slippery with my saliva, I grasped it in my fist and started to pump it as I licked up and down. I kept this up for about three minutes, Matt all the while moaning and telling me that it was great. After I felt that his cock was slick enough, I paused at the top of one of my strokes. I positioned my mouth directly about his mouth and opening it as wide I as I could, I lowered my mouth onto his cock. For the first time in my life, I had a real guys hard cock inside my mouth. I kept going, allowing the head to gently hit the back of my throat. I kept this up for a few minutes, allowing myself time to get used to his girth. As I got used to it, I started to pause at the bottom of each stroke and would swirl my tongue all around the four to five inches that I had in my mouth. I did this for another minute or so, before moving on. When I felt like I was ready, I stopped at the bottom of one stroke and instead of licking around with my tongue, I extended it as far as I could. Feeling the back of my throat open up, I put some downward pressure on my head. I felt the tip of Matt’s cock start to enter the back of my throat. I felt myself start to gap a little, a few times. As I felt the gag start, I backed off slightly, until it passed and then reapplied the pressure. Matt was now running his fingers through my hair and when I would stop and open my throat, he would put a little pressure on the back of my head. At one point I stopped and looked at Matt. It took a couple of seconds of inaction for him to realise that I had stopped and he opened his eyes and looked at me. I smiled at him and said, “This has to be the most perfect cock I have ever seen. Better than any plastic one in any shop, better than all the ones I have seen in all the movies and magazines, I have ever looked at.” I looked down at it and continuing, said, “Just PERFECT!!” I looked at Matt and wanted to ask something. Obviously my face gave me away and he asked me what. I paused and then asked, “Am I doing OK so far?” “Oh”, he replied, ” that is really fucking good. It feels amazing. I’ve never had anyone take me all the way in their mouth before, so don’t feel like you need to. Just keep doing what you’re doing, it is really getting me worked up.” As he was saying that, I was looking into his eyes and could tell that he was telling me the truth. A grin came over my face and I said, “Never had anyone take you all the way eh? Now there is a challenge.” Matt was about to reply, but was stopped and instead a deep guttural moan came out of his mouth, as I lowered my head back onto his cock, tongue swirling as I lowered it. I bobbed up and down on Matt’s cock a few times, keeping a maximum seal on it as I went. When I was ready I tried a couple of minor extensions into the start of my throat. Not feeling myself gag at all now, I knew that I was ready to give deep-throating a real cock, a real go. I steeled myself and as my head came down, I extended my tongue, this time before I felt the head of Matt’s cock hit the back of my throat. As I felt the tip of his cock touch my tonsils, I increased the pressure and kept it up. This time, the entire head of Matt’s cock just slipped into my throat. I paused, as I heard a moan, as loud as any I have ever made or heard, escape from Matt’s mouth. I took a couple of breaths and allowed my throat to get used to the girth. I knew that the spongy head of his cock would be the easiest part to get back there, but I wanted to go much further. I wasn’t going to give myself any limits. I got really horny knowing that I could do that and I could feel my cock start to harden. This was really getting me hot. Once I felt like my throat was used to the increased girth, I lifted my head a little and the tip of Matt’s cock popped back into my mouth. Matt let out another moan and said something that I couldn’t understand. I repeated the same action about a half a dozen more times, before I tried to take any more into my throat. Happy that I was relaxed and used to the rib at the base of the head of Matt’s cock coming out of my throat, I decided that now was the time. I bobbed up and down, short of taking the head into my throat, a couple of times and then again allowed the head to slide into my throat. But this time, as I had done at different stages of this extremely pleasurable experience, I didn’t stop. I kept up the pressure and about four inches slipped quite easily into my throat. Matt’s whole body became tense and I paused, thinking that he was going to cum there and then. When he just moaned, opening his legs a little further, placed some gentle pressure on the back of my head, I kept going. I forced my head down another inch or so, before the dryness at that part of Matt’s cock, forced me to come back up. As I started to pull back, I opened my eyes and realised that I only had about two more inches to go. WOW, I though. That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I brought my head up to the point where the head of Matt’s cock was just at the opening to my throat, took a breath and bobbed up and down again a few times, taking it to about seven inches into my mouth. This was a far as I had ever been, with much less girth, but my goal was to make the remainder of his cock sufficiently slick, for me to take it all. Now I was really determined. Once I thought that it was right to go, I raised myself up further on my knees and sank down onto his cock, keeping up the pressure, until I felt a slight tingle on the end of my nose. Feeling this, I opened my eyes and realised that I had struck pay dirt � I had hit the pubic hair at the base of Matt’s cock. I pushed just a little further and took the last half inch down my throat and found my nose being bent aside, by Matt’s pubic bone. I was ecstatic with myself and moaned in celebration. Obviously I had not been paying attention to Matt’s condition at all, because the moan resulted in Matt’s whole body starting to convulse. All of a sudden I realised what it was about and I moaned again. This time I felt the head of Matt’s cock start to swell, as his body prepared to cum. I think it felt like what a bitch being mounted must feel like, when the male dogs cock swells and creates a bulb to ensure that his seed is received. It was amazing and Matt’s hands were keeping my head right where it was, as I felt the shaft of Matt’s cock start to pulse from base to tip. I felt it as Matt’s cum started to fill my throat, but I was now running short on useable oxygen. But I also had an ulterior motive, as I raised my head until Matt’s cock head popped into the back of my throat. I wanted to taste the sum that his cock was fire-hosing my throat with. Well I found out that he had plenty to spare. As I felt the cum hit the back of my throat, I found that I just couldn’t keep up with the almost direct line. I had to swallow, but didn’t have the capacity in that position, so I moved my head up another inch. Now that there was only about three inches in my mouth, I replaced my throat with my hand and started to pump his cock with my fist. I stopped a couple of times to massage his balls and this only brought me more cum, so I kept that up as well. I was now tasting, for the first time, another guys cum. And I loved it!!! It was as salty as mine, but it was different � it was Matt’s taste. I couldn’t get enough of it and was really disappointed when the torrent, turned to a trickle and then stopped. Now only the occasional drop would be ejected from the tip of Matt’s cock, but I kept my head right where it was. When there was no hope and I could feel that Matt’s cock had shrunk to about half its erect size, I started to clean it with my tongue. I got a bit of a laugh, as it was really sensitive (no kidding) and Matt pulled me off it, not able to cope with the mixture of the level of sensitivity and my tongue. Matt guided me back up to him. When my face came up to his level, I fell down on his left hand side, in the traditional position the women always had when I had been with them. Matt was immediately comfortable with this position izmit sınırsız escort and he drew me to him, kissing me deeply and passionately. I responded in kind and allowed his tongue to clean me out of the remnants of his cum. I was exhausted, but exhilarated at the same time and as we lay there, he said to me, “WOW. That was just fucking amazing. I can’t believe that you were able to take my cock all the way into your throat. I came so hard I was scared that I would blow a hole in the back of your head. Thank you so much, it was just amazing. What else can you do?” I laughed and said, “I know what you mean Matt. I had become comfortable at deep-throating my dildo, so I knew that I could do it. I just knew that it would take some time. As for what else can I do? Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you.” We both laughed a little at that and both let it be right there. Matt didn’t want to push me too quickly and I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed (and became even better at) giving him head. But I’ll admit that the idea of having his cock in my arse did flash through my mind. It scared me a little, but I immediately put the thought aside. We fell into an easy conversation, both sharing our experiences freely. I think, in hindsight, that an invisible barrier had been broken. Matt told me of the women he had had, as did I. And Matt also told me about the two other guys that he had been with. He didn’t give me too many details, I think out of respect for mine and their feelings. What he did say though, was that one of the guys could only take his girth in his arse, but couldn’t take his length in his arse, and the other couldn’t take him in either. From that point on, for the next couple of days, we were at each other’s cocks almost constantly. It would take nothing at all for one or both of us to get hard and for the other to attack his cock with their mouth. I grew to have almost an obsession with both Matt’s cum, finding that I just couldn’t get enough and of having him deep in the back of my throat. Matt was just as eager for my cock and my cum and he swallowed every bit that came out of the end of my six incher. Over this time, or positions and variations grew as well. One of the two most memorable head jobs for me was my first sixty nine. I quickly found that the best position for me was on the bottom, as I was in love with having Matt’s cock thrust down my throat, whilst his head bobbed up and down on mine. I loved the feeling of having to surrender myself to him and not being able to back away � I loved the pleasure I got from pleasing my man. The other was up at the look out, as the sun went down on the third night. We had been standing, enjoying the setting sun, when I noticed Matt’s cock starting to stick out from his groin. I just couldn’t resist myself. I sank onto my knees and started to lick the length of his cock, getting it really slick. Matt tried to guide me to take it with his hands, but I played at resisting. It was the first time that we had any sort of role-play in a sex session. I held my face back from his cock and looked up at him, with pleading eyes. I say the flash of recognition come across his face and all of a sudden, he had a hard look on his face. In a gruff and strong voice he said to me, “Take my cock in your mouth and suck it, Bitch!” I weakly said back to him, “No. No. Please don’t make me do that. It’s disgusting. I could never suck another mans cock.” I tried to pull away as little further, but my attempt to do so was met with a strong hand on the back of my head, preventing me. Matt took his cock in his hand and pointed it directly at my mouth. He moved my head towards it, until my mouth came into contact. I tried to turn away, but he grabbed a hand full of hair and forced me back near it. Lightly slapping me a couple of times across the cheeks and on the mouth, he raised his voice to almost a yell, saying, “Open your mouth and suck my big cock, you bitch.” I timidly complied and he started to stick his cock into my mouth, repeating over and over, “Lick it and suck it you little cock sucker. I know that you want to.” I slowly opened my mouth and as soon as it was open enough to get the head of his cock inside, Matt thrust it in, until my mouth was full. I pretended to gag, which only made him say, “Open your throat cock sucker. I am going to fuck it good and strong.” By this time, I was getting a little desperate to have Matt’s cock sliding down my throat anyway, so I readily complied. In one thrust, Matt slammed his nine incher all the way down my throat and started fucking my face, like it was a well lubed and used rubber doll. We both got carried away then and we started to suck and fuck like animals. It was only a short head-job, but it really produced the results. Matt’s full load was spent sown the back of my throat on that one. At about eight o’clock that night, Matt repaid me by giving me a head-job that lasted almost forty five minutes. He brought me to the brink of cuming so many times, there is just no way that I could have kept count. When I finally did cum, I’m not sure if it was the intensity of my orgasm, or the time that I had been erect, but totally exhausted and I just blacked out and slept the sleep of the dead until morning. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-. On the morning of day four I got up early to have a wash and get Matt’s breakfast ready � still happy in the submissive role in the relationship. As I was washing myself in the pond, standing against one of the rocks that jutted out into the water, my thoughts returned to the night before and the head job Matt gave me that had sent me to sleep. My cock was still a little sore, from the battering it had been dealt over the last couple of days � but it wasn’t really too bad. The head and underside of my cock was in the worst shape, as it wasn’t used to having a tongue thrash against it so often. It had been nibbled on and a rough tongue had been run up and over it so many times that it was a little red and the skin way more sensitive than normal. But after all that punishment, my cock still rose to the occasion when I though about how good it felt to be here and doing the things that Matt and I were doing. I had washed and rinsed almost all of my body and was down to the last – my lower legs – when I felt Matt behind me. I had one leg up on a small rock ledge and was washing down my left calf. I didn’t feel a hand on my shoulder or my side, but his hard cock � a morning hard on � poking me in the thigh. He bent over to spoon me and said hello. He kissed my shoulder and I turned my head and we kissed each other good morning. To my astonishment, the first words out of his mouth were, “where’s my breakfast?” I was shocked for a second, until I realised that he was only joking. I laughed and turned back to him and trying to tease him a little said, “Kiss my ass and get your own.” At the same time I wiggled my ass a little. In reply, Matt laughed and disengaged the contact between us. I though that he was just going to relieve himself and get rid of the morning monster � as I had come to think of it. I returned to washing my leg, not paying any attention to the fact that I didn’t hear the sounds of his legs walking away in the water. I became lost in thought again � that is until I felt Matt’s warm breath against my lower back. I stopped what I was doing the instant I felt Matt’s lips touch my left ass cheek. The first question that went through my head was, What is he doing? This was quickly followed by, Was he wanting to do what I thought he was? And then, Could I take his length and breadth? But the overwhelming thought that swamped my consciousness was how much I wanted it to happen. I had wanted this for what felt like eternity and I knew that I was ready for it. I wanted it!!! I felt a new level of desire to please Matt and this would be the ultimate way in which I would do just that. Matt was slowly kissing me all over my left ass cheek and I became fully hard. Then he moved to my right cheek. I was remaining completely still, in mid stroke of washing the back of my right thigh. I felt his tongue start licking my ass cheek and couldn’t believe how good it felt. As he continued to lick and kiss my ass, a low soft moan escaped my lips. “Like that huh?” said Matt in a soft sultry voice. All I could manage as an answer was, “Ohhh.” With that I bent forward slightly, moving my ass back a little, knowing that it would expose my anus more than it was. It was a signal to Matt to keep going, and it was one that he read straight away. The next thing that I felt was Matt’s hands lightly touching both hips. He moved them in slow, soft circles around my ass cheeks, as his licking and kissing slowly centered in on the dark brown, puckered rose of my anus. This was really getting to me! Matt moved his hands wider to my thighs again and with one hand gently reached under my right thigh towards my crouch. I looked down and watched his right hand as it gradually began to caress my balls. At first he only lightly tickled the hair on my balls. Then he took them in his hands and gently massaged them, rolling them around in the palm of his hand. As I continued to watch him do this, me moaning as he went, I could also feel his tongue and lips arrive at the very top of the crack of my ass. As he started to lick and kiss his way slowly towards my virgin anus, I watched his hand snake its way up to my raging hard on. He had started to stroke me, his hand lubricated by the soapsuds from my calf, when his tongue arrived at my anus. When the tip of his tongue touched my puckered hole, I almost screamed in ecstasy. At the same time, my legs involuntarily spasmed and I lost my balance, my right leg came crashing down into the water and Matt’s hand and tongue lost contact with me. Immediately Matt and I moved to make sure that we regained contact as quickly as possible. I was almost overwhelmed with emotions at that point. Not only did I desperately want this for me and to please Matt, but he showed me by his quick action, that he wanted to please me as well. I moved my legs apart and bent over resting my head and forearms on the rock that my foot had just been on. All the while Matt held my hips and steadied me. As I was almost in my position, Matt moved a hand quickly back to my cock and I felt his face, particularly the stubble on his chin, reconnect with me at the top of my ass crack. I moaned and pushed my ass back again. And again Matt took the signal. We were acting as one, sensitive to each others signals of our wants and needs – talking without words. Matt’s hand started stroking my cock again and his mouth moved more directly towards my virgin hole. As he arrived at my anus, I felt the tip of his tongue touched the very centre. The moan that came from my lips was long and low � one filled with passion and pleasure. It felt so incredibly good … so different … and so good. I couldn’t help but bend down further to open my cheeks more and give Matt yet better access to my ass. Matt’s tongue then started to circle my anus, whilst continuing to stroke my cock…Man was he good at rimming. As he continued to do this, I felt the area around my anus get wetter and wetter. And as he continued to work on my ass with his tongue, so to did the level of my pleasure. In a short time I felt my anus start to loosen up. As it did, I felt Matt’s tongue start to become more insistent that it get inside. Matt’s tongue gradually loosened up my sphincter, like I usually did with my fingers, when I was by myself. Just the thought of what I would do with my fingers and what I would follow up with after that, with my dildo, spurred me on. I sensed, more that actually noticed, that Matt’s left hand had left my ass cheek. The next thing that felt was a cool sensation on my anus. Matt’s tongue had temporarily left its work. No sooner had I noticed it, that it had returned � closely followed by a new sensation, that of one of Matt’s fingers at the base of my cock. Matt started to rub his lubricated finger between the base of my balls and my anus and his tongue became more and more insistent. I was starting to get close to coming and I think that Matt felt it as well. He slowed his stroking to a more relaxed pace, but increased his tongue attack on my anus. And they were working. My anus was opening like the flower that they all are. Just as this was happening, Matt, who must have known just when, moved his finger towards my anus, replacing his tongue with it. Matt gently, but steadily, inserted his finger to the middle knuckle. This was the first time that someone other than myself, had placed a finger inside me. For a couple of seconds, I guess that my nerves took over, because my sphincter clamped down on Matt’s finger. But Matt’s stroking of my cock and his continued licking around my anus quickly allowed it to relax. Matt held his finger still until my anus relaxed some more, all the while licking and stroking. I quickly got used to the feeling of Matt’s finger inside me � but I wanted more. I pushed back a bit, as a signal to Matt to continue. He took the hint and pulled his finger back, just a little, before pushing it further forward. He started to gently pump his finger in and out of my ass, slowly at first, going a little bit further each time. Within a minute he had his whole finger inside me and continued to pump it in and out, still pumping my cock. I was getting really turned on and as his finger bottomed out (so to speak), I wriggled back to try and get more of it in me. I wanted more. I was feeling great, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but I felt like I needed more. Matt of course obliged me. His first finger was well lubed and pulling it out he inserted another his middle one I think. He pumped this one inside me a couple of times and then as he was pulling it out, he stopped, with just the tip of his finger at the opening of my ass. I knew what was coming. He held it there and I couldn’t help but say, “Ohh, come on Matt. Put another finger in my ass and fuck me with it.” I wriggled my ass a little and finally he relented. I felt the tip of a second finger join the one inside me, at the opening to my ass. Then he gently pushed forward. Whilst I had done this and more (another finger at least) to myself, it felt very different. I wasn’t in control and I wasn’t almost doubled up, or reaching around behind myself, to do it. I was in probably the best position for this to be done to me. I wasn’t relaxed and I was feeling quite nervous, maybe a little apprehensive – but very much more excited at the same time. Matt started to slowly pump his two fingers in and out of my ass. Telling myself to relax and just enjoy the feelings, I quickly warmed to the second digit inside me. Pretty soon, Matt was using the full length of his fingers. Once again he bought me to the point of cuming and would then slow until the feeling subsided. I, on the other hand was getting into it so much that I was almost constantly moaning and started to back onto Matt’s probing fingers. After what seemed like hours of pleasure, and almost cuming about 10 times, I wanted more � and wanted release as well. I said to Matt, “Stop…stop Matte.” With that I stopped moving and waiting for Matt to stop, I gently moved forward, forcing the removal of his fingers from my arse. They came out with a bit of a slurping sound and some gas that had built up inside me came out shortly after. For a second or two I regretted doing that and missed his fingers being inside me � but then I also felt renewed vigour for what I had wanted all along. I slowly stood and turned to Matt. “That was amazing”. I said. We kissed and embraced. As we came together, I felt his hard-on poke into my stomach and gently moved to allow its full length to rub against me. We kissed for a bit longer � until my hunger grew again. I wanted Matt…and I wanted him inside me. As we were kissing, our hands were roaming all over each other. I quickly moved my left hand to his crouch and gently moving my hips slightly away from his, moved my hand to grasp his huge cock. For a split second I again wondered if I would be able to handle it � but all of my instincts said that I would (or I’d die trying). I broke our kiss and stepped back from him. I quickly rinsed my crouch and calves of the soap. As I stood up, I looked directly into Matt’s eyes. Summing up all of my courage and trying to sound as confident as I could, I said, “I want you…I want this inside me.” As I said this, I gently squeezed his cock in my hand. This elicited a moan from Matt and with a smirk on his lips, he said, “What?” I smiled at him, knowing that this morning my life would change…irrevocably…and forever. I continued to look straight at Matt and squeezing his cock in my hand until this time I elicited a groan of pain, I said forcefully, “I said…I want you to fuck me! I want you to put your cock in my arse and fuck me! I want you to cum inside me and I want to cum when you do! Do you understand me!?” With that, the smile fell from Matt’s face. He looked at me directly and moved toward me. I let Matt take the lead and I let my instincts to please him take over. Matt moved both his hands around me again and kissing me lightly, moved them down to the bottom of both arse cheeks. I went with my instincts and as he lifted me, I jumped a little. At the same time I spread my legs and he lifted me further into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waste and locked my ankles behind his back. We kissed. This time it was deeply and so passionately that it took my breath away. I was nervous, but incredibly excited at the same time. I felt his cock move between my splayed legs and felt most of it run along underneath me. From the base of his cock, which was being enveloped by my balls, I felt it throb in that most sensitive of areas between my balls and anus. It felt like it was on fire and its warmth radiated from my anus and along the crack of my arse. I gently squeezed my arse cheeks together to feel more of the heat and elicited a moan from Matt. Matt slowly started walking to what had become our shared bed. As we arrived, he bent his knees, moving us lower to sit on his heals. It was such a hot position � one where we shared dominance. But I didn’t want that. Right now all I wanted was to be dominated…I wanted to be submissive and have him take the lead…I wanted to be on the receiving end. I leaned back � just a little � to signal that this is what I wanted. He obliged me and leaning forward he gently placed me on my back on the bed blanket. I hadn’t released my grip around either his neck of the small of his back, but at this point I went limp, signalling him to make the next move. We continued to kiss and I felt a hand leave my body and as he did this, felt more of his weight come down on me and the contact between us become more intense. Matt shifted his hips a down and back away from me little and this allowed him to move his cock from between the cheeks of my arse, to on top of me. Knowing him a little better than I had a few days ago, I knew that he sometimes liked the friction between groin to groin dry humping, whit our cocks rubbing against each other and in and out of each other’s pubic hair. We started to grind our hips together, softly at first, but quickly rising in passion. At the same time, we were kissing and fondling each other. With both hands free to do as I pleased, I was having a great time feeling all over Matt’s body and as I took both of his ass cheeks in my hands and gave them a form squeeze, I elicited a deep groan from Matt. I felt more of his weight come down on me and Matt lifted his head away from me, looking at and reaching for something in the bag at the top of his bed roll. The left his neck completely unguarded and I took the opportunity to attack. I was kissing and biting it and started to give Matt a hickey bite. This got his attention and he stopped what he was doing for a few seconds and moaned loudly. I laughed and bit him harder. Retrieving what he was searching for, Matt’s head came around again to mine and we kissed again. Only this time, Matt had firmly taken charge of the situation � just what I wanted � but I wasn’t going to make it too easy for him. As Matt tried to lift his upper body up into a sitting position, I grabbed his shoulders and held on. This stopped him, momentarily, and then, placing a hand on my chest, he pushed himself up. I tried to follow his motion, but he was having nothing of it and semi-roughly pushed me and held me down for a few seconds. When he felt my body cease to resist, he sat up a little more and reached over my head again and brought his pillow down over my head. I felt his left hand move under the small of my back and as he pulled my ass up, I helped by lifting with my legs. At the same time as he moved the pillow under the small of my back, he also placed a towel over the top of it. As I lowered myself down onto the pillow, the top of my legs and the bottom of my ass didn’t touch ground. I looked up and Matt sitting upright now, and saw a look of lust in his eyes. He looked me right in the eye and seeing the same in mine, lowered his eyes to my cock. From beside him, he raised a plastic container of lubricant and opening it, turned it upside down and held it over my crouch. Matt gently squeezed out a little and a cold dollop of gel landed half way down my cock. This caused me to jump a little, but not as much as when he brought his right hand up and started massaging the fluid up the entire length of my cock. As he slowly pumped my cock, he brought the lubricant container over his cock and squirted a generous amount onto his own cock. As he was placing the container down, I reached out and started spreading the cool liquid all of the length of his cock. We both enjoyed the sensation of pumping each other’s cocks for a few seconds. This was a really erotic sensation and because my crouch was abnormally raised in the air, I felt a flush of excitement and adrenaline curse through my whole body. The manifestation of this was a shudder that started at my toes and worked its way all the way to my head. All I could say, was “Oh fuck, I am so horny Matt!” Matt smiled down at me and said, “I am happy to help you with that. Are you ready for me?” He waited for me to reply and all I could manage to do was nod my head. With that, Matt took his hand off my cock and moving both under my thigh, just above my bent knees, he raised them up into a missionary position. He let go of my thighs and I let go of his cock to hang onto them. Matt picked up the lube and squirting another generous amount onto the tips of the fingers of his left hand slowly lowered it out of my view. The first thing I felt was the cool lube touch my anus and it caused me to jump a little. This didn’t deter Matt, in fact he didn’t even look up � he was too engrossed in what he was doing. He started to rub the lube around my anus, gently massaging the puckered muscle. Even though I was nervous, I gave myself over to the feelings of trust I had for Matt and of the lust that I felt. I was at peace with myself, which I think is why it only took about ten seconds for me to relax and for Matt’s middle finger to enter my arse. Applying a little more lube, Matt started to slowly move his finger in and out of my arse. When he felt I had relaxed a little more, he inserted a second finger � his index. He pumped these in and out a little more and then I felt him start to force his fingers apart. As he did this, I brought my right hand to my cock and started rubbing myself. As my anus adjusted to the stretch, I could feel it gradually open and as Matt continued to slowly fuck me with his fingers, I could feel my arse accommodate the girth that was being asked of it and it relaxed more and more. I hadn’t said anything and I lay there, eyes closed, only occasionally moaning softly. I was just too caught up in the feeling of having another guy’s fingers inside me again. At this point, Matt took the lube and squirted more on his cock and them squirted a generous amount into my arse. Now his cock and my arse were as ready as they would ever be. Matt had spread the lube he put on his cock, along its massive length and he now shifted his position slightly, to bring his hips into line with mine. Shuffling forward slightly, I felt Matt’s cock slap down on my balls. He raised his hips a little and guided his cock towards my arse. Slowly withdrawing his fingers, I opened my eyes and looked up at him. I felt love and lust and excitement and apprehension all at the same time. But I trusted him and so, when I felt the hot tip of Matt’s cock touch my anus, there was only a flicker of concern, before I raised my ass a little towards the cock that would take my cherry and change me forever. Matt looked at me now and I smiled back at him. My signal resulted in Matt increasing the pressure on my anus and bearing down, I wriggled my ass a little. Matt slowly increased the pressure and I could feel my anus start to open further than it had ever done before. It kept expanding until, it stopped and I started to feel pain. It started to hurt a little as Matt increased the pressure again. I winced and seeing this Matt stopped pushing forward. “Are you OK?” He asked, with a great deal of concern in his voice. “It just hurts a little” I said through gritted teeth. I felt Matt back off a little, relieving me of some of my pain. Opening my eyes and looking Matt directly in his, I said “No, no!….Keep going!” With that, Matt increased the pressure again and this time I could feel his cock starting to made some progress. I let out a growl and bearing down further still, wriggled my arse in the air, to force his huge cock knob inside me. For a moment I thought it would never fit, then it just popped in. After a flash of mild pain and pressure on my anus, I felt it relax further and the feeling of being stretched beyond what was possible fell away. Matt held himself in place, as my anus adjusted to the extent to which it was being asked to stretch. We had modified our positions so that Matt’s forearms were keeping my knees up around my chest. After about a minute I felt comfortable enough to wriggle my arse a little to test how I was coping. To my surprise, it was actually OK. Matt asked if I was alright and I said, “Yeh, I’m good actually. I didn’t think that your big fat cock was going to fit in at all and I got a little worried there for a second, but now that I’ve had time to adjust, it feels good.” Looking at me intently, I could tell that he was trying to read my face to see if I was lying or something. Obviously he saw that I was telling the truth, so he asked, “Do you want to keep going, rest some more, or do you izmit anal yapan escort want me out and we try again later?” I could sense that his question was asked with all sincerity, but I had begun to feel the beginnings of pleasure. It wasn’t like when your cock is inside a woman, of course. I had known that I wouldn’t feel that sort of pleasure � a bowel just isn’t made for that. I felt pleasure from having him inside me, the feeling of closeness. I had the sensation of fullness and there were the first tinglings of pleasure from the pressure his cock was putting near my prostate. But there was more pleasure coming from the knowledge that I was giving myself to Matt completely, that I was making him happy and that we were one. I was actually pretty fucking horny and looked down at my cock to see it still standing proudly to attention. Smiling, I looked up at Matt and said, “Why don’t we see how far we can both get. I am starting to enjoy this and I can feel that you are too, because your cock is throbbing inside me.” As I said the last part, I gave my sphincter a squeeze and elicited the appropriate moan from Matt. Smiling back at me, he said “OK then. I’ll go slow. But tell me if I am going to fast for you. You’ll probably not be able to take all of me on the first go round.” I looked at him and said, “Well I’ve been using a 7 inch dildo a few times a week for a little while now and I think that there’ll be some spare space at the end. Besides, I have loved the feel of having plastic balls come into contact with my ass, so I don’t want to miss out on feeling the real thing.” Matt gave a small laugh and said, “Well then.” I felt his weight shift slightly and felt the pressure from the tip of his cock increase inside by bowel. Matt’s huge cock went in an inch or so quite easily then it felt like an impenetrable barrier had been erected by my bowel � my inner sphincter had shut down. Matt stopped when I winced in pain and asked again if I was OK. I said I was fine and just needed to stop for a little bit. This had happened the first couple of times that I had used a vibrator and again when I first used my own dildo. It was obviously a change in diameter and circumstances that set this stoppage in motion, but I had discovered what to do and just relaxed. I said to Matt, “Just slowly put pressure forward and I’ll be OK. It may take a minute or so, but I’ll get there.” Matt applied a little pressure and as I relaxed more, I felt my inner sphincter start to open. Matt kept up the pressure and it gradually started to release its vice-like grip on allowing anything past it in the opposite direction to what it was designed to. Unlike before it was taking a lot more time. But just as I thought it may not happen, my inner sphincter relaxed enough to let Matt’s cock proceed. Even with the mild pressure that he was applying, when my sphincter relaxed, about four inches of Matt’s cock thrust into me. All of a sudden, a feeling of fullness, to a degree that I had never felt before, came over me. It was a feeling not unlike the feeling you get when a really big load started to make its way out of your bowel, whilst sitting on the toilet. It was actually quite amazing and all we could both do, in unison, was moan. Matt from the feeling of heat up over half of the monster and me from a feeling of fullness and pressure on my bowel. Matt stopped and we both relaxed for a few seconds. “Keep going”, I said. But Matt didn’t. Instead he remained motionless. “Are you OK?” I asked. In a voice that was a little raspy, Matt said, “Yeh, I’m OK. Just need to get over the feeling of wanting to cum. Man you have a tight arse and it is soooo hot in there. I wasn’t sure if you’d let me in, but when you did, it felt like your arse was trying to suck the cum out of my balls.” I laughed and pulling him to me, kissed him passionately. Still holding his face in my hands, I said “Well that is my eventual aim here and even if you cum right now, I’d be the happiest I’ve been for quite a few years. But you take your time lover, because we have all the time in the world.” As soon as I said that, I gave my sphincter a big squeeze, trying to cut his cock off. Matt’s eyes slammed shut and my actions elicited a rather large and loud moan from Matt. I relaxed my sphincter and wriggled my arse a little. Matt’s eyes slowly opened and looking down at me he saw that I was smiling. A broad grin came across his face and a wickedness came into his eyes. “So that’s the way it’s going to be then � eh?” Matt said. I felt Matt’s body shift slightly and then felt pressure against the inside of my bowel. Matt’s cock slowly made its way inside me. First one inch and then another. But at about the seven inch mark, he stopped and started backing out. Matt kept withdrawing his cock until there was only about two inches still inside me. He lifted one hand and I heard the spurt of some more lube being applied to his cock. I felt his fingers rub lightly against my anus and shuddering with pleasure, I let out a soft involuntary moan. This stopped Matt and he looked up at me. With my eyes barely open he said, “So you like that huh? This is becoming a bit of a trend” As my mouth opened to answer him, Matt proceeded to rub around my anus with two fingers. “OHHHH! Fuck that is soooo hot Matt!” I said, through gasps of air. I had never thought that my anus could be so sensitive, but obviously having a huge cock inside it, stretching it to the max, made it way more sensitive. Matt continued to rub around my anus as he applied inward pressure to his cock and started to fill me up again. He moved slowly and this some how accentuated the pleasure that I was getting from my anus. He moved slowly in to about the seven inch mark again and then withdrew, just as slowly. This he did a couple more times, without rubbing around my anus, instead using his arms just to steady himself. On the fifth or so time, Matt continued and another inch of the monster disappeared inside me. With just on eight inches of Matt’s huge cock inside me, it seemed to bottom out (so to speak). I think that it was just the shape of my bowel, but I felt the tip of mat’s cock reach what felt to be at a bend in my bowel. He felt it too and as I opened my eyes, I saw his searching my face for any indication that I wanted him to stop. Not finding any and sensing that I was OK, he started to slowly increase the pressure inwards. I closed my eyes again and concentrated on relaxing and on the sensation coming from deep within me. I slowly moved my hips from side to side and up and down, trying to help get the last inch of Matt’s cock inside me � I wanted it all and I couldn’t yet feel his hips against my skin, or his balls against my arse. Matt kept increasing the pressure and after a minute or two (time wasn’t something that I judged well at this point), I felt some give and increased the degree of the movement of my hips. I could feel my bowel starting to shift and could feel the tip of Matt’s cock moving slowly forward. Then, Matt released the pressure from his hips and withdrew about three inches. Then he slowly moved forward again. I lifted my hips a little and the cock inside me made a little more headway. Realising this, Matt repeated his action � as did I. We kept this up a few more times and then it happened. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-.. I’m not sure if it was on the stroke that Matt stopped, or the one prior to that, but I felt Matt’s hips against the back of my thighs and felt the heat from Matt’s balls, against the sides of the crack of my arse. We both stopped and looked at each other. At last, we had both achieved our goal – all of Matt’s cock was inside me! Smiling, I reached around my hips and felt Matt’s against mine. As if to make sure, I felt in between us and felt the contact. I reached down, around and under further and came into contact with Matt’s balls. I gave them a little squeeze, causing Matt to moan. His cock twitched and this brought forth a moan from me. I looked up into Matt’s eyes and said, “You’re there! You’re all the way inside me!” Matt looked down at me and smiling, said “I couldn’t believe it there for a second, but I am. Do you need a break, because it’s taken some time.” Shaking my head, I said “No mate. I’m actually feeling really good.” Pausing for a second, a shit eating grin came on my face and I said, “…But I think you should do something for me.” “What’s that?” “Fuck me Matt!” I said with quite a bit of conviction. “I’ve had dildos inside me before, but it has never felt this good, even when I came. Right now I want to experience what it feels like to be fucked by a huge cock like yours. I want you to fuck me and cum inside me.” This time the shit eating grin came over Matt’s face and he said, “Well who am I to argue with that.” Matt took a deep breath and then started to slowly withdraw his huge cock from inside me. He took it back three inches and then slowly replaced it. Taking it out again, this time until about five inches was left inside me, he again refilled me to capacity, only with a little more force. Matt gradually increased the length of his strokes, increasing the speed as he went, until I felt the rib at the base of his cock rub past my prostate gland. That movement sent a wave of pleasure, through my cock, up my stomach, past my nipples, right to the centre of my brain and back again. With the next stroke, I felt the rib of Matt’s cock head rub against my anus and the same wave of pleasure, only a little more intense, washed over me again. As his cock came to rest, as far as its length would allow it to, Matt paused and said, “Are you OK? Do you want me to keep going?” All I could say, through short breaths, was, “Fuck…yes…keep…going…Need…it…harder!” Matt didn’t say anything � he didn’t need to. But, the next thing he did was to pull his cock all the way out of me. My anus stayed open, and I felt a hunger for Matt’s cock to be back inside me, like I feel when I haven’t eaten for two days. I felt his weight change for a few seconds and felt the cool lubricant tube briefly touch the inside of my anus and felt the cold lube as he squirted in a big dollop just inside my arse. My anus was still wide open, unable to even think about closing, even just a little. I was in heaven. All I could do was utter a guttural moan, somewhere between pain and pleasure. Then Matt’s weight shifted again and I felt the hot tip of his cock at my anus again. I was immediately calmed and as Matt once again entered me � a little slowly, I think because he wanted to make sure that he didn’t hurt me. A couple of long slow strokes from Matt, to the point of just withdrawing all the way, was all it took to make sure that the lube was spread along the length of my bowel. I actually felt its easier passage and over the next couple of strokes it felt like there was less pleasure because of the lube. But the sensations quickly returned and Matt, keeping the length to the point where the rib at the base of the tip of his cock, just popped out of my anus, started to increase the speed of his strokes. After a short time, Matt was feeding his huge cock to me, a full length at a time. With all the pressure, it felt like I was going to cum soon. I reached down beside me and grabbed the tube of lube. Squirting some onto my right hand I bought it to my cock and pushing at Matt’s stomach, signalling him to give me some room, I started to slowly pump my cock, with my lubed hand. As I stroked my cock, it quickly became evident to me that I was going to cum sooner, rather than later. I relaxed a bit, but with Matt’s cock now pumping my arse strongly, full length, I knew from experience that I wasn’t going to be able to hold my orgasm back. We were both grunting now and Matt looked down at me and between grunts and moans and forcefully said, “I’m going to cum soon. I can’t hold it back!” I almost yelled back at him, “Cum inside me man. I’m going to cum too…and soon! I want you to cum with me…Fuck me Matt…Fuck my arse hard and fill it with your cum! Matt bent down and we deeply and passionately kissed. Our tongues were desperately trying to add to the pleasure that we felt. As Matt started to fuck me hard, moans that could have been heard across a busy airstrip, came from both of us. I was pumping my cock with one hand and I reached up with the other and took Matt’s right nipple in my finger and thumb of my left hand and started to roll the erect nub between them � twisting it from one extreme to the other. I could feel my balls contract, the first major sign that I was going to cum and on the next back stroke of Matt’s cock, I yelled, “Gonna cum. Arrrghh!!!” The whole experience had had my senses at such a heightened level that I felt like I could feel the blood flow through my entire body. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Better than sex with a woman, better than pleasuring myself with my own dildo or vibrator. My senses, particularly of smell, were more alive than they had ever been. The experience of making love to another man, had completely changed my life. It wasn’t that I loved Matt, but the experience, that he had been the other half of, was more like love making than I had ever experienced before. I knew that I would never be the same again. With that realisation ringing in my head, I felt my cum leave my balls. I felt it travel all the way to the base of my cock and the twitching of my groin muscles, pumping it all the way to the tip of my cock. It felt more acute than any pleasure I have felt before. I lifted my head as I was about to cum. The pulsing of muscles rang through my groin and now my anus joined in the choir, fiercely contracting with every contraction. Matt was fucking me is five to six inch strokes, in and out of my ass with raw power. At the end of each of these strokes, the force of his thrust was rocking me rearward, forcing my arse into the air more, ensuring that he hit as far home as he would ever be able to. When I came, my cum shot out of the tip of my cock, with such force that the first spurt landed on my chest. The second hit me in the face and when the third came, I had opened my mouth and it landed right at the back of my throat. I didn’t black out, but I did literally see stars and on each contraction, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But, what followed was the most intense part of the whole adventure. My anus clamped down on Matt’s cock and stayed clamped. This took him over the edge and what came out of his mouth, from the very centre of his being, was a guttural roar, something akin to a battle cry. I felt his cock swell…and swell…and swell. My anus felt it all and it was now stretched more than it had ever been. Matt bottomed out on his last stroke with such force, that my hips came off the ground and stayed there. I’m not sure, but I will swear to the day I die, that his cock grew in length, because it went further than it had before. I felt Matt’s contractions start at the base of his cock and felt them, as they made their way along it, for the first three inches or so inside me. The next thing I felt was a fire deep in my bowel and realising that he was starting to fill me with his cum, my orgasm increased in ferocity, just before the last of my cum, squirted onto my abdomen. Matt’s orgasm seemed to go on and on. As I felt the intensity of his orgasm start to wain, Matt thrust his cock in short strokes, to empty his balls and to try and maintain the pleasure he was experiencing. My orgasm had finished, but I was still furiously pumping my cock with my hand. I gradually slowed and didn’t want to stop the intensely pleasurable feelings � desperately missing it, as I let it go. As Matt’s orgasm slowed, his body gradually collapsed onto mine. I was almost bent in two and as Matt released his arms, leaving all of his weight on me, I was able to move my legs. I wrapped my legs around Matt’s hips and my arms around his chest, pulling all of his weight on top of me. I could feel his cock deep in me and his full weight along the length of my torso. It was at that point that I knew what my ex-wife had meant, when she used to tell me to rest all my weight on her, after we had both cum. Matt’s head was in the crook of my neck and I started stroking his back and ass. We were both still moaning, softly now and less and less frequently. After about 5 minutes, I started to feel the release of the pressure on my stretched anus. I realised that Matt’s cock was slowly emptying of blood and I knew that eventually, his cock would again become flaccid. I was dreading that very thought, when Matt started to lift his head. As his face came to the same level as mine, I put a hand on either side of his face and bringing his head in line with mine, I looked at him. I noticed twin streaks of moisture down either side of his face and realised that he had shed a couple of tears. I kissed him gently, but with all the passion I could muster. “Was it that good for you?” I asked as our kiss finished. Matt looked at me and said, “That was the most intense experience I have ever had. It felt like we were connected in a way that I’ve never felt.” He paused, considering what he was going to say next. After ten or so seconds, he added, “Do you know what? You are a natural at this. You knew just what I wanted and did it just at the right time. And when you came, it felt like your ass was trying to rip my cock off at the base and swallow it whole. It was the most amazing sex I think I’ve ever had.” I couldn’t reply immediately. My throat had swollen and there was a pool of moisture in my eyes such that I couldn’t focus properly. After a short delay, I looked up at Matt and said, “And I have to tell you that it wasn’t me doing anything. I was just responding to you in the way that I thought I should � in a way that I thought might please you. But it was so intense for me � more intense that I have ever experienced before. I don’t think that I will ever be the same again. I think that I am a convert to man sex. And I’m not sure that I will ever get away from being a bottom � I just can’t see me doing that” I paused for a few seconds and then added, “Your cock being so deep inside me that I thought it would burst out of my stomach.” As I said that, I gently squeezed my anus. I felt Matt tense up and he looked down at me and contracting his groin muscles, making his cock swell a little against my anus. This sent a wave of pleasure through me as well and we both moaned in unison. I pulled Matt to me again and felt his weight against me. We stayed that way for about another twenty minutes, enjoying the after effects and me at least, enjoying the feeling of being both royally fucked and fully sated. In that time I felt Matt’s cock slowly return to its normal width and length. As it did, my anus gradually contracted with it. We both started to get a little restless and I just knew that Matt needed to have a piss as much as I did. I said, softly, in Matt’s ear, “I have to get up. I need a piss. But I don’t want your cock to leave. What do we do?” Matt lifted his head, looked at me and said, “This.” With that, he slowly started to raise up. I felt his cock start to slip the few inches and was going to resist the evacuation of my bowel, but just didn’t have the strength. I lifted my head a watched as a surprisingly clean cock came into view between my open legs. When the head of Matt’s cock finally left the warmth of my arse, it came out with a sizable plop. The sound was quickly followed by a short rush of cold air inside me, before my anus slowly shut. It wasn’t watertight by any stretch of the imagination and as Matt raised himself to sit on his haunches, I raised myself up onto my elbows. As I did this, I let out a big, bit sloppy, fart. We both smiled at that and I said, “Well that’s to be expected I suppose.” Matt leaned forward and kissed me briefly. As he slowly moved backwards, he looked down to my crouch and then looked up at me. “Wow. You came in buckets too.” He said with a big grin. I laughed and as I did, I watched as he leaned down and put his lips around my flaccid cock. My laughter stopped immediately. Matt started to such my cock, to clean me. He licked my balls and then gradually made his way up my stomach and chest, licking and sucking as he went. It felt fantastic and had I not just had the most intense orgasm of my life, I think that I would have become hard again. We kissed and I tasted my own cum on his tongue, as they tussled with each other inside our mouths. Matt sat back on his heals and then stood up and offered my a hand. I took it and as he helped me up, another great fart came from inside me. We both laughed again and I blushed a deep crimson red. …-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-…-… We walked down to the water and back to the rocky outcrop I had been washing myself at before � where this morning had all started. We both lowered ourselves into the water, allowing our bodies to relax a little. I felt another fart leave me � but it was the last one. We both stood and Matt took up the soap that I had been using and started to wash me. He washed everywhere, being very careful around my anus. I was really enjoying it and I turned to him and said, “You know, it’s not sore or anything � at least at this stage.” After he had washed me, I returned the favour, paying particular attention to his cock and nuts. But they were remarkably clean. After finishing, we got out of the water and dried off. This time, Matt made me breakfast. After finishing, I turned to him and said, “Is that what I have to do to get breakfast made for me?” We both laughed and Matt said, “If you do that every day, I’ll gladly make you breakfast.” We relaxed for a good hour, drinking cups of coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking about what we had just achieved. At one stage, Matt said, “I really have never been with another guy that was able to take all of me inside him. Not even the women I have fucked, have been able to. I think you’re amazing.” He got serious for a second and asked if I was sore. I simply shook my head a said, “Not at all actually. I wasn’t sure that I’d get all of you inside me. In fact there were a couple of times when I doubted my capacity for a few seconds. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel later today, or tomorrow, but having used a dildo regularly, should reduce any discomfort.” I paused for a second and then added, “Do you know that having you do that to me, is sooo much better than trying to do it myself. It is just in a league of its own. You are an amazing lover Matt. You’ve definitely converted me.” The conversation went on for a few more minutes and was starting to naturally wain, when I suggested that we took a walk up to the lookout. As we started up the slope towards the lookout, about 100 meters from the cave, I felt Matt’s cum start to leak out of me and start to run down the back of my legs. He had cum in torrents and it was now starting to find its way to and through, my anus. I was a strange feeling. It didn’t bother me at all really, even though I knew that it was mixed with my juices. In fact, it was a bit of a turn-on, knowing what we had done to get this to happen. When we got about two thirds of the way there, Matt let me go ahead of him. I had well and truly stopped farting by then, but had a trail of Matt’s cum running down the inside back of each of my legs. If he noticed, he didn’t say anything. But when we reached the small ledge at the lookout, I realised that he had noticed. I had bent over slightly and was resting my forearms on the ledge, like you do on a bar, when I felt him come up beside me � but not all the way. I felt his hip touch mine and at the same time, felt his right hand make its way, from its initial point of contact on my lower back, down over my ass. I felt his hand run down the back of one thigh and back up the other, feeling his fingers becoming more and more lubricated as they went. He paused at the top of my left thigh and slowly, his fingers circled their way, smaller and smaller, towards my anus. I was starting to enjoy it and bent over more, pushing my hips back slightly. I felt his middle finger touch my anus and it twitched strongly, causing me to moan and bend further, subconsciously needing to have something inside it again. Matt continued to rub my anus, increasing the pressure as he went. It relaxed and Matt’s finger found its way all the way inside me with little resistance. I moaned again, more strongly this time. It was then that I felt Matt’s skin move and his hip lost contact with mine. I didn’t notice too much, lost in the sensations of Matt’s gentle probe, but felt my cock start to harden. I was just about to ask Matt, what he was wanted to do, when I found out. My cock was now almost hard and all of a sudden, I felt Matt’s lips on the tip. He took the whole length of my cock in one move and my body reacted instinctively. My knees sprang apart, wanting to give him better access and at the same time, I moved my hips forward and lowered them, wanting more of both his mouth and his inserted digit. I moaned loudly again and again as his head started to bob up and down on my cock. Matt had to remove his finger to bring it around between my legs. As it came out of me, my hungry arse chased it. But Matt must have sensed how much I was enjoying it and moved his hand quickly back to the same spot. This time he inserted it fully, but slowly and with a partner. As his fingers entered me, my hips sank a little more, involuntarily, to ensure that I received all of both of them. They moved easily inside me, because my bowel was still leaking Matt’s and my fluids. By the time Matt had his fingers fully inserted, he was bobbing up and down on my cock furiously, his tongue flaying all over the tip and length of it. As a result of both actions, it only took me about four minutes to cum. Matt buried his fingers deep inside me, rubbing my prostate hard. At the same time, he thrust his mouth to the base of my cock. I was driven over the edge and had to hold on to the rock and Matt’s head, for fear of falling over. When my orgasm had subsided, I put one of my hands under Matt’s chin and brought his face up to me. When our lips met, I could taste my cum on them strongly As we opened our mouths to each other, I found that Matt had kept some of my cum for me. We swirled it around in each others mouths for a few minutes, gradually swallowing it until there was nothing left, but the occasional glimpse of the salty taste. We stopped kissing and I asked Matt why he had done that. He looked at me with a smile on his face and said, “Well I wasn’t about to let you miss out on cuming inside something warm and wet today. Just thought I’d share the love around.” I laughed and said, “Well I can’t have another orgasm for at least another four hours. My balls will fall of.” Matt looked at his watch and said, “Well, I guess that I’ll see you at about four o’clock then.” We both laughed and cuddled, looking out over the sparse landscape, happy to be there. More to follow soon.

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